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A Trip to the Nurse's Office

Chapter 2

The weekend passed in a blur. Will thought back frequently to the feeling of his legs spread on nurse Rachel’s examination table, of her finger slowly entering him. He would catch the thoughts entering his mind at unexpected times. Flirting with girls at a house-party on Saturday night, Will felt that his heart wasn’t fully in it like it usually was. No drunken blowjob could compare to the strange feeling that he’d just recently discovered. Hungover the next morning, he found himself jerking off while thinking of nurse Rachel. He imagined the slow swish as the fabric of her uniform rustled, her voice as she told him to hold on. He couldn’t wait for Monday.

Rachel thought of Will over the weekend as well. What would she prepare for him on Monday? Throughout the weekend she would find herself with her eyes closed, hand toying with her clit as she thought of the different “treatments” with which she might surprise her patient. His cocky attitude had so quickly evaporated. How far could she push him? She’d tried slipping her finger into the asshole of a college boyfriend once while giving him a blowjob, something she’d been curious about after they’d covered it in nursing school. And though he’d enjoyed it, he had never asked for it again. She grew nervous to bring it up, and her job as a school nurse didn’t give as many opportunities for rectal exams. What was it about Will that made her want to explore? She made a trip to the local sex toy store and picked up an item or two. She couldn’t wait to see Will’s surprise when she confronted him with her new purchases on Monday.

Finally, Monday came. The morning was slow. A few bloody noses, some students complaining of headaches. Before the 2pm bell rang, Rachel walked into the bathroom to touch up her lipstick and fix her hair. She practiced her stern face in the mirror, smoothed the starched white uniform over her body, then returned and waited. She was happy that nobody else was in the office, nobody to distract them. She heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” she said, doing her best to sound nonchalant.

Will opened the door and stepped in. “Good afternoon nurse. You said that you wanted to follow up with me?” Rachel could see by the bulge in Will’s pants that he was already excited. He took a moment to take her in: the way her thick ass and modest bust filled out her tight white uniform, the white sheen of her nylon stockings.

“Yes, thank you for coming Will. Could you please move to the exam room and disrobe? I’ll be in with you in a moment.”

Will nodded and proceeded into the nurse’s office. He had seen her glance down when he walked in and could feel his own hard cock snaking down the leg of his pants. Why bother hiding it. They both knew what he was in here for, though he wasn’t sure exactly what she had in mind. He struggled for a moment to remove his pants, his hands shaky from anticipation. Even though he knew he’d soon have to remove them. He left on his underwear, a pair of black boxer briefs. His cock was outlined against the thin fabric. He sat on the cool exam table and faced the door, scanning the room to see whether there was anything new to notice.

The door opened, and Rachel entered carrying her purse. She placed it down on the counter by the sink.

“Thank you for coming in Will. How are you feeling? Any more stomach cramps?” Her tone was professional.

“No nurse, I’ve felt ok all weekend.”

“I’m very glad to hear that Will, still I’d like to have another look at your prostate to make sure you’re healthy. Your ejaculation last time lead me to wonder whether you’d been abstaining from ejaculation. Are you sexually active?” Rachel looked straight into Will’s eyes. She enjoyed watching him nervously twist. She didn’t hide her gaze as she stared at his well-defined abs and the thick cock barely hidden by his underwear.

“Yes, I, uh, I’ve had sex. I don’t have a girlfriend right now, but I still sometimes have sex. And oral stuff. Blowjobs. Does that count?”

Rachel moved to the sink and began to wash her hands. “Yes, oral sex counts. And do you wear protection when you have sex?”

“Yeah, condoms mainly. I don’t use condoms for blowjobs though. Sorry I’m confused.”

Rachel smiled. “That’s no problem. And how often do you masturbate? How often are you ejaculating every week?”

Will blushed and looked down at the floor before answering. “I don’t know, once every few days. Like I said, I don’t have a girlfriend now so I have sex a bit less often. Maybe once every two weeks?” Will smirked. He didn’t mean to brag, but he was pretty popular in school.

“I see. And have you ejaculated since I saw you last?” Rachel patted her hands dry, then lifted up the stethoscope. As she waited for Will’s answer, she pressed the cold metal against his upper back. Though it was impossible to get a real reading of anything while he answered her, but she enjoyed hearing his heart pound as he answered.

“Yes.” His heart was racing.

“How many times?” She moved the stethoscope around to his chest. She was close enough to smell him.


“Oh my,” Rachel smiled, though she knew that she would be awfully embarrassed to admit herself how much she’d masturbated thinking about their time together last Friday. She removed the stethoscope from his chest and placed it back around her neck.

“Well it seems that your stomach issues may be related to regular ejaculations. Why don’t you remove your underwear so that we can have another look at you?”

Rachel moved to the counter and tugged a pair of gloves from a box, then slid them onto her hands. While she smoothed the latex over her fingers, she locked eyes with Will. He stared intently at her hands.

After a pause, Will slid down from the exam table and stripped off his underwear. He still wasn’t sure of the game they were playing, but he no longer felt quite as embarrassed about sporting his erection in front of her. If anything, he was proud.

“Could you please lay back for me please?,” Rachel instructed, keeping her voice as clinical as possible. “I see that you’ve already grown erect,” she added as she approached the exam table.

Will nodded.

“Have you been thinking about what happened when I examined you last?,” she ventured.

Will nodded again.

“Well please don’t be embarrassed if you make another mess. It’s a perfectly natural reaction, and I want to make sure that you’re healthy.”

Rachel began to palpate Will’s abdomen, working down close to his cock without touching it, letting him feel her gloved fingers as they grazed his chest. She noticed how completely still he lay, his eyes looking up at her. He was totally in her control. She took his cock in her hand daintily and squeezed up and down the shaft.

“I don’t see any abnormalities, though I can see minor abrasion. You should be using more lubricant when you masturbate.”

Will nodded again and closed his eyes, savoring the feeling of nurse Rachel’s hands wrapped around him. Just as abruptly as she had grabbed him, she let go.

“I need your legs in the stirrups again so that I can continue my examination,” her voice was more forceful this time. He watched her deftly unfold the stirrups from the side of the exam table and click them into position, then offered no resistance as she lifted his legs and placed them into position.

“Could you scoot your bottom down a bit more for me?” She reached up to his hips and pulled lightly until his ass was exposed at the end of the table. He could feel his asshole puckering in anticipation and knew that she was watching it too.

Rachel walked to the counter, picked up a tube of lubricant, squeezed a large, transparent glob onto the tips of her middle and pointer fingers, then returned to Will. As she took her other hand and began to dramatically smear the lubricant over her fingers, she addressed her patient.

“I’m going to repeat the procedure that I performed last week, the prostate massage. I take it that you’ll be a more compliant patient for me this week?”

Will nodded. He wanted to feel her fingers inside of him so badly. Rachel smiled. She was a bit surprised herself how quickly she had broken him. How far could she take things?

Rachel walked up to Will, reached down between his legs, and dabbed lubricant onto Will’s asshole. She let her fingers run slow circles around his rosebud, then paused for a moment, pressing very lightly with just the pad of her middle finger. She kept her eyes locked with Will’s. He met her eyes for a moment, then closed his eyes and looked away. He let his mouth open in a silent expression of pleasure.

“That’s good Will, you’re being a very good patient for me.”

With that, Rachel let the tip of her middle finger press into Will’s ass. He felt tight, but she could tell that he was trying to let her in. With a bit more pressure, she entered him. She was again patient, letting him grow used to the size of her finger before pressing it further inside of him.

“You feel a bit tight Will, are you nervous about me examining you like this?”

He gulped. It was one thing to enjoy their game, to enjoy whatever it was they were doing, it was another thing to have to admit it. Will kept his eyes closed and didn’t say anything in response to Rachel’s question. As Rachel asked, she began to move her finger very slowly in and out of her patient.

“I asked you a question Will,” she repeated, more firmly. “Do you enjoy when I put my finger inside you? Is that why you’re being so quiet?”

Rachel stopped her fingering.

“I’m waiting for an answer.”

Will opened his eyes and looked down at Rachel, letting his eyes run over her body once again. He glanced down and saw her one gloved hand resting on the inside of his thigh. He wished he could see her hand as it pushed in and out of his asshole. He blushed and responded.

“Yes nurse, I’m enjoying this.”

She wasn’t satisfied yet.

“And what do you mean by this?”

To emphasize the word “this,” she jabbed her finger up inside of him as she said it.

“I’m enjoying you touching me there.”


“Inside of me. I’m enjoying you fingering my asshole,” Will said, a bit too fast. His cock, already hard, bobbed as he said it.

Rachel smiled.

“Good, that’s what I suspected.”

She removed her finger entirely, dramatically picked up the tube of lubricant, applied more to her fingers, then pressed again on Will’s now warmed-up asshole. She penetrated him with two fingers this time, entering him more quickly and rooting back until she found his prostate, then pressing firmly on it.

“Oh my, your prostate feels quite swollen. Don’t worry, I think you’ll be feeling much better soon.”

She began to massage his prostate, slowly increasing the pressure but keeping a steady, slow rhythm. She could begin to feel Will clench his asshole with her every touch, as if trying to drill her fingers as deep into his ass as he could. She could also see his cock begin to dribble pre-cum. He was getting close.

“Will, I need to see you masturbate using lubricant, as we discussed earlier.”

Will could only nod in agreement. He was completely lost to her instructions and ministrations. Whatever she wanted she could have. Without removing her fingers from Will’s ass, she picked up the tube of lubricant, raised it over Will’s aching cock, and squeezed a large glob onto him.

“Now show me how you touch yourself Will,” Rachel said, lust sounding in her voice.

Will wrapped his fist around his cock. The slipperiness felt different for him. Nurse Rachel had been correct when she had scolded him for not using lubricant when he masturbated. He began to pump his cock in and out of his slick fist, almost upset that the pleasure he was getting from having his prostate massaged wouldn’t last longer, that the nurse herself didn’t offer to jerk him off. But he also wanted to perform for her. He bit his lip as a massive load began to push its way up to the head of his cock. He could feel it there, just on the edge.

“That’s it Will, cum for me.”

With her instruction, the cum exploded out of his cock. He could feel his asshole begin to contract around her still probing fingers, and the warm cum splash against his chest. He kept pumping furiously, getting every last strand of cum out. His hand was now slick from too much lube and cum, but he didn’t want to stop until he was officially relieved from his duty.

Rachel felt a warm tingling between her legs as her patient so obediently jerked himself off in front of her, and she could see how proud of himself he was as he came all over himself for her. She was surprised herself at how furiously he tugged at his member, continuing to squeeze his hard cock even after he had finished cumming.

“Squeeze it all out for me. That’s a very healthy boy, pump out every last drop for me Will.”

Will’s pleasure turned to discomfort as he was egged on to continue jerking himself after having cum. But he wasn’t sure how to stop now. He began to slow down. Rachel similarly slowed her pressing against Will’s prostate. She let her fingers rest inside of him. Noticing her relenting, Will let his hand stand to a stop. He could feel the last few drops of warm cum dripping down his hand.

“Very good Will, your technique seems very healthy, but I need you to use more lubricant for me. I’m concerned about how often you’ve been masturbating, and I have a little treatment that I think will work well for both of us.”

Rachel’s heart beat faster as she announced this. It was time to reveal her purchases. She slowly removed her fingers from Will’s asshole and stripped her gloves off. She left her patient lying on the exam table covered in his own cum as she walked confidently over to her purse, removed two metal items, and placed them on the tray usually reserved for medical instruments. She then carried it over to Will’s side so that he could see them.

Will glanced down and saw what was lying on the tray that Rachel had prepared: one was a kind of curved plug. He vaguely recognized it as a buttplug, something he’d seen in porn before, though he’d never really thought of one being used on him. The other he had more trouble making sense of, a kind of wire-frame cage with several interlocking rings and a curve to it.

“Do you see this Will?”

Rachel lifted up the metal plug. Will gulped. He could guess what it was but he was afraid to say so out loud. Her finger was one thing, but was this really what he thought it was?

“No nurse, what is that?,” he said, his voice trembling.

“This is a nice metal anal plug for you. I know how much you enjoyed having my fingers inside of you. This way you can feel that nice fullness even when we’re not together. If your stomach is ever acting up when I’m not available, this can help you. Here, let me show you.”

Rachel turned around, grabbed another pair of gloves, and struggled to put them on to her hands. Her palms were damp with nervousness. She then smiled as she turned around and picked up a tube of lubricant, squirted a large glob onto the metal plug, and swirled it around.

“I’m sorry honey, but it might be a bit cold as I put it in. I’m sure your warm bottom will heat it right up soon though.”

Will winced as he felt the cold metal tip of the plug press against his asshole. Rachel pressed firmly and moved the first, more narrow half of the plug into him.

“Just press down for me, that’s it,” Rachel pushed the plug with a bit more firmness.

Will’s asshole had been loosened by the earlier exploration, and the plug slipped in more easily. He closed his eyes and sighed. It made him feel very full, and, as she had warned, the plug was cool. While he was savoring the sensation for the moment, his mind was already racing, wondering how he would go about his day with this thing in.

Rachel then picked up the second object on the tray.

“And do you know with this is?,” she asked her patient.

“No nurse, what is that.”

Rachel could tell that his confusion was genuine. Poor thing.

“This is a chastity device, a small metal cage that fits over your penis. It will keep you from getting erect or masturbating without my permission. I’m glad we had an opportunity to drain you, because it will only go on when you’re limp.”

Rachel placed the cage down for a moment, squeezed a glob of lubricant onto her hands, then reached out and ran it along Will’s flaccid cock. Her touch felt incredible, but his recent orgasm kept blood from immediately flooding his cock. She then picked up the cage and struggled for a moment to slide his balls and cock through it. The lubricant made it more easy, but Will’s cock still bulged against the metal of the cage. She tried to fit it around him confidently, but this was her first time using one of these devices.

“A snug fit, but it seems like it’s just your size.”

Rachel finished placing Will’s cock in the cage, slipped off her lube-covered gloves, and put on a fresh pair before producing a small lock.

“This will keep you from disobeying. I know how difficult self-control is for boys your age.”

She placed the small lock at the top of the cage, clicked it shut, then placed the key in the pocket of her dress.

“Thank you for coming back for an exam. Of course, now that we’ve established a program of treatment, I’m going to need to see you again. Could you stop back on Friday? I want you keeping the plug in for at least 6 hours a day, and the cage will be staying on until you see me next. You shouldn’t have any trouble urinating with it. Please let me know if you have any complications, but do keep our little treatment program to yourself?”

Rachel reached up, patted Will on the shoulder, and left him to have some privacy as he collected himself.

After she left the room, Will sat for a moment, completely dazed. He squeezed his asshole around the intruding plug, and reached down to feel the metal cage over his cock. The sensation in his ass made his cock begin to harden, but the pressure of the cage kept him from growing into a full erection. He awkwardly scooted off of the exam table and walked to the bathroom, where he used paper towels to mop up the now mostly dry cum off of his chest.

How the hell was he supposed to live his life like this? But he was also intrigued. What sort of game were he and nurse Rachel playing?

Rachel wondered the same thing herself as she walked into the adjoining reception room, still wearing a pair of gloves she made sure the door to her office was locked, then let her hand travel up her dress to run along the outside of her satin underwear. She pushed the underwear aside and let her smooth gloved fingers press into her wetness. She was soaking. It didn’t take long to rub her swollen clit to a quick orgasm. She pulled out her fingers, snapped off the gloves, and straightened herself out, just in time to see Will shuffle out of the exam room. He looked sheepishly at her and nodded.

“See you on Friday nurse.”

“Good, see you soon.”

She let her eyes run down his body to the awkward bulge in his pants made by the cage, and from his awkward gait, she could tell that he was still wearing the plug.

“Remember the treatment plan we agreed on.”

Will nodded once, then left her office. How would he wait until next Friday?


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