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A Weekend

A Weekend (page 3)

Once the bag was empty, he told her she could release it. She blushed and got out of the shower and sat on the toilet. While she was expelling the water, she watched him as he washed his own body. Thinking/wondering what was next?

When she was finished, she got back into the shower with him. He took a bar of soap from his bag and started to wash her with it. She could smell it had a minty scent to it. She realized it made her skin tingle too. As he washed her body, he moved to wash her between her legs, the minty soap making her pussy tingle. She thought she would cum right there, the soap and his fingers bringing her so close to climax. But she did not, he stopped before she reached that point.

After rinsing and drying off he led her to the bed and laid her down. Tying her hands and legs with silk scarves. She was spread eagle, completely exposed to him. He lay next to her, softly caress her, stroking her body, his hands and fingers wandering over every inch of her. He reached over to the nightstand and picked up one of her toys. Turning it on, he began to caress her with it. Teasing her, he slowly drew it down between her legs caressing her clit, parting her lips and inserting it. Only to withdraw it to tease her clit and move up her body with it. Sucking and nibbling her breasts and nipples, kissing her, nibbling on her neck. He continued this for some time, how long she could not say for sure. She only knew that when her first climax finally came it was explosive. He had teased her for so long before finally bringing her to the point of release. He lay next to

her for a while, caressing her softly as she recovered from her climax.


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