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About tonight

I had enough time after my psychology class to go back to my dorm and grab some lunch at the cafeteria. I stopped by my room to drop off my books for my morning classes and pick up my afternoon class notebook. My roommate, Tom, was there. He asked if I was going to the gym later and I thought, "yes, I better go" as so told him, "yeah, what time are going to be there?" He said around 3:30 p.m. Which worked for my schedule. So I grabbed my gym bag and planned to go there as soon as my last class was done. As he was leaving, he said, "Hey, I'm staying with Susan again tonight so if you need the room..." and smirked. I said, "cool" although I had no idea if Sharon would want to come over to my room again tonight as she liked her room at the house better. We weren't sleeping together every night anyway as we didn't do that if one of us was working late on a paper or had a test the next day. I needed to study tonight but didn't have anything big going on tomorrow. Which reminded me, tomorrow was Friday. I wondered if Sharon's roommates were around this weekend.

I called Sharon's house and left a message on her answering machine. Even if she had something to do tonight and couldn't stay over, we would probably study some together and maybe get a burger for dinner. I didn't want to leave a message that said, "Hey, this is David, do you want to spend the night in my dorm room again tonight" as I thought it would be weird for her roommates to hear that if they got home before she did. I wasn't as forward about sex as Sharon was. That was one thing that I learned when we started dating two months ago. I would stammer in asking her, "do you want to stay over?" She was more the "Hey, do you want to fuck?" type or would fondle my crotch even in public or come over to my room and unzip my jeans as soon as the door was closed. While she was only a year older than me, I was still a 19 year old in just my second year of college. I had a girlfriend in high school and dated another girl my freshman year here. But sex in high school is all about opportunity and there were so few chances for a boy and girl still living at home to do anything other than have sex in a hurry somewhere and never spend the whole night together.

It had blown my mind this morning when Sharon had gotten out of my bed completely naked in front of Tom. She had taken her time finding her panties and getting dressed. As though Tom wasn't there or was watching her. I thought, "if the tables were turned, and she was sharing a dorm room with another girl. And Sharon and I were in her bed together, would have I gotten up completely nude and dressed in front of her female roommate?" I thought that there was no way that I would have done that. It was weird enough that a roommate would have walked in on us, seen our clothes on the floor, and known that we were butt naked under the sheet. Yeah, everyone knew everyone's business in the dorms and who was sleeping with who. But on my dorm floor, the girls leaving their boyfriends' rooms in the morning usually looked away and embarrassed when passing us in the hallway. Although I was not sure why. Our communal bathroom and shower was at the end of the hall and we usually wore only our underpants to the showers and back. Which meant that the girls leaving our rooms in the mornings were dressed and we were barely so. Still, I thought that Sharon probably left my dorm room with her head held high and looking the other boys right in the eye. Assuming she wasn't checking them out. I could see that too. Her walking by and them suddenly covering their crotches with their hands or towels.

So the message that I left on her answering machine was "Hey, this is David, want to study later? I'm meeting Tom at the gym around 3:30 but can meet you at 5:00 at the library. Maybe go get a burger after that?". My message still sounded stupid as I felt like a little boy asking a girl on a date. But didn't want to invite myself over to her house or tell her that my roommate would gone for the night just yet.

I left the dorm and went to my next class. Daydreamed through most of it. Kept thinking about Sharon and our conversation last night and this morning. Then thought about what my psych professor had said about corporal punishment. Which seemed like a weird coincidence.

Then I headed over to the gym, picked a locker, stored my class notebook, and start stripping down. Tom came in the locker room, picked the locker next to mine and did the same. Tom had been a high school athlete like me although he had played more basketball and baseball while my sports had been soccer, track and cross-country, wrestling and some football, baseball, and swimming through junior high and high school. At 6' 1", Tom was slightly taller than me and more muscular. I was under 140 pounds and he was at least 165. Still, we both liked to play pick-up basketball at the gym even though he was much better than I was.

I pulled on my jockstrap and old white high school gym shorts with the school insignia on one leg and my last name written in permanent marker just below that. I had a t-shirt with our college name on the front and grabbed a pair of sneakers out of my gym bag. Just then a couple of guys that we knew walked past us and said, "you guys up for some pick-up in the front gym?" I had planned on lifting some weights and then going for a run but thought that a quick game would be fun. Tom agreed and finished dressing out. I tossed my running shoes back in my gym bag and grabbed a pair of high top sneakers that I wore for basketball. We joined four other guys in the front gym for a half-court three man game. I figured that the game would last an hour max and then I could still do some weight work. I was skinny with a runner's build, and had hoped to add some muscle. But it was slow progress and I need to work harder at it.

About halfway through our pick-up game, Tom and I were down 15 points and sweating like we had been playing for hours. The front gym basketball court had bleachers while the back gym was just a full size court with no seating. I stopped during our time-out and was bent over with my hands on my knees catching my breath when I saw Sharon sitting on the first row bleachers watching our game. I was surprised to see her. Then remembered that I had left that message on her answering machine about going to the gym at 3:30 and meeting her at the library at 5:00. She must have gotten my message and come over to find me. I wasn't sure how long she had been there but she gave me a smile and one of her sexy looks.

The time-out was over so we went back to playing. But my concentration on the game was suddenly shot. Just her being there was turning me on.