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1951, His diaper history

Part 5 - Ann of a thousand dreams

Mom told me one night that in the morning her and dad was going out of town for a couple of days to a railroad convention and that Ann was going to baby-sit me while they were gone. Well let me tell you about Ann. She was my cousin in her early twenties and was very pretty. Her husband was in the Air Force overseas and she lived across town by herself. I had always had a little kid's crush on her and loved to be around her. However, she was the last person in the world I wanted to know about my secret. I asked mom to let Aunt Ruth baby-sit me and she said that was impossible because she and her husband who also worked for the railroad was going with them. I felt like the whole world had just fallen in on me. Late the next morning when my parents were about to leave Ann pulled up out front. I had already figured out what to do. I went into my bedroom and dropped my pajama bottoms real quick and unpinned one side of the diaper and slid it off and hid it under my bed. I put the pajama bottoms back on and went back out to the living room. Mom gave me a kiss and happily she didn't give me a pat on the rear like she sometimes did and the long shirt did it's job. After they left Ann and I sat on the couch and talked. Like I said earlier about the six year old logic I didn't think I needed them and could use the toilet for a couple of days. Everything was going fine then suddenly I started flooding all over the place and jumped up from the couch in horror and ran for the bathroom. Ann followed me in there and said " why aren't you wearing a diaper your supposed to have it on?" The sudden realization that my parents were right and I did need to wear diapers after all plus what I had just done in front of Ann was too much and I started crying and shaking . She hugged me and didn't say anything until I calmed down. She asked me again why I wasn't wearing it. I told her I didn't want her to know about them and also what I had done when she arrived. She turned on the bath water and took my clothes off and helped me in the tub then picked up the wet clothes and left. Having her see me naked bothered me somewhat but not nearly as much as what was ahead. She had been gone for a long time and when she came in I knew what was coming. She dried me off then picked me up and started for my bedroom. I saw the diaper laid out on the bed and started crying and shaking all over again. She just held me and kept saying it will be all right. Finally when I settled down some she laid me on top of it. Now you relax and everything is going to be just fine and she picked up the baby powder and began putting it on me. Her voice was as gentle and sweat as an angels. When she finished sprinkling the powder she took her index finger and swiped it across the top of the can and then lightly touched it under my nose "doesn't that smell good?" I had learned to love that smell. She brought the diaper up between my legs and it was immediately obvious that it was thicker than any I had ever worn. As she was pinning it she said " I'm going to take good care of you and you don't have to worry about a thing. She picked up the baby pants and shook them out and instinctively I lifted my feet. When she saw me do that she smiled and said in that soft whispering voice "see this isn't so bad after all is it?" She started putting them on me and said were almost done now. Here was the last person I ever wanted to know about it let alone doing it to me and now I was wishing it could last for ever. When she finished she stood me up on the bed and checked to make sure all the diaper was covered. Pulling me to her in a hug me she patted my well diapered rear a few times and asked how's that feel? Absentmindedly I blurted out what I was thinking " THICK BUT REAL GOOD" with that she backed up a little so she could see my face and smiled at my slip of the tongue. I felt my face turn as red a fire truck. It's thick because I want you to lay down for a nap and it will keep you comfortable. She lifted me to the floor and handed me my pillow and said lets go into the front room and take a nap. I need my long shirt I said. It was wet to so I put it in the washer with your pajama bottoms and you can have them when you wake up. We walked down or rather I waddled down the hall to the barely audible sound of the baby pants. This was the first time I had ever came out of my room without being covered up and somehow didn't care. Ann sat on the end of the couch and put the pillow next to her then pulled me up and laid me down with my stomach on the pillow and my head on her lap. She started stroking my hair with one hand and gently patting and rubbing my diapered bottom with the other. The sound was ecstasy. I quickly fell asleep.

When I awoke Ann was in the kitchen making dinner. I just lay there quietly until she came in to check on me. When she found I was awake she left and then come back in a moment a diaper and changed me on the couch. As she was doing it I was sort of smiling and she said "Well it's nice to see you smiling for a change" True to her word she had my long shirt and pj's ready. We had dinner and then just talked about whatever came to mind. She said when I was in the hospital the whole family was hoping and praying that I would be ok. Your folks didn't sleep for days until they knew you were going to be all right she said.

It was time for bed and she put one of the thick ones on me and I really liked that.

The next morning we had to go over to her house to feed her dogs. On the way there I had really soaked myself. Ann fed the dogs and I just looked at stuff in her living room till she was done. She came in and called her girlfriend. She said hang on just a minute and covered the mouthpiece and asked me why I was fidgeting so much. I didn't realize I was but it was because I was uncomfortable. The diaper was very wet and as much as I liked wearing them I didn't like them wet. I told her why and she asked her girlfriend if she could borrow three diapers and hung up right after that. I was wondering how she was going to explain that to her friend as she didn't have any kids. The doorbell rang and Ann answered it. It was her friend and she had the diapers and a baby girl about one year old. She asked Ann what she needed them for and she said "they're for him, he just got out of the hospital and has to wear them for a while". I just stood there looking at her and thinking how could you do that? She got down on her knees on the carpet and patted the floor with her hand. Come here and lay down for me. I was so mad at her I told no not until her friend left. Oh come on! She changes her baby all day long and she won't think anything of it and grabbed my hand and pulled me over. Her friend sat down on the couch as Ann started changing me. When she was done and pulling my pants back up her friend said "I wish it was that easy to change my baby, she's always wiggling all over the place."

By the time we got home I had gotten over being mad at her. That night as she was diapering me for bed she kept looking at me with a smug grin. Finally she said " You know something I think I discovered a secret about you, and you know what I'm talking about don't you? I shook my head no. Oh yes you do. Don't worry I promise I won't tell your mom or anybody else, It will just be our secret. She knew.

My parents returned the next day. As Ann was leaving she gave me a hug and a kiss and whispered real low so only I could hear "You want to know my secret? I liked putting them on you almost as much as you like wearing them"