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A genuinely true story

Part 2 - Kate's follow up Exam

I was still reeling from Kate saying "when you're conducting an examination" but I needed to fill the pause and keep this going. Time to stop wussing around and assert my authority on the subject.

"So Kate, are you seriously into using all this kit?" I probed.

"Well I didn't spend all this money to just look at it. Yes definitely, but I don't know where to start and was hoping, well you know... that I could find somebody I trust to help-out and show me around a bit". She smiled broadly then blushed and looked away from me biting her lip. "I'm pretty sure you're into all this and..."

"Even though I'm you're friend's 'almost' ex-boyfriend that I could help you?".

"Sorry I've gone too far haven't I" she said sounding slightly upset.

"No, no not at all. I would love to". I quickly chipped in, fearing I may have blown it: "I would absolutely love to, but have you thought it through and are you sure you are ready? What role do like? Do you want to use all this kit on someone or would you prefer to be the patient?."

"The patient to start off with. Definitely. And I think I'm ready... why it won't hurt will it?. Replied Kate, looking up at me with baleful brown eyes.

"Not unless that's what you want? And I am guessing you don't".

"OK" said Kate "how do we get started then. "Do you want me to get undressed and lay-down or something?".

"No not just yet" I replied, "I have an idea to see if you feel really ready without going too far. What I am going to do is take your medical history, all we will do is talk but i'll ask some pretty personal questions and if you still feel comfortable after that then maybe we can have a play around".

I used to do this with an old partner years ago to get us both into the mood. Great little trick as you can tell almost imeadiately if each other is into it and if the vibe is right you both automatically polarise into character. I think I may even have a PDF of a history questionnaire stored on my laptop in the car but it would take too long to find and we would lose the momentum.

"OK" chirped Kate again enthusiastically "shall we stay in here then?"

"What about dinner?" I asked but really hoping she would say forget it.

"Forget it" she said confinedtly "it'll keep".

So we dimmed the lights a little and sat opposite each other on the edge of her double bed. We were very close, I could feel the warmth of her body, her breath on my face and the smell her utterly intoxicating perfume. I began to go through the details of her medical history: last check-up, last full exam, last gyn exam, last period, last sexual partner. Did she suffer from lightheadedness, chest pains or shortness of breath, even after exercise. Any discomfort when urinating or after intercourse.

As the list went on we both began to fall into our roles and I could tell she was completely into it. I became more assertive and official as I sank confidently into the role of doctor, whilst Kate became more and more submissive as she settled into the role of patient: answering most questions with a simple nod – clearly not wanting to ruin the tension by speaking and reverting back to her normal self.

"OK Kate, that's your history complete, would you like to talk about your exam". Again this was greeted with a simple nod of her head.

I quickly outlined what we could do in an attempt to establish some boundaries. One by one I went through the procedures from the routine – blood pressure, auscultation, reflexes etc – through to the more intimate – rectal temp, rectal exam, gyn exam. As we went through the list Kate nodded dutifully to each procedure, pausing momentarily at the rectal exam before jumping in and saying "yes. yes please" after thinking about it for a few seconds. I asked if she was sure and she nodded assertively.

This was great as it was clear by the end that we were both completely immersed in the idea and the questions she answered gave me a sense of the boundaries and any limits she may have harbored.

"So Kate. Would you like to continue?" I asked in a dead serious tone.

looking down at her feet then up and directly into my eyes Kate simply said "Yes. Yes please Doctor".

I was thrilled but I had to keep it real so I instructed Kate to get undressed while I left the room to scrub, indicating that her upper body would be better if completely naked as I needed to conduct a thorough cardiac exam. Sensing that this was a little serious for our first foray I quickly added that 'only if she was truly comfortable' and that she 'may want to leave her knickers and tights on to begin with if that made her feel more comfortable'.

When I returned to the room Kate was laying prone on the bed, naked except for her black opaque tights. Her skin looked smooth and sensual, her breasts small and firm were pointing perfectly upwards.

"Is this OK?" she asked smiling with her eyes closed.

"Perfect I replied, but would you mind just sitting-up straight please?".

To which Kate imeadiately sat bolt up right wit her legs out in front of here. I just gently patted the edge of the bed "I really need you over here to start with, with your feet flat on the floor".

She quickly shuffled over to the edge of the bed mumbling "sorry Doctor".

Surveying the row of instruments on the side I picked up the black tubbed stethoscope and hung it around my neck poised for use and grabbed the chrome handled optoscope, flicking on the light purposefully with my thumb.

"OK Kate, are we ready to begin?" I asked again, both of us knowing it was only a rhetorical question. Kate just smiled from ear to ear and nodded.