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Sean's Physical

Sean's Physical Exam - Part 3

AS I moved my stethoscope across Sean's abdomen he often looked down to see where I would go next. I firmly placed my right hand directly on his pubic area and Sean started to breathe a bit faster. I took my stethoscope and glided it across his lower intestinal area. I made sure to move slowly so that Sean would be completely aware of the area being examined. I took my thumb and pulled his exam gown to the side slightly exposing his scrotum. As I did this, my stethoscope moved confidently to check his femoral artery. Without losing a step, I did the same to his other side. Sean's breathing continued to be quick and I placed my arm above him and told Sean to bring his knees up to here. He did without hesitation and it was only then that I could see that Sean had a smoothly shaved scrotum. I think Sean was aware his scrotum was visible but I said nothing. I continued to check his legs and feet. I told hold of his calves and checked his muscle tone. I asked Sean if he did lots of walking. I run a little he said. I asked if he ever felt pain in his knees or calves. Not usually Sean said, almost relaxed that I was not aware of his visible scrotum. With his knees still elevated, I took my hands and firmly took both of Sean's knees and spread them open fully exposing his genital area. Sean gasped for the first time.

Since you are a runner Sean, I want to see if you have jock itch. I left Sean on the examination table, his legs fully spread while I turned to put on my gloves. When I turned back to the examination table, Sean was still laying there with his legs wide open but now had a slightly erect penis. Don't worry about that, I said to him - as I picked up his scrotum, turning first to the left, then the right. I made it very clear that I was looking in between his legs for any signs of jock itch.

Oh Dr Nash, I am sorry -I can't help that my dick is getting hard. Nah, don't worry. I would say that pretty much happens to everyone here. I smiled but I could see that Sean felt sincerely embarrassed. Seeing Sean become aroused by being looked at intently was actually getting me excited. Now that Sean was there fully exposed to me, I took time examining in between his legs. I firmly moved his scrotum and testicles as I needed to and it was clearly having an affect on Sean. As I continued with my examination, Sean grew harder and harder. It was very sexy seeing this handsome young man with his legs spread wide open for me to examine. Sean closed his eyes. I think he imagined by doing that his erection would go away. I had other ideas.

Sean, I said quite sternly, breaking him out of his trance, I need to you stand up and leave your exam gown on the exam table for me. Sean seemed shocked that I spoke in such a tone. But, there was no mistaking what he had to do. But, Sean said quietly as he looked down at his growing penis. I tilted my head as if to say :well, what can you do" and used my right hand to lift Sean up from the table. Sean sat at the edge of the table for a few seconds as he began to think about leaving his exam gown on the table and stand in front of me completely undressed. Ah, Sean said, I, I, I am sorry I am hard. "It's ok Sean" - happens to everyone - even me! And I laughed hoping to ease Sean in his embarrassment, but it only made him feel more uncomfortable. I couldn't help but imagine what he, a heterosexual male, felt like standing in front of me, another male, with a fully erect penis.

Finally, Sean moved his gown to the table and stood. He looked down at his penis, now erect, and turned his head away. Sean took his hands and tried to cover his erection. "Hands to your side Sean," I said in a fatherly voice. He hesitated but complied with my direction. There was Sean, a handsome young man, now standing completely naked in front of me, with an engorged penis, and I was about to touch and examine his maleness. Sean, I see you are shaved I said to him, hoping to keep him with me - but I could tell he was becoming more and more shy. Yes, he said. My girlfriend doesn't like my pubes too much. Well, Sean, lots of guys are shaving their pubic hair these days. Make sure you are doing it with a fresh blade - let's check to see if you have any bumps nicks. I reachers for Sean's scrotum and with a firm grip, I held his scrotum and his testicles. Sean tried looking straight ahead. Quite often guys don't like conversation while having their genitals examined - it makes them super conscious that they are being handled and examined - but it is my hope to make Sean feel very self-conscious about what was happening.

I took my light and shined it directly on his scrotum as I moved it around in my hand. I wasn't able to see as much as I needed, so I but the light down and used both of my hands to slide in between Sean's muscular legs. Please open your legs for me Sean - I can't examine you correctly unless you open up here. Sean exhaled a bit loudly but with my two hands in between his legs pressing in opposite directions, Sean complied. He was now standing in front of me with his low hanging scrotum and now erect penis directly in front of me. He tried to cover himself again, and I said "Sean, it would be best if you placed your hands behind your back for me. I need to be able to freely move your scrotum and penis for examination." Sheepishly, Sean placed his hands behind him and stood there fully exposed. I was now going to make sure that Sean felt very action I took for his examination.

Taking my light back I used it to highlight Sean's cleanly shaved scrotum. I made sure to shine the light through his scrotum to make sure there were no broken skin or varicoceles. I saw that every now and then Sean looked down at my performing my exam on him. He was shaking a little as his erection continued and I continued to handle his maleness with firm hands. Sometimes Sean let out a little sigh - showing me that he felt embarrassed at his erection.

I took my hand and held his hard penis up while I used my other hand to feel each of his testicles. Slowly I palpitated each one, rolling it gently in my hand, and taking the skin of his scrotum and stretch it to make sure there were no abrasions or razor bumps. I took my time being thorough and Sean's erection continued. After I finished with each of his testicles, I noticed that Sean had begun to have some seminal fluid appear at the tip of his penis. I took firm hold of his penis and used my other hand to move upwards feeling underneath it. Sean recoiled a bit, perhaps from the pleasure he felt or perhaps from the embarrassment of having his hard penis touched. Relax Sean - it's really okay. I see that you have some seminal fluid here - and Sean automatically looked down as if he didn;'t know what I was talking about. Yeah, he said, I tend to get pretty wet. I see I said to Sean. Let's have a look.

Without wasting a second, I picked up my light again and with one hand, I opened what lots of guys call their "penis lips." I made sure to open Sean's "slit" wide and Sean was visibly shaking now. Oh, Doc, Sean said, is this really necessary. Well Sean, it is. You see, you have seminal fluid and it is my job to make sure that you are not experiencing any problems or infection. I held his hard penis in my hand and took my time with this humiliating show. I took my hand and moved it to the corona of Sean's penis. He was now fully erect and his testicles had drawn up a bit. I wanted Sean to feel completely vulnerable to my exam and clearly it was having the right effect. As I kept his urethral opening spread, I took my other hand and felt Sean's scrotum again. I felt each of his testicles and told Sean that they were retracting into his abdominal area. My hands were warm and I did my best to have Sean's testicles descend. Sean continued to shake - it was thrilling to see him be sexually aroused in front of me and also feeling deeply embarrassed at having to stand in front of me, completely naked, with an erection dripping with seminal fluid.

I wanted to continue having Sean feel that so I decided it was time for a few more examination procedures. Sean, I said again sternly, I need you to lie back down on the examination table, on your back, with your hands above your head for me, please. Sean said something really softly - I could barely hear it - but I think he said, "fuck - I can't believe this" I didn't say anything to him about that smart mouth, but I did look at his firm, small buttocks as he hoisted himself up on the exam table.

Sean laid on his back and placed his hands above his head - he penis still standing erect. Sean. please spread your legs open again for me. Sean was hesitant. I moved towards him on the table. He looked at me with eyes that looked nervous. I took my hands and again slid them in between his strong legs. Like this, I said, as I moved them. Now, let's bring your knees up a bit - you probably remember "frog style Sean" I smiled. He didn't. Now he was laying down on my exam table, completely naked, with a hard penis and his legs spread wide open. Sean had no idea what I was about to do, but I did. I wanted to make sure Sean was going to have the comprehensive physical exam he had imagined.


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