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A Trip to the Nurse's Office

Chapter 3

Will let out a deep breath and collected himself for a moment after closing the door to the nurse’s office. The school hallway was empty. He squeezed his ass, letting his sphincter constrict around the now warm metal of the plug. He could feel the metal cage digging in around his cock. Was this really happening? It was, and he would now have to get through the rest of the school week with the metal plug and cock cage nurse Rachel had fitted him with until his next appointment on Friday.

Will was never known for being a star pupil, but he found it even more of a challenge to focus in class for the rest of the day. If his first exam with Rachel had robbed him of some of his sexual cockiness with girls, he was now loosing that attitude in class as well. Where he might usually make a show of not paying attention, he was now genuinely distracted as he squeezed his asshole around the plug and thought of how Nurse Rachel had spread him open to insert it. A friend asked him what was up after class. Nothing, he said, just thinking about getting out of here.

Peeing was difficult at first. He put it off as long as he could, but, by the end of the day, couldn’t hold it any longer. He went to one of the men’s bathrooms, stood in front of one of the urinals for a moment, realized that there were no dividers, and opted for a stall. He sat down on the toilet while urinating. Looking at his caged cock, he was filled with a strange thrill. He would never want others to find out about his situation.

The sensation of sitting on the toilet and pushing to pee made the plug push against his anus. He reached down to put a light pressure on it, ensuring that it stayed in. He marveled at the warmth of the metal. Would leaving it in according to the nurse’s orders stretch him out permanently? Again, the thought both frightened and excited him. His cock begin to harden, then strained against the metal cage. After he finished peeing, he clumsily wiped down his locked cock as best he could.

Mercifully, the spots season was coming to an end. There were no more games scheduled, but practice was still mandatory. Will broke out in a sweat thinking about the locker room: the guys were always messing around as they changed. They might not catch the glint of metal from between his asscheeks, but they would certainly spot the cage around his cock. Maybe he could stand in the corner and change very quickly? Will wasn’t up to risk it that day. He told the coach that he hadn’t been feeling well, and that the nurse would vouch for him.

Will found himself obsessed with thoughts of pleasing nurse Rachel. She had instructed him to keep the plug in at least six hours a day. He wondered how long he could go, as he kept the plug in all evening after returning home from school. Eventually, he realized, he would have to go to the bathroom and sleep. Late that evening, he sat down at the toilet and eased the plug out. He felt a sudden emptiness. As he washed the plug and hid it in his bedside table, he was already looking forward to putting it back in the following morning.

Upon waking up, Will realized that he had no idea how to push the plug back in. He didn’t have any real lube. He tried spitting on it then pushing it in, but his asshole seemed to have returned to its original tightness over night. Nurse Rachel would be angry with him for disobeying. He grew stressed and realized that he would have to go to her the next day for instructions.

Rachel, meanwhile, felt a mix of exhilaration and nervousness after Will walked out of her office. Was she taking this whole thing much too far? Relationships between staff and students were forbidden. But what she was doing with Will seemed far beyond something so simple as a “relationship.” It would be a major scandal if this ever got out. Yet she had the feeling that their little situation would not get out. There were only three full weeks left before school was over for the year. Would their setup even be as exciting without the dynamics created by her being the school nurse? She couldn’t think that far ahead.

These questions faded as she thought about his ass pushed forward, grinding against her lubricated fingers, or his thick cock shooting ropes of cum all over his stomach as he looked up at her, embarrassed and entranced. She thought of his muscular ass squeezing around the plug she had placed there, how he must be thinking of her every time he contracted himself around it. She had to squeeze her legs together as these thoughts raced through her mind. She could feel herself growing wet, her pussy swelling slightly.

Soon enough, the day was over, and Rachel could return home and relieve herself. She watched herself in the mirror of her bedroom as she took her vibrator, lay back, still in her nurse’s uniform, and spread her legs. She traced the vibrator over her pussy with her stockings and panties still on, teasing herself, until she could no longer take it. A part of her wished that Will was there to taste her now soaked pussy. She stripped down but left on the nurse’s dress. It filled her with a sense of power, and she came hard. Waiting until Friday would be difficult. She was sure though, that Will would be a good boy.

Rachel was surprised by a knock on her door before first period had even started on Tuesday. Before she had a chance to reply, she heard Will’s voice.

“It’s me.” He sounded nervous. “Can I come in?”

Rachel approached the door and opened it. Will looked up at her meekly.

“What is it Will? Is everything ok?”

She was genuinely nervous for him. Maybe her training regime was too much. Had she hurt him? Had he ratted on her? His submissive look made her doubt it. She stepped aside and motioned for him to enter the office. Will walked in, waited for her to close the door, then reached into his backpack and produced the metal plug.

“I’m trying to follow your instructions nurse, but I don’t know how to put this in. Could you show me?”

Rachel sighed and smiled. He was being such a good boy for her. His cocky swagger had been replaced by a determination to do as she said. No wonder the coaches loved having him on the team.

“Of course Will,” she said, her voice softening.

“I’m glad you came to see me. I wouldn’t want you hurting yourself. Why don’t you step into the examination room, drop your pants, and position yourself over the table. I’ll be there in a moment.”

Will looked up at Rachel in her nurse’s uniform. As always, she looked pristine. He had been worried that his coming in so early would bother her, but it looked like, on the contrary, she was glad that he was seeking help. He did as he was told, and stepped into the examination room, where just yesterday he had been mopping up his own cum. He could feel his cock swelling against the cage at the memory. He dropped his pants and underwear, bent over the table, and placed the plug on the exam table next to him.

After a moment, nurse Rachel entered from behind him carrying in her hand an unopened tube of KY jelly and a new box of latex gloves. She set the supplies next to Will, then walked to the counter, where she donned a pair of gloves from the wall dispenser.

“Why don’t you put on a pair of gloves, Will, and I’ll show you how to lubricate yourself and insert the plug. My apologies for not showing you yesterday. I should have known that this is new to you.”

She returned, open the top of the glove box, and handed a pair to Will. He struggled to tug them on to his hands but was eventually able to do so. Meanwhile, Rachel opened the tube of lubricant. She took Will’s hand in hers, and placed a glob onto his pointer and middle fingers, then sensually ran her fingers over his, lubricating them. She then held his hand and guided it back behind him, to his ass. Will could feel her press the pad of his own index finger against his asshole.

“Now very slowly, rub the lubricant in circles. Just follow my lead.”

Using his finger, she lubricated Will’s asshole. Will remained completely docile. He felt nearly hypnotized by letting Rachel take over control of his body, using his own hand to touch him. The light stimulation felt good, though he secretly wished that it was Rachel who was touching him directly. He could feel both his own warmth and Rachel’s through the tight latex glove.

“Now we’re going to push a little lubricant into you. Very slowly, ease your finger in. Have you never played with yourself at home? Even after I did it for you?”

She smiled and could see the back of his neck flush. He turned his head back a little.

“No nurse. It’s not something I’m used to.”

“That’s ok Will, we’ll get you used to it together.”

He let Rachel push his own finger into his asshole. It didn’t feel uncomfortable after having worn the plug for so long. He closed his eyes and began to explore a little, happy that he was doing so under the protective watch of his nurse. The glove and lubricant helped him move in and out easily. As he began to get into it, he opened his mouth a bit and let out a small moan. He opened his eyes, then looked back at Rachel.

She had been enjoying the sight of Will playing with himself and let her one hand wander up to cup her breast through her uniform. He’d so quickly become so excited about touching himself for her. She was proud of how far he’d come and began to wonder how much further she could take him. She was a bit startled when he turned and looked at her. She took her hand away from her chest and smiled at him, a bit flushed with embarrassment herself.

“You’re doing a very good job Will. Why don’t we try lubricating the plug now?”

She picked it up off of the examination table as he continued to slowly plunge his finger in and out of himself.

“You’ll want to use plenty of lubricant and go very slowly, even more slowly than you’ve been going with your fingers,” she instructed as she applied a liberal coating of lube to the metal plug.

“Why don’t you try taking it and pushing it inside of yourself?”

He removed his fingers from his ass, took the plug from nurse Rachel, and brought the tip to his asshole. Now that he’d lubricated himself, it was much easier to begin pressing into himself, but the girth of the plug still made him pause a moment. He kept his eyes locked with Rachel’s while pressing the plug in. She saw him wince, reached her hand down over his, and gave it the additional light pressure to enter him. With her other hand, she reached over to his lower back and gently rubbed his back.

“Very good, you’re almost all the way in.”

With that, the plug popped inside. Will’s look of mild pain changed to one of accomplishment. Rachel reached down and gave the plug an affectionate pat, making sure that it was securely in. She then stripped off her gloves. Will did the same.

“You’ve done a very good job Will. There’s just one more thing that I’d like you to help me with.”

Rachel’s voice, Will noticed, had grown a little raspy. She glanced nervously at the clock. Still a short amount of time before first period started. Seeing Will toy with himself like that for her had made her so aroused that she wondered whether Will could smell her musky sent through her uniform. She’d been fantasizing about this for the past 24 hours, why not finally give it a try. She took a labored breath getting ready to break another barrier with her brave patient.

“What’s that nurse?,” Will asked sheepishly.

“I know that I’ve shown you new ways to feel good. It’s brought me lots of pleasure. I’d like you to help me feel good as well.”

Will wondered what she meant. His cock pulsed against the hard cage. He nodded.

“Keeping your pants around your ankles, I want you to kneel before the exam table.”

Will, though a little confused, complied. Rachel glanced again at the clock.

“More quickly Will,” her tone was now more forceful.

“Kneel for me.”

As he got into position, Rachel pulled out the stirrups with the speed of someone very familiar with her equipment. After hesitating for a moment, she put on a fresh pair of gloves, then pulled herself onto the exam table. Surely she doesn’t want me to fuck her, Will thought as Rachel mounted the table. He watched in awe as she hiked up the hem of her uniform, and placed her heels into the stirrups so that Will could see her white satin panties through her sheer white stockings. Will looked up at her, a little confused but totally obedient.

He looked down and stared at her crotch. The slight swell of her pussy was visible through her underwear. He breathed in deeply, taking in her scent, and parted his lips to kiss her through the fabric of her tights. As he did, She gripped his head in her gloved hands and pulled him towards her crotch. Startled, Will grabbed the table to gain his balance and press himself as close as he could, totally enveloped in the nurse’s scent and the texture of her stockings. He let her grip him and rub him over her, smothering him.

Rachel could feel his warm breath and lips. She needed more. She needed to feel him against her skin. She pulled her legs out, brought them up to her chest, and with one motion, pulled her underwear and stockings down so that they hung at her ankles. Holding her legs up to her chest with one arm, she again grabbed Will’s head and brought it towards her pussy.

“Lick me Will,” Rachel’s voice gained confidence as she spoke.

“Taste me. Show the nurse how much you appreciate her. Bury your tongue in me.”

Will hardly had time to admire nurse Rachel’s pussy: her lips were parted and visibly wet. He pressed his tongue against her, then felt her again grab his head and press him harder against her. He matched her movements, just as he had when she was instructing him on inserting the plug, and ground his tongue and lips against her. He could hear her moaning softly between praising him. He lapped hungrily, forgetting everything around him but the warmth, scent, and slickness of the nurse’s pussy. Only occasionally did he register the fullness of the plug in his ass or the cage around his cock.

Rachel came quickly and powerfully listening to the little slurping noises as Will devoured her pussy. As she came, she dug Will’s face into her pussy. She kept his face pressed against her until the last spasm of her orgasm was over. This was his reward, she thought, to know how hard she’d cum thanks to his eager licking. At last, she released her grip on his head. It took a moment before she had the strength to lower her legs and readjust herself on the exam table. When she did, she found Will looking up at her. He wore an innocent but pleased expression. He was clearly happy for having made her feel good. His face was wet from her juices. His pants were still around his ankles. She let her still-gloved hand run over her body and stroke her pussy, savoring the afterglow of her orgasm.

“Excellent job Will. Excellent job,” she purred.

She sat up with a start and looked again at the clock. It was now five minutes into first period.

“It looks like you’re running late,” she said, her demeanor suddenly returning to professional.

“You need to pull yourself together and head to class. I’ll write you a note.”

Will nodded, stood up, and began to pull up his pants. He noticed that they were now crumpled from having been pulled down around his ankles for so long. He also observed that the outside of his locked cock was wet with precum that had oozed out while his face had been buried between Rachel’s legs. He longed to be able to reach release but was in no position to bargain with his nurse.

Rachel followed Will’s gaze to his cock and noticed the pre-cum.

“Oh my Will, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. There are tissues on the counter if you need to wipe yourself off. But it’s important that we don’t unlock you more than once a week.”

With that, Rachel finished pulling her underwear and stockings back on, snapped off her gloves, stood up, and readjusted her uniform. She glanced in the mirror. Her face was flush. She ran her fingers through her hair to try to again look professional, or, at very least, like she hadn’t just cum.

Will nodded meekly at the nurse’s instructions, wiped down his cock, then finished redressing. She exited the exam room before him, and there found Lexi, one of the prettier senior girls, sitting in the waiting area. Rachel tried to hide her flushed face.

“Oh Lexi, sorry if I kept you waiting.”

“No, it’s ok nurse, I just came in. I hope I didn’t interrupt. I knocked but didn’t hear anything.”

Will walked out of the exam room carrying the lubricant and box of latex gloves that Rachel had given him. Rachel watched Lexi look over and register what Will was holding in his hands, then saw Will blush and fumble to place the items into his backpack before quickly leaving without saying anything.

Lexi snickered, then tried to straighten her face before looking at nurse Rachel again.

“Sorry just came in because I have cramps and wanted some Advil.”

Rachel found her hand trembling slightly as she reached into a cabinet to dispense the Advil. What if Lexi had overheard? But Rachel wasn’t too concerned. Lexi had played hooky on Rachel’s watch plenty of times before, and guessing what she and Will were up too seemed like it wouldn’t be likely. While she didn’t want word about her relationship with Will to spread through the school, Rachel did wonder what Lexi could possibly think of Will’s having those supplies. Poor Will. He would have to endure four more days before all his work and humiliation payed off, but from the little puddle of precum he had left on the exam room floor, he was very happy with their arrangement.


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