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A Double Thrashing

A Double Thrashing

Hello, my name is Saba and I work as a hall monitor here at Fencer High School in Glendale, Arizona. I like the climate of this state because it reminds me of my native homeland of Lebanon.

And yes, I am Muslim. One of three on the school staff, but that doesn’t bother me much.

The bell rang which signaled the beginning of another passing period and so my menial duty began. I leave my small office and walk out into the commons area which was a sea of students and other staff members moving about.

But this wasn’t my area of responsibility. Mine was across this area, hallway D31. After crossing the commons and walking through the doorway, I was in the hall where more students were passing through to their next classes.

My job was to ensure everyone kept moving and to ensure compliance with the school dress code. It was a reasonable one in my opinion, but like any place with a large number of people, there were bound to be some rule-breakers.

“Five minutes into the passing period, I spotted two offenders of not one but two of the rules. Two senior white girls, one redhead, one blonde talking to each other in front of a locker like they didn’t have a care in the world. I would’ve been more than happy to tell them to move along, but the second rule they broke required more discipline. I quickly made my way over to them.

“Excuse me, ladies. I need you both to follow me to my office right now.”

“Bug off Towelhead,” snapped the redhead, An offensive to my hijab. That was the third rule broken. Derogatory comments were strictly forbidden at this school.

“Either you both come with me, or I call security,” I replied seriously. Knowing that I wasn’t bluffing they simply fell in behind me and followed.

After passing through the commons once again, we went down the small hallway that led to my office.

“Both you sit down,” I shouted and they quickly planted their asses in the chairs in front of my desk. “What are your names?” I demanded.

“Madison,” replied the redhead

“Samantha,” said the blonde.

“What are your student levels?”

“Seniors, they both replied.

“Then you both should be more than familiar with the school dress code. Tank tops must have a shirt underneath. No cleavage or bra straps are allowed to be visible. Yet here you are violating that rule. Not to mention standing in the hallway instead of getting to your next class and that little comment from you Madison will not be tolerated by me or this school.”

“We were just having a brief conservation and we’re not even showing that much cleavage,” Samantha replied.

“Well rules are rules and you just broke four of them. Loitering in the hallway, wearing tops out of regulation, talking back to a hall monitor and making racist remarks.”

“Hey, she was the one who called you a towelhead,” Samantha yelled pointing at Madison.

“Whatever, both of you stand up right now.” The two girls didn’t budge. I said stand up, I shouted. With frowns on their faces, they complied.

“Do you two think you look like proper students?” Five seconds passed with no reply. So I answered it for them. “From where I’m standing, all I see is two disrespectful sluts. They winced at that word. Perhaps it was the force I delivered it with. I swiftly moved from behind my desk and approached Madison.

“You and your friend are gonna learn what it means to be respectful and proper,” I declared then grabbed the bottom of her tank top and pulled it over her head. She tried to fight me, but I got the slutty garment off tossed it aside. Leaving her in her green bra and blue jeans as I moved over to Samantha and did the same. Her bra was yellow, they both appeared to have good-sized breasts. C cups I presumed.

“You two wouldn’t happen to have any contraband in those bras would you?” They fearfully shook their heads. “Well then, I take it you two won’t mind if I perform a little search. I swiftly moved behind Madison and put my hands up under her bra, getting good grips on both of her breasts. She struggled and whimpered as I felt them up. I found no signs of contraband, but I could tell her breasts were as firm as melons. I even felt her nipples harden up.

To further add to her humiliation and discipline, I undid the clasp in the back and slid it to the floor. The cold air in the room made her breast stand out even more. I took a few more seconds getting another round of feels on those sculpted melons before moving over to Samantha.

“You’re next my little American toy,” I declared then jammed my fingers into the back of her bra to unhook it. Turns out there was no clasp. So it’s in the front I said to myself, I would deal with it later but first things first. I place my hands on her hips and slid them up her body until I was under her bra and once again in breast feeling heaven. I am not a lesbian by any means, but I couldn’t help but feel aroused by my dominance of these two misbehaving teens and the best was yet to come. Samantha began to struggle and whimper like her friend did which for some strange reason drove me to feel them up even more.

“Please stop,” Samantha cried.

“Too bad. You and your friend should’ve thought about this before breaking school rules,” I replied as I rubbed her nipples to the point that they hardened. “I’m not picking up any signs of contraband but how about we spill your precious contents just to be sure. With that, I seized the front of bra and after a little bit of fidgeting, the clasp came undone and her breasts met the cold air of the room, nice sculpted melons with hardened tips. I could feel them up all day, but business was business.

“Both of you bend over my desk right now.” They walked towards the desk and did as instructed. “Hands behind your backs, I ordered. I could hear sniffles as they complied.

“You two are going to get a long hard spanking on your arrogant and disrespectful asses. Madison I’m gonna beat you first. After positioning myself behind her, I reached around to undo her pants. After popping her button and pulling down her zipper, I yanked her jeans all the way down to her ankles, she was wearing a pair of cheekies that went perfectly with her bra. I swiftly worked through the two buttons and zipper on Samantha’s jeans and upon pulling them down, I saw she was wearing a black thong with a red waistband. I shook my head at both of their choices of underwear. Typical western girls, I thought.

I went around to my drawer and opened it to retrieve my disciplinary cane then went back behind them and gave it a swing to extend it to its full length. I was just about to land my first hit on Samantha but stopped mid-swing when an idea came to mind.

“Since you two want to act like disrespectful sluts instead of proper students, I shall spank you as such. I grabbed hold of Madison’s Cheekies and pulled them down and then it was on to Samantha’s thong. I give her a little wedgie first. “The next time I have to discipline you and see this I will rip it off and throw it in the trash. You understand?”


“It’s yes, Ms. Saba,” I said with a firm tug to make the wedgie even tighter.

“Yes, Ms. Saba.” After that, I pulled her thong down to her ankles and went back over to Madison. Her ass was going to be as red as her hair when I was done.

Wack, wack, wack, the sound the cane made as it slammed into her with all the fury I could put into my swings. I was more angrier at her for her racist comment than I was about the other violations. She began to cry and beg me to stop as more hits followed, but I paid them no mind and kept on swinging. By the time I was done, she received a total of thirty-seven hits. Her ass wasn’t just as red as her hair, it resembled the surface of Mars. Excessive but it serves her right.

With her bottom dealt with, I proceeded to go to town on Samantha’s. It took seventeen hits to get her crying and begging started. I will give her credit for being more thick-skinned than her friend. She only ended up with twenty-six hits to her ass.

Now that I was finished, it was time to inspect my work. I inspected them closely and gave them both a firm squeeze. Warm indeed. These two won’t be sitting down for a while.

“Now get over to the left side of the room and face the wall, keep your pants and undies down.”

“Can we at least get our bras?” Samantha asked,

“You will get them back after fifteen minutes along with new shirts. Those tops you came in with are going in the trash. Now get moving before I spank you again. And I want your hands above your heads as well.”

With their pants and undies still around their ankles, they tried to walk carefully towards the wall. I even threatened to spank them if they tripped for any reason.

As they faced the wall, I pulled out my phone and snapped a few pictures of their red bottoms.



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