A land called ZITY

chapter 15: Another Morning

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

As I awaken the following morn, I laid still for a while and listened as Holly slept. The rhythm of her breathing was enough to lull me back to sleep. Yet a new day was upon us and there were things to do and places to go here in Zity. So I slid her head gently off me, gazed upon her breasts for a few moments longer, and arose to start my day. Dressing quickly, I penned Holly a note and was off to explore. My first stop for the morn was to break my fast at the Dew Droppe Inne.

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betrothed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. And she has such a streak of wildness and impetuousness, she keeps me on my toes.

Upon entering this fine establishment, and after my eyes grew accustomed to the lower level of light, I was immediately hailed by my new friend ZaBoots, whom was sitting alone. 'Sir Tommy, Join me.'

''Certainly my friend,'' I replied walking to and taking a seat.

Soon a serving wench had our morning repast in front of us. Yes, they servers were topless at this hour of the day as well. As we broke bread, ZaBoots inquired of my plans for the day. "I intend to do some shopping for my betrothed, Holly.''

'Is that the fair of skin maiden, known through all Zity for her beauty? The one oft referred to as the '''fire girl'''? He asked.

I nodded, ''Aye, and I am to be her husband.'' Was my reply. ZaBoots had a stunned look on his face. I looked carefully at him and asked, ''Why the surprise upon ye face?''

Regaining his composure he replied, 'Many hast sought her company, but until now naught has been successful. Whence thou art wed 'twill be sung of by bards for the ages. I shall compose my own Ballad of Holly. I will have to start working on it immediately, lest another beat me to it.' And with a Good Day Sir, he arose and was on his way.

Okay I thought, I must not tell her about this, I might go to her head. And so I finished my morning meal, paid our tab(worthless entertainers), and resumed my plans for the day. Exiting the Dew Droppe Inne I observed a familiar face setting up shop for the day. It was Anne, whom I met yesterday. Strolling over, I reintroduced myself, ''Hello Anne4joy, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty, we met yesterday.''

'Yes Sir Tommy, and how may I serve thee?'

''I seek something special for my bride to wear on her wedding day. Something that only I shall know of, and her of course.'' I blushed.

Anne looked at me closely, nodded her head and said, 'I think I may have something special for thee, if not I can design it and have it made for thee. When art thou to be wed?'

''A date has not been yet set.'' I muttered.

'That is fine, it will allow us to make it an extra personal gift for her on her special day.'

Unable to do more than mumble, I followed Anne into her shop. I walked slowly through her displays of plugs and more plugs. In sizes from the small ones(like the one I was still wearing, tail and all)to those larger than my fist. There were ones with tails that were discreet, to those which would have made many a horse jealous. As we approached the rear of her establishment, Anne turned and said, 'Please Sir Tommy, enter my home and see where I do my best work.' I let that phrase set in my mind for a moment!

Unwilling to refuse this charming lady, I followed her into her home/work area. The first thing that caught my eye was a table that would be the envy of many a draftsman. On and around it were pages and pages of drawings for body jewelry and plugs. As I turned to Anne she spoke, 'This is where I design and make the body jewelry you see drafts of. I also design plugs which are made elsewhere by the finest of craftsmen. Now if I may suggest some ideas from the work thou seeth here. A chain of the finest gold mail, with 'U' shaped clamps at each end. These clamps are made of soft gold and can be closed and opened to fit around her erect nipples. '

Wow I was stunned to think of something like this, a simple chain connecting her nipples. Binding them at the same time.

'Sir Tommy, Is this of interest to thee?'

''Yes Anne, I was stunned at the concept but love the idea. I would love to purchase one for Holly. Could you also make a matching necklace with larger mail, and anklet chain in fine mail? And finally a waist chain in fine gold mail as well?''

'If that is what thee wishes, Sir Tommy, then so it shall be. Be warned it shall not be cheap, for the craftmanship is costly.'

''Anne, cost is of naught importance, for these chains are a token symbol of the chains that will bind us together.''

'Sir Tommy, It shall be done. And Holly is a lucky woman to have found one such as thee.'

I thanked Anne and strode back thru her shop. Stopping suddenly, I turned and spoke, ''Anne I have but one more request of thee.''

'Yes Sir Tommy?'

''I wish to have matching plugs made with the engraving of His on one and Hers on the other. Can thee do that as well?''

'For whom is each one and what size plugs do thou desire?'

''Make the plugs the same of medium size, as to whom wears which, That will be between Holly and I to decide.''

'That offers an interesting meaning Sir Tommy, I shall begin work on those plugs immediately. Shall there be anything else?'

Saying no and paying Anne for her work, I turned to leave. Anne's parting farewell was to stick in my head, 'Stay Plugged.'

Nodding agreement, I continued my explorations. As I strode through the market place I came upon another shopper familiar to me. ''Hello Tonya, How are thee?'' I asked.

'I fair well Sir Tommy; And I would like to thank thee for seeing to my discipline and correction. Thy betrothed opened my eyes, and I am most grateful.' She said with a smile upon her face.

''I bid the welcome, Tonya and a good day.'' I really need to know what happened yesterday after I left. The next store I came upon that interested me had an odd name, but familiar signage: Ye Olde Clyster Shoppe. For me the big red bag was a dead giveaway. As I entered I was approached by a young lass.

'Might I be of service Sir?' Ahh yes, another of zitys beautiful lasses. Her shoulders draped in blonde curls, peasant style blouse, firm tan legs. 'My name is Bridgette.'

''Yes, Bridgette, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty and I wonder, do thee make custom equipment?''

'What is it that thee desires?'

''That is the difficult question. I need a large bag, with a wide tube. This will then connect to an inverted 'Y'. Two additional hoses will then connect to separate nozzles for my bride and my self to share at the same time. Is this possible?'' I asked.

Giggling, Bridgette turned, (showing the behind she is so well known for) and said, 'Here Sir Tommy are our marriage sets made for couples. These are designed as thou wish and come with standard nozzles. I would recommend upgrading to custom nozzles to increase thy pleasure.'

''And you carry such nozzles?''

'Yes Sir Tommy, we carry all that thou might need. If I may ask a few questions?'

''Yes, lass, go ahead.''

'I gather thine partner has more experience than thou doest?'

''Thou are correct.''

'Then might I suggest for thou this model, and for thine partner, this one. These are both designed with retention in mind.'

What she showed me were two nozzles, the smaller about six inches long with a bulbous head and a shaft about one inch across. The larger was slightly longer and much thicker. Both ended in shapes I now associated with butt plugs!!!

'As you see the base will aide in retention.' She continued. After I paid for my purchase Bridgette asked, 'I can deliver this to thy home this afternoon if thou prefers?'

I agreed, and thanked her for her assistance. Having had a most successful morning, I decided to make a few purchases for lunch with Holly. Walking on thru the market, I purchased a few melons and other fruits and vegetables for our table and headed home. Nodding in recognition of faces I had met or seen thus far, I was soon at the door of our home. Opening it, I was surprised to find my betrothed still asleep. How that woman can sleep!!! Putting my purchases away I removed my clothing and joined Holly in bed...


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