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Sean's Physical

Sean's Physical Exam - Part 4

There really was no medical reason for what happens next, but since I had an idea that Sean was imagining his comprehensive physical to be invasive and humiliating, I decided I would oblige. I look Sean directly in his eye and took my right hand to hold his erect penis. "With the amount of seminal fluid coming from your penis Sean, I want to do a urethral swab" What is that? he asked. Well, let me put on some gloves first - he watched me as I put on my sterile gloves and picked up a bit of lube. As I picked up the lube, I also picked up my swab and Sean's eyes immediately grew large. I returned next to Sean, held his penis with a firm grip and placed some lubricant directly on his urethral opening. "Oh God," Sean said. I said relax, this may be uncomfortable, but it shouldn't take long. Sean closed his eyes again and I took the opportunity to begin sliding the swab directly into his now pinched open urethra. Sean flinched and make a squeamish face - Take a deep breath, Sean, I said, I need to put this in a bit further. My intention was to place the entire swab as far down his erect penis as I could and I knew the only way to do that would be to not stop the swab from entering him. Sean made a first, and grimaced even more, "Oh Dr Nash" Sean said, I feel like I have to - and with those words, I withdrew the swab and smiled at Sean. "You did a good job with that procedure, Sean." "Fuck," Sean said as he grabbed his hard penis and started to stroke himself. I can't believe how I feel, he said somewhat with pride and embarrassment. "Hands to your side young man," I said to him directly and Sean immediately complied leaving his again fully erect penis in full view. Open your legs again so I can check under your scrotum.

I took hold of Sean's scrotum and hoisted it up and far as I could, fully exposing Sean's perineum. I touched below Sean's scrotum and felt alongside each of his testicles. Sean again closed his eyes and I spoke my next direction to Sean quite assertively. Sean, please bring your knees to your chest for me. Sean was shy and not really sure what that meant. At first, he just bent his knees, but knowing that he was unsure, I told hold of his legs under his knees and brought them up - "All the way to your chest young man and lock your hands under your knees to hold yourself in place" It was clear that Sean was extremely embarrassed to be in such a vulnerable position. There was this handsome college boy with his buttocks spread wide open and his hairless anus fully exposed. "Stay like that Sean while I put on another pair of gloves." Sean responded with the heaviest sigh I could have ever imagined. I relished looking at this complicit young man with his buttocks spread wide. "Is this my rectal exam?" Sean asked. Well, Sean, I said, it is part of your rectal exam - there are a few things I will need to check for your examination form. First, I am going to lubricate your anal area and check for any issues. Sean started to shake again as I placed the lube directly on his opening. "Oh, it's cold," Sean said - well, it will warm up Sean. "Is this your first rectal exam Sean?" "Yes Sir," he said - his voice quiet so that only I heard his answer. I am going to place my fingers around your sphincter muscle, Sean - you will feel a slight push inside - and with that, I slid my finger into Sean's tight hole and took full advantage of lubricating Sean liberally.

I slid my finger just behind Sean's sphincter and Sean didn't move. He looked so sexy with his legs being held and his aching erection pressing again his abdomen. Now Sean, one deep breath for me. And as he inhaled, I slide my finger as deep inside of him as I could - I need this lubrication to go as far inside of you as we can - is that okay Sean? "I understand," Sean said - "but it kinda hurts Dr Nash." I see Sean, I said to him reassuringly. And I withdrew my finger. I think we have enough lubrication inside of you to continue your rectal exam. "You mean there's more Sean said" sounding incredibly nervous. Oh, yes Sean, there are quite a few more things we need to do. Go ahead and lower your knees - take a quick break before we move on to the next part. Sean quickly brought his legs back to the table and he immediately grabbed hold of his erection on began to stroke the top of his penis. "I can't believe I have to have a rectal exam," Sean said - "But, its a school requirement, so I have little choice" That's right Sean - I can assure you that every male that comes here with your school's medical form undergoes the same procedure of examination. That seemed to bring Sean's mind to a bit of some ease, but I didn't want to lose momentum. Sean, I would like you to turn on your side and face the wall. Sean did so relatively fast. Now, Sean, I need you to bring this leg up. I grabbed Sean's leg and assisted him in the correct position. Once in place, again Sean's buttocks spread wide open. "Oh wow, Doc," Sean said - this feels so weird. I couldn't help but look in between Sean's raised leg to see his scrotum hanging in between his legs and his hard cock pressing against the paper on the exam table. His penis was now completely wet with seminal fluid. I took my left hand and spread his buttocks open even more - fully exposing this young man and his virgin territory. Sean, I am going to now slide my finger inside of you to check your prostate. It is going to feel a bit sexual to you. It isn't unusual, I said to Sean, that you have the urge to masturbate. Most boys your age do, but I am going to ask that if you need to ejaculate you stop yourself and inform me. Additionally, I said to Sean, while I am examining your prostate, I am going to be able to feel the pulse of your muscle, so I will be able to know exactly how you are feeling. "Really?" Sean said sheepishly. Other guys jack off on this table? Well, yeah, I guess you could say that Sean - but don't think of it that way. In fact, I said to him, since you have such a large amount of seminal fluid, I am going to take some samples from you a bit later. This discussion went on for a few minutes and all the while, I had one hand holding Sean's buttocks wide open. I occasionally touched his anus to help him get used to the next exam. "I am ready to check you now Sean." "Okay," he said, "I guess it is okay." Good Sean, if it helps to close your eyes, you are welcome to as well. "Ok, Doc," Sean said. And as he closed his eyes, I slide my well-lubricated finger deep inside of him. Sean didn't move or make a sound - and it seemed like this was going to be extremely nice to do.


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