College Days OR How I Became an ABDL

Chapter 1: The Offer

Never in all 19 years of my life would I have predicted, nor even fantasied that I would be in the situation I was today. Here I am, wearing thick cloth diapers and ruffled plastic panties. With a tee shirt that didn't even come to the top of my panties, and ruffled socks on my feet I was being treated as an infant. So how did I end up here?

I have been fascinated with diapers for years. Sneaking towels to use as make-shift diapers when in high school. Never buying or wearing a proper diaper since being potty trained all those years ago. Then came college, freedom at last. Until I realized living in a dorm room was going to offer me little to no opportunity to explore my desires. So my freshman year meant another lost year of exploration. That is until, at the end of the year, I was approached by one of my psychology graduate teaching assistants with an employment offer. As a psychology major, putting myself through college with savings, grants, scholarships and part-time work, I was eager for every additional penny I could earn. Joyce, my TA, was a 25 yr old blonde, 5ft 10in tall, blue eyed walking wet dream. She had the most attractive bosoms that I often dreamed about. She had been my teacher when I took Human Sexuality 101 as a freshman. I enjoyed the course and her ability to connect with the class.

So as I wrapped up my freshman year, I got a note to see her in her office. Giving her a call and finding her in, I headed over.

Then came the offer. 'Tom,' she said, 'I need a model for demonstrations and to assist in projects. In exchange, I will allow you to move into my house and to live there. As I am working on my Doctorate as well as teaching, this could last for at least the next three years. Is this something you are interested in?'

After asking what this might entail, Joyce added, 'I will use you as a nude model as well as a display for various subjects we discussed in your Human Sex course. These upper level class will be in much more detail. As well as feeding and housing you, by participating in the courses you will receive credit for the courses if you enroll in them. As this will continue for several years, any time you repeat a class, you will receive credit as part of an approved research project.'

Wow I thought, credits too.

''So when do I start?''

'What are your plans for the summer?'

''I was going to take a couple of classes, work as much as I can and find a place to live.''

'When is your last final?'

''Day after tomorrow at 1pm.''

'Good meet me here at 4pm. I'll take you to see my/our place and feed you. Then you can start moving in. Okay?'

''Sounds great.'' And it did.

I could not wait for 4pm to roll around. I met her at her office and rode with her to her home. Joyce explained that she inherited it from her grandparents. Wow what a home. Two stories, with over 2200sqft. As she pointed out where everything was she set some rules for me. The master bedroom, her room, was off-limits unless she invited me in. That sounded promising. There was another bedroom with a padlock on it that I was to also stay out of. My room was about three times the size of my dorm room and nicely furnished and it included an attached bath as well. After we finished the tour, she ordered a pizza and we just chatted while we waited for it to arrive. After eating she gave me a key and said I could start moving in tomorrow. I thanked her and she drove me back to campus for my final night in a dorm.

I started packing that evening and finished in the morning. Loading up my car, I said my goodbye's, arranged to have my mail forwarded and off I went. As a college student, there wasn't much to move, some clothes, laptop and school books. Arriving at Joyce's I got things put away quickly and decided to see if there was anything to eat. On the refrigerator door was a note: Help yourself, in office till 2, then home J.

Grabbing sandwich makings I made lunch, then went to surf the web for a while. Sooner than I thought possible I heard a door opening and Joyce calling out, 'I'm home.'

I closed my laptop and headed to see what she was up to.

'I've got groceries in the car, can you give me a hand?'


We soon had everything in the house and Joyce opened up a new conversation, 'In the fall I will be teaching a class on Fetishes, I would like you to spend the summer learning what will be expected of you. To begin, I have arranged a grant for you so you can quit your job. Since you only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday we will have lots of time to get prepared.'

''So what do you have in mind?''

'I am still polishing the syllabus, but to start I want you to get used to being nude around people, as you will be nude during many of the demonstrations. So beginning now, from the time you return from class on Thursday until just before you leave for class on Tuesday, you will wear what I tell you to wear. Understood?'

''Yes, so what do you want me to wear first?''

'Your birthday suit.'

I looked at her to see if she was kidding!!! She had a serious look on her face. I stood up and started to walk to my room.

'Where are you going? Get used to undressing in front of others as well. You can remove your clothes where you stand.'

Now I will admit I was not ashamed of my body, I was a competitive swimmer in High School and still ran and swam to stay in shape. As I thought this I began to remove my clothes. In no time at all I was down to socks, shoes and briefs.


That one work scared me as I sat to remove my socks and shoes. I knew that when I stood to remove my briefs, she would see my hardening member. Standing I turned my back towards her... 'Face me. Look into my eyes. Now drop them.'

Doing as she insisted, it was easier by focusing on her eyes. Eyes that maintained contact with mine for longer that I thought she would. She then broke eye contact and I felt her eyes examine my body. 'Nice, now turn around. Ok face me. Hands at your side.' She then reached out and fondled my balls. My cock hardened. She slid her fingers softly to its head, then she let go.

'This is how I want you in the house from now on. Nude. Erect. And answering to my every command. Do you understand?'

''Yes Ma'am.''

'Good, I see you are a quick learner. My only other expectation is that you keep your room clean, and any other area you use. Understood?'

''Yes Ma'am.''

'And no masturbation, I want you hard and ready to preform at a moments notice.'

''Yes Ma'am.''

That was going to make my life hard. And that's how I spent the next two weeks. By the Monday before start of summer classes, I was suffering from terminal blue balls. To make matters worse, Joyce enjoyed strutting around in her lingerie. I tried retreating to my room. but she would have none of it. She wanted me to get used to being around her nude. That Monday night things started to get crazy for me. Joyce invited two girlfriends over for dinner. I knew nothing until the doorbell rang and I was told to go answer it. Sooner or later I had to face things and taking a deep breath I opened the door.


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