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Bens Strange Weekend

Chapter 2

Nurse came back to check on him just before bringing his supper. She put her hand on the crotch of his rubber pants and pushed gently, squeezing the stool further around Ben’s nappy region. She smiled at him, "Those suppositories certainly did a good job, didn’t they?" Ben dutifully agreed with her. She left for a moment and came back with his supper tray. Dropping the cot side, she adjusted the bib which she’d left around his neck and then started spooning him wholemeal pasta with sauce. Giving him a grin, she commented, "Wholemeal, Ben, because it has plenty of roughage for tomorrow!" Dessert was banana custard with Ben thoroughly enjoying being spoon fed by his nurse, although, by the time she’d finished feeding him, he was really stuffed full. He was given fruit juice to drink from a bottle, sucking eagerly at the rubber teat which nurse placed between his lips. After supper, she pulled the cot sides up, moved a chair beside the bed and talked to him about his experiences in hospital. His childhood experiences were adenoids and tonsils removed with his stay being in nappies the whole time because he’d been poorly after the anaesthetic, so he’d been treated somewhat as a ‘baby’ by the nurses who had felt sorry for him sick in bed when the other children who’d been operated on the same day were either up and playing or gone home. He told her how he’d been constipated so one of the nurses had got a rubber bulb syringe and filled it with hot soapy water which she’d squirted into his bottom after gently lubricating his bottom with Vaseline and the tip of her little finger. After that, she’d done up his nappy and pulled up his rubber pants, telling him to hold it as long as possible. She sat with him encouraging him to hold it until he’d erupted into his nappy. She’d squeezed it against him to check how much had come out and that had really started his ‘love affair’ with nurses, nappies and anal therapy.

The nurse lowered the cot side and helped Ben to stand. She guided him to the shower and then pulled down his rubber pants and very wet, soiled nappies. She used the shower to wash him down - the drain didn’t have a grating on it so all the mess just flushed away. Taking a disposable wash cloth, she washed him thoroughly clean and then dried him. Leading him back to the bed, she put an incontinence pad on the bed and got Ben to lie on it. Another thorough creaming front and rear resulted. She went to fetch a tray with a medicine glass and two very large glasses of orange juice. Raising the backrest of the bed, she sat him up, then held Ben’s nose and told him to drink down the medicine glass quickly. As soon as he’d done that, he shuddered from the foul oily taste of the very large dose of castor oil he’d been given, inwardly smiling as he knew his supper was soon going to be forcefully ejected into his waiting nappy. She encouraged him to drink down the two glasses of orange juice to flush away the taste and to keep him hydrated while the strong purgative works its worst on his insides. She rolled him onto his front again, saying it was time to put him into his night-time nappies as he’d been uncovered from the waist down after the creaming. She intended to make the point that she was in control and that Ben had to submit to nurse’s ministrations. She got Ben to lie on his front on the fresh clean nappies. She then inserted a micro-enema into his back passage without saying what it was. Ben thought it was a laxative enema, but in fact it was a Diazepam enema in a high enough dose to ensure that he’d get to sleep before the castor oil churned his guts for him and woke him up. She fastened the nappies up behind him, telling him that he’d be sleeping on his front that night. She pulled up the cot side, made sure that Ben was comfortable and told him that there was a baby alarm system so, if he needed her in the night, he only had to call.

Ben drifted rapidly off to sleep as nurse had intended: he’d have a busy day ahead of him in the morning, so needed to get al least some sleep before the castor oil did its worst. It was just about one o’clock in the morning when Ben woke to feel his guts churning as the castor oil causes painful and extreme peristalsis, pushing his stomach contents rapidly through his digestive system. The griping pains were very strong when suddenly Ben felt the pressure to evacuate his bowel contents. Despite his efforts to hold back, he found that the pressure was too much. A wet flood gushed from him faster than the nappy could soak it up so it ran down between his legs, over his manhood and spread over the front of his abdomen as the terry cloth struggled to soak up the massive outpouring from him. His gasp must have been heard as nurse came in, perfectly dressed as before some minutes after his gasp, holding two large bottle with water in and teats attached. "You’d better drink these as we don’t want you to get dehydrated!" she said to him, holding the first bottle for him to suck from. After he’d drained both bottles, she bade him "good night", although with a knowing smile on her face as she knew that most of the contents of those two bottles of water would soon be ending up spurting from him as his bowels emptied again and again. She was right as Ben woke later to pass just warm fluid from him which spread all over his nappy before slowly being absorbed as his nappy was very wet and extremely messy. Ben drifted back to an exhausted sleep as he realised how much effort a strong purgative took out of a person.

The next morning, he woke in a very wet nappy as nurse came into the room. "Ben, you’re definitely going to need changing before breakfast, so let’s get you up!" With her help he rolled over and was assisted to sit up, making a face as the by now cold messy contents of his nappy were forced up between his legs. She got him to lean forward and released him from the rubber strait jacket so he had use of his arms again. "I did promise you a bed bath, but, from the way that nappy is sagging, I guess you’d better have a shower and I’ll give you a bed bath in the evening. Ban was helped over to the shower tray and stood there while she peeled the rubber pants off him and unpinned his nappy, carefully removing it and the using the shower to sluice the worst of the contents off before putting the nappy in a bucket beside the shower. Ben looked down and realised he was absolutely plastered!

Starting with his hair, he was carefully washed down literally from head to foot. He felt much cleaner as she dried him in a large fluffy white bath sheet. It felt good to have the use of his arms again. Wrapping him in the towel, she went over to strip and remake the bed with clean sheets as, despite the thickness of his nappies, he’d leaked a little onto the draw sheet. Leaving the bed turned back in the ‘theatre’ position (the top sheet and blankets turned to the side so half of the bed down the middle was uncovered) ready for later, she led Ben over to the special chair and sat him down on it. The chair, Ben discovered, was rubber covered, so he involuntarily shivered as the cold rubber surface came in contact with his skin. Nurse then did up restraints on the chair across Ben’s chest with his arms inside the straps effectively immobilising him. His legs dangled down in the front of the chair, but nurse went into a cupboard to bring out two poles with a loop hanging from each. The poles were cranked and covered in foam padding. These poles plugged into socket on each side of the chair. She reclined the chair flat and lifted each of Ben’s legs in turn and, lifting them around the pole, hung his foot and ankle on the loop on each pole. He was now lying down with his feet spread wide apart.

Nurse went over to a cupboard and started putting equipment onto a small stainless steel trolley which she wheeled beside Ben. She opened the packs carefully and then took a pair of sterile rubber gloves from one of the packs and put them on. After that she opened a sterile pack of cotton balls from inside the kit, took a gallipot and poured antiseptic into the gallipot from a sachet. She used a pair of forceps to hold the swabs which she dipped into the antiseptic and, from the tip of his penis down, using a new swab for each area, she cleaned around with the antiseptic. Ben asked what she was going to do, but nurse told him that nurse knew best and he should just behave himself by co-operating and being silent. She next took a sterile field which had a strategically placed hole in it. This was placed over Ben’s now erect penis as the drug from the previous evening had worn off so that it stood up from this blue plastic coated paper sheet. Nurse picked up a syringe with Instillagel in it. This is a local anaesthetic, lubricant and antiseptic used to make cauterisation simpler and safer. She pulled the red cap off the tip of the syringe and, holding Ben’s erect penis on one hand and the syringe in the other, squirted a small quantity around the opening at the tip of his penis. After allowing a moment or two for the local anaesthetic to start working, she inserted the nozzle of the syringe into the urethra running through his penis. "This will sting at first, but you’ll soon go numb," she warned as she gently squeezed the plunger of the syringe. It did sting at first as she gripped the top of his penis firmly to make a seal to prevent the gel from leaking out. In fact, as she emptied the syringe, he felt a strange pressure and then as if something had opened inside him. He was right as this was the gel being forced through his prostate and, opening up the sphincter muscles, into his bladder. Still holding the tip of his penis to contain the gel, she removed the syringe, dropping it into a waiting receiver. She picked up the catheter which she’d taken from its sterile packet and dropped it into a sterile tray, then had coupled the urine drainage bag to the end of the catheter. Whilst her back had been turned to Ben while she was loading the trolley, she’d also filled a syringe with 30 ml of sterile water, ready to inflate the catheter balloon of the Foley catheter to hold it in place. She released her tight grip on his penis as some of the gel came out of his urethra and pushed the tip of the catheter into Ben’s penis, feeding it through and round. "When you feel some pressure, cough and it will help the catheter pass through your prostate," nurse told him. It was the strangest sensation for something to be passing the wrong way up through his penis, but the local anaesthetic was doing it job of preventing the passage of the catheter from being painful. Suddenly Ben did feel a pain, so coughed as instructed. The catheter passed the prostate and into his bladder with urine flowing down through the catheter and into the connected drainage bag. The nurse took the syringe filled with sterile water and inflated the catheter balloon, giving a final tug to seat the balloon on the base of Ben’s bladder. She then wiped the excess gel from around the tip of his penis, removed the sterile field and hung the drainage bag beside him.

She then went to the cupboard, ran some water and busied herself with her back to Ben. Wheeling a transfusion stand and the trolley she came back to Ben. "Breakfast as soon as I’ve done this!" she said. She hung a large clear enema bag filled with milky white soapy water from the transfusion stand. The tubing was connected, via a valve and a visible drip glass, to a double cuffed rectal catheter - the large capacity silicone type with the extra large internal balloon. This she well lubricated before using her gloved fingers to dilate Ben’s back passage and to make sure he was well lubricated as well. She inserted the tip of the catheter and first corrugated cuff into Ben’s back passage. Satisfied she’d inserted it far enough, she started to inflate the internal bulb. After the first puff from the bulb, she pulled the catheter back to seat the bulb against Ben’s anus, before inflating it fully. Ben could feel the pressure on his prostate and the fullness in his back passage. He thought he’d burst, but the nurse stopped and then inflated the outside balloon to make sure that she could fill him with as much soapy water as she wanted and that he’d have no choice but to retain it for as long as she left the double cuffed catheter in him. Opening the valve on the tubing, Ben could see the soap running in quite slowly. She left him, covering his lower half with a sheet to stop him getting cold, to clear away and wash her hands. She came back with a bib which she tied around his neck and then sat him up somewhat. This was followed by her spooning mouthful after mouthful of high fibre breakfast cereal until Ben felt completely full. It wasn’t only his stomach which felt full as he was aware that, although the soap had been running in slowly, over time, the bag was deflating as his abdomen correspondingly inflated from the soapy water. He really wanted to void it, but the balloons either side of his anal sphincter prevented that. After half an hour, the nurse placed a bedpan on a fitment at the end of the couch and Ben was sat up with his bottom over the opening in the pan. Nurse deflated the balloons and pulled the enema catheter out. Ben thankfully exploded into the bed pan as seemingly gallons of soapy water poured from him. Part way through, the nurse asked him to stop if he could so she could exchange the bed pan for an empty one. By the time he’d expelled it all, he felt completely empty. The nurse washed him clean and laid him back. She smiled at him, "I think you’re ready for the sigmoidiscope now!" She went to get the equipment and place it onto her trolley, leaving Ben to wonder exactly what a sigmoidiscope would be!