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A genuinely true story

Part 3 - Kate's follow up Exam

So with Kate sat next to me in nothing but her black tights I began to examine her.

My usual technique is to go from the top down, slowly and methodically. That way you can do all of the non-evasive procedures as you work down, having a load of fun on the way.

The light of the Optoscope was on so I tilted Kate's head to one side, gently brushing her hair out of the way while I inserted the nozzle in her ear and gazed in the lens. It only took a few seconds to see all was fine and then I was onto the other ear, before asking her to open wide so I could look down her throat and asking that she stick out her tongue which also appeared healthy. No cracks or red spots often associated with underlying illnesses and a brief look into her eyes with showed the pupils dilating normally. I switched-off the Optoscope and placed it carefully back on the side.

I then asked her to lift her head up slightly so I could check her glands and proceeded to gently massage the soft tissue around her neck and jaw-line, finishing at the front and placing two fingers on her carotid pulse. Her pulse was strong and healthy but incredibly fast considering it was resting. I glanced at the second hand of my watch and worked it out to be about 95 which for a fit and healthy young woman was very fast – but I suspect it was down to the excitement and apprehension. To double check I tested it again at Kate's wrist, smiling warmly at her to help reassure and worries she may have been having. Again I counted around 95 BPM.

"Everything OK Doctor?" Kate asked sounding mildly concerned.

"Fine. Your pulse is just racing a little but you must be very nervous". I said trying to reassure her again. "I'd like to take your blood pressure and have a listen to your heart if that's OK?". Kate just responded with a silent nod, slipping back into character again.

I reached over to the side to retrieve the BP monitor and wrapped it loosely around Kate's upper arm. It was an automated digital model so I pressed the red button and it began to inflate immediately. There was no actual need to use a stethoscope but I wanted to hear the sound of blood gushing back into Kate's arm when it released so I uncurled the languid Litman stethoscope from around my neck, hooking the ear-pieces in and pressed it against her smooth forearm. When the device had finished inflating it read 120 over 140 systolic which is a little high and but given the circumstances I think this could again be attributed to nerves. The Stethoscope was a Cardiac examination model so the sound was excellent when the cuff released. I repeated the procedure 3 times to make sure taking the lowest reading and making a note of it before removing the cuff from her arm arm placing it back on the side.

Again Kate sat still and compliant, only too willing to be examined. Her vital signs seemed hyper but her demeanor remained utterly calm.

"You ok?" I asked.

"Yes Doctor." She replied.

Next on the list was thorough cardiac and respiratory auscultation – one of my favorite parts of any play exam. The stethoscope was still in my ears and I placed a hand on Kate's smooth spine to straighten up her form and pressed the shiny metal bell firmly into the centre of her chest, just above her breasts.

Kate jumped slightly as the cold metal touched her skin. I looked at her for confirmation to continue and again she just nodded. Her pounding heartbeat sounded crisp and vigorous as I reveled in the lup-dup sound of her cardiac valves opening and closing with great force. I left the stethoscope in place for some time before moving it down to the left, leaving a perfect circle of white skin as the blood slowly returned to the surface.

I continued to slide the cold metal stethoscope over her chest in a circular pattern, lifting up her left breast slightly as I got to the bottom to grant better access as I listened intently to her mitral valve at the bottom and LLSB at the top. Again a quick glance and a half nod was all that was required to ensure she was happy and again the clear sound of her crisp heartbeat was utterly amazing. The valves appeared to be opening and closing in perfect unison although I did notice a slight whooshing sound. Slightly concerned I flipped the steth over and used the diaphragm, pushing Kate's slender frame forward slight to get a clearer sound. There it was again, the whoosing sound at the end of the beat which could be indicative of a mild murmur. Nothing to worry about but so interesting to hear. I'd better let her know though, so she can get it checked out properly.

I noticed Kate's eyes were closed, probably lost in the moment as I turned my attention to her long slender back. I didn't want to ruin the moment so I just lent in close and whispered softly "Nice deep breaths please Kate".

Kate responded imeadiately as her fine chest began to rise and fall with big deep lung-fulls of breath. I pressed the stethoscope against the top left of her smooth back and worked down then up the other side. The whooshing of air sounded fantastic and I could detect no rattles or wheezes although there was a slight rasping sound in every breath, probably down to Kate's vast nicotine intake.

"OK Kate, can you just turn your head to the right and cough please".

Again Kate complied immediately as I listened intently before removing the stethoscope and finishing-off by percussively tapping every inch of her back and chest.

"So Kate, when was your last breast exam?".

"During my last employment medical, ages ago. But I check them myself pretty regularly. I think they need to be checked by a doctor though". She added with a grin.

"OK Kate, arm-up and hand behind your head please" – as I began to gently massage her firm breasts looking out for any lumps or abnormalities and testing the sensitivity of her nipples. "Other arm up please" as Kate complied with a big smile. Obviously enjoying this particular part of the exam.

"Right, we're nearly over this part of the exam, can you just cross your legs for me please so I can test your reflexes".

Kate hooked one knee over the other as I reached for the triangular percussion hammer on the side. The hammer made a dull thud and Kate's shapely, nylon-clad leg extended out in response. The silhouette of her well exercised calfs accentuated by the black opaque tights. After 3 or 4 taps on each knee I requested that Kate lay flat of the bed so I could palpitate her stomach.

Kate eagerly scurried into the middle of the bed, as she lay flat her toned stomach looked magnificent as I began to firmly press the muscles and organs from the top of very her abdomen down to her groin – sliding down her tights and panties a few inches to obtain better access. As I pressed the area above her pubic line she bristled and jumped slightly.

"Sorry, does it hurt there?" I enquired with concern

"No, no it's not painful, please continue doctor."

I pressed the other side and evoked a similar response as Kate stiffened then relaxed. I needed better access to check the pulses in her groin area and gently tugged her tights down to the top of her thighs, sliding my hand into her inner thigh. This was becoming intensely intimate and increasingly sexual but I had to hold it together and play it straight, regardless of how I arousing it may be. Again Kate's eyes were closed tight, lost in the moment. Time to take it up a gear as I asked kate to flip over onto her front, exposing her bare bottom.

I quickly scanned the side to locate surgical gloves and some lubricant. I pulled the gloves on with a snap and began to lubricate her anus with the cold and slippery gel. I spotted the rectal thermometer at the end of the table and reached over to pick it up, adding more lubricant to its thick transparent shaft. We had discussed earlier that if she felt uncomfortable with anything then just tap twice with her hand to let me know but there had been no such objection so far.

"OK, I am going to take your temperature now" to let Kate know what to expect any minute. Even face down I could see her nod and mumble yes doctor.

I prized her buttocks open with my fingers and slid the lubricated thermometer in to her rectum. Kate stiffened and responded with a small gasp as I gently eased it all the way home. I sat back for a second and observed the lubricant glistening in the dim ambient light before sliding it out again and reading the mercury at a perfect 98.6. I placed the thermometer back on the side in some tissue and returned to Kate's prostrate form adding lubricant to my finger on the way.

I sat next to her on the bed again, her body radiating warmth and slid my index finger deep into her rectum. Again she gulped and tensed before relaxing. Her tight buttocks clenched around my finger with some force before I slid it out and wiped up the residue around her buttocks and rectum before removing the gloves and reaching for a fresh pair.

"Onto your back again please and can you remove your tights and underwear" I said authoritatively.

Kate flipped over and slid her tights over her shapely thighs and calfs before laying back down with her legs wide open in anticipation. You didn't have to be a brain surgeon (or a gynecologist) to work out what was coming next.

I moved Kate's ankles up wards so her knees were at 45 degrees to the bed instead of flat. Applying lubricant to the fresh gloves I slid two fingers into her vagina which was already wet with anticipation. With the other hand I inserted the sterile chrome speculum, using my two inserted fingers as a guide. The fit was snug in Kate's tight vagina. Kate's back arched and she tensed as the device slid in. Cold steel always gets a reaction. Once I was sure the arms were in place I slowly started to turn the thumb screw, watching carefully as Kate's vagina opened up in front of me to inspect. Kate's body had tensed and her right hand had a firm grip on the back of my head. She was clearly in a high state of arousal now and sensing the procedure needed finishing I reached for one of the vibrators nestling amongst the clinical equipment on the side. Twisting the base it sprang in to life with a sense of urgency. The tip was fairly pointed which made it a good tool for gently massaging Kate's clit. I placed the buzzing tip to the side of her clitoris and worked it slowly in a circular motion. If Kate was anywhere near as aroused as I was at this point I suspect she may explode. Needless to say after a few minutes she jolted and twitched into an intense orgasm. Not wanting to miss out I quickly hooked the stethoscope back in and listened intently to her pounding heart until finally her body relaxed again flopping rag-doll like back on the bed. The speculum was still inserted so I quickly collapsed it and slid it out.

Kate just sat panting lightly with a hand over her eyes.

"Are you feeling ok?" I asked

"My God" she spluttered "where the fuck did you learn to do all that".

"I had a bit of practice" I replied sheepishly.

"That was amazing. But you had me worried when you were listening to my heart, you acted like you had discovered something sinister". Added Kate propping herself up on her elbows with a frown.

"No not really, I just I heard a slight murmur. Nothing to worry about.

"A bloody heart murmur! Nothing to worry about! She exclaimed.

I then explained that this is very common and isn't really a problem. But if you are worried then you should really see a REAL doctor. Just lie and tell your GP you are having chest pain and they'll check everything. Kate asked if I thought they would do an ECG. Almost certainly I replied to which she seemed quite excited and asked I could go with her. Maybe I replied, this is serious medicine though and I didn't want our fetish getting in the way. Either way she could tell me all about it afterwards.

The room fell silent for a couple of minute while we collected our thoughts.

"Did you enjoy it?" asked Kate.

I explained that I loved every second and that having such a willing and compliant patient was incredible. I had indulged in med play with several girlfriends over the years but as this was so random it was the best ever. Kate just chuckled and proclaimed it was time to do something for me.

"Oh yes?" I enquired a little nervously as she rummaged around in her wardrobe and darted of too the toilet. She returned a few minutes later in her rubber Nurse's outfit which she told me about at the party when the conversation started a couple of months back. And she was right. It really did hug and caress every contour of her fine physique. Incredibly sexy.

"Wow" I said gapping open mouthed

"Drop your trousers Mr." She said forcefully. "And your shorts".

So there I was with the horny dial turned up to eleven as she proceeds to fondle my scrotum. "Testicle exam" she adds as means of qualification. This time I just nodded silently as she gently squeezed and fondled. "Now I need a sample" she added, picking up a glass science beaker from the side and began to squeeze and tug my manhood. Needless to say it was a matter of minutes before I obediently provided a sample into the glass receptacle.

"Perfect" Said kate holding the beaker aloft. And at that precise point in time I really did have to agree.