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Adams Christmas

Chapter 3 - Christmas Morning

Adam was up and crawling under the tree, sorting out all of his presents.

There were some that said “open me first” on them. I and Elian got up and wished Adam a Merry Christmas and made our way to the coffee machine. Adam still had on his very wet overnight diaper on covered with a pair of very pink nursery print semi transparent baby pants. We told him that he could only open a couple of presents and then we were going to wash him up and change him. He asked if he had to open the presents that said “open me first” on the tag. We told him that it was up to him but we thought that he would be happier latter on if he did.

Christmas day fun

Adam looked at both of us trying to made up his mind, then finally picking up the ones that were marked “open me first” on them. The first package contained two

contoured from fitting cloth diapered with “change me” on the back and “I am wet” on the front. These were white covered terry lined diapers that had reinforced pinning areas at the sides and the embroidery was done with a light blue thread in the front and light pink thread in the back. When the wetness reached the lettering the thread darkened and the writing became clear, showing through his plastic baby pants. The next present was two pair, one pink and one blue, of day time baby pants with wide waist elastics and rubber binding at the legs. They had a two inch bad of white lace around the top just to make them dressy. The elastic at the top was embossed with a Cinderella them on one and a Jiminy Cricket theme on the other. Adam opened them up and stretched them out to see how big they were. I think he liked the smell of fresh vinyl and the soft smooth feel of them too. I went to pick him up and take him to the bathroom and he gleefully ran away from me and into Elian’s arms. She captured him and I held on to one arm as she held the other and we escorted him to the bathroom.

We made short work of getting his wet diaper off. Elian asked me if we should give him the opportunity of doing his business at the same time. I agreed and told her that I had given him a little something in his bottle the night before. She asked if I thought that it would be enough and if I thought that a helper would be necessary. I thought about it for a second and agreed. Then I reached for the box and unwrapped the peanut as Adam watched. She said that if I used some Vaseline first it would make it go in easier with less discomfort. I explained to Adam that it would speed things up and that meant he could get back to opening his presents sooner. He draped himself over my knee and waited for me to give him his helper. I first made the way easier and then waited for him to relax before delivering the package to its final destination. We sat him on his throne and secured him there with a splash guard that was fitted to the seat. It was like a rubber pant but it had the bottom removed. The front of it snapped under the front rim of the seat. The side of the stretchy rubber guard went up to his waist and snapped to the rear of the cover behind him where little hands could not undue them. After Adam was comfortably secured and Elian had coated and plugged him with his favorite pacifier and had given him a toy to play with, we gave him some privacy, and went to finish our coffee.

The guard was Elian’s idea and it was easy to install on the seat and lid. When not in use only the snap buttons were visible. If anybody asked what they were for I just told them that I used them to snap the cover on with. When I wanted Adam to take his time or to make sure that he moved everything properly, I just snapped it on the seat and let it hang over the bowl until he sat down. Then it was easy to pull it up between his legs and snapped it on the top of the cover. He knew what was expected of him and usually it did not take to long before he pleased me with a result. The rubber guard was easy to wash out after, if he had pee’d on it. If he did pee with his thing not in the proper position the rubber guard prevented it from going all over the place and allowed his pee to simply drain into the bowl. It had four snaps under the seat about two inches apart and two snaps on either side of the cover spaced about three inches apart. The rubber was soft and stretchy allowing him some movement, but at the same time, preventing him from lifting off of his position These allowed me to do other things while he did his business instead of sitting there watching and holding him there. I think he liked the feel of the soft slippery rubber on his thing and I often found him with his legs as wide open as he could get them trying to get everything in just the right place.

It wasn’t long before we heard him calling us, wanting to be released and washed up. Elian unsnapped him while I prepared a warm wash cloth. The cleaning part over, we took his hands and led him to the bedroom where Elian had his Christmas day outfit laid out. His diaper for the day was going to be a white cloth secured with blue headed pins covered with a light blue vinyl baby panty. Elian and I decided against the one that he had opened because we were expecting company latter that afternoon and we thought that it would be more appropriate to be on the conservative side of the diapering. There was also a pair of grey flannel pants that I had taken in and fitted so they would cover his diapers in a less evident manner and a white shirt all set for Christmas dinner. I had expected to change him again during the day before dinner and I had a spear diaper and baby pants ready on the top of his bureau. I didn’t want anyone looking for his diapers and finding all of his other things.

Adam was the perfect diapered boy, letting us get him properly diapered and dressed for the day. Once we had finished have our fun it was time for his as he ran from the room and started to ripe the paper from the presents. There was a new Wii game and some Tomas the train books. I liked reading him the stories at bedtime or went I was feeding him a bottle. Elian had made him some new diapers, all with different patterns and the baby pants to go with them, some day time and some night time. Something new to him were the three pairs of thermal training pants. They had four layers of padding but were still thinner than his daytime diapers. Elian told him that sooner than later he would have to start being an older boy again. Adam looked sad for a moment and then Elian finished her sentence saying that he could still be her baby sometimes. Relief was written all over his face and he continued to unwrap the rest of his presents. I told Elian that it would be a good idea to gather up all his baby things and put them away before anybody else arrived.

Elian played with Adam while I prepared the fixing of the meal. The turkey was put in the oven the night before and the automatic timer was set to start at seven AM. I figured that he, the turkey, would be ready by two in the afternoon and served by three or so. It was now eleven and Elian had just enough time to feed Adam one bottle before anyone else arrived. He looked so sweet, cradled in her arms holding her hands holding his bottle as he sucked it all down, his cheeks pulsating in and out as the liquid level descended in the bottle.

The door bell rang and it was an old girl friend that used to live in the building and her daughter Nancy. Nancy had babysat Adam up until he was seven and a half years old. He was still in nighttime diapers (disposables) at that time and it was not uncommon for her to change and diaper him at bedtime. I gave Jennifer a hug and Nancy did the same to Adam. She noticed his condition right away and I gave her a reassuring look that it was ok. I introduced Jennifer to Elian and we sat and conversed about old times and how the building had changed. Nancy, now twenty one, got down and played with Adam and his new toys. She liked him and he liked her and he responded to her just like any other ten and a half year old boy would. Another gust arrived, this time it was Jessica and her husband Peter, with there daughter Sally. They were old friends that I had met when my boyfriend and I were still together. Sally was thirteen and had a learning disability and she attended a special school. She was dressed in a younger looking dress that had a peasant girl top with puffed shoulders that were gathered around her upper arms and pleated full skirt that was finished just at her knees. She joined Adam and Nancy as they played on the floor. I never asked about her condition, I was just happy to see the children enjoying themselves playing with the toys and I think Jessica and Peter enjoyed the adult company. I was busy with the turkey and Peter got down and played on the Wii with the kids. Elian and Jessica started up a conversation and seemed to get long together rather well.

It was soon going to be time to sit down to dinner and I told Elian that it might be time to check Adams diaper. She called him over and he knew what she wanted by the tone of her voice. It only took a minute and a few pats on the bum to determine that his wet diaper couldn’t wait. She discreetly led him to the bedroom and changed his diaper. His flannel trousers had a long zipper instead of snaps up and down the inside of his crotch so getting his baby pants down and his diaper changed quickly was not a problem. They returned and he resumed his place and Elian continued her conversation with Jessica. They must have been talking about Adams cloth diapers because I heard Elian offering to help her try on Sally. At this point it was news to me that Sally had a diaper on. Elian asked me if it would be ok to change Sally before dinner in Adams room and if she could try a cloth diaper on her. I wanted to help but I had more than enough to do with the dinner so I said that it would be ok. Adam was busy with Nancy and hardly missed Sally as she was led to the bedroom. Jessica picked up a small bag that they had brought with them on her way to the bedroom. Elian ducked into the bathroom to get the Vaseline and what looked like one of my tampons, and headed in to the bedroom just behind Jessica and Sally. Elian must have given her quite a demonstration of diapering older children because they were still engrossed in the specifics when they emerged with a happy sally and a plastic bag for the trash.

Adam and Nancy were engaged in the process of reconnection, laughing and carrying on about how she had to chase him around the house and catch him in order to put him to bed. Jessica came out to help me in the kitchen. She wanted to get the table ready and put the settings out. While in my drawers looking for the placemats she found the vinyl bibs that I used on Adam when we ate messy foods. She asked me if I thought it would be ok to have Adam and Sally wear them at dinner because it would be a lot easier to clean them up afterwards. I told her sure, why not, it will be so much easier to feed them that way. It was finally time for dinner and we called everyone to the table. It was just a pleasant experience to have friends gather and eat with us. After Adam and Sally sat down, Jessica and Nancy gat up behind them and tied there bibs on and then we said grace. The bibs were the type that had the food catchers at the bottom. Adam was happy to oblige Nancy but Sally fused a little at first as Jessica prepared her food, the turkey smelled and looked awesome. I struck up a conversation with Peter during dinner and he told me about how embarrassing it was for him to have his teenage daughter still in diapers. I told him that it was what it was and to just enjoy the moment, asking him if his daughter loved him and if they were close. He told me that she was the light of his life and he felt her unquestioned love. Sure she wasn’t the typical teen but in the places that she was missing she more that made up for it in other ways. Both the kids enjoyed there turkey dinner even though Nancy and Jessica cut it up and mixed it all together before spooning it in to there waiting mouths. There drinks were served in Sippy cups and they weren’t even allowed to hold those.

Dinner went will and Adam and Sally finished eating and then waited for the finial test of there bibs, desert was strawberry shortcake topped with wiped cream. Nancy and Jessica decided to let them eat it themselves using only their fingers. We all sat there and watched as there faces disappeared behind reddish white cream with bits of white cake jutting out of it. The clean up process after was an act of love and kindness as each finger was held and once again inserted into there mouths for a finial taste before being toweled off. Once faces and hands were cleaned, their bibs were untied and they were released to the floor and there toys. Sally’s dress raised up enough enabling Adam to see that she had his baby pants on. I looked at him with the “let it be” look and the playing continued. Elian and Jessica made arrangements to meet again before she went home to discus Sally’s diapers and take her measurements. We all said our goodbyes and Jessica, Peter and sally left for home. Nancy wanted to help change Adam into his nighttime diapers before she left and Elian and she had a great time getting the job done with a few slaps along the way to keep him in line.

Jennifer and I talked about getting together and maybe going out sometime. After all we could always get Nancy to baby sit Adam.

Finally it was only me, Adam and Elian, it had been a big day and it was already past his bed time. Elian worked at cleaning up the kitchen while I wanted to take a special moment with Adam. He wanted me to read him a story and had picked one of his favorites out. Yes, you guessed it “Peter Pan” It was the perfect ending To a Christmas day.

“Once upon a time in a land far, far away,

To be continued !!!

Happy New year to all!!


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