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A Weekend

A Weekend (page 1)

Their last phone conversation had both excited and scared her. She knew from previous conversations that he was a Dominant, he liked to be in control. They had talked about the up coming weekend when she would submit to his every desire and command. She had spoken with him many times before and taken her time getting to know him before she had agreed to meet with him for a weekend. Now she had visions of bondage and spankings running through her head as she made preparation for his arrival.

She fingered the soft silk panties idly thinking about this evening. He was do to arrive in 2 hours and she was nervous and excited at the same time. As she slipped the panties on over her garters and stockings she allowed her fingers to stray momentarily, her excitement evident by the moisture between her legs. She continued to dress as instructed, a soft silk bra that matched her panties, half cup so it exposed her nipples.

A silk blouse that buttoned down the front, a thigh length skirt that was loose fitting the type that blow up so easily on a windy day.

As she finished dressing, she glanced at the clock, an hour and a half till he arrived. She turn to the night stand near the bed, he had said he would not sleep with her unless

she ask him to, but had instructed her to have an assortment of toys and lotions by the bed and ready for use. She wondered about that as she arranged the items on the nightstand. Just as she finished making the last of the preparations and turning down the bed, the doorbell rang, he was early...

As she open the door and invited him in, she could help but watch him. His long hair, the dark mischievous eyes she was entranced. She invited him to sit down and offered him a cup of coffee, he accepted with a smile, his eyes sparkling mischievously.

When she returned with his coffee and set it down on the table, he stood and took her in his arms. He asked if she was ready for the weekend to begin. She flushed a little at his question, afraid she would seem overly excited in her response to him. She softly replied that she was. He smiled and kissed her softly but deeply/passionately. He held her for a moment before pushing her gently out to arms length. As he looked into her eyes, he started to undo her blouse. She blushed at his boldness and at her excitement. He unbuttoned her blouse far enough to expose her silk bra and exposed nipples, stroking her nipples until they stood erect, begging for his attention. While a mischievous grin, he pulled what looked like a string of beads from his pocket, and attached them to her nipples, a small noose at each end of the string pulled tightly around her nipples keeping the hard and erect. He then re-buttoned her blouse and grinned. He asked her if he had told her how beautiful she looked. She blushed again and replied softly no he hadn't. He smiled and kissed he again. "You do look beautiful", he said to her. "Are you ready to go?". Go? She asked. Yes to diner he replied. Yes, just let me get my coat.

As they drove to a restaurant just outside of town she realized why he had instructed her to wear a silk blouse, her nipples kept erect by the string of beads was brushing against the soft silk, exciting her more with every movement.

The restaurant was cozy, the lights dim but still bright enough to see. They were seated at a table away from most of the other customers. The waiter brought their drinks and menus while they chatted. They talked about their previous conversations and how they