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A Nice Day For It (Revised)


I sensed a cloud blocking the sun; an involuntary shiver came over me. I opened my eye surprised to see a Park Ranger standing about five feet away. He wasn't carrying gun but it was plain to see that he had a Big Black Billy Club that he was slapping in his open palm. He had on those mirrored type “Boss Man” sunglasses, an Official looking ball cap, uniform top with the shiny nameplate and the accompanying Canaveral National Seashore Badge gleaming in the sun. Sweat stains under his armpits. He was wearing shorts with tan high top work boots and white tube socks turned down just above the laces. He was tall lean and ominous looking As he moved closer I could see black curly hair peeking out of his uniform top. I new I was in trouble. Big Trouble. Still moving towards me, my heart nearly stopped. I froze like a kid who had just been caught jerking off. After all I was "Red Handed" caught. I instantly turned loose of the dildo. It stayed in for a short second, and then shot out like a torpedo.

I started to say something my mind racing. "Uh Uh I was just.... “Then couldn't think of a thing I could say to explain what he was witnessing. I began to stammer again " I, I, I was just...."

He interrupted. “You were just what? You Faggot"I thought to my self for a second "Hey you can't call me names like that" then decided I'd better keep my mouth shut. The night stick still slapping his palm.

He was right up on me now, me still on my knees as If Begging for Mercy. He still was slapping his palm with that menacing Big Black stick. I was still down on my hands and knees. I reached for my dildo rolling on the waters edge.

"Don't move" he barked. "Show me those hands" he commanded.

You've got to be kidding I thought to myself. What could I possibly be hiding? Since that dildo just shot out of my ass maybe he thought I was still loaded, or there was a Shank or something still had hidden up inside. I slowly raised my hands, palms open showing that there was no other weapons in my arsenal.

I was turning a “Whiter Shade of Pale” as the fear and humiliation began to sink into the pit of my stomach. Then, a couple of shades of red from the embarrassment.

I remembered from a couple of trips back when “The Man” pulled up behind our umbrellas on a 4 wheeler, while my friend was tugging on himself. Not even a hard on just flipping his limp pecker back and forth a little with his thumb and forefinger. That Ranger got all bent out of shape and threatened to ban us from the park for life. He said that there was a “Zero Tolerance Policy for that type of activity”. He said he could write both of us up for Lewd and Lascivious Behavior and I wasn’t even jacking off.

What I had been doing was definitely Lewd and most certainly Lascivious. The earlier encounter left a lasting impression. I could just see myself Cuffed then Marched back down the beach. The ultimate Walk of Shame.

He began to walk around me sizing me up, my guess. He looked disgustedly at me and said. “You Sissy Little Punk"

I took a closer look at him now. He seemed very agitated. He looked young 18 or 19. Nothing out of the ordinary there, lots of guys or girls for that matter, right out of High School, go right into the military or government service jobs. He had a deep beach tan. Goes with the territory I'm thinking. A thick gold chain hanging from his neck with a big gold topped sharks tooth amidst the tangle of thick black chest hair protruding from his sweat stained uniform top. A sure sign his of Machismo or compensation for lack of it. I thought. Another oddity I noticed about that uniform top he had on, it was unbuttoned, not just a little, but down to just above his belly button. His black curly hair spilling out, the same curly hair covering his muscular tanned legs. The Otter type I thought. The uniform top was gathered in the back and seemed a couple of sizes too large hanging off his shoulders. Probably the machismo thing again or perhaps he was just hot. I was feeling some heat now too, a little faint, a little weak in the knees in fact.. His shorts looked like they had been hitched up with his black military issue looking belt. There was a loop for the night stick, several leather snap topped pouches, the kind for holding extra magazines or a pepper spray can I assumed. A big Buck looking knife holster that was unsnapped and empty. Nothing to queer about any of it, easily explained by weight loss from a sudden illness or perhaps a fad diet. I strained to see his nameplate. LT. Daniels it read.Then he said “Just the fuck were you thinking?”

Again with the “Salty” language. I started thinking. Not very professional. But not many Cops that I’ve had the pleasure to meet in my past were either Meek or Mild. But, somewhat professional none the less.

“I thought I was alone and nobody was….”

He quickly cut me off and said “Well are you alone you Sissy Boy are you ? ”

I answered pleading "Come on Lieutenant Dan cut me some slack"

He wasn't amused by my Forrest Gump reference.

I was beginning to worry a little. Was this guy a homophobic asshole? He could easily work me over with that stick and leave me Washed Up on the beach. Victim of a bizarre boating accident the report would read just like the M.E.’s suggestion for an amended report from the movie Jaws. I vividly remembered in my mind that scene …. “Yes…Yes perhaps a boating accident” the guy was saying, “caught up in the propellers. That could certainly cause this type of damage…..” My imagination is really running amuck by now. I thought inwardly. Run Forrest Run

“On your feet you faggot” he says.

I’m thinking I’ve had about enough name calling I need to stand up to his bullying. If I’m going to take an ass beating or worse. I better say or do something and fast. To at least make it worth his while.

“Just who do you think you are calling me names? That shit don’t fly in my book” I angrily replied.

He grabbed by the arm and twisted behind me with swift fluid motion. Something I figured he was well practiced at. “Now walk and shut your Pie hole”. Moving me back up the beach, but not before, bending down to pick up my colorful toy. “Evidence” he said “You are gonna look like a real Sissy Boy standing in front of a Judge when I whip this out a admit it into evidence. Now move” he said with a shove.

“Ow…. Hey that hurts “. I angrily said. As he shoved me, again.

By now I was thinking, after that comment about going before a Judge. At least he wasn’t planning to beat me and leave me flopping around on the beach, like a fish out of water. A slight, relief in my mind anyway. Going before a judge, I could at least argue police brutality, exploitation or unprofessional conduct by a law enforcement officer at the very least. It may get me off on a technicality. There would be no way to dodge the humiliation the whole thing would bring.

He hurried me up the beach, towards my stuff. My arm now now aching from his Cop Hold on me. He again began berating me "So you and your fag friends think you can come to my beach and prance around like Sissies and perverts Huh"

I tried to object, again trying to assert my rights. "Listen you fucker I have ...."

"Shut the fuck up" he snapped before I could finish. Then "This is my beach and my rules apply here"

He reared his stick up threateningly and held it then asked "How would like a Hickory Shampoo you tiny dick piece of shit"

That was about all I could stand when I spun from his grip and bowed up. He pushed me down into the hot sand. I got to up on my knees. now covered in sand and was thinking about giving him my best shot when he thrust himself closer. My face was suddenly right in front of his crotch when I saw the bulge. It was becoming clear as mud."My beach my rules” he repeated. “You understand partner"

I now did.. He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me tight to his cloth covered manhood. "I get it I get it” my muffled reply. My nose got a whiff of his sweaty balls. I was sort of getting turned on. My dick twinged a little. My asshole puckered as well.

He held me there for a long time. I began to tremble.

" Oh, so that's the way it's going to be" I knowingly said as he I pulled my face harder into his crotch.

By now he had replaced the Hickory stick back into the ring on his belt and started to unbuckle it. I reached for his zipper and slid it down. He unbuttoned his shorts. “I understand now" I said as I worked his shorts down past his hips then started for his jockey briefs. I slid them down as well. Down to thigh height. He towered over me blocking out the sun. His cock popped up from his sweaty crotch where it now hung free from the confines of the shorts and briefs. He was semi-erect when I took him into my mouth. "Ummmm" I moaned, his musky scent was especially pungent on this hot sticky morning. Getting hotter and stickier by the minute. I sucked his manly cock to full length working my tongue like a pro.

"You Like that boy?" he questioned.

I had to be three time his age and he was calling me boy? I was't all that offended at least he wasn't calling me "Old Man".

By now he wasn't calling me Sissy or Faggot either . There may be hope for my ass after all . And by ass I was thinking and hoping for what was to come. I sucked on his cock for a good 5 minutes. His dick was getting nearly as big as my toy. Not as long but he did have the girth. I moaned again "Ummmmm Uh Huh I like that I like it a lot" and continued to slobber on his knob. He pulled his dick from my mouth, stood me up pointed towards the ocean.

"Get down there and rinse that sand off" he commanded me. "I don't want it all over me". As he continued Stripping off his shorts. Stepping out of them carefully. Pulling them over his boots one leg at a time. He was in his shirt, socks and boots. His cap and "Boss Man" glasses still were on his head. He began to unbutton the shirt as I looked over my shoulder. “And don't even think about running" he said as he finished, then put his shirt on the handle bar of the wheeler next to his shorts. I started to jog for the water. He was standing there hands on his hips watching me all authoritative and cocky.

“I get it. I get it Your Beach, Your Rules I definitely get it". It was then that I began to wonder how the fuck did he sneak up on me like that? He must have spied me with those big ass military grade binoculars I spotted, now lying on the front rack of the 4- wheeler. From a long ass way away, judging from their size.

Then It hit me just as I reached the water and again heard a boat skirting up the coast . That fucking boat going by, I remembered. It must have drowned out the noise of that 4-wheeler. A 4 stoke no doubt. Much quieter than my old 2-stroke Yamaha Blaster. That sneaky mother fucking bastard. He was watching the whole time, I thought. I waded out to dick deep, feeling the now warming ocean on my hardening cock I dove in just beyond the breakers and was glad to get rinsed off. My penis and balls responded to the water by Turtleing Up. My ball sack got leathery and sucked my nuts up and my dick that was raging hard just a few short minutes ago. Was now, just short.

"That's enough" he said testily "My Rules" remember.

I was beginning to think that whole tough guy thing was just an act. Still I didn't linger in the water too long. “Yeah, Yeah your rules" I told him from across the open beach. I picked up my pace moving closer to him. Then under my breath said "Your rules you beach we'll see about that”. I was close by then. almost too close; I think he heard my derogatory remark. When I got back to the nest he was rummaging thru my bag.

"You got any weed in here?” as he dumped it out onto the towel. Not again with the Tough Guy routine I thought.

"Just bottle of water, an empty beer can and another shell bag" I said. He had already tossed my toy on my towel, laying there on the sand. The bag was rolled up tight to save room. That bottle of water was looking good, even though it was piss warm. I hadn't had anything to drink since my beer earlier. "You Mind?" I asked and uncapped it and took a pull. I picked up the shell bag unrolled it and opened wide "Satisfied? " I asked. I looked in it for a quick glance myself . "Oh shit” I softly said, remembering almost instantly that there was something in there. A rusty topped Bic lighter and a baggie from our last trip. Oh fuck I thought. Here we go again.

"Let me see that", he began, so I handed him the lighter. "No not that you ...." He started to say Fag or queer or sissy but stopped short and just grabbed the baggie.

I knew full well what was in it. A big halfie, left over from our last trip to Playalinda that I had forgotten about..

“What do you have to say about this" holding the bag and shaking it in my face.

" Medicinal ??? " I told him. Holding my arms out , Shrugging my shoulders; palms up, in a questioning gesture.

"Is that all you have to say" He shot back.

"No it’s not". How about? Puff, Puff Pass Bitch" and I responded and smiled.

He held up the slightly crumpled half joint inspected it as if were a precious artifact or something smoothed it. Held it to his nose and sniffed.

I picked up then flicked the rusty topped Bic and it failed to spark. The sparking mechanism came flying out and disappeared into the sand.

He said “That’s OK I got a light in my shorts " he turned walked over to the 4 wheeler where his pants were, retrieved his lighter.

Now that’s odd I thought. A minute ago he was breaking bad now this?

Then sure enough he fired it up after sucking on it a couple of times, He coughed twice exhaled the rest then said "That shit is skunked". It had after all spent the past 3 weeks or so in a musty slightly damp beach bag. He dropped it on the sand then proceeded to bury with his boot. He said "Wait till you try mine. It's some trippy assed Space Funk those NASA scientist grow it over by The Shuttle Landing strip out by the swamp"

After such a rocky start I was thinking to myself maybe this tough guy ain't so tough after all. He went back to his ride dug around in the cargo compartment for a second or two then pulled out a Fattie nearly as wide as my index finger and about the same length. He handed it to me and said. “Wrap you Lips around that Bad Babboozo" those couple hits he took from measly roach must have gotten the synapses in his brain firing.

Did he just quote Cheech and Chong I puzzled in my mind? I fired it up and took a deep hit then began to choke and cough, my lungs spasaming uncontrollably I gasped for air then coughed it all out.

" Kinda Gets you by the YaYa " another Tommy Chong quote.

]After just one toke my eyelids were relaxing. A warm melty feeling began to swirl around my mind. My fingers began to look and feel rubbery. This shit out of this world.

Then I started in. "Hey man what's in that shit I never smoked no shit like that" Giving it my completely fluent Cheech Marin accent. I lazily handed it over to him.

He took a big hit then."Waaaahhhg" Now flexing then curling his fingers and shaking his hand in my face for effect. Again in a totally believable Tommy voice. "Sometimes that helps man"

This dude is a total fucking trip I thought. Then I began to laugh. Just a normal every day funny joke kind of laugh to begin but then he started in and before we knew it we were laughing hysterically. We sat down cross legged in the sand. Me totally naked, still and he in just his shit kickers. Sand right in both of our ass cracks we were just having the best laugh. I've have heard of and even tried some “Two Hit Shit” before. Back when I was in Hawaii, true Maui Wowie, but after just 1 toke we were tore up. Both of us were stoned to the bone.


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