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A Brooklyn Surprise

My Neighbor, Her Friend and I

It was just another hot summer day in 1977. I was born and grew up in the borough of Brooklyn, one of the five boroughs of New York City. I lived a major avenue that was developed around 1920s. Most of the buildings were 2 or 3 story walk-ups with 2 or 4 apartments over a store. It was a magical time back then. Disco was king, and the Viet Nam War was over. I had just turned 17 that April. Not many people had moved out so you had a chance to really get to know your neighbors. I was lucky enough to attend a very good vocational school and learn a trade. My specialty was electrician. I was also very handy with general repairs. I had a special neighbor that lived about 8 doors down from my apartment. Her name was Pamela. She was a thirty something divorced lady. She has two kids, one girl and one boy. Her landlord was some piece of work and was only interested in collecting the monthly rent and NOT performing repairs.

This is how I got to know Pamela or just Pam. She was a tall lady with a nice smile, blond hair and was slightly BBW. She always had me over to do some repairs. I found her to be very attractive and she always looked at me with a seductive smile. That wasn't all. She also had found one of my deep dark secrets. One day, I had come out to take advantage of the summer day and I saw Pam leaning out of her second floor window "waiting" for me. Jimmy, she yelled, please come upstairs, I can't shut off the kitchen sink. It was the way she called out to me that made me suspicious. I walked up to her house and opened the outside door. As soon as I walked in, the sound of the buzzer on the door bellowed and I pushed open the door. As I started up the old wooden stairs, creaking as I walked up, I reached the top landing and there was Pam standing there in her usual house dress. Both of her kids had gone to a sleep away camp. Come in Jimmy. The faucet in the kitchen is leaking and I can't shut it off. I followed her down the long hall past the bathroom, which had the door left open. I did not pay too much attention and went right to the kitchen. Her apartment was a carbon copy of the apartment that I lived in. Reaching for the faucet, I could feel that the washer was shot and needed to be replaced. Pam, the shutoff is in the bathroom by the tub. I will go in and shut it off then go and get my tools and repair it. I entered the bathroom and reached for the valve and "There It Was" hanging above the tub. Pam's red open top enema bag. Attached to the bag was the red rubber hose, steel pinch clamp and the long douche nozzle. I froze in my tracks. Pam asked me what was wrong. My face must have turned as red as the bag. I tried to blow it off but Pan knew by my reaction that I knew what the bag was used for. Well that day I admitted that I was given enemas as a kid and enjoyed them. Then she pressed me more and I told her that I was excited about spankings. To make a long story short, Pam had administered enemas and spankings to me.

This day was truly a nice surprise to me. It was an extremely hot, humid summer day when Pam called for me to come upstairs. I thought it was another repair to be made. I was dressed in shorts and tee shirt and hurried up the stairs. Pam just said follow me so I did. When I reached the kitchen, seated there at the table was Pam's friend Delores. She was a light skinned African American lady, very attractive. I would also say that she was a BBW lady with an ample lap and thick arms. Pam introduced her to me and just by her posture and the way she spoke, I knew she was a no nonsense lady.

So Pam, he is the boy that loves to be spanked....... Oh yes Delores, he is the one I told you about. And.....he likes to get enemas, what a find he was she said with a sinister laugh. The look on my face must have been priceless to them. My face must have been as red as a traffic light!!!. Then Delores got up and pulled the kitchen chair out to the middle of the kitchen and sat back down. Then she went into her large pocketbook and took out a paddle a little smaller then a ping pong paddle. Jimmy, Pam said to me that you are a very good handy young man and I also have some things to be repaired in my apartment. But first, Pam had told me that you were disrespectful to her by not coming up in a timely manor last week. She wants me to show her how I would correct such behavior. Come and stand in front of me with your hands at your sides and DON'T MOVE THEM. I obeyed and stood in front of her. In no time she unbuckled my belt and had my pants undone. In one motion, my shorts and underwear were down to my knees. Then she reached for my arm and was pulled across her knees, bare bottom up in the air and starring at the linoleum floor. Pam pulled out the other chair and sat down to watch Delores spank and paddle my bare bottom. With no time to think, I felt her open hand come crashing down on my buttocks. Each blow filled the room with the distinct sound of bare buttocks being spanked. She applied the spanks very fast and hard. After about ten spanks, my buttocks started to get some color. She was a no nonsense spanker. After about twenty spanks, she stopped just long enough to pick up the paddle and continue the punishment. In no time, my legs were flailing in the air but the paddling continued. I was crying like a little boy by the time she did stop. I just stayed bent over her lap as I did not have the energy to get up. Then Delores helped me up and was told to stand in the corner.

Both ladies had a very sinister facial expression as I stood in the corner. Pam commented that my buttocks was the same dark red as a black cherry then they both busted out in laughter. "FACE THE WALL JIMMY OR YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF BACK OVER MY KNEE!" yelled Delores as I attempted to peek at what the ladies were doing. As I stood in the corner, Pam got up and disappeared into the bathroom. Delores then got up and went into the living room. As I stood there I could feel the slightly warm summer air flow across my well spanked bottom. Then Delores walked through the kitchen to the hall linen closet and removed a couple of sheets and returned to the living room with them. At the same time, I heard the old faucet in the bathroom squeak open and the water running. This lasted about five minutes then it squeaked closed. With my eyes glued to the corner, Pam walked past me then also go into the living room. After about ten minutes, Delores called for me to come into the living room. So I walked in slowly due to my pants still down to my ankles and entered the room. There on the couch was the sheets that Delores got from the linen closet and Pam standing there holding her bulging red open top enema bag with the red rubber hose, steel pinch clamp and the black rectal nozzle!!!!!!! I couldn't help myself as my cock started to get hard as a rock!!! With that, Delores sat down on the couch and told me to step out of the pants and get across her ample lap for another spanking. I will make you loose that hard cock, How dare you get excited at the sight of Pam's Enema Bag. This was said with an air of sarcasm and they both laughed. Before I knew it, i was again starring down at the floor and the sound of buttocks being spanked filled the room as I squirmed on Delores's lap. What do you think Pam, another fifty? Oh Yes Delores that should do. I want the buttocks to be as red as the bag. I was welling up, my legs kicking up and down as the spanks rained down. The last spank was the hardest then I was allowed to get up off Delores's lap. Then Delores got up and I was told to lay down on the couch face down. Pam then handed the enema gag to Delores then Pam felt my buttocks with her hand. WOW That is HOT!!!. Wait a minute Delores, I want to see something. I wonder if his temperature is as hot as his buttocks. Keep your eyes front Jimmy or else!. Then Pam went into the bathroom and came back. I heard the sound of a metal lid being unscrewed from a glass jar. Then I felt my very hot buttocks being spread apart with two fingers then the insertion of a glass rectal thermometer. The coolness of the glass being slid in my ass caused me to jump!. I laid there and about three minutes later Pam removed the thermometer and said wow, 99.8. Delores, I want you to have the honors of giving Jimmy his enema. With that Delores handed the full enema bag back to Pam. Then I felt my buttocks being parted again as the black rectal nozzle was slid into my rosebud. Pam, doesn't he have such a nice little ass, said Delores. With that being said, my face must have been redder than my buttocks. Then about a minute after Delores slid the nozzle into me, I heard the usual metallic "click" and the feeling of at first cool water start to fill me then it got warmer. Do you feel it Jimmy? Pam said. Yes I do ma'am I was taking the enema well then the cramping started. Snap, the clamp was closed. Pam said she made the enema water as white as milk. Then the ladies started to giggle them click and the enema was restarted. Raise the bag Pam, I like to watch the bag get thinner. I started to squirm then the sound of a kiss was made and the bag was empty. Snap, the clamp was closed. I tried to get up and Pam said You will HOLD THE ENEMA FOR A FULL FIVE MINUTES!. Delores, keep the nozzle in him. I like the view then the both of them laughed. Then one of them started moving the nozzle in and out as the enema churned inside me. I will admit, I loved the feeling as well as the embarrassment. Finally I was allowed to expel the enema.

I was in the bathroom expelling the enema for about fifteen minutes. I was totally drained (no pun intended) when I exited the bathroom and walked back, more like warbling to the kitchen where Pam and Delores were sitting. STOP!, turn around! Wow Delores, you really know how to administer a good spanking !!! He is still VERY RED !!!. Delores let out a seductive chuckle. How do you feel Jimmy? All cleaned out Ma'am. How does your bare buttocks feel? Very sore Ma'am but it feels good. ‘ very nice to hear Jimmy. Back into the other room. You still have soap residue so I am going to give you a warm water rinse enema. This time you will be across Delores’s lap for the entire enema. With that, Delores picked up one of the kitchen chairs and carried it into the living room and placed it in the middle of the room and sat down. I will admit, seeing Delores's ample lap and her bare legs made me really hot. She took a hold of my arm and “guided” me across her lap firmly holding me in place. She then positioned me to be bent at the perfect angle for Pam to have full access to my opening. With that I had some time to enjoy the feeling of being over Delores's lap. She made some small talk as Pam went to refill her enema bag. She asked me why I enjoyed enemas and spankings. I explained that I was given them by my aunt when I was a small kid. I explained that I feel submissive in the presence of strong and attractive ladies. I thought there was something wrong with me for feeling this way. With that, Delores started to spank my already red bottom. She was really enjoying herself as the spanks were harder and faster. She started to breathe harder and deeper until her whole body started to shale uncontrollably. She started to make a strange sound then abruptly stopped spanking me. I didn't know she had orgasmed at that time. Shortly after that, Pam re-entered the living room carrying her full enema bag. Then Delores held me tightly in place as Pam parted my buttocks and slowly slid the rectal nozzle into me all the way. Then Pam said ready them with the snap of the clamp I was getting my second enema! I will admit, between the sting of my buttocks, the warm pressure of my weight pinning my hard-on against Delores's warm legs and the very warm enema water, I climaxed and came all over Delores's legs causing me to shake all over. What a feeling!!!!


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