A land called ZITY

Chapter 18: Poor Bridgette

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

As I watched Holly's arse as she sped to the kitchen, I realized how much I was in love with her. Rising to my feet, I grabbed a pillow and strode, bow-legged to the table. Taking a seat upon the pillow, I continued to watch her scurry and scamper; in a rush to prepare our meal.

And who am I you ask? Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betrothed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. And she has such a streak of wildness and impetuousness, she keeps me on my toes. In her burns the flames that fuel my passion.

In a short time she had a tankard of mead in front of me, with some sliced vegetables, cheese and bread to nibble on. I could smell the boar steaks she had on the grill. As fantastic a cook as she is, I knew she would be trying once again to impress me with this meal. And she did. She kept refilling my tankard with mead throughout the meal. When we had finished, I was again well and fully stuffed. As I stood to assist her with the clean up, Holly looked at me and said, 'Sir Tommy, thou lookest tired, please go lie down for a few minutes. I can clean this up then I will join thee.'

Not wanting to argue, I mumbled my thanks and went to lay down. Down and out was more like it. Between the enemas, the sex, the plug and the great food and mead; my body shut down. The next thing I knew sunlight was streaming through the window. I was laying with my head on Holly, with her stroking my hair and her nipple at my mouth. Looking up at her with the early morning light casting an angelic aura around her, I was unable to speak due to a full mouth.

'Shhh, tommy, Tis a day for me to have some fun. While thee slept I have diapered thee and so thee shall remain until I say otherwise! In a short while I shall summon Bridgette to some see my new baby. Neither of you need know my plans for that visit. It will be fun for thee. For her, well it shall open her eyes to who I can be when one over steps the boundaries regarding my husband to be.'

As I lay suckling at her breast, I thought, let Holly have her fun. Besides, I enjoy her breasts. And being pampered by the woman you love, is great too.

After several minutes, Holly removed me from her breast and declared, 'Looks like my baby is wet! Time to change him.'

WET??? How did that happen? I later found out that a hand in a pot of warm water can cause wet diapers. She laid me back and placed a dummy in my mouth. Then she removed my diaper, declaring what a wet widdle boy I was. As she lifted my legs, she reached down and grabbed the plug she had put in me yesterday. Grasping firmly and twisting, out it came. A moment of pain followed by a feeling of loss, of emptiness. Still holding my legs up she cleaned and dried my arse. Sliding a fresh diaper under me she proceeded to clean and dry my front. I was enjoying myself and that was obvious when she proclaimed, 'Looks like someone is excited and enjoying themselves.'

With a full mouth, I could not argue. Not that I wanted to.

'Now you stay here while I summon Bridgette.'

I really wondered what she has on her mind?

Returning Holly said, 'Come over my lap, thou hast eaten much and are in need of a small enema. 'Tis only a pint and thou should be able to hold it for a long time.'

Nodding my agreement, I took my position and allowed her to administer the enema. Along the way I some how earned a few slaps on my bared behind for squirming and moving excessively. With the enema in I was rediapered and told to go sit quietly. Shortly thereafter, there was a knock at the door. Holly answered and Bridgette entered.

'''I did not know that thee had a baby Holly, I didst not know that thou were with child.'''

Carefully locking the door, she turned and said, 'Oh Bridgette, I was naught with child, I have a BIG baby to play with.' She turned and pointed at me across the room, wearing only a diaper and pacifier. At this point I could hold that enema no longer and filled my diaper with a wet and gooey mess.

'''Smells like your child needs changed.'''

'Shortly, but first I have some other business to attend to!'

Before anyone could react, Holly had Bridgette by an ear and dragged her to a high backed chair. Taking a seat Holly pulled Bridgette over her lap and locked a leg around hers. Pulling Bridgette's skirt up she began swatting her behind.

'You' [SWAT] 'are' [SWAT] 'in' [SWAT] 'big' [SWAT] 'trouble' [SWAT] 'Missy'. With that she stood Bridgette on her feet and continued, 'Strip, I want you completely disrobed NOW!!!'

Bridgette opened her mouth to complain and was immediately stopped by Holly who explained, 'You will only speak when spoken to. You will answer either Yes Mistress or No Mistress. And use the No Mistress at thine own peril. Do you understand?'

'''Yes Mistress.'''

As I watched Bridgette disrobe, I now fully understood why she was known to have one of the finest, if not the finest, behinds in all of Zity. It was a wonder to behold. Holly had now returned to the chair holding a wooden stirring spoon in her hand. As Bridgette turned and saw it in her hand she started to speak and then stopped. Holly motioned her to stand in front of her.

'Do you know why thou are to be punished?'

'''No mistress.'''

'You knew that Sir Tommy was a novice.'

'''Yes Mistress.'''

'Yet thou insisted on those oversized retention nozzles.'

'''Yes Mistress.'''

'And even when thee knew where the delivery was being made, thou chose not to change sizes, nor did thee choose to inform me.'

'''Yes Mistress.'''

'So here is what will now happen. I shall spank thee with my hand until I see a proper shade of red. Then I shall take this spoon and spank thee until I believe thou has felt my ire.'

'''Yes Mistress.'''

'Oh, that's not the end of things. No thou shalt then enjoy the same nozzle that I did yesterday. And in a volume of epic proportions. Finally thou shalt be heavily diapered and at some point I shalt remove the nozzle and watch thee mess thyself.'

'''Yes Mistress.'''

'If I am happy with thee, I shall change thee messy diaper sometime. If not, thee shall wear it home. And have a good time explaining that to thy family.'

'''Yes Mistress.'''

WOW, I knew Holly was pissed, but this mean streak was something new. Frankly, I liked it. There was more to come that Holly decided not to tell Bridgette about.

So over Hollys lap went Bridgette, and down came her hand. First one cheek, then the other. From her round cheeks to the tops of he thighs, no space was left white. First a pink shade appeared, this gradually turned redder and redder. After what seemed like close to an hour, Holly stopped and asked Bridgette, 'Are you sorry?'

'''Yes Mistress.''' She replied between sobs.

'Good, because I am just starting.' Holly took the spoon and began to work over Bridgette's behind anew. Paying special attention to that sweet spot where her thigh meet her bottom. Holly also aimed several swats at the inside of her thighs as well. After twenty minutes or so she stopped. 'Now Bridgette, stand, place thy hands upon thy head; go stand in yon corner with thy elbows touching the wall. So not move until I call thee. If thee do move it will be back over my knee.'

Holly moved into the kitchen where she had a pot of water heating. After checking the temperature she brought the pot and set it on a small table next to the chair. I could smell the soap from across the room. Returning to the kitchen, she took out a small paring knife and began cutting and shaping a root into a plug. Satisfied with her work, she placed the root in a pocket of her apron, grabbed a turkey baster and returned to her seat.

'Bridgette come here.'

'''Yes Mistress.''' And she complied, tears running down her face.

'Over you go.'

'''Yes Mistress.'''

'Since thee acted like a child, I shall treat thee thus. I shall now give thee thine enema and thy plug. Thou shalt retain thy enema until I say otherwise. Understood?'

'''Yes Mistress.'''

'I was going to use the gifts thee brought us yesterday, but have a better idea.'

With that Holly took the turkey baster and began filling Bridgette up. It was plain to see that this was painful, as Holly did not use any lubricant. The baster was bigger around than my thumb! I guess the baster held about eight ounces. Holly just filled it and emptied it into Bridgette. And it was not just fill and refill. She put the baster deep into Bridgette's arse, sliding it in and out, several times, then refilling it. After the sixth one, she took out her homemade plug and began to insert it. As it entered her sore filled arse, she began to squirm, whimper and cry. Holly swatted her bottom a few more times and slid the plug home. 'Thou are familiar with ginger root Bridgette?'

'''Yes Mistress.'''

'Well thy plug is made from Horseradish root.'

'''It burns Mistress.'''

'Good, now you may think about playing games on others. Stand up. Now lie down so that I may diaper thee.'

'''With the plug in Mistress?'''

'Of course. So far that is one no response and two questions. Those additional punishments will be administered later.'

'''Yes Mistress.'''

'Now go play with tommy, and if I see thy hands on or in either his or your diapers, you will live to regret it.'

Wow Mommy Holly was still hot. As I caught her eye I pointed to my wet and messy diaper. It was safer than losing the pacifier and talking.

'Oh baby, I'm so sorry, let me change you.'

Yes, getting out of the dirty diaper. As I laid down, Holly removed my diaper and began cleaning me up. I felt sorry for Bridgette, she was squirming and could not find a comfortable position. She was crying nonstop and looked like a toddler, ruby red thighs in contrast to her white diaper.

As Holly cleaned me and began to rediaper me. she leaned close while stroking my shaft and said, 'We shall have fun later with thy sword.' Now in a fresh diaper I was left to play and watch Bridgette suffer. I made a note to myself that between Tonya and Bridgette, Holly had gone overboard and I needed to address that with her soon.

After a good hour or more Holly approached Bridgette, it appeared she was numb to the pain of the horseradish after so long. 'Have thee had enough girl?'

'''Yes Mistress.'''

'Will you curb thy practical joking now?'

'''Yes Mistress.'''

'You may remove thy plug, but not thy diapers. Understood?'

'''Yes Mistress.'''

I watched as she reached into her diaper and removed her plug. There was a combination of relief and surprise as she did so. Relief from removing it and surprise at the sudden release of the enema she had forgotten about and the inability to control that hole. Now it was her in the stinky, wet diaper; which brought a new series of tears to her eyes. It appeared Holly may have broken her will, If that was her intention.

Holly now turned to us and announced she was almost done preparing lunch. 'Bridgette, If you are a good girl, I may change you after lunch.'

We continued to do much of nothing as we waited to eat, Bridgette was staying on hands and knees, her bottom to sore and messy. I actually felt quite sorry for Bridgette and made a silent vow to see to a proper punishment for Holly. I pondered this as Holly called us to eat.


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