A land called ZITY

Chapter 4: The Next Morning

The continuing chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty:

Awakening to the feelings of a wet diaper, a nipple in my mouth and my hair being stroked, I unconsciously began to suck on the nipple, opening my eyes to stare at Holly. She lovingly looked at me and gently removed my nipple from her mouth; lifting my chin, our lips met and those flames of fire were ignited. Breaking our lip-lock and pulling away; giggling she said, "There will be time enough for that later Sir Tommy, for I have plans for just the two of us for the next few days. But first breakfast, then a diaper change and we can be on our way home."

It was then that I noticed that I was not the only one wet. Having been searching for a vanilla partner, could I have actually found one kinkier than I was. Be still my heart. Holly took me by the hand to an area with long tables where babies and adults were eating. The babies either being fed or nursed and some adults were nursing as well. We sat and were brought our porridge and ate in silence, as I was still digesting another interesting days events; as well as taking in the scene around me. Suddenly there was a commotion at the table across from us. A baby was pulled across a womans lap and soundly bare bottomed spanked.

Holly leaned over and whispered, "See what happens to bad boys!"

I whispered back, "And bad girls too!!!"

That brought a blush to her face and gave me something to think about. Finishing our breakfast, Holly signaled to Karin to come and change us. As usual Holly insisted I went first. I climbed upon the table and these two lovely ladies unpinned my thick, soggy diapers. Taking a warm wet cloth, Holly began to wipe me down while Karin held my legs up high. Suddenly I felt a greasy finger enter me. As I gasped Holly said. "shhh, Its all right." and placed a soother between my lips. She continued her assault, lovingly and added a second finger. Working her fingers on and out, I began to remember the feelings of a few days before and that empty feeling since. She removed her fingers and they were replaced by something that stretched and filled me at the same time. Then the stretching subsided and I was left with a feeling of fullness. Holly then finished diapering me and they helped me from the table. I took a few steps and realized several things; I liked the caresses of a diaper about my loins, the stretched fullness of my arse and the sight of Holly in a diaper. As this was happening Holly climbed upon the table for her diaper change. I wandered closer, both to observe her and to learn to change a diaper as this may be part of our future.

Karin held up Hollys legs with one arm and wiped her down with a cloth in the other hand. There were ungentlemanly thoughts going through my mind as I stood there watching. Then Karin motioned to me to lubricate my fingers and open Holly up. As I did so first with one and then with a second finger, Karin handed me a plug. I looked at this monster, 2 inches across and I looked at Karin, my eyes questioning, she nodded yes and with some additional lubrication I began to insert the plug into my lovers arse. As I watched, her rosebud stretch and accept this monster with ease. Then it was in and Karin fastened a fresh diaper on her and we were done. As we collected our things and prepared to depart, I felt myself becoming aroused; either by the sight of Hollys diapered arse, or the intruder in mine or the diaper around my loins.

Holly smiled at me and said, "The diapers stay on until we get home, the plugs stay in until I decide otherwise and yes the plugs are the same size." This brought me up short as I never expected something of that size to fill her, let alone me. As we continued out of the hut and down the trail, I thought about how easily I was filled and wondered how big I could be stretched. Nay, not something to say aloud lest I give Holly any more ideas. I picked up our bag, and off we went down the trail towards home. Meandering down the trail homeward, the bag felt heavier, and I felt full, in a nice way, but this thought was soon forgotten as Holly opened our conversation, " Didst thou enjoy thyself Sir Tommy? Didst thou enjoy thy time with Mary? Wouldst thou wish to repeat any or all of this again, either at the nursery or perhaps our home?"

WOW, again so much to think about, to digest, to contemplate. On one hand, suckling at Mary's breasts was fantastic and delightful, the diapers were intriguing-especially on Holly, and the spanking I saw offered new possibilities both giving and receiving. On the other hand...I needed to sort all this out. So I answered, "I have had an eye opening experience(pun intended) and need time to sort out how I feel and what I wish to try again, with all that I have seen and participated in while here. I came here believing I knew myself, likes and dislikes, and have had my eyes opened to so much more in such a short time. I have seen my desires changed by my love for a certain maiden; my happiness is due to her happiness. The only future I know for sure is one based upon my love for you Holly." Ok the longest speech I have ever given, but from the heart.

Now it was her turn to stop and stare at me with wide eyed innocence. "Sir Tommy, I knew naught that your feelings were so strong. We shall spend the next few days relaxing, talking about these first days, reliving them if thou desire; but of more importance, we shall get to know each other more intimately."

And with a solemnity surprise I fell to one knee and asked Holly, "Wouldst thou be my betrothed?"

As solemn as this moment was I could see the laughter in her eyes, yet as she spoke, they were words that sang in my ears, " I shall".

In the next moment, My La...friend came down the trail and burst upon us.

Her laughter didst bring forth laughter from Holly as well, 'Hast thou fallen Sir Tommy?" she asked.

Holly, trying to control her laughter, said, "Yeah Mistress, Sir Tommy has fallen in love and asked for my hand."

(now if the picture is not clear enough, Hollie is in a diaper and naught else; I am also in naught but a diaper on one knee carrying a bag as well)

And My Friend, with a twinkle in her eye asked, " Just your hand or all of you?!" Which now had all of us laughing.

Fighting her tears of laughter and joy, Holly responded, "I said yes, he gets all of me."

"Allow me to offer my congratulations to you both, and Sir Tommy it seems you have found part of that which you seeketh." After some small talk Holly and I continued our trek home. Not exactly the way I pictured proposing, but this is zity, any thing is possible.

Arriving home Holly took the bag from me, emptied the contents on the table and looked at me, "These diapers are in your size, should you chose to play again here with me."

Floored, I nodded my understanding(or was it my agreement). "And if thou art a good boy, I can have one of the wet nurses watch thou whilst I go to market one day."

It suddenly dawned upon me that my wife to be had planned many parts of my future already!!! It was time to reestablish my authority. And thus I grabbed Holly, pulled her to me and as I sat upon a stool, placed her across my knee. Lowering her diaper, I began swatting her bare bottom, and I declared, "In our home there will be rules: I will treat you with love and respect; you will respect my decisions. Challenge me oft and it will be many a trip over my knee for you." Raising Holly back to her feet, tears streaming down her face, I continued, "Doest thou accept these conditions as my betrothed?"

"I doeth Sir." Holly sobbed, I pulled her face to me and kissed away her tears. This turned into a passionate embrace and Holly took me by the hand, and led me to our bed. Removing my diaper and discarding it, she reached to remove the plug; stopping her I told her it was fine and I was accustomed to it. She joined me and joined with me. Thus we began our journey of personal exploration.


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