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A Weekend

A Weekend (page 5 final)

The rest of the weekend was filled with much more teasing, spanking, making love, and him just taking her when he wanted to. He took her in every room of the house. On just about every piece of furniture. He took her in every way he could that weekend, he especially like taking her ass, he would lube it up slowly teasing her, then he would slowly slide his cock deep into her ass before thrusting in harder and faster. He tied her up a few more time, Fucking her to a fantastic climax during one session. They showered together each morning and each evening. He even made her go out with him one evening wearing nothing but stocking, a garter belt and an over coat. He fucked her on the hood of the car that night, in an empty parking lot, right under the street lamp. Anyone driving by could have seen them.

It was a wonderful weekend and she was looking forward to there next.


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