A land called ZITY

Chapter 19: Another Journey

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

Having been called to lunch by Holly, Bridgette and I, clad only in our diapers waddled to the table. Having been put into a fresh diaper I quickly took a seat. Bridgette, in a wet and messy diaper, with her bottom and the back of her thighs ruby red, just stood by the table.

'I said be seated,' Holly yelled at Bridgette.

'''Yes Mistress''' She replied as she gingerly took a seat.

Holly began serving stew with fresh baked bread and butter. We were given milk to drink. It was a flavor I recognized, but from the look on Bridgette's face she knew not the source of the milk.

'Do thou like the milk girl?' Asked Holly

'''Yes Mistress'''

'That's good and its good for thee.' Waiting until Bridgette had another mouth full, Holly added, 'Its breast milk, I got it from the nursery!!! Now drink it all up like a good little girl, and after you finish your stew I will change thee.'

I could see the relief on Bridgette's face.

And who am I you ask? Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betrothed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. And she has such a streak of wildness and impetuousness, she keeps me on my toes. In her burns the flames that fuel my passion.

As Bridgette hurried to finish eating, Holly came up to me and whispered into my ear, 'In a few minutes, I want you to take me from behind.' I looked at her questioning. 'Your choice.' I couldn't help but smile.

Bridgette, now finished, stood in anticipation of being changed. Holly cleared away the dishes and placed a thick towel on the table. 'Bridgette, bend over and place thy chest upon the towel. Fold thy arms and rest thy head upon thy arms. I am going to change thee and apply cream to thy reddened behind.' As Bridgette assumed the position Holly stepped behind her and removed her thick, wet and messy diaper. Using clean towels and warm soapy water, Holly began removing the waste from Bridgette. Once clean, Holly patted her dry with one hand and removing her own skirt with the other. Beneath her skirt Holly displayed her favorite implement, extending from her clean shaven mound was 10 inches of bone-colored ivory. Polished smooth and bound to her loins by a series of bands of leather. I watched in awe. Opening a container of cream, she began spreading it over Bridgette's red behind and on her thighs. As she worked she slid her slippery fingers into one hole then the other. Holding this ivory tool with one hand as she coated it with cream, she stepped closer to Bridgette and entered her arse from behind.

As Bridgette jumped, Holly commanded, 'Don't thee dare move. This is still part of thy punishment.'

Bridgette put her head back down and Holly sank the full 10 inches into her. Stopping for a moment, allowing me to remove my diaper, I entered Holly from behind. She was so wet and so hot, I wondered how long either of us would last. It turned out to be Bridgette. I came quickly and Holly did shortly thereafter. As I collapsed, Holly returned to plowing into Bridgette. I just watched, too tired to even root her on. Again and again, Holly climaxed, it even looked as if Bridgette came two or three times.

Finally spend, Holly withdrew from Bridgette's abused arse and spoke, 'Bridgette, let this be a lesson to thee. Mess not with my fiancee, nor with him as my husband. If thee shalt doeth so, I shalt not be so easy on thee. Now dress thyself and go home!!!'

'''Yes Mistress.'''

'And Bridgette, thee are still welcome in my home as my friend.'

'''Thank You Ms Holly.'''

With not another word she dressed and left. I expected her gait to remain a bit unusual for a few days. I am speaking from experience.

I crawled over to my fiancee and assisted her with the removal of her toy. There was no way that I was going to nap while she still wore it. Taking Holly into my arms, we were both soon fast asleep.

Awakening several hours later, I shook Holly and told her to get up and get dressed.

'What hath thee planned my love?' She asked.

''I wish to take a walk, get some fresh air, and explore Zity some more.'' I replied. ''I have heard there are changes and wish to see them for myself.''

'Why do I have to come along then?' Holly whined.

''Holly, I am getting tired of thy whining, either get dressed, or I will spank thee now and then we shalt go. Do you understand me?!!'' Oh, how I am getting fed up with her behavior.

'Yes Sir Tommy.' She meekly replied.

Dressed we began our stroll in a new direction from those taken before. I was interested in at least observing all that Zity has to offer. As we continued our journey, Holly began to walk slower and appeared nervous. I stopped and asked, ''What is the matter with thee?''

'There is an area ahead of which I have spoke naught. Within it are acts practiced of which I am extremely uncomfortable with, and have no desire to observe nor to participate in.'

''And have thee naught said that all is voluntary here in Zity?''

'Yes Sir Tommy.'

''So what be it that has the so scared my love?''

'It is called...metfet, Sir Tommy.'

''What is 'MetFet' Holly?''

'It is people play as if they are Doctors, doing unto one another much the same a what a real Doctor would do.'

''And I can assume that these participants are aroused by this?''

'Yes, Sir Tommy, many are.'

''So why are thee so uncomfortable with this?''

'I believe that what occurs between a Doctor and Patient is between them and is not meant to be shared with others.'

''So thy objection is that you do not wish to observe or participate in MetFet, nor does thou wish to share your visits with your Doctor with others?''

'Yes Sir Tommy.'

''Since thee are truly upset I will this once only allow you to lead us elsewhere. However, how can I be fully aware of what Zity has to offer if my beloved chooses to deny me access to some areas?''

'Sir Tommy, I have no desire to deny thee anything, you may continue alone if it is thy wish to do so. Or, maybe at a later date I will not be as uncomfortable and be willing to accompany thee.'

''Acceptable my dear. So lead on honey.''

Holly changed the direction of our journey and soon we were approaching the outskirts of our village. There we noticed an attractive middle-aged woman secured in a set of stocks. Seeing her Holly began to smile, and then to laugh.

As we stopped I asked, ''What is so funny?''

Giggling Holly replied, 'That is spankablesally. Her name comes from two facts, she likes to be spanked, and she is so contrarian that she deserves to be spanked. A lot.'

''But why here?''

'For her, the humiliation, and her inability to control the spanking is what causes her to be publicly chastised instead of privately so. She is usually a spanker so occasions like this are rare and a pleasure to see.'

''So who administers her spankings and how often?''

'As with anyone in the stocks, any can spank her until she is released by the person who placed her there, or the time allotted her has passed.'

''And if said person is naught around?''

'Then another is appointed in their stead to ensure her safety. Would you like to punish her?'

''As she has done naught to me. I shall pass. I do have one additional question though. How does a person come to be put into the stocks? Is it always voluntary?''

'If thee remembers that couple we saw a few days past, their actions led to them being placed in the stocks. As for sally, someone she has done wrong to, has told her to report to the stocks or, if she failed to, then the fearful WEBBY would be asked to become involved. WEBBY also has several assistants whom are both revered and reviled, depending upon whom thee asks, who will inflict punishments. Their punishments can vary from having thy speech ability removed for a period of time, to being exiled from Zity for life.'

''Then following the rules is a serious item in Zity?''

'The most serious. While all are here to have fun, there are rules which must be followed.'

''I see. Let us be on our way then.''

Having learned more about this strange land today, I was satisfied that this had been a productive day. Strolling thru our village, I noticed a sign upon a shop that I had naught seen before. MASTER DORSON Purveyor of Fine Spanking Implements. I took a second to remember the name, was this the same Master Dorson that all the ladies were afraid to be sent to? Time to find out. Taking Holly by the hand I said, 'Lets go shopping.'


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