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Ages and Stages - A Continuation

Ages and Stages - Part 22

Sorry about the delay. I have been out of the country, and some of the remote places I have stayed have little to no internet at best. Other places have had internet, but I am under close scrutiny, so I must be very careful in where I surf and what I post. At least when I am home, I am free to write as I please, without Big Brother breathing down my neck. In some of the places I traveled I had to be very careful letting anyone know that I'm a Christian. My travel Bible somehow got "lost" in the journey. The USA has it's share of problems, but at least we can discuss them and do something about it. God Bless America!

Well, enough of my adventures, let's get to what you came for:


Ages & Stages - Part 22 POSTED 12-29-2019

As the Karen left the waiting area, she could here the MRI machine start up with its incessant "thump, thump, thump" from with-in. Karen felt a sympathy toward John's situation, but at the same time, was happy that she wouldn't have to endure the constant banging noises, at least for a little while. Karen found the small cafe' and after purchasing a cup of coffee and a muffin, sat herself down in a comfortable chair in the corner. As Karen sipped and nibbled, she pulled a small book from her purse. She opened it to reveal a collection of Psalms, and immediately flipped to a section on peace and comfort. Karen alternately read, prayed, sipped, and nibbled as she pondered John's situation.

As she read she became aware of a hungry baby crying nearby, as looked up to see a mother sitting in the adjoining chair, holding her baby. She watched at the woman opened her blouse to offer the child a nipple. Suddenly Karen became aware of two small wet patches on the front of her blouse. She was experiencing "sympathetic let-down," where a lactating women's breasts are stimulated by the cry of a hungry baby, causing her milk to leak.

Karen had conflicted feelings about this new development. She was happy to now be producing enough milk to where she could actually have this happen. But, at the same time, she was a bit embarrassed to have this happen in public. Karen just smiled at the young mother, who now noticed Karen's predicament. "You nurse your baby, too?" she asked.

"Yes," Karen answered, "but I didn't have a clean nursing bra to put on this morning, and I thought I'd be okay."

"I guess Tommy's crying triggered you," the woman added.

"I was a bit surprised, this hasn't happened in quite a while," Karen said.

Reaching into the diaper bag beside her, the woman retrieved two nursing pads and handed them to Karen. "Take these," she offered, "It's the least I can do... I kind of feel responsible, since Tommy set you off." She also handed her a clean dry cloth diaper, "maybe you could dry your blouse in the ladies room with this."

Karen thanked the woman and slipped off into the ladie's room. After placing a pad into each cup of her bra, she dabbed her top with the diaper, then turned on the hand dryer, blowing the air on her chest. She returned to her chair, and handing the damp cloth back to the woman, she thanked her once again. "How old is Tommy?" she asked.

"He's four and a half months," she answered, "how old is your baby?"

"I'll just say that he had his fourth birthday a little bit ago, and is looking forward to his next birthday. But he is not excited about the whole weaning thing!" Karen answered. "Some people think that's too old, I guess."

"Not at all!" the woman reassured her. "I waiting for my nine-year-old boy, Mikey. He is getting his ankle x-rayed, he may have broken it riding a motocross bike. Well, he nursed until he was seven. Of course, if he heard me tell anyone that, he'd be a bit upset." then dropping her voice to a whisper, she added, "he still begs for it occasionally, especially when I nurse the baby. I confess, I let him nurse a little now and then, when his brother doesn't empty me out, and I'm a bit uncomfortable. He nursed just a couple of nights ago." With that out, she sighed in relief, being able to tell this to a complete stranger. "You probably think I am some sort of nut case."

"No, not at all!" Karen reassured her. "I have thought about nursing Johnny until he hits puberty. I've read many experts who encourage that position."

"You, too!" the woman exclaimed. "I have wanted to continue with Mikey just like that, too! Wow! I feel so much better about it. Thank you, thank you, for your encouragement. I have really been considering putting him back on the breast regularly, at least until puberty, but no one I've talked to seemed to understand. Your words are like a confirmation to me! Thank you for being so nice!"

"Confirmation?" Karen asked, "Are you a Christian?"

"Yes, I am." she answered.

"Then read the scripture... go online... look up verses abut breastfeeding. It's VERY Biblical! God gave you your breasts for a reason; God invented breastfeeding!" Karen excitedly added, "If God gave you breasts and milk, and your child needs milk, isn't it all about honoring Him if you follow through and obey, by nursing your child?"

"I never thought about it quite that way before," she said as she pondered these words. "Thank you, I will consider this more deeply, and I WILL pray about it." Then looking at her watch she said, "It's been a pleasure, but I gotta run. Mikey should be coming out of X-ray any minute." The woman handed Karen a scrap of paper with her name and phone number, "call me sometime!"

Karen glanced at her watch, it had been nearly an hour, so she cleaned up her scraps and headed back to the MRI center.

POSTED 12-29-2019



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