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My life with enemas

Chapter 3 The Rectal Tube

The porcelain irrigator had a long piece of amber latex tubing attached to it. Then, there was the glass connector. The rectal tube was attached. The rectal tube was marked "Davol Fr26". I learned later that Davol Manufactured a lot of enema equipment; bags, tubes, nozzles, etc.

After my first experience with the "irrigator", I was very intrigued. I went looking for where it was kept. I found it, at the bottom of the linen closet, behind several old bath towels. (Who was she hiding it from?) There it was, rectal tube and all. But there were a few other items in the open box where it sat. There were several rectal tubes. A 24fr, 28fr, and a 32fr. tube. There was also a much longer tube that I found out much later was a colon tube. The rectal tubes were about 20" long. The colon tube was 30"long. Wow! I could just feel that in my bum. Some older black larger nozzles were found. These I learned later on in life were "douche" nozzles.

Enemas using the rectal tube continued, with some variations, as determined by my mom. If several enemas were called for, the enemas sometimes were associated with the rectal tube being advanced well up into my rectum. While the initial enemas were done to empty my rectum, subsequent enemas were made to be "high" enemas. The tube would be advanced well up into my colon, the enema designed to fill more of my colon. These enemas were designed to give me a very thorough cleansing. They certainly accomplished this.

Sometimes, if I was very constipated, the old red rubber enema bulb would appear. It was used to inject some type of oil (I think mineral oil) into me. I would be in the knee-chest position, having to hold the oil enema for 10 minutes. A very soapy enema followed this. It certainly emptied my rectum. Several enemas would follow, the rectal tube inserted deep. They left me feeling very good, my colon very empty.