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Best Pee Pee Enema ever


It was late afternoon when I left the office and made my way to my work colleague Jonathan. He had been home sick the whole week, but for the customer project that we were working on together, I had to briefly coordinate with him again.

I got to him shortly after 4, but he didn't answer my doorbell at the door. So I took the way through the garden to the terrace, as I had often done with him. The patio door was ajar, and soft relaxing music greeted me. "Hello Jonathan," I made myself known. "Hi Curt, I'm in the wellness room," he replied. I took the way through the living room, the hallway and the bathroom to the fitness and sauna room in the back of the house. Jonathan was lying on the large lounger with a fleece blanket pulled over him. Before I could say anything to him, I noticed the long red hose that came out from under the ceiling and ran to a red rubber bag on the wall. What's that? I asked curiously. Nothing special, he replied, I just treat myself to an enema. An enema? I asked, amazed. "What is that supposed to be good for?" "Well, I use it to clean my intestines, it's very healthy, and besides, it gives me a lot of pleasure." I was a little surprised. "And what do you let in?" The easiest way is with warm water, a little soap solution is also possible ", Jonathan explained to me." Sometimes I also have coffee or tea, and once I even tried it with beer, but that wasn't so good. And then there is another very special variant ... "" And what does it look like? "I was curious." It's called Pee Pee Enema, "stuttered Jonathan," with urine "" With urine? "I marveled," then someone pees in yours Ass? "" Not exactly, but that would be a delightful variation, "Jonathan nodded. I laughed at the thought, and it excited me at the same time.

"I would like to try your idea out, what do you think?" Jonathan looked at me questioningly. "With me?" I outraged. "I'm not gay!" "I know that," he reassured me. "But there's nothing wrong with a little secret game, right?" "Assuming I agree, and you tell someone, then I'll kill you," I threatened, although of course I wasn't serious about killing. "I will be as silent as a grave," he replied, pulling back the covers. He was lying bare-chested on a towel and the red tube disappeared between his legs. To my amazement, he didn't even show any sign of erection. It was clearly different in my pants. "I'll go to the bathroom first," said Jonathan, unhooked the rubber bag and ran away with the hose.

I was left alone in the wellness room and wondered about myself. Why did I get involved in something so strange? Actually, I wanted to flee now, but after my approval I didn't want to be seen as a spoilsport either. In addition, the thought alone excited me to the limit of endurance. So I would play the game.

Jonathan returned after a few minutes, without a bag or tube, but with a tube of lubricant in hand. He wasn't wearing anything but a t-shirt. "You can take off your clothes, too," he encouraged me, and I started taking off my shoes and socks first, then my jeans. Jonathan spread the lube on his finger and reached back to put some lotion on his butt hole. I had delayed the moment as long as possible, but now there was no turning back and I took off my underpants. My cock, hard to the point of bursting, shot towards Jonathan, who obviously liked it very much. He handed me the cream and pointed to my hard. While he lay on his back, I spread the lubricating cream on my penis, then I looked at him questioningly. He pulled his knees up to his chest and spread his thighs as far as he could. I fixed his creamed back entrance. "What now?" I asked, embarrassed and excited at the same time. “Put it in”, he asked me, “it will be very easy”.

I took all my courage and carefully placed the tip of my penis on Jonathan's anus. As he'd said, it almost happened by itself and I was able to get into him as far as it would go. "Well, now water march," he commanded, and I tried to relieve my full bladder. But no matter how I tried, it just didn't work. "What is? Doesn't it work with peeing? ”He asked. "Not with such an erection, sorry," I apologized. "I'd have to jerk off first, too bad". "But there is still a much easier way," laughed Jonathan at me. "And which one?" I asked, guessing what he meant. "Just fuck me," he breathed, "fuck me and inject everything into my ass, first your sperm and then your pee pee".

What was I getting into? I just wanted to visit a work colleague, and now I was about to fuck another guy for the first time in my life. But stopping was no longer an option, neither for him nor for me. And so I held on to Jonathan's knees and slowly began to move my hard cock back and forth in this slippery, warm anus. I felt very good and I'm increasing my pace. I let go of one of my knees and started jerking Jonathan's soft cock. "Unfortunately, that has no value because I masturbated before you came," he regretted. So I pulled his thighs closer to me and continued to fuck him with relish. Soon I felt my orgasm approaching. "I'll be right there," I gasped. "Yeah, give me everything," Jonathan moaned back. Two three deep thrusts, then I shot my hot load in several waves deep into this hot anus.

I kept fucking until my ejaculation stopped, then tried to relax. "Is the pee pee okay now?" Laughed Jonathan. "Wait a minute," I replied, and a few seconds later I felt my urine rise. "Water march," I sheared and let go. "Yes, yes yes, very good," Jonathan enjoyed his very special enema. When my bladder was empty, I pulled my still semi-rigid cock out of Jonathan's rosette without much water coming out. "You can take a shower while I relax a little more here," ordered Jonathan, stretching his legs. His stomach seemed noticeably larger than before, but he closed his eyes and smiled. When I came back from the shower ten minutes later, it was still lying there unchanged. "Now we have to talk about our customer project," he explained to me. “Don't you have to go to the toilet?” I marveled. “Later, much later, now let's do the professional thing first.

When I said goodbye to Jonathan half an hour later, he was still holding my enema in his stomach. Would it be the only experience of its kind? We will see.


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