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A Nice Day For It (Revised)

A Nice Day For It

About a year ago I took a Fleet Disposable Enema Bottle over to Playalinda Beach, at The Canaveral National Seashore. With a special plan. Here's my story.

Parking lot 13 is where we always park for those of you that don't know it's the unofficial Nude Beach parking. By Florida law public nudity is forbidden. Since this was Federal Land they turned a blind eye to it. Signs warn Be Advised You May Encounter Nudity Beyond this Point. My beach buddy, Billy and I arrived early around 7:30 in the morning. Lot 13 still had several spots open. Early Birds always get the Worm. At least we wouldn’t have to lug our stuff far. The forecast called for mostly sunny with a slight risk of showers inland. Highs in the mid to upper 80’s. Light and variable on shore breeze. Perfect Beach weather. We loaded the beach wagon, a big tired wire mesh sided garden wagon that we always used to tote our stuff. Usually it was filled with our chairs, umbrellas, coolers, towels and our beach bags. Billy's bag held his cell phone, cigarettes, snacks, occasionally a book and his keys. I used mine, a couple of them actually, for collecting shells, driftwood, sea beans and the wide variety of Flotsam and Jetsam washed up on the shore. I incorporated these items into my budding beach craft business, actually more of a hobby. You need to turn a profit to consider it business in my mind. All of our gear was loaded from the car and we set out.. We pulled our cart over the boardwalk separating the parking area and the dunes. It was elevated in the middle rising above protected dune vegetation. We stopped at the top of the board walk looking out to the open beach, I breathed in the salty air, then declared “Nice day for it”. A line taken from, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, a campy tale about drag queens on a road trip in The Land Down Under. Something I recite mostly in the company of other people with the same mindset as me. I pushed while Billy pulled the wagon through the soft sugar sand. We only went far enough to find a nice secluded spot, well above the high tide rack line. One of those bags loaded in the cart packed a special surprise that I was very much looking forward to.

After selecting our spot. We deployed the umbrellas, one for each of us. Spread out a beach blanket onto which we laid our towels and bags, the coolers placed in arms reach next to it. It was still relatively early but still several people were milling around the beach already nude. We hurriedly stripped out of our clothes. I stood and stretched limbering up my muscles in anticipation of my hike down the beach. A ritual that Billy had become accustomed to after many trips to the beach together. My being gone for an hour or more collecting stuff was not unusual.

I said "I'm going to take a dip" then jogged to the water and waded in. The surf temp still felt cool but pleasing. I got out about waist deep then took the plunge. I came up then bent backward dipping back down to smooth my hair back. I began shaking off the cool water then headed back to shore. The dripping water in the morning sun felt good on my naked body. I'm no stud but I don't consider myself a "Chud" either. The nice thing about Playalinda was you could be who you were without judgment or ridicule. Male, female, young or old it just didn't seem to matter, to most people anyway. As I said I’m not a stud. I'm 60 years old, but still feeling young and adventurous for my age. I'm 6 feet tall. I weigh in at about 250 plus or minus. A bit of a gut, or Beer Drinkers Build, as I describe myself. That contributes to the fact that I looked small down below. The cool water I just jumped in wasn't helping that either. I jokingly say that "I'm Hung Like Gnat" but hey "To each his own my" Mom would say. I had heard a modified version of it in my later years it went "To each his own said Nelly. As she kissed the cow" We were at the nude beach so there was no hiding it. I just went with the flow.

I walked back up to our blanket, grabbed a towel to dry off. Then I got a beer out of the cooler

.“So early ? ". Billy ribbed.

I replied. “On beach time it's always Beer thirty". We both chuckled at that. Then he said "Why not. grab me one too" I cracked it open, shoved it his coozie and handed it to him. By this time he had assumed his normal position. Towel spread on his folding recliner. Sitting up, now with a cold one in his hand, surveying the bodies up and down the shore. Or as I say " Drink In My Hand Toes in the Sand...What a Beautiful World" like the song.

"Cheers" I said. We then bumped cans.

"Cheers Back" he replied. It was shaping up to be a great day. We Bantered back and forth for a while, the usual "Do You see that" . "Look at the size of that one" . "Check the tits on her". Our normal banter back and forth. Always out of ear shot of intended recipient. Never any cat calling or wolf whistles. After all this was a "Family Beach". It did my heart good to see naked Dads and naked Moms with their naked children running and playing naked on the sand and in the surf. You could always tell the regulars apart from people like Billy and I by the lack of tan lines and a deep bronze glow. I wished my folks had raised us in the Naturist Style. My Dad did however , mostly at night, and with no pool light on jump in our pool and Skinny Dip after a long day or midnight shift at work. Something we all did as kids at least my brothers anyway. My sister, 'eh not so much. Nowadays with my body I refer to swimming naked as "Chunky Dunkin' "

I finished my beer crumpled the can and stuck it in our garbage bag. Nothing pisses me off more than people that litter. Especially here on my favorite beach. I grabbed another beer stuck it in my coozie. A Favorite of mine it read "There's nothing Like A Good Butt Rub". The other side showed a pig standing up right in front a grill with a chef's hat on with bright pink butt cheeks . An advertisement for BBQ spices. I had always fantasized about laying on my beach blanket That coozie next to me, someone noticing it , sitting down next to me then rubbing my ass. Just a fantasy since that type of behavior was frowned upon by the park rangers. It always puzzled me those guys running up and down the beach fully clothed in their uniforms checking out all the naked bodies. What a career choice.

I told Billy "I'm Off to see the Wizard" A phrase we both associated with Judy Garland who was known for her acceptance of Gays or their adoration of her anyway.

He said "Don't do anyone I wouldn't Do". I thought to myself I'm pretty sure he'd do me. No. I actually knew that from past experience.

Knowing in advance of my plans I said. "Is it OK if I do myself ? " a broad smile swept over my face.

He came back with his exaggerated slow southern Cobb County drawl, peaking up slighly over his shades " Oh you know I would " then smiled coyly and waved me off on my way.

"I'm off". I started towards the water. I looked to the South checking to see if there was anything or anybody that drew my attention. I could see the crowds now begin to gather. I looked back to the North where I knew it would be secluded. Uh huh, north it would be and I started out. Now when I walk the beach it probably looks like I'm just coming from a funeral. Except for the nakedness, that would be awkward. I am usually "Head held down" slowly lumbering along as if in mourning. I'm really just paying close attention, looking for the elusive sea beans. Hamburger Beans that look just like tiny well you know... Knicker Beans, not any bigger than a marble and found with great infrequency. The most common being, Sea Hearts. Hard, woody, palm sized, kidney colored, heart shaped beans that float in on the tides. Along with all the others they originate, growing the trees that line Amazon River. Falling from the trees then floating thousands of miles. Totally at the whim of the wind an ocean current. When they wash up here on our beaches they are often sought after by people like me or Beaners as we refer to ourselves.. I wasn't far along when I spotted my first one of the day. A Sea Heart floating in the water. Not often do I find them swimming like that. I tucked it my bag and continued. I felt lucky this morning sometimes I walk for miles without finding any. There have been days when the wind and tides weren't favorable and I would come back skunked not one. Old timey sailors always kept a Sea Heart in there pockets for Good Luck. I enjoy meeting people not familiar with them and strike up a conversation. Naked people especially. Frequently while naked beach combing, I bend over when I get near someone pretending to pick up a shell or bean. Bending over, showing my ass. I guess it's the exhibitionist or the submissiveness in me. On a couple of occasions my ploy worked. With a bean in my bag I was feeling lucky today

I continued my stroll not so much concentrating on finding anything and more on the plan lurking in the back of my mind and toy in my bag. Passing several others, mostly couples, mostly men. Most of the time, exchanging casual glances and a nod .Or a "Good Morning"

My standard line to them all "Nice Day For It" it never got old for me.

I walked way down the beach Hell and Gone beyond the sign telling Beach Goers they need a Back Country Pass to proceed further. I think I clocked it at mile and a half on my cell phone once. But no phone today, I left it back on the blanket.. Nothing like, getting back to nature. The whole No Shirt No shoes No Problems philosophy. Butt Naked on a Warm Sunny Lazy Day. I was feeling it.. Anyway I was way the fuck from anyone my eyes scanning for those Pesky Rangers on 4 wheelers patrolling up and down the coast. I had my beach bag with my towel, the Fleet, some lube, a couple of 16 oz .bottles of water for refill purposes and my "Raspberry Delight". Also a wash, cloth just in case. I checked to see that "The Coast was Clear" after confirming that. I choose my spot. Not wanting to draw the Ire of Rangers by going beyond the Dune Line a more private choice I admit. But definitely a No No by their rules. I found a good sized Turtles Nest high up on the beach, wallowed out in the sand. egg casings littered about confirmed the nest was empty. It had to be 3 feet deep and 3 feet wide. My spot was perfect to commence with "Operation Beach Douche" I started by first Jumping in the Surf to get wet then back to the spot I had chosen. I laid my towel down in the bottom of the hole. Looked up and over the edge again to insure my privacy , thought for a moment how nice it would have been to have some help from a friend. I knew that wasn't going to be the case today. So I proceeded. I opened up my Beach Bag and got down to business. I pumped the Fleet dry into my butt. then refilled it from the water bottle . Emptied that and proceeded to go again. That was 3 Fleet bottles in case you weren't counting. I popped up for a look see. Still, not a wandering soul in sight.

Feeling somewhat full I walked down the Surf. I waded in about waist deep, determined which way the tide was running that particular morning. A slight northerly flow. I faced south and let my bowels empty. I walked a few steps away from the Chum Line I had just spewed as floated north on the tide. I reached back with my bare hand and swished my self clean then rubbed them together in the surf , reached down to the bottom for a handful of sand to further the cleaning . Next I squatted down and pushed real hard to make sure the job was done. Convinced it was all out. I stood up walked to about knee deep and fingered my butt hole a little. Satisfied I went back to my Hidey Hole in the sand. A quick glance North then back to the South and Finally out to Sea in case some fishermen were taking advantage of the fresh chum line. Not even a Squawking Gull in sight. I pulled "Raspberry Delight " out of my goodie bag lubed it up real good. Being extremely careful, to not get any sand on it. Ouch that would rub me the wrong way. I guided it up into my wanting waiting Man Cunt and fucked myself feverishly for several minutes. I pulled it out and inspected it "Shit" I said. No really shit was smeared on the tip. I grabbed my trusty wash cloth cleaned it off and headed back to the surf. After thoroughly cleaning the schmutz then rinsing the cloth. I again squatted pushed hard to expel the remaining contents of my bowels.

I took a quick swim careful to not let go of my toy. Then headed back to my "Nest" . The sun baking my wet body was luxurious. It was about 8:30 by now and the Rays were absolutely delightful. Not a cloud in the sky the ocean sea breeze soon dried me.

I wondered if Billy was wondering where I was. I decided Fuck It ! He new I was a Big Boy, and that I often wandered off for hours at a time. Searching, for Flotsam and Jetsam that had washed ashore. Unbeknownst to him today my bag held that special treat .And fuck it was exactly what I continued doing.

I saw the remaining bottle and a half of water and thought "Waist Not Want Not" although I may be thirsty later on. I unscrewed the tip and refilled the Fleet again promptly pumping into my puckering "Poop Chute". I stood up and walked over to the bushes, backed up and let it spray. Just a little more poop this time. I got back down in the "Fox Hole" poured the other half a bottle into the enema bottle and again squeezed it tight. The colon cleansing contents, swirling around inside. I picked up the lube snapped open the top applied a generous amount to the tip of "Old Raz" I decided to hold it as I walked down the shoreline, another quick scan still no one in sight. I got up walked to the edge of the Atlantic got down on my knees right where the sand was wetted by the gently rolling waves . I worked the toy into and around my waiting hole. I pumped it furiously to start for several minutes than slowed back down to match the swoosh swoosh sound of the waves lapping the beach. A little, now clear liquid began leaking out and running down nuts and legs with each fabulous stroke. This must be Heaven I thought. I gave my guts a final push, then splash, the clear remains emptied out. . A boat appeared on the horizon about a half mile offshore but I didn't stop. I figured they would need binoculars to see anything good. The sun, the sand, the sound of the waves and slurping slogging sound of my dildo sliding in and out mesmerized me. I continued for another five full minutes concentrating on the sensations deep inside my gut....... Ahhhh. what a feeling.

I looked up and out towards the ocean, the morning sun in my eyes, were I saw a shocking and humiliating sight. Two guys, sitting just a few yards off the beach watching intently, the show that was I putting on. In and out, as the case just so happened to be. They were sitting silently in an ocean style kayak. The waves, gently rolling, onto the beach. It was one of those two man jobs. They had slid silently in without a sound. A feature, that bird watchers and nature lovers loved. A feature that caught me by total surprise.

The bigger guy in front spoke first. He was a red head , was sort of short and dumpy from what I could see of his naked Ginger body. Sun burned on the top and pale down below. The kayak seats being situated just a little lower than flush with the deck allowed me the view. He was sitting sort of cross legged and leaning back on the backrest enjoying himself immensely. He was slowly and purposefully, tugging at his dick . Not really hard but definitely not limp

“You look like you’re having fun”. He said in a New York accent. As he grinned ear to ear.

I answered timidly “Well I was until….” And let it fade to nothing.

Then, the guy in the back, also relaxing in his seat back. His paddle across his lap. A younger trimmer guy also naked wearing only sunglasses. Blonde haired and quite attractive from what I could see. He too was pale but getting pink. No tan lines. I assumed on vacation from up north.

The blonde now spoke up. “You need any help with that?

I was thinking Hmmmm that might be nice, so I replied. “ If you’re not too busy. As a matter of fact, Yeah I could”.

They grabbed their paddles and sprinted for shore. It didn’t take but a few hard strokes to run the kayak up on the beach.

Two tourist fellas I thought. Very nice, this could get interesting. After all as I said It was a nice day…. For them. By the look I judged a Daddy Son arrangement. Dad being the Older bigger guy and the son the younger trim one. I was OK with the idea of a “Chub Cub” relationship after all I was 15 years older than Billy. But Billy was more chub and I was sub. By the way they hurriedly pulled the kayak up past the waterline I could tell that they were eager to participate , helping me out any way they could. They walked towards me eyeing the Raspberry Red toy that I was administering to my horny hole.

I stood up telling them both. “I’m Rick “. Then after a pause…. “ Dick” for my friends that know me better.

“Chuck “the big guy said, “From Poughkeepsie” the other one followed with “Hi I’m Stan we live together” . Happy to make your acquaintance”.

“Glad to meet you both. Now that we are all acquainted proper. Please call me Dick. I like that best”

Stan the blonde said “We like Dick too”. As he approached me and reached for then began rubbing mine,

Chuck moved closer too and began to massage my back.

”My towel and things are just up the beach lets head up”.“Head sounds great” Chuck said followed by , “Ummm and Up sounds good too".

Stan said ”Wait just a minute let me get our bag” he let go of my cock . Headed for the kayak then produced a small waterproof duffle bag from out of a enclosed compartment.

“Where did you guys put in?” I asked.

Chuck followed it up “I sure know where I’d like to put it In”.

My ass now pulsing and my dick getting bigger “The kayak smart ass”

“Oh that. Up the coast near, New Symrna. We heard about it from some friends of ours. They said this was a nice place to sunbathe nude”.

Stan offered “It really wasn’t too far just about 20 or 30 minutes paddling. I checked our handheld GPS just a second ago back at the boat. I wanted to save this way point. Just in case. "What about you? I don’t see any bike or a boat. Did you walk ? “

"My buddy and I come here all the time but down to Playalinda on the south side of the park”

They both looked around inquisitively,” You’re with your buddy ? still glancing about.

We were standing at the turtle's nest by now as I told them. “He’s back by parking lot 13 about a mile and a half back down the beach he’s not much for hiking” At the other end of the park.

” Oh so you’re all alone then “. Chuck said.

“Well up until you two Fellas Got here, I got down on my knees and started sucking Chuck’s cock” like I said I am partial to chubs. Working up and down keeping it wet with spit. He was getting a definite boner. While I was paying him some attention. He was stroking Stan’s meat, now growing bigger by the second. I turned to face him and slurped his dick into my mouth eagerly. Bobbing up and down vigorously. “Ahhh” he moaned that’s really nice you sure know how to suck cock”

“I’ve had some practice” my reply while switching back to Chuck’s dick working diligently and expertly. Both their boners shiny and slick now I had other plans. “ Spread out a towel next to mine". Chuck nearly fell stripping open the zipper on their duffel he pulled out a blanket like the one I bring to the beach and snapped it open then let it fall back the sand down in the hole.

Perfect “ I got down and picked up my dildo and the lube. Noticing that sand had gotten on it I opened the remaining bottle of water and rinsed it off. “There all clean now somebody please fuck me” back on my hands and knees again I was ready and waiting.

Chuck was the first in line. He took it unsnapped the top on the lube and sploched some on the head then fingered it back a little. He then applied it to my eagerly awaiting hole. He smoothed it around with his forefinger then pressed the raspberry dong slowly against it. Applying more pressure it started in I gasped at the pleasurable sensation then started in “Fuck me, fuck me. Fuck me Goddamn it. Fuck that ass good “ I chanted. And he complied with my request. Like I told him to. Faster the dildo slipping at fast and furious pace again slogging and slurping like back on the beach. “Harder faster That’s it Yes Harder . Yessss Yesss Yes. “ Sweat now coming from my brow . my face beginning to drip. My hair drenched.

Stan said “Let me have a go at that” and they switched off. Without missing a stroke, he continued.

Meanwhile Chuck was rummaging through the duffle a pulled out a small yellow bottle. Without seeing the label. I knew exactly what it was.

“Poppers” he asked.

My ass still getting a rhythmic pumping. I replied “Oh Hell YEAH” I heard the Pfffft as the cap came off. Still nice and fresh I could tell from the sound, He held it under my nose and I sucked in the Aroma. My head started getting that Wubba Wubba sensation. My asshole relaxed even more . “Deeper Deeper Deeper “ I begged. Then. “More Lube, put more lube. Pull it out and grease me up good” which Chuck now did after passing the poppers to Stan who now was sniffing the open bottle. He passed it back to Chuck who took a Pop. Then back to me Holding them while I sniffed hard then taking another hit. My head was spinning and my heart racing I was loosing control. My asshole was as sensitive as it could be. Every nerve ending soaking in the sensations. Every bump every pump Pure ecstasy.

Handing over control of my toy back to his partner. Stan capped the bottle one handed like I had done in the past. Deftly replacing the top without spilling a drop.

“ Bury it “ I implored “Bury it” the dildo now back in nearly all the way me. I was grunting like an animal .

I reached back with my hand, brushing Stan’s away. I reached for the last inch sticking out of my butt After getting the feel I used my fingertip to push the Raspberry Delight home Deep into my gut, The entire length slipping up inside.

“ Holy Shit he did it “ Chuck announced “ The Whole Fucking Thing for Christ Sake You see this Stan?” "Where is your camera?"

“Amazing how do you do that “ Stan looking on in awe.

I took a big deep breath then gave a huge Uh Uh Uh AHHHHGGG!!!!! Grunt, bore down on the toy deep inside and shot it out for the second time today. I collapsed onto the blanket my knees weakened to exhaustion . My head still woosie from the poppers.

“ That was AWESOME “ the guys still looking on in disbelief of what they had just witnessed.

I regained my composure after minute or two. Still belly down on the blanket, I looked over my shoulder and said “Who’s next?’"

Chuck and Stan had both been jacking themselves as they watched both their dicks raging hard.

“Well? Either of you two want to give this Freakaholic a go?” as II spun over on to my back wadded up the towel and then tucked under me and raised both legs high. My ass still oozing lube, glistening in the sun inviting some more action.

Chuck wasted no time dropping to his knees and scoothching into position behind me. He pressed the head of his dick to my puckering pussy and plunged forward. Driving it deep with all his might. My hole had been so well fucked by the dildo it offered no resistance what so ever.

“AHHH Yes Oh that’s good. Fuck me big boy, fuck me. Pound that hole. Beat that Pussy up” I encouraged.

Stan was now digging in the duffel and brought out a digital camera . “You mind? “

"Fuck no take all the shots you want . Just promise me, Ohh Ohh OH yes the pumping continued. Uh Huh Uh Huh To Ohh Oh O my god. Send them. Yes Yes yes uh huh just like that ….. Send ummm. Them uhhuh … to Me Ahhhhhh. So Good

He was snapping shots one after a fucking- nother Click Click Click. He handed Chuck the poppers as he let go of my ankles and took a huge hit then replaced the lid and offered it back to Stan.

I said. Hey what about me ? He uncapped them., thrust deep, handing them to me. Uh huh Uh huh that’s it keep it going. I took the lid off and took a big pull from my nose, quickly capping it off before the violent fucking made me spill any.

Chuck grunted and grunted "UM Uh, ahhhhh that hole’s so hot , Sooooo uh uh uh Fucking uh ah ha ah ha Hot So good ummmm So goddamn goooood. So uh uh goood "

I could tell he was fixing to come his rhythm picking up slapping against my ass his crotch banging and bucking . so I bucked back I grasped at the blanket to keep me in place then sat up to reach his thighs pulling them while he pushed Like an animal Uh Uh Uh Huh Uh Huh do it fuck me Fuck me over and and over Hoping it wouldn’t stop.

Stan was doing a great job photographing Down low from the back, then up close, again from the back, then right up tight over the front of my belly being sure to get my hard dick that I had been jacking almost the entire time . He moved feverishly taking shots. Vacation Memories. Captured in the heat of the moment. On A Hot Florida Beach. Two guys Fucking . Fucking hot was all I could think. It wasn’t long When Chuck leaned in with all his might pumping . Groaning OHHHHH OHHHH UH HUHHHH UH HUHHH . I’m fixing to blow my load ".

"Give it. Give it all UH Huh. Give it uh uh uh Yes. To. YES. ME…." I Begged over and over as he shot his warm Spoozle deep inside my gut . "Get this Get this ". He excitedly told Stan as he backed up pulling out. Click. Slowly Pulling back. Click. Until finally dislodging himself. Click. His penis still oozing cum. Click. Then just before my anus clenched back closed with sperm rolling out and down the crack of my ass. Click. Click. Click. That had to be hot I couldn’t wait to review them . So Fucking Hot I thought, as Chuck backed up, still on his knees. Panting and gasping trying to regain control . He finally fell back and off to the side laying face up on the blanket . Cum still oozing from his now relaxing cock. Stan Finally set the camera down leaned down and sucked the final precious drips off of Chucks Cock. He reacted accordingly wincing and convulsing with uncontrollable jerks and spasms following his mind blowing orgasm.

“I gotta have a drink” . Then, “me too” followed by, “me three” . We Laughed at that. Stan stood up, said" I’ll get some Drinks out of our cooler". Then turned. To head for the kayak.

Before he took two steps he was greeted by two guys standing there naked with stiff dick that started to applaud. Clap clap clap. Clap….. “Nice show” one of them said. The other guy added “What do you do for an encore?’

I stood up and took a bow. Chuck managed his way up to his feet and took a bow also. Stan making his way back with drinks also took one for our audience. All of us Gay . All of us naked. All of us smiling like the Cheshire Cat. We giggled a little bit. Then I invited the two new guys up to the blanket to sit. We all introduced ourselves . We drank Gatorade laughed and joked a while. Smeared suntan oil on each other. When I realized the time. “Holy Shit What time is it?”

Then sun was beyond straight over head, past High noon, I surmised, and headed back down towards the west.

Chuck pulled his watch out of the duffel and told me it was 2 O’clock. Oh fuck I thought I’ve got to head back Billy has got to be freaking out by now.

I Told the guys “I’ve got to haul ass .. My buddy has probably issued A Rainbow Alert by now. He’ll have search party out looking before long. I’ve got to go” They laughed at “The Rainbow Alert” line.

Then Stan told me “ I was just fixing to spark up a joint that I had saved for a special occasion and this was pretty special”

"Well Shit “ I said. Remembering it had been a long time since I had smoked anything. I sat back down . We smoked looked at the pics on the digital camera. Got hard again but did nothing about it. I was spent.

After the joint which was pretty killer.

The new guys headed off north What were their name’s , I Though. t Oh Well I’ll likely never see them again.

Chuck and Stan, after giving me their personal contact info card they carried with them. I wanted those pictures too, Bad. Who's going To believe this? I thought. Loaded up the kayak and headed back to New Smyrna

I started to gather up my things packed the dildo the lube which by the way was nearly empty picked up my water bottles then started to fold my towel up and stow it for the long walk back. Hoping Billy hadn’t Split leaving with no clothes or phone or wallet…. Na He’d never do that. I hope.

I thought relax we never leave till sunset and it was only two thirty maybe three . He’d be pissed but he’d get over it . A blow job would fix that. Just a few more minutes. Sit here enjoy your buzz . Relax before the long haul back I told myself. Just cool it, chill out. It’s not every day you get worked like I had been worked over . Bask in the in The “Fleeting” moment .

I grabbed the cum stained towel and shook the sand out. Sniffed it hoping for a lingering Man scent Yep it was there. Spread it back down in the Nest now facing west towards the afternoon sun. Before I laid back down I sprayed suntan lotion all over my naked body now tanning nicely.

I outstretched my arms surveying the scene. Twisted them Around then in big circles then back and forth Calisthenics Style I said out loud to no one in particular "Yes Definitely A Nice Day For It" I lied down on my towel and closed my eyes for just a few minutes…

I was drifting in and out still high from the joint. Happily recalling the solo dildo job that Had been giving myself earlier. How good that feeling was. I recalled the scene like it was still happening. Anxious to get back and spill the details to Billy. How would I tell him the tale? In detail, I decided. It would go like this ...... then I nodded off dreaming of my day........

Kneeling on hands and knees at the waters edge, my hand reaching around to manipulate the dildo. Driving it deep into my hole. I was fucking myself like a mad man......


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