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Sean's Physical

Sean's Physical Exam - Part 2

I took my time taking Sean's temperature. Partly because I wanted to see how compliant he was going to be but also because his soft cheeks felt quite nice to keep open. I removed the device, released his cheeks, and he turned to see me read it. Normal, I said to Sean, please sit up. Sean gathered himself and sat facing me at the edge of the table. Sorry Doc, Sean said. "Why?" Oh, he said - "I am a little hard." Oh, I said to him quite casually, this is normal for boys your age. Nothing to worry about - it will pass. As I said this to Sean, I took my stethoscope and placed it in my ears. I need to check your lungs and heart Sean. I placed my stethoscope on Sean's back and as I did, I quickly undid the tie in his exam gown. I wasn't sure Sean had noticed because I asked him to take several deep breaths. Sean's great physical shape was a true delight for me and it was nice to take my time in auscultating his respiratory system. I moved up and down, left and right, each time asking Sean to take deep breaths.

I moved from his back to his front and as I did, I moved his exam gown off of Sean's shoulders and it fell quickly to his lap. Sean was quick to grab it with his hands to keep himself somewhat covered. It was charming that he sat there, completely naked under his gown, yet tried to maintain some sense of modesty. I placed my hand on his back and gently guided him to sit straight up. As he did, his nicely chiselled chest came forward and the small amount of hair there seemed to stand up a bit on edge. I started with his neck and took my right hand and firmly guided Sean's head to the side. He seemed hesitant at first, but my firm grip reminded him he was there to be looked at. I moved my stethoscope lowest and listened to his rather quick heartbeat. I glided my hands across his chest and made sure to linger a bit over his nipples. Sean reacted to my touch but tried to shy away from showing too much about it.

"Your chest, lungs, and heart sound terrific Sean," I said reassuringly to him. I would like you to lie down, please. As he did, he tied to bring his exam gown back up. No need, I said, stopping him as he moved it slightly. I am going to be checking your abdominal area, but first I am going to take your blood pressure. As I said this to Sean, I made sure to take his exam gown back down to just above his pubic hair. I could tell he felt nervous - and he clearly seemed to feel exposed for the first time. While he laid on his back the exam gown barely covered his genital area and I was going to make sure that Sean felt some anxiety as he lay there. Having shown himself compliant, I was eager to see just how far he would go before he began to say something. I took hold of his arm and placed the cuff securely to his arm. I stood net to his prone body and pumped the machine rapidly. Sean closed his eyes and I said this should not take very long. I understand he said - and before he knew it, his BP was done. Great Sean, 110 over 70 with a pulse of 75. Do you feel nervous Sean? Um, not really Dr Nash, but I haven't had a physical in a long time and I feel a little nervous. Ah, the White Coat syndrome I said, half-jokingly. I guess so, he said softly. Not to worry Sean - I have had many male patients accepted to your school and I understand how important it is that you be in the best possible state of health. Thanks, he said. And I again put the stethoscope on my ear and placed is on Sean's belly. Oh, he said, it's kinda cold. Ah, yeah, happens - but it will warm-up -

I took my stethoscope and placed it in every section of Sean's torso. I took my hands and pressed his abdomen firmly. I had Sean bring his hands above his head as I pressed into his sides. I made sure to touch every part of Sean's abdomen with a firmness - not only giving him a sense of who was in charge but also to reassure him that he was going to be looked at completely. As I brought my Stethoscope lower, I placed my hand just below his pubic hair and lowered his exam gown slightly to see more of his pubic hair. Sean looked down at me as he seemed to be nervous about being fully exposed. While I was waiting for that too, I wanted to take my time and make sure that Sean felt as much anxiety as he could before removing his exam gown. But, there were many more things that Sean needed to have looked at first.


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