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Companion Needed [Chapter 2]

Companion Needed [Chapter 2]

The next day at work, Ben found himself smiling as he remembered the interesting evening he'd just spent being a "Companion Needed", and liked the fact that he actually was needed and was fulfilled in ways he wasn't at work. It was with much anticipation that he left work and headed to Stan's house to begin his session of being a companion.

He let himself in with the key Stan gave him and saw Stan sitting facing the door with a big smile on his face.

"I've been looking forward to your visit all day. I think yesterday was the most fun I've had in many, many years, and I feel I must be the most lucky old man in the world."

"I'm glad you enjoyed the evening. I hope you slept well," Ben stated, not knowing exactly what his next step would be.

"Come here," Stan commanded with a huge smile. Ben walked over and Stan hugged him around his legs and said, "bend down." Ben bent over and hugged Stan with their cheeks side by side.

"What's for supper?" Stan asked to break the silence and allow Ben to stand up from the hug.

"I thought we'd have spaghetti and meatballs with fresh parmesan cheese and a green salad, with some more of that good wine we had last evening

"Ah, how did you know that's one of my favorite meals?" Stan asked in agreement with the dinner menu. "I have some great Pinot Noir I've been wanting to sample. That and spaghetti will be perfect. "Get cooking and I'll get the wine," was said as he wheeled himself out of the room.

The meal went well and they enjoyed the fellowship of another glass of wine as they discussed Ben's work and hobbies.

"I'm not blocked like yesterday, but I think I need another enema," Stan said and began wheeling himself toward the bedroom.

"Need - - - or want?" Ben asked playfully as he followed. He understood the joy of a good enema given by someone who knew what he was doing.

"Does it matter?" Stan asked, as he unbuttoned his shirt. "I'm paying you to take care of me and that includes an enema."

"Coming right up, Sir," Ben responded with a smile. "I'll be as fast as I can be and get you filled to the brim."

When he returned with the enema equipment, he smiled as he realized that Stan was lying nude on the bed, on his side in the perfect position.

"I see you are a fast learner," Ben mused, and began to lube the anal opening. "You are in the perfect position for a good enema."

As he lubed the opening, he spent a little extra time rubbing up toward the base of the penis. He smiled when he was rewarded with a soft moan.

He slipped his middle finger in this time to reach a little farther in and twisted it around to lube all the interior. He slowly let it slide out, spending a bit of extra time massaging the prostate area. He then added another finger and slowly pushed both fingers in and across the prostate. He knew Stan was enjoying the feeling because he was breathing a bit faster and louder. He removed his fingers and replaced it with the enema nozzle and began the flow of warm water. He stopped it a couple of times but Stan was able to take the entire bag and was very still for a while.

"Help me up now," he said with urgency. Ben lifted him and carried him to the bathroom and stood close by as the water expelled in spurts and pauses until he was clean.

"Shower time," Ben announced and began removing his scrubs and briefs. He helped Stan up and together the two naked men made their way to the walk-in shower. This time the shower was the same except when he got to the genital area, he didn't ask Stan to do it himself. He took the handsome cock into his soapy hands and proceeded to clean it very carefully, pulling back the skin to wash around the sensitive head.

"You do that very well," Stan moaned and enjoyed the fact that he was feeling aroused. He hadn't felt that in a long time and thought that sex had long passed him up. He reached over and took Ben's smaller dick into his hands and felt it growing. "Wish I could get hard like this," Stan whispered.

Ben realized that he was throbbing in Stan's hands and wanted Stan to feel the same thing. He sprayed the soap off and bent over and took Stan's cock into his mouth and felt him jerk with surprise at the wonderful feeling.

"I've always wondered what that would feel like," Stan said between quick breaths of pleasure. "I was afraid I'd go to my grave and never know what a mouth would feel like, much less a man's mouth would feel like. This is wonderful!"

After a while Ben felt hands on his head as he was pulled up and let the semi-hard cock slide from his mouth.

"Don't you like it?" Ben asked in surprise.

"Yes, I love it very much," but I don't want you to feel like you have to do that, just because I'm paying you."

"I just want you to feel special and to know what it's like to enjoy oral pleasure," Ben replied. "I don't feel forced to suck you."

"Let's go to bed," Stan whispered, and Ben dried him off and then himself and carried him into the bedroom. They got into bed nude, and hugged against each other as tightly as they could.

"Ben, I want you spend the night with me tonight. In fact, I want you to move here with me. It would save you a lot of money and you'd be here any time I need you," he whispered into his ear and let his tongue reach out and touch the earlobe.

Instead of answering, Ben let his tongue travel from one nipple to the next and then down the stomach ending up licking up and down the firm shaft. He took it in his mouth again and continued to suck, lick around the head, and bob up and down until Stan's body arched, his breathing got faster and faster and he felt a sudden overwhelming ecstasy flood over himself as the orgasm shook his body and caused him to gasp out loud. It didn't matter than not much came out because his body was pumping as if he had a gallon to shoot out and the feeling was exactly the same. After a few more bobs of Ben's head, Stan pulled him away again and hugged him close to his heart.

"That was wonderful, Ben. I mean WONDERFUL!" Stan said and reached for Ben's throbbing cock and with a few strokes was rewarded with a handful of hot cum and the satisfaction that he had given his young friend pleasure too.

And the two loving men fell asleep, having fulfilled each other's need completely.


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