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Babysitter's Lesson

The Lesson

Jake squinted at the TV screen, the glowing green ball moving quickly across the glass as he gripped the joystick in his hand. He wanted a new high score finally, trying to shake the mop of brown hair on his head away from his eyes.

“You need a haircut honey.” His mother was standing in the doorway to the living room, watching him concentrate on the game and wiping wet hands on her apron. He was twelve, almost thirteen but he hadn’t quite hit his growth spurt yet. He was still small, although his feet and hands were starting to get to that size where they were awkward against the rest of his body. He had green shorts on, with a double white stripe running up their sides and an old awful looking t-shirt, striped blue and brown, sitting Indian style on the carpet. His legs were pale even with the summer sun and his feet were in loose dingy looking white tube socks.

“Mmhm.” Jake made a noncommittal sound as he concentrated on the screen.

“Well you do, it’s getting way too long. I’m not sure we’ll get it cut before your dad and I leave though.” She walked into the living room, standing behind him before ruffling his hair. He sighed and shook it out of his eyes again, trying not to screw up his game.

“You’ll have to live with that shaggy head for another week. Maybe we should get Melody to cut it while we’re gone.”

“Mom come on, she won’t cut my hair.” He sounded annoyed as he tried to stay focused on the video game. “Can’t she bring me to get it cut?”

“We’ll see honey, I don’t want to give her a bunch of chores. I think you can probably wait.” She played with his hair a little bit, “Now you’re going to be good while we’re gone right? Not going to give her any trouble are you? Speaking of being good Jake, did you use the toilet this morning?”

Jake almost missed the pong as his mom asked, and he felt his ears start to warm. “Mom, come on, please, I’m fine, I didn’t have to go.”

“Jake you know what I’ve said about sitting on the toilet everyday. Now I don’t think you used it yesterday either, did you?” She sounded more serious as she asked him.

“Mom pleeease... just... I’m fine Mom.”

She sighed behind him and walked back towards the kitchen, “Jake honey I thought you were getting too old for this. You know it’s not good for you and you know what happens.”

Jake did miss the ball as he swallowed, risking a look away from the screen as he pleaded, “I am old enough Mom, I’m fine, I promise I’ll go.”

“I know honey, but I think maybe I should talk to Melody about it just in case.”

“Mom! Don’t! Please!” Jake panicked a little, the ball slipping by his paddle on the screen again. Melody was coming over tomorrow when his parents left, to stay for a whole week. She had grown up in the same neighborhood and their parents were good friends. She had babysat Jake for years. She was going away to school in the fall, but she didn’t have a job and was more than willing to watch Jake for a week. The thought of his mother talking to her about anything Jake did in the bathroom was mortifying.

“Please? I’ll go sit on the toilet in a minute.”

She gave him an unhappy look, walking back into the kitchen. “Now Jake, I’m serious.”

He hated when his mom asked about going to the bathroom, his attention turning back to the blinking green on the television screen. He knew he should go but he was old enough to take care of it himself. His score ticked up and he leaned forward, forgetting again about the interruption. He gripped the joystick tightly, minutes slipping by until he heard the low sound of his mother on the telephone. She wouldn’t really tell Melody would she? He paused the game, cocking his head to listen but she had hung up the phone. He hopped off the carpet and leaned in the doorway.

“You didn’t really call Melody did you Mom?”

“Come on Jake, just go use the toilet. I told you twenty minutes ago.”

“Did you tell her though?” He sounded anxious.

“Jake will you just listen to me?” She turned to him, “If you go now maybe she doesn’t have to find out.”

“What? Is she really coming over?”

“Jake for the last time. Go sit on the toilet. If you can do a good job we’ll leave it at that. I need to give her some phone numbers anyway.”

Jake felt his heart speed up, she was really coming over. His mother wouldn’t tell her would she? He mumbled something and headed down the hallway to the bathroom. He closed the door and concentrated for a second. He didn’t think he could go. He could feel the pleasant fullness inside him, but he knew it was up in his belly and it wouldn’t want to come down right now. She wouldn’t really tell his babysitter would she? He slipped his shorts and underwear to his thighs, sitting on the cool seat.

“Well Mary told me you weren’t squeamish about diapers.” Jake’s mom Julie laughed as she took a drink of coffee. “I’m sorry to even ask you to come over for this, but he would sometimes turn this into a habit when he was younger, and I’m worried you’ll have to deal with it again in a couple of days.”

Melody looked around the kitchen, the floor shiny white linoleum tiles with a delicate green curling pattern and nodded wondering what she was talking about. "Diapers are fine, but Jake's a little old to be worried about anything like that isn't he?" She had a thought suddenly and leaned closer to Julie, "Oh, does he wet the bed?"

“No he doesn’t wet the bed.” Julie paused, “You remember how Mary’s little David had those constipation problems right? Well Jake has a little bit of trouble like that himself.”

Melody raised her eyebrows, taking a quick sip of water.

“He’s sitting on the toilet now, but honestly I would be surprised if he, um, managed to do a good job if you know what I mean.”

Melody nodded slowly, thinking of poor Jake sitting in the bathroom with his mother out here revealing this to his babysitter, when footsteps in the hallway announced the boy’s entrance. Melody gave him a big smile and started to say hello, when his mother turned towards him.

“I didn’t hear the toilet Jakey.” She twisted her chair around, “Means you’re stuffed again aren’t you.”

Jake’s eyes went to the floor at the same speed blood went to his ears, darting to Melody before finding refuge in the patterned tiles. “Mom please? Do we have to talk about this now?”

“Well we wouldn’t have to talk about it at all Jake if you would use the bathroom every morning like we’ve talked about.” Julie looked over to Melody, “We’ve had lots of talks about this but he still has some trouble.”

“Mom please.” Jake’s voice was quiet as he kept his eyes down. He could feel his heart beating and he didn’t want to look up and see Melody. He couldn’t imagine what she was thinking.

“Don’t please me Jake, you had plenty of opportunity to go number two.” His mother sighed and looked at Melody, “He just doesn’t take the time, I swear sometimes he does it on purpose.”

She pushed her chair back, “Normally we take care of this in the bathroom, but I guess we can show you out here since we have more room. Now Jake run into the bathroom and get Mom’s rubber gloves under the sink honey, and get the jar of Vaseline.”

Jake felt his heart stop, seeming to skip in his chest. He couldn’t believe she was really going to do this. He tried not to look at Melody, not believing she had asked for the Vaseline in front of her. The combination of gloves and Vaseline could only mean one thing.

“Mom...”, his voice was quiet and he felt his ears heating up. His eyes welled up a little and he tried to mentally plead with his mother, but before he could say anything else she started to speak in her serious voice.

“Jake. I know this is embarrassing but you should have thought about what would happen if you didn’t use the toilet right before your dad and I were due to leave. Huh? Now do you want me to talk to your dad? Or are you going to listen without him bringing the belt into this?”

Jake felt another objection rise in his throat but it caught as he saw his mother’s face.

“Good boy. Now we’re going to show Melody how to give you a nice soapy enema, and you’ll feel better when we’re all done.”

Enema. The word seemed to flood his brain like hot water from a hose. No one else was supposed to know. He couldn’t look at Melody. He looked at the floor, and slowly walked to the hallway shuffling his socks on the carpet. He pushed open the bathroom door and opened the cupboard under the sink. He knew exactly where his mom’s rubber gloves were, and the container of Vaseline, its label mottled and worn with oil. He would often sneak a look at the rubber gloves, feeling them and imagining those moments when a slippery digit slid into his bottom. He felt his penis throb in his underwear, his body not agreeing with the fear in his brain as he pulled the yellow gloves from where they were laying in back. He looked at the empty doorway and quickly put them to his nose, smelling the complex mix of rubber and soap.

“Jake hurry up, Melody doesn’t have all night honey.” His mother’s voice was loud through the hallway as he jerked the gloves from his nose. He stood up, his stomach fluttering as he walked back to the kitchen.

“You want the water a little warm, it should feel hot on your wrist, warmer than a bottle, but not so warm it hurts. I think the book says 105 degrees. There is a food thermometer in that drawer if you need it.” Jake’s mom was standing at the counter, the water running as she checked it. Melody was standing next to her and reached out a tentative hand, testing the water on her wrist as it ran.


“Warm but not burning right?” Jake’s mom let the water pour into a plastic pitcher, steam rising faintly as Melody nodded. His mom dropped a bar of white soap into the pitcher with a plop and began stirring it around with her hand. The smell of Ivory soap filled the kitchen as Jake swallowed, nervously watching the two women.

“Just use your hand and rub the bar, you want to get the water soapy. See how it turns a little white?” His mother tipped the pitcher towards Melody, working the slippery bar in her hand as the water ran in. “Good. That should be enough.” Jake watched his mom raise the red rubber bag that was normally tucked away in the hall closet. The bag gurgled and bulged as she tipped the pitcher, milky sudsy water pouring into the red rubber.

“Just let the water come up all the way.” The water poured into the bag, the rubber filling out, until foamy bubbles started to rise from the top. “There, now you just screw in the hose.” She handed Melody the pitcher, fishing in the sink for the hose and screw top. Sticking it in the suds she screwed the attachment in tightly, the tubing attached, it flopped and twisted as she tightened it. Satisfied she hefted the bag from the other end, turning it right side up. The hose hung from the bottom, wet suds sliding down it as his mother hooked the swollen red bag to the back of a kitchen chair.

“Now he’s usually pretty cooperative, but sometimes he needs to be reminded that his dad and I expect him to listen. Now you’re going to listen to Melody when we’re gone right Jake?”

Jake tried to nod as his mom took the yellow gloves and set the jar of Vaseline on the table. His eyes went back and forth from his feet to his mom’s hands, watching them push into the faded yellow rubber. She tugged, flexing her fingers before reaching out for his arm, moving him in front of her.

“Now the first thing is checking his bottom to make sure he isn’t too blocked up for the nozzle. Arms up honey.” She pulled his t-shirt up and off, brushing his hair out of his face as she set it on the table. She slipped her fingers into the waistband of his shorts and worked them down over his white briefs making a tsking sound as she pulled the elastic forward to slide over the obvious lump in his underwear. She bent down in the chair, lifting first one foot then the other to take his shorts.

“Mister Peter gets a little overexcited when he has to come out of his undies, doesn’t he Jake?” His mom set his shorts on the table, leaving him in just his socks and small white briefs. “You’ll get used to it if you ever have boys. He’s good though, aren’t you honey? He knows not to play with himself.”

Standing in front of the two women, his penis straining against the front of his underwear he already felt exposed and he tried not to look at Melody. His ears were burning, not believing his mother was talking about his privates. He knew he wasn’t supposed to play with it, but he secretly rubbed it all the time. He closed his eyes as he felt his mom’s hands at his waist again, unable to believe this was happening in front of his babysitter.

“He’s growing up so fast.” He bit his lip as he felt his underwear moving, feeling his mom slide the waistband over his bottom first, his stiff member catching the front of the briefs before she pulled them away. Time slowed down as he felt the fabric lift free, seeming to slow as he tried to look anywhere other than his babysitter. He could feel the air and imagine how it must look, standing in front of the kitchen table, his mother and his babysitter both watching as his penis bobbed free, standing straight up.

“He’s starting to get just a little bit of pubic hair.” His mother laughed softly as she lifted first one of his feet, then the other, “still my little boy though, turning into my little man. Isn’t that right honey?” She set his underwear on the table with his shorts and reached for the Vaseline. She opened the top and pushed a finger in. “Just lean over the table honey, you know what happens next.”

“Just like when you’re changing diapers I always check his bottom to make sure it looks okay and doesn’t look sore.”

Jake watched her pull out a glob of gleaming Vaseline as he turned around, leaning over the table. “Spread your legs apart Jake.”

He shifted on his feet reluctantly, feeling the air moving around his bare butt, then his mom spreading his cheeks. He was thin, with pale skin, and leaning over the table Melody and his mother could see his anus, soft brown surrounding the crinkled center of his private hole.

“He looks fine, so the next step is making sure he isn’t too blocked up, and he is lubricated for the tube.” She pressed gently, exposing his hole a little more and he felt his breath suck in as the Vaseline touched that sensitive skin. “Use more Vaseline than you think you need. It helps when things go in and when things come out. Right honey?”

He wasn’t sure what to say, his mouth opening slightly when he felt her finger push. “Just relax your bottom Jakey.” She started rubbing the Vaseline over his hole, the pressure firm, the texture of the rubber dish gloves, and the Vaseline, smooth and slippery.

“Just rub the Vaseline around a little and find the middle.” His mom’s finger stopped over the dimpled center of his anus, “Okay honey just a quick bottom check.”

He tried not to groan as she pushed, feeling that strange pleasure as his slippery hole opened around her finger. His mouth opened wider and he felt his dick throb, somehow getting more stiff as his mother’s finger slid slowly up his butt.

“Just feel around a little to make sure you know how to put the nozzle in. If he feels too full you can start the water just as you put it in to help make a little room.”

She worked her slippery finger in inside his hole, the slight in and out motions growing into waves of muted pleasure, flushing his body as he tried not to shake, gripping the edge of the table. He clamped his lips tightly together, terrified that Melody would be able to see his secret, see inside his brain to the place that wanted that feeling so badly. He let out a breath as he felt his mother finally withdraw, the naughty feelings fading to just the stickiness of the Vaseline.

“I use the towel rack in the bathroom, but the chair should work.” His mother smoothed out the faded blue towel she had laid down on the floor with her foot. “If it isn’t high enough the water won’t run. If it doesn’t seem like it is running you can lift the bag higher to finish it off.” She pointed a still shiny yellow finger at the towel, “Okay kiddo, down on the towel, bottoms up.”

Jake didn’t know where to put his hands, red faced as he turned around. His arms worked spasmodically, trying to hide his jutting penis, and jerking away so he wouldn’t touch it. Shuffling over the towel and looking at Melody out of the corner of his eye as he awkwardly knelt. He tried not to think about what she was seeing as he got down on all fours. His legs felt weak with embarrassment but he put his chest down further.

“Knees apart Jakey, you know where your bottom goes.”

He could feel his young sack taut, still mostly hairless as it tightened around the balls that had been swelling over the past year. He shifted his knees apart and pushing his chest down against the towel, lifted his hips to the angle his mother insisted was best for the water. He could feel everything between his legs exposed and on display, his brown ring flexing as he felt the air run over the shiny Vaseline.

“Now just unclamp it for a second, you want to let all the air out of the hose.” Jake could hear his mother explaining to Melody, then the clicking and gurgling of the water. He could picture the nozzle, the fat little baseball bat, longer than his finger, as it spat the soapy water into a bowl. It would be spitting that soapy water somewhere else in a minute, and he felt his penis tense, a drop of clear fluid tickling the tip. The clamp clicked again and he held his breath.

“Now we’ve already done a good job with the Vaseline, so now you just gently push it in. Ready honey?” He felt his mother’s hand on his hip just before he felt the smooth warmth of the nozzle nuzzle his hole.

“Just go slow. Try and relax Jakey, you know it is better if you just let it in.”

He couldn’t let out the breath inside of him, feeling the hardness of the nozzle touching the center of that private place. His mother twisted it gently, pushing a little harder, and his penis throbbed again, another drop of embarrassment slipping from the shiny head.

“Try not to just jab it in.” His mother kept the pressure steady as she talked to the babysitter, Melody leaning forward in her chair a little as she nodded. “Just let it find the opening and slowly push. He’ll let it in eventually. Right Jakey?”

Jake tried not to shudder, feeling the pressure of the hard warmth against his hole pushing harder. Slippery with Vaseline it couldn’t keep the nozzle out, spreading open slowly as his mother increased the pressure, then the slow sensation of his anus starting to open. The feeling quickening and then the secret feeling of penetration as the nozzle sank deeper into him, causing his breath to catch, a small sound escaping his throat as his ears burned.

“You can start the water a little once it’s going in.” Jake heard the clicking of the clamp before a surge of heat rushed through the plastic. The nozzle warmed an instant before he felt the squirt of heat and his hole clenched against it as the soapy water began to stream into him. His mother gently slid the nozzle deeper as he gripped it. “It helps make sure the nozzle doesn’t get blocked up, especially if he is a little stuffed.”

Jake’s face continued to redden, his mother telling his babysitter about such private things, the water feeling hot as it poured into him, clenching the nozzle as he began to feel the fullness, the stretching sensation of the soapy water finding every nook inside him. He shifted on his knees as the warmth spread, and he felt his stomach gurgle as it took in more water. The urge to use the bathroom grew, the feeling mixed with the intense pleasure of the nozzle and the humiliation of his babysitter’s presence. They were talking about something, their voices fading as he shifted again, a small whine escaping as a cramp radiated from his belly.

Time seemed to crawl, his cheek pressed against the towel he stared at Melody’s shoe. The white sneaker clean, little cats stitched into the ankles of her socks. The nozzle moved as his mother lifted the red bag higher into the air and he heard the telltale sucking of air and water as the last soapy drops drained into him. It bumped against the taught insides of his bottom, stretched with soapy water.

“See honey, that wasn’t so bad was it?” His mother’s voice came back into focus, his raised rear end full of hot water, the enema nozzle gripped in his tired hole. He couldn’t manage an answer, shaking his head a little as he tried to hold everything in.

“Now I just let him hold it for a few minutes so the water can do a good job.”

The aching fullness was uncomfortable but not as bad as the feeling of both his mother and babysitter staring at his hind end, watching him struggle to hold the water. His stomach gurgled again and he felt his hole tense, a tiny trickle of hot water running over his balls.

“Can you stand up honey?” His mom started to move the nozzle and his penis throbbed again. “Hold it in tight, I’m going to take the nozzle out.” The nozzle slid, the bulge testing his ring and he held his breath as he felt the sensation of it sliding out, his bottom clenching tightly as a little more soapy water dripped down his sack and inner thigh. He tried to clench his cheeks together, feeling a surge inside him and had to pull his knees together, bunching up the towel. He squeezed his butt tight, the smooth white globes flexing tight as he pushed himself up, straightening and then slowly standing up. His face flushed again as he turned, his hard penis still standing at attention, and for a second he saw Melody’s eyes on it before she looked away.

“Now just cross your legs like you do Jakey and hold it in.” His mom looked at the clock on the wall, “We’ll say just five more minutes okay?” She took off a yellow glove and rubbed his back, “Do you need me to wipe your peter honey?”

Jake shifted, straining as he crossed his legs and tightened his muscles, holding everything desperately. He whimpered, embarrassed that his mother even mentioned his stiff organ and shook his head, “Please mom, just let me go to the bathroom. Please?”

She patted his bottom and looked at the clock, “He’s probably fine. I like for him to hold it for a few minutes at least to make sure it gets everything, but he did such a good job taking all the water I think we can let him go.”

Melody looked at the clock, watching the boy’s thin legs clenching, the line between his cheeks razor thin as he tried to keep them tightly closed. He looked miserable other than his stiff boner, the head of his little cock tight and wet. She could feel a sympathetic pulse between her own legs and wondered if his mother really appreciated what he was going through. She was starting to think babysitting was going to be more interesting than she had planned, standing up with his mom as they helped him wobble towards the bathroom.

“Leave the door open Jakey.” His mom pushed him towards the bathroom door, as he took small steps trying not to have any accidents.

“Let me close it please… please Mom?” He turned towards them, Melody next to his mother and pleaded again. He hated going to the bathroom when other people could hear, and he knew this would be even worse.

“No Jake, leave it open, we’ll wait right here for you to get everything out. You know I want to make sure you do a good job honey.”

He whined again, whimpering as he approached the toilet, glancing back and then sitting on the cold smooth seat. He could barely hold it anymore, his face red as he imagined them both listening in the hallway, Melody having to hear the gross sounds from the toilet, and before he could help it a little jet of water splashed out of him.

“That’s good honey, don’t hold it now, let it all out.”

He couldn’t help it and water poured out of him, feeling his little hole widen, the water rushing through it, streaming into the toilet for what seemed like forever until he felt something bigger. He heard the water slowing and looked at the doorway again.

“Let it out honey. Is it coming out” He felt it pressing against his sphincter, still solid. “Jakey? Is it coming out?”

He tried to reply as he felt his hole widen and a deep contraction heightened the urge pushing the thick solid partway out as he let out a low grunt in reply. The grunt was humiliating and he flushed as he grunted again, feeling the fullness take hold, feeling it start to push out of him in earnest, that deep pleasure taking hold with each contraction as he slowly emptied himself. He felt each push through his body, feeling his penis throb. He wanted to squeeze it, to rub it so badly, but he couldn’t with his mom right outside the door. He knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from touching it later, feeling those naughty feelings from both his front and his back.

Water and other sounds continued for a few more minutes, his mother saying a few words about his bathroom habits to Melody, voices to low for him to hear. He felt drained and finally his mom peeked around the door frame.

“Okay Jake, I think you’re done. Do you think it’s all out?”

In a few excruciating minutes, evidence was inspected and he was bundled up in a towel, Melody sympathetically patting his head as his mother praising the good job he had done. He felt drained of everything, hardly able to look at either his mom or Melody, but with that strangely satisfied emptiness. Letting Jake pull his underwear and shirt back on in the kitchen his mother thanked Melody for stopping by, giving her a few more details about the trip they had planned. Jake pulled his shorts back on, as his mom went upstairs to get Melody contact phone numbers. He could hardly look at his babysitter, unable to believe she had watched something so humiliating. He was ready to slink back to the living room when she stopped him.

“Hey kiddo you did a good job. I know that was probably a little embarrassing huh?” She grinned at him, glancing over to the hallway door. “Lots of boys your age get enemas Jake.” She bit her lip, “Lots of girls too. Did you know that?”

He shook his head, feeling the familiar tightness in his underwear returning.

“Yeah. Lot’s of girls your age.” She blushed, unsure about what she was doing, but leaning down closer to him to whisper. “I remember when I was that age. Maybe if you’re good,“ She leaned closer, breath on his ear, “if you’re good, do you want me to tell you about how I got an enema?”

His underwear was as taught as it had ever been, his face still blushing with Melody’s whispered words, he suddenly couldn't wait for his parents to leave.


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