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A First Meeting

A First Meeting

A drink in a quiet little place at a corner table. A hidden gem in a cool city. I’m sitting on north side of table, you are on the west side. Quiet conversation punctuated by laughter. Leaning in to listen more intently. Eye contact that lasts just a little longer than the end of the story or sentence. Conversation moves from casual, getting to know you, to deeper getting to know you. Politics and social issues and world events we save for another night. The intimacy of the corner, lit by the fairy lights above and candlelight. Talking quietly about what we yearn for in sex. I take a sip of my drink, and your thumb touches my lower lip to brush a droplet away left behind. Our eyes meet and I open my lips enough to draw the tip of your thumb in, the tip of my tongue giving one quick flick before my lips close around your finger and suck gently. Your other fingers curl under my chin and urge me to lean in. Never breaking eye contact you lean forward. I part my lips and your thumb withdraws, the pad of your thumb rubbing along the fullness of my lower lip. You pause, your face inches from mine, eyes searching mine before this first kiss. Your thumb moves to the corner of my mouth and your mouth is so close I can feel your breath on my lips. You pause a moment more, drawing out the anticipation and tension. Gently, so gently, your lips touch mine. A soft sigh escapes from me. Your tongue traces the outline of my mouth, before settling on mine more firmly. My mouth opens under yours, and a hand slides to the nape of neck, holding me steady as you deepen the kiss. Your tongue slides into my mouth, and meets mine, a slow sensual dance between them. You pull back a fraction and look at me, male satisfaction washing thru you as you take in the dazed look in my eyes and the need in the soft noise I made when you drew back. I lean forward, drawing you in, my mouth on yours. Slow long kisses, hot and wet. We are oblivious to our surroundings, the heat between us and the intensity of desire catching us both a little off guard. I disengage slightly, and move to your ear. “I don’t want to wait. Please,” I whisper in your ear. You look into my eye for a couple of beats, gauging if desire and alcohol is overwhelming my common sense. I had agreed to meet in a public place, with the stipulation I wasn’t sleeping with a stranger. This was to see if there was in-person attraction, a connection. “No sex!” I had emphasized. Until we met and the easy friendship we had cultivated thru countless texts and emails about life and family and sex had sizzled the moment we touched. The fact you were pausing to make sure I was really ok with what I was asking for proved I was right. I return your gaze steadily. “Please.”

You pull me up from the table and we cross the street to a hotel, we go to the front desk to get a room. Butterflies, anticipation and nerves all flutter about in both our stomachs. You pick up the key card, and give me a smile and a wink, a quiet acknowledgment of nerves and a sweet moment of reassurance. I take your hand and you lead me to our room. As we enter the room, I turn to lock the door. You are close behind me and as I turn, your body crowds me against the door. You run your hands along my my arms, then push them up above my head. One of your hands drops to my throat, resting lightly as your mouth closes on mine. You can feel my pulse become erratic as desire floods me. Your body against mine, I’m pinned between the door and you. You let my hands fall and I thread them through your hair, urging you closer and deeper. Tongues and mouths exploring each other, building the need in us both. You pull away, pressing a kiss to my forehead before taking my hand and leading me into the room. You stop by the bed. You kiss the corners of my mouth and the tip of my nose, trying to calm my nerves. You slide your hands under my sweater, your fingertips skimming my skin as you move your hands up lightly over my breasts, the hem of my sweater on you wrists and being pulled up as your hands move higher. You pull the sweater over my head and step back slightly, looking at my full breasts encased in the thin black lace of my bra. I push my hands under your polo shirt, running my palms up over your chest, and across your shoulders. I pull your shirt off, and place kisses on your chest, working up and recapturing your mouth with mine. You hands cup my breasts, thumbs rubbing my hard nipples. The kissing becoming more insistent, want and need building beyond the kisses. Our hands move to each other’s waistbands, eagerness making us clumsy as we fumble with buttons and zippers. After you undo the fastenings, your hands slide around the inside of the waist band to my lower back, easing my pants down as your hands glide down. Your fingers stop as they encounter the lace of my panties and feel thin ribbons lacing up the back. You stop and smile against my lips, then turn me around to see just what’s going on there. You push down my pants and I shimmy gently to help. You take in the black lace against my pale skin, the open lacing across the part in my cheeks.

“Susan,” you say softly.

It’s all you say, my name in your mouth Infused with desire. I step out of my pants and turn back to you. I slowly sink to my knees, lowering your pants with me. I run my fingers over the fabric holding your cock back. I slowly lower your underwear, biting my lower lip in anticipation. Your cock, beautiful and firm, bobs in front of me. I touch the tip of my tongue to the base of the underside your cock, and slowly drag the tip of my tongue up the length of your hardness. I circle the head with the flat of my tongue. Licking your cock like an ice cream cone on a hot day, delicate licks of the head interspersed with long strong licks with my tongue flat on your shaft. And then I look you dead in the eyes, kneeling in front of you, as I slowly and gently suck the length of your cock into my mouth. The slow drag and friction as I pull my mouth back towards the tip. Keeping your cock in my mouth, lips tight behind your head on your shaft, I rub my tongue on your head as I start to suck your shaft into my mouth again. I hear your breathing hitch. Slow and wet, I lick and suck and stroke your cock with my lips and tongue. I slowly pick up the pace, and my hand moves to cup your balls. I reach between my legs, and gather moisture on my finger. My finger moves to your ass, and rubs slow circles over your small opening. A long low moan deep in your throat encourages me to continue and I press gently, feeling you open slightly to me. Slowly, gently, my finger slides in, and I pause for you to adjust, my mouth giving steady strokes. I slow my mouth and begin to slide my finger in concert with my mouth. Your breathing is coming harder and faster, and you pull back slowly, and pull me up to kiss you.

“You promised me unlimited access to your ass if we ever ended up naked. We’re naked and I’m calling in that chip, but won’t be able to fuck your ass if you keep that up because I’m so close to coming.”

You gently guide me to the edge of the bed, and push me down onto it, seated on the edge. I scoot back to the middle of the bed, and watch as you fully remove your underwear. I lay back and you stretch out next to me, on your side , propped up on an elbow. Your hands explore my curves as your mouth explores my neck and lips. You pull one strap down off my shoulder, placing kisses on the newly bared skin. The other strap, another dusting of kisses. Your lips travel to the swell of my breast and you ease the lace aside, baring my nipple. You circle my nipple with your tongue, drawing it into your mouth, your teeth gently closing onto the nipple as I gasp and arch my back. You reach behind and unclasp my bra, my heavy breasts falling free. You continue to lick and nibble as your hands explore further. I roll onto my side, facing you and pull you in for a kiss. So hungry for you. Your fingers toy with my panties while your tongue leisurely explores my mouth. You ease the panties off my hips, and slide your fingers across the small triangular patch that is for you and you alone, because you like hair and I like hairless. So I grew out a small triangle kept my undercarriage smooth. You trail your fingers down between my legs. I feel your smile against my neck as you realize how wet I am for you. You run your fingers thru the moisture, and slowly slide a finger into me, feeling my muscles pull you in. You finger moves within me, and is joined by another. I move my top leg so it is resting on your hip, giving you access. You slide your fingers thru the silky juices, finding my clit and softly rub as my hips start to buck. You move your hand, so your thumb is on my clit. A finger rests on my small pucker. Your thumb is making lazy circles as you kiss me. You pulll back, watching my face as your finger pushes into my body. You play, rub and gently pump your finger in and

Out of my ass as my hips push back in a primal need. My whimpers getting louder and my hips are moving in time. You push me onto my back and stand and pull me by my ankles to the the edge of the bed. Hands under knees, pushing up and back. Your cock sliding into my wetness, a few warm up pumps. You take my hand and place it on my mound, saying you want to watch me pleasure myself. Then feeling your cock against my rear opening, pushing incessantly, watching my face to make sure the pain mixed with pleasure is closer to the pleasure than the pain. You watch my fingers playing on my clit, and listen to my breathing slow as I feel heavy and ripe with desire. You begin to push on my backdoor. Watching my face. After long firm pressure, my body yields and the head of your cock pops in, eliciting a cry from me. You push in, and hold steady while my body adjusts, leaning down to kiss me. My body adjusts and I wiggle my ass on your cock to let you know I’m ready. Long slow strokes follow, my fingers rubbing, an orgasm building. You move faster, my hips are bucking back. That incredible feeling of fullness, the pain laced pleasure. I’m so close, I whisper. The orgasm winds tighter and tighter within me, until with a long low cry, I shatter. Muscles squeezing you, my body moving in time with you. You push hard into me, buried to the hilt as your orgasm rips thru you. A few hard firm pumps into my ass as my body writhes under you, your seed spilling into me. I lay there panting, looking up to see you panting too. A grin spreads across my face, delighted with the spontaneity and attraction and the exciting and satisfying sex. You ease from my slightly abused ass, and I make a noise of discomfort as the soreness I’ll gladly experience the next day begins to bloom. You lay next to me, and lean over me to kiss me. Gentle sweet kisses that deepen again, then back to gentle. You pull back slightly, my fingers trace your cheekbone and move to your mouth. You lean in and kiss me deeply one more time before you lay back and pull me against you.


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