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A Weekend

A Weekend (page 2)

had lead to this meeting and what was yet to come. She was getting more excite and less nervous with every minute she spent with him.

Take off your bra he commanded her. She blushed, caught off guard, his command had come without any warning. Softly she asked, right here? Now? Yes, now he replied. She blushed deeply as she worked to remove her bra from under her blouse with out

anyone noticing. Put it in your purse he commanded. Now take off your panties and hand them to me. She blushed profusely as she lifted her hips slightly to slip her panties off. She handed them to him, blushing a deep crimson as he held them up fingering the soft silk. Beautiful he said, and I can smell your excitement on them. Your wet aren't you? She didn't think she could be more red at that moment, softly she replied yes she was. Excellent he replied, them this should slip in nicely, holding an egg shaped toy in his out stretched hand. Put it inside you he commanded. Once she slipped it inside her, he showed her the remote to the toy, pressing the button to activate it for emphasis. She jumped slightly as it started buzzing inside her. Just then the waiter came to take their orders. Despite her earlier thoughts that she couldn't be redder, she blushed even deeper. As they ate dinner and chatted some more, he would periodically activate the toy, causing her to jump each time.

After diner, they drove back to her place, he carried in two small pieces of luggage with him. Setting his luggage down inside, he pulled her too him and kissed her deeply. Are you enjoying yourself so far he asked? She blushed and replied that she was even though it been a little embarrassing. Good he replied, then we can continue.

Picking up the smaller of his two bags, he asked her where her shower was. She showed him where the shower was and started to leave, but he stopped her. We are going to shower together. He took her in his arms and kissed her again. Then he started to slowly undress her. When they were both undressed he started the shower, turning the water on nice and hot. When they were both in the shower, he took her in his arms again and kissed her, his hands roaming over her naked body, his fingers exploring every inch of her. He pulled away from her, smiling mischievously, he said, "Now I am going to wash you, inside and out". That said, he reached for the bag he had brought into the shower with him and pulled out a douche bag. Filling it with warm water he hung it from the shower curtain rod. Spread your legs for me he commanded. He stroked her body softly, teasing her nipples, caressing her belly, as his fingers strayed to her pussy, he slowly parted her lips, stroking her clit. He slowly inserted the nozzle inside her, still stroking her clit with his other hand. She blushed, no one had every done or even suggested something so totally intimate before. As the warm water started to flow, she could feel herself getting even more excited. The warm water felt good against the walls of her pussy. As the bag slowly emptied, he took her in his arms and kissed and caressed her. Once the bag was empty, he refilled it and said to her, turn around and bend over, the backside is next. She blushed even more profusely than she had all evening, she still couldn't believe that he was doing these things to her, so intimate and embarrassing.

She did as instructed, he talked softly to her, stroking and caressing her as he slid the nozzle into her backside. When he released the clamp and the water started to fill her, she thought she would loose it right then and there. Hold it he commanded. She relaxed and let the water fill her as he stood her up and held her, stroking her belly softly, teasing her nipples, kissing her deeply.


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