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A Certain Change in Government

Good Boys Keep Clean

The first thing James noticed when he passed through the door, was that there weren’t nearly as many people in the small waiting room as there were in the corridor; In fact, it looked around half of the original number. The waiting room wasn’t so much a waiting room as an empty hall, with dark wooden floors and whitewashed walls, a single darkened corridor leading off to the right. Whatever this building was, it wasn’t a hospital before they got there. The other boys were milling about, some mumbling through their forcibly gritted teeth. Two of them, apparently in their mid thirties, had adjusted to being unable to speak, and were talking to each other with sign language; James cursed himself silently for always passing up those BSL courses.

His thoughts were interrupted by another door opening on the other side of the room, another woman in turquoise scrubs walking through and looking over the diminished group of boys. She was rather tall and skinny, taller than most of the boys in the room, with pale skin, freckles and long ginger hair pulled back into a messy ponytail. “Wonderul, you’re all here! Line up against the wall, would you please?” she instructed the boys, waiting patiently as they mumbled and shuffled over to one of the walls, some of them rubbing at their jaws while the novocaine wore off. James swallowed hard, pressing his back against the wall next to one of the other boys, a man in his twenties just like him, except he might have had a small reaction to the novocaine, since his cheeks were puffed up substantially.

“Good boys!” the woman cheered before walking over to them until she stood just a few feet away from them, holding her clipboard in front of her. She waited for them to quiet down before starting, “Okay, now that you’re all done with the dentists, we’re going to be taking into the preparation rooms, so we can get you all spick and span! It might be a little uncomfortable at first, but I promise, if you relax, you’ll find it isn’t so bad!”.

The other boys looked to each other nervously, uncomfortable? More than what they had endured already? Some were even looking towards the door they all came in through, perhaps hoping to make a run for it, not that they’d get very far even if they tried. “So… Do we have any volunteers to go first?” the nurse asked teasingly.

James stepped forward; Jenny had told him to be the first volunteer, and he wasn’t about to find out what would happen to those that didn’t.

“Nooo? Well-” the nurse began, before she spotted him, “Oh… Oh! We actually have a volunteer!” she exclaimed with a look of surprise, apparently not at the fact that there was a volunteer, but rather that James was it.

“Well”, she cleared her throat, “Follow me, I’ll take you inside and they’ll get you settled” . The nurse beckoned him forward, walking over to the door to the next room and opening it. James nearly jumped when he felt her pat him on the bum as he entered the room, the door shutting behind him.

“Hello!” a warm and motherly voice called. The room was considerably brighter than the previous halls, so it took him a moment to adjust. The voice belonged to a somewhat voluptuous looking woman, wearing the same turquoise scrubs as the other nurses, her long wavy black hair left loose. She had soft facial features, with lightly tanned skin and blue eyes, with the same white circle in her iris as the other nurses.

The room didn’t look too dissimilar to a regular doctor’s examination room, except the overwhelming colour scheme was white. White walls, white floors, white cupboards, the only piece of furniture in the room that wasn’t white was the examination table, which was covered in shiny burgundy pleather.

“Please, come in! I’m Doctor Winfrey, but you can call me Winnie!” the nurse said, smiling politely at him, only for her smile to falter a little once she looked him over, particularly at his forcibly clenched jaw, “Oh, right…Sorry, you’re my first patient today, so…”. There was an awkward silence in the room, until the doctor clapped her hands together, “Right! So, uhm, if you’d like to pop over to the showers, just through there, and one of my assistants will get you cleaned up while I get ready for you!”. She motioned towards another open door just to the side of the examination room, through which was a petite woman, wearing scrubs and a pale blue apron.

Tentatively, James walked through the other door, which closed behind him. The other nurse smiled cheerily at him. The inside of the room, like the examination room, was almost blindingly white. It appeared to be a wet room, outfitted with some basic necessities such as a single sink and a Turkish style toilet, but in the center were three long stretches of rubber coated piping hanging from the ceiling, two ending in cuffs, one ending in a shower head. There was also a large bin in the corner labelled ‘Soiled’, thankfully empty.

The nurse in the apron approached him, took him by the hand and led him towards the center of the room, where the three stretches of piping were. “I’m Nurse Feng, and I’m going to be helping you shower before your exam. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything, just stay still, okay?” the nurse said, starting to expertly unbutton James’ shirt, as if she’d done it thousands of times before.

James didn’t exactly have time to agree before his shirt was already on the floor, and his jeans and boxer shorts were being pulled down. The dentist’s assistants had already removed his shoes, so to this nurse, stripping him down was a breeze. Flushing red, James pulled his hands between his legs, to cover his shame, but the nurse simply smiled, “It’s okay, I’ve seen it before! Here, put your wrists in these cuffs. It helps if you don’t move around too much”, she said, reaching for his wrist with one hand, and one of the hanging cuffs with the other, slipping his hand into it and tightening the cuff. She swiftly followed up with the other hand, and within a few seconds, James was standing, completely naked in front of her, his hands held at chest height on either side of his body by the cuffs.

The nurse smiled once again and pulled a pair of blue latex gloves from her pocket, pulling them on with a snap and reaching for the shower head. “Okay, close your eyes and stand with your legs apart for me… Good, let’s begin!”. The first rush of water made James shiver, before it warmed up,Nurse Feng covering him with a starting layer of water. She then switched off the shower, and pulled a small container of shower gel from her pocket, squeezing the entire bottle onto a cloth before vigorously scrubbing every possible inch of his body, starting at the neck and working her way down, little by little. It wasn’t too unpleasant, James thought to himself, though it did fill him with a certain sense of embarrassment to have to be washed like this. The nurse made an effort to completely ignore between his legs, reassuring him with “Don’t worry, we’ll get there soon!” before scrubbing down his legs, leaving him foamy, and more than a little pink.

The nurse reached for the shower head, and rinsed him down once again, the water considerably warmer this time. “There we go… This next part might tingle a little, but try to bear with it, okay?” she asked, reaching into her pocket and pulling out another small container of a milky white gel, squirting it into her gloved hand and lathering it as best she could before holding her hand just over his rear. “This is a hair removal gel that I’m going to rub between your legs. If you feel yourself becoming… Aroused, don’t panic, it’ll pass”, she reassured, pressing her open palm between his legs and starting to massage the cool gel into his skin, starting in the middle, and working her way back between his cheeks. Immediately, James began to feel a light burning sensation from where the gel touched. He looked down, trying to see what was happening to him, but all he could see was the occasional gloved finger poking out from between his legs.

The nurse pulled away and walked around to the front, already squirting some more of the gel onto her hand, giving him a little smile and pressing her hand into his upper thigh, starting to gently massage the hair removal gel into his skin. As she rubbed further up, and closer to his genitals, James couldn’t help but mumble something unintelligible. “Shh shh shh… Just close your eyes, it’ll be over soon” she said comfortingly, gently cupping his balls, running her fingers over and carefully massaging the gel into them. Next, she moved upwards, taking his cock in hand, though only to move it out of the way so she could apply the gel around the base. In any other situation, James would have found a woman paying this much attention to him pleasurable, but the burning of the gel, and the trauma he had already endured was enough to stop him.

“Okay, just keep your legs spread a little for me…” the nurse said, reaching for the shower head once more and spraying it directly between James’ legs, the burning gradually fading away with the water. He looked down once again, and he could already see dark hairs collecting around the drain, just as the nurse turned the shower head to the front, and as if by magic, he saw the hairs simply fall away, leaving him completely hairless.

With a satisfied smile, Nurse Feng removed her gloves and put them into a nearby bin, grabbing a towel from one of the racks and walking over to him, taking his arms out of the restraints and handing him the towel. “Please dry yourself, and head straight back to Doctor Winfrey!” she instructed, already turning away, picking up James’ remaining clothes and throwing them all into the ‘soiled’ bin.

James did his best to dry himself off, taking extra care to wipe away some of the remaining gel between his legs, and obediently walked to the door back to the exam room. Inside, Doctor Winfrey had already been preparing various tools for the next exam. The exam table, previously bare, now had a tall burgundy leather cushion in the middle, along with a pillow at the top. Next to the table, a tray was laid out with plastic wrapped tools, as well as three pairs of blue gloves, a surgical mask, a tube of vaseline, and a large enema syringe filled with a strange glittering blue liquid.

“Hi! Are we all nice and clean?” Doctor Winfrey asked with a slightly condescending voice. James nodded, eliciting a cheery smile from her, “You’re such a good boy! A good boy always stays clean, so why don’t you hop up on the table and we’ll get started?” she said, patting the exam table invitingly.

James approached the table, climbing up onto it while Doctor Winfrey guided him to lay down on his front with his head on the pillow, moving the tall cushion slightly so it rested just over his hips so his bottom was lifted slightly. “There we go, are we feeling comfortable? Do you need a couple extra pillows, because when we start, you have to stay still until the end, okay?” Doctor Winfrey asked, sounding concerned. James squirmed on the table for a moment, and shook his head. The nurse smiled and gave him a friendly pat on the cheek “Lovely! Now, I want you to close your eyes and relax. Leave everything to me, okay?”.

She reached for a surgical mask and hooked it over her ears, pressing it against her face before picking one of the pairs of gloves and pulled them on, snapping them against her wrists, picking up the tub of vaseline. “I’m just going to have a little feel around inside you before your treatment, just to make sure there’s no surprises” she said, scooping a generous amount of the goopy jelly onto her ring and index finger. With one hand, she reached over and spread his cheeks, lining up her fingers and saying “This might feel a little weird, try to bear down, aaand…”.

James nearly bucked on the table once he felt the doctor’s fingers slip inside him, instinctively clenching. “Shh shh… It’s okay, just relax. Let me know if it starts to hurt, okay?” she cooed, waiting for him to loosen up before pushing her fingers up to the first knuckle, feeling around inside him. He felt a slight pressure as her fingers rubbed up against his prostate, checking it for obvious lumps before she slipped the rest of her two fingers inside. “You’re doing really well…” she reassured him before slowly pulling out.

“Well, you’ll be happy to know there’s nothing up there that shouldn’t be!” the nurse said humorously, removing her glove and quickly pulling on another from the tray, “and that means your treatment can go ahead”. Picking up the large enema syringe, she walked over to one side of the table, holding the syringe just in front of James’ eyes, “We have to make sure you stay clean on the inside, so we’re going to give you a little enema to clean you out! It might feel the tiniest bit uncomfortable, and your belly will be making all sorts of gurgling sounds, but I promise, it’s all for your betterment”.

James stared at the syringe and the strange glittering blue liquid swirling around inside; It was almost as if the fluid was alive! “Are you ready?” she asked, pulling the syringe away briefly, waiting. James nodded, it could be worse, he could have had his teeth taken out, and there’s nothing saying he couldn’t still be taken. “Good boy!” Winfrey said with a small giggle, applying another generous amount of vaseline to the bulbous tip of the syringe.

“Okay, I’m putting it in now. Take a deep breath with me… In... And out“. With a slight squelching noise, Nurse Winfrey carefully inserted the syringe, holding it firmly against his opening, and pressed down on the plunger, slowly injecting the thick blue liquid into his bowels. Whatever the liquid was, it started to have an effect immediately. A dull ache spread out from his rear, working its way upwards, causing him to wince. The ache got worse and worse, he felt like he was about to pop, until there was a loud gurgling noise, and it was as if the liquid had forced itself further up all at once. “We’re nearly half way there! Just relax, let the fluid do its work” Nurse Winfrey reassured him, continuing to press down on the plunger and fill his bowels with the strange blue liquid.

Another cramp, stronger than before. James resisted the urge to curl up into a ball, his belly gurgling and groaning once again until it settled, and the remaining fluid rushed further up into his bowels, his belly distending slightly. “-aand we’re nearly done. Just wait a few minutes for the enema to take effect, and then you can go to the bathroom”, Doctor Winfrey said, and with a small ‘pop’, she withdrew the syringe, setting it aside and reaching for a small tissue, wiping away some of the excess lube.

James felt as if his whole abdomen was squirming, as whatever the liquid was began to work away, filling him with an uncomfortable swelling feeling. He felt the blood drain from his skin, and began to sweat, a feeling of nausea washing over him. Nurse Winfrey noticed this, and gently laid a hand on his shoulder, “You might be feeling a little nauseous, but don’t worry, that’s just the enema soaking in. Just one more minute…”. A minute felt like an eternity to James, he had never felt so ill. Whatever the nurse had given him, it must have gone wrong, because no medical treatment could possibly feel like this. That was, until another loud gurgle was heard, and he felt the swelling inside him abate, rushing back down… He couldn’t hold it… “Mmhh!”, he tried to warn the nurse, but she was already pushing her index finger into his rear, “Shh, it’s okay, I’ve got you. Let’s get you to the bathroom”.

With her finger still inside him, Doctor Winfrey helped him carefully get off of the exam table, and guided him towards the bathroom, where Nurse Feng waited for him with a friendly smile. “Did he hold on?” she asked, to which Winfrey grinned, “Yep! He was even considerate enough to warn me, weren’t you?” she said with a smile, tousling his hair with her free hand.

Doctor Winfrey ushered James towards the toilet, removing her finger just before he sat down, “I’m going to leave you here with Nurse Feng. Try your best to get all of the liquid out, okay?” she said, walking back to the door to the exam room.

It didn’t take long for James’ stomach to grumble, a cramp surged through him and the contents of the enema began to rush out into the bowl. He had expected to feel something else, but it was as if the liquid injected into him had dissolved anything that could possibly have been up there, leaving only the mysterious blue fluid behind. “There we go... “ Nurse Feng cooed, caressing his hair and reaching over, pressing a button to activate the in-built bidet.

A few minutes later, after wave after wave of releasing the strange blue liquid, James breathed a sigh of both relief, and exhaustion. With his legs trembling so much, Nurse Feng had to physically lift him up and help him walk over to the exam room. When Doctor Winfrey saw him, she tutted, “Aww… You look exhausted, poor little thing! Why don’t you hop up on the table and we’ll finish your exam, hmm? Nurse Feng, you can go back and start preparing for the next patient, I think since this one’s been such a good boy, we can call his owner to collect him a little early!”

James was completely unable to resist being ‘helped’ up onto the table once again, this time on his back, and with his legs lifted up into a pair of stirrups. There was nothing more he could have wanted than to just lie back and drift off to sleep, until he heard the sound of another pair of gloves being snapped against the doctor’s wrists, followed by more lubricant being squirted from its tube.

“Okay, I’m just going to take a tiny peek inside you to make sure everything’s okay. Take a deep breath, and…”, he felt something cold press firmly against his rear, until it pushed all the way inside. There was a clicking sound, and James clenched his fists with discomfort as the speculum opened up inside him. Doctor Winfrey spared him any further discomfort by being quick with her examination. There was another click, the doctor switched on a small light, peering inside, “Hmm, it looks like the agent has bound perfectly! You’re so lucky, normally we have to give the boys a second dose”. The pressure of the speculum swiftly disappeared, the doctor setting it down on a separate tray and giving him a reassuring pat on the leg, “and we’re done!”.

The doctor was quick to wipe away the excess lube and lower the stirrups before pulling out a small phone from her pocket, speaking into it, “Hello? It’s Perry, I’ve got the first of the boys ready for his owner… No, I didn’t take a sample… Yes I… No… No, I think it’s best if he comes in another time for that. Okay, yep, okay, I’ll have him sent straight up. The Sec Room is free, right? Just pop a cot in there and let him sleep until she comes for him. Okay? Okay, bye then! Oh wait! Can you open up some more rooms for the next patients? We won’t be done until tomorrow at this rate. Lovely, thank you!”, she tapped the phone and looked back at James, “Okay, we’re going to be sending you somewhere a little quieter so you can rest up before your owner arrives”.

It took only a minute or two for there to be a knock at the door, another woman wearing a pair of light pink scrubs coming through, a friendly smile on her face; she carried a pale blue hospital gown. “I’m here for James?” she asked. By that point, Doctor Winfrey had helped him off the table, leaving him sitting on one of the stools with a long stretch of paper to cover his shame, having already prepared the table for the next patient.

The waiting nurse was quick to help James into the gown, and took him by the hand to lead him away, “Come on, let’s get you somewhere to rest, hmm?”. Sore, and more than a little sluggish, he followed her, past the other boys just outside the door. If he had bothered to look up, he might have spotted the look of fear and confusion on their faces, what had they done to him? He didn’t get much time to look at them before Doctor Winfrey called from the room, “Can the next patient come in, please?”, and the waiting nurse ushered one of the other boys inside, the door closing behind him.

The nurse led James down a nearby corridor, to a door labelled “Security Station 1”. She pulled a key from her pocket, unlocked the door, and with her hand pressed against the small of his back, took him inside.

Security Station 1 wasn’t anything more than a CCTV monitoring station, approximately the size of a student bedroom, complete with an army-style cot and a wall of flat screens. On the screens, there was a clear view of the exam rooms, including the one James had just come out of. Already, Doctor Winfrey was sending the next patient to the showers while she measured out the solution for their enema. On the other screens, various other women in scrubs were preparing their respective rooms. Before he could look any closer, the nurse who had escorted him in led him to the cot.

“I want you to lay down and get some rest, okay? Your new owner will be here in a couple of hours, and you don’t want to be sleepy when you see her, do you?”. She didn’t expect a verbal reply, not when his jaw was held shut, but she stared at him all the same. James took a moment to realise what she wanted, laying down on the cot with his head on the pillow, staring up at the ceiling. “Good boy!” she cheered, reaching under the cot and pulling out a blanket, laying it over him and tucking the blanket under him. She caressed his hair, “Nighty night!”, and left the room, locking the door behind her.

James looked around the dimly lit room carefully to see if there was anything useful, but it really was just a CCTV station. He turned towards the wall, away from the glare of the screens, and closed his eyes.

He wasn’t used to naps, usually it was either a full night’s sleep or dozing, usually in the middle of something important. This time, however, he only woke up again when there was a light knocking on the door, “Hello, James? Your owner’s going to be here in a few minutes. Can I come in?”. By the voice, James could tell it was Jenny. She didn’t wait for permission, opening the door and walking into the room, “I’ve just brought you some clean clothes. We don’t want your owner seeing you in a hospital gown, do we?” she said with a cheerful smile. She set the clothes down on the desk by the screens, taking a moment to watch the screens, “Oh, those poor boys…” she said sadly, before leaving the room.

James took a moment to get his bearings, pulling off the blanket and climbing off the cot. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he approached the clothes, picking up a pair of white boxer briefs, taking a brief look at the screens.

On the screens, all of the rooms were occupied. It was unclear how much time had passed, but by the looks of it, the patients were in various ‘stages’ of treatment. In Doctor Winfrey’s room, a boy was laid on his front, with his bottom in the air, and a familiar blue enema syringe inside him. There was no sound, but his body was arcing on the table, it was obvious he was in extreme discomfort. There were four other exam rooms just like it, three were in the middle of their enema, and in one, the doctor was in the process of inserting a large speculum inside him.

In other rooms, presumably what would have happened to him, was happening to some other patients. Each boy was strapped into an ob/gyn chair, an IV in their arm, a nurse holding their hand. Between their legs, a doctor was holding their penis up to a cup, with either two gloved fingers inside them, or adjusting the dials on a machine hooked up to a long metallic probe uncomfortably pushed inside them. The looks on each boy’s face told the whole story, and by the way the boys with the probe were rolling their eyes back and twitching in the chair, he wasn’t sure which of them had it better…

In another exam room, the boys were laid flat, their legs still held up in stirrups, a nurse holding a thick oxygen mask to their face, while the doctor appeared to be inserting some sort of long thin cable into them. Their private parts were covered by a sheet, so he couldn’t see exactly what was being done to them, but the boys’ legs were straining against the stirrups, and the nurse was doing her best to keep them looking up at the ceiling.

Tearing his gaze away, he got dressed in his new clothes, which consisted of a pair of dark blue sweatpants and hoodie. The staff simply didn’t want him to have shoes, it seemed. At least the clothes were comfortable, he thought to himself, walking over to the cot once again to wait for someone to collect him. He thought about watching the monitors again, but he could only imagine the pain and discomfort the other boys were going through.

There was a knock at the door, and Jenny walked through, “James? Let’s go. Your new home awaits!”, she said, beckoning him closer. James stood up, and met Jenny’s gaze; she smiled, and as she ushered him through the door, said warmly, “I think you’re going to love your new owner”...


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