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Sean's Physical

Sean's Physical Exam - Part 5

As I slid my finger deep inside of Sean's rectum, he made a soft sigh and I could feel him relax. I slowly circled around inside of him and Sean was compliant. I then moved my finger against his prostate and again, Sean made a sound that was both an expression of surprise and excitement. "Sean," I said, "I am now going to be massaging your prostate and most guys find this feeling to be very sexual." Sean was half unaware of what I said but managed to faintly utter "Uh-huh." As I began to feel Sean's prostate, I reached around and grabbed his fully erect penis and took my thumb and slid it on the underside. As natural as could be, Sean started to move his pelvis to synch with the now easily moving exam finger. I didn't say anything as I could see Sean was in his own world now. This was the moment I had been waiting for - to see this naked college boy with his legs and buttocks spread open, my finger inside of him massaging his hardening prostate, and his erect penis in my hand, Sean was having the kind of physical that Dr Nash always imagines.

Sean's prostate was now firm and I could feel the fluids building inside of him. I let go of his penis and took a sample cup and placed it near him. Sean, if you are going to orgasm, I need you to collect your sperm in this cup for analysis. "What?" Sean said with a bit of an alarm. "Am I going to cum in front of you?" "Well Sean, it is part of your comprehensive adult physical" - "Quite often we do labs on young men such as yourself." "Fuck," he said - "I already feel so horny that I guess it won't be that hard." "Good Sean" and as I said that I slid yet one more finger inside of him. Sean was so relaxed that once my other finger was inside of him, he began to stroke his penis with conviction.

With both of my fingers inside of Sean's relaxed anus, I could feel his prostate respond. "Sean, I need you to squeeze my finger" - Without a word, Sean clamped his tight boy sphincter around my fingers. I slowed my pace a bit so that Sean could relish the feeling of me being inside of him. He never skipped a beat when it came to stroking his hard penis. "Good, relax Sean" and I went back to his prostate massage, but this time, I took my free hand and felt his testes which had now moved closer up to his scrotum which indicated his sexual response. "Oh God," Sean said - “that feels so fucking good Dr.” "Well Sean, I need to exam your testicles as you are responding to this assessment" "I understand Doc, but I am going to cum soon" "Remember Sean, that we need to collect your sample for lab work." Sean said nothing and with that, his hips moved stronger in counter rhythm to my fingers inside of him. Sean kept his eyes closed and I took both of my fingers and slid them nicely over his prostate. "I'm gonna cum," he said as he took the cup on his left hand. With those words, I picked up the pace of my massage and I could feel Sean's inside respond like the healthy young man he was. Sean placed the cup close to his penis and I pressed firmly on his prostate. Sean's breath was now heavy and a small sweat broke across his handsome face. "Doc," Sean said. I didn't reply as I knew Sean was now in complete ecstasy and in his own world.

In the seconds before he ejaculated, Sean raised his buttocks off the table and aimed his penis directly into the cup. With his hips off the table, his hips moved freely and for the last time, I instructed Sean to clench my fingers. As Sean clamped down on them, his prostate pushed against my fingers and with a quiet sound, Sean ejaculated into the specimen cup. It was so forceful that I could hear the sound of his cum hitting the bottom of the collection container. "Oh Doc," Sean said as he was having an intense orgasm - "Good Sean, you're doing really well." Sean's orgasm lasted several minutes and I knew the best thing to do was to withdraw my fingers from him before he realized they were there. With gentle care, I exited his no longer reluctant rectum. Sean placed his filled specimen jar on the shelf next to the exam table and turned to lay on his back. His still pulsing penis was laying across his abdomen and he kept his eyes close. I lifted his penis to have one more look at his wet urethral opening. “I hope I did ok Dr Nash,” Sean said, slightly out of breath. I reached down to feel his testicles again and told Sean that he had done very well on his first rectal exam.

Sean said softly - "Doc, I didn't think it was going to feel like that. It was really good." And he smiled with contentment making me proud. As he lay on the exam table, completely naked and spent, I turned to my clipboard and began to write on his chart. "Sean?" "Yeah, Doc" I am going to sign your physical exam form for your entrance and I wish you the best of luck in your first semester. "If you ever need attention, please feel free to call my office and I will have you scheduled for the next available appointment." "That would be great Doctor Nash, I really need a good doc who can take care of me." "No worries," I said.

"Now, go ahead and get dressed. Here's your form to take home." I went to shake Sean's hand and took one final look at this handsome college boy who just had his first rectal exam followed by an intense orgasm and made a mental note for myself at how lucky I was to be able to have such fine patients. Sean took hold of my hand shook it, and said: "Thanks, Dr Nash, having a physical with you was great." I could only smile and say "See you again, Sean." "You can count on it Doc," Sean said as I turned to leave the room. As I turned the handle of the door, I heard the exam paper crinkle as he got up to dress.

"What a great job I have," I thought as I gathered myself for my next patient.


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