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Candy's Need

Candy's Need - Part 4 - End

Candy’s Need Part IV

Original by Gee

The plane had arrived 20 minutes early. He had time for a beer before Ann would be there to get him. He was still in a daze from hearing her suggestion that she would wear “protection.” It had only been a couple of accidents. Anyone could have an accident in his or her pants. Gads, we are only human.

I can’t believe how hot thinking of Ann in diapers makes me. He absently gulped his beer as he fished for his wallet. She is seriously thinking of using diapers to bed. I’m having a hard time analyzing my feelings since it gives me such a rush. His erection was growing at the thought making him uncomfortable.

I have got to get off so I can think straight.

Bill pulled this bag out onto the sidewalk. There was Ann. She spotted him and waved. Bill tossed his case in the back and ducked in on the passenger side. Ann was blushing and trying to hide a self-conscious smile. Bill studied her, cupped the back of her neck through the dark blond hair, and then kissed her. “Hi.”

She licked her lips and nervously shifted her bottom. “Well, aren’t you going to ask?” The traffic thinned and allowed her to move out into the exit lane. She wheeled into place and accelerated up to speed. Bill still had his hand behind her head. He pressed his other hand over her pelvis. He smiled as he took her hand and placed it on his tented pants.

“Oh, is that a question or an answer?” She gripped his length and squeezed. She teased him with a quick pull then went back to the steering wheel.

She was wearing a cut-off T-shirt with no bra. Her nipples were hard and clearly visible through the thin fabric. Her skirt pulled up her thighs revealing a shiny white bulge between her legs. Ann saw where Bill’s eyes were and spread her legs for a better view. The diapers were bulked behind a frosty white pair of plastic panties. Was it his imagination or where the diapers yellowed with apparent use?

“Do you need a change?” Bill rubbed his hand over Ann’s flat stomach. She sucked in her tummy allowing Bill to dip his fingers under the waistband of her skirt and into her plastic panties. The cotton was hot and damp clear up to the waist elastic. He worked his hand into the diaper and across her pouty nether lips. They were slippery and swollen with arousal. Ann fluttered her eyes.

“Careful, I have to drive. You can change me to dry diapers when we get home.”

She brushed his sensitive member. “After we take care of that.” Ann’s smile sparked with mischief as she release a jet of urine over Bill’s fingers. He gulped and pulled out of Ann’s pants.

Bill closed his eyes, clenched his teeth, and groaned as he pumped his ejaculate into his pants. Ann cupped her hand over the spreading wetness and felt the final pulses of his climax.

“It looks like someone could use a little protection.” She traced the wet spot on Bill’s pants. “I have some in your size at home.”

“Sorry, Ann. I didn’t mean to lose control. But you are so incredibly hot with those diapers on.”

“Now you know how I feel. I am so turned on when I wear these that I just glow. I don’t know exactly what it is, but the security and comfort plus doing something naughty make a powerful combination. It is so sexual to get away with peeing and pooping my diapers around people who don’t even suspect. I was afraid that you would think I was a baby and freak.”

“You are my baby. And I will change you and take care of you the best I can.”

Bill ran the back of his hand along her cheek.

“I’ve been hiding my diapers from you. Why do you think I got a job with a

diaper company? I have access to an unlimited supply of naughty little girl diapers and plastic panties. The tough part was hiding nighttime diapers. I had to wait until you went overnight on your job. I finally wet myself in frustration the other night to see how you reacted.” She glanced at Bill to see that he was still staring at her packaged pelvis. “And then the daytime accident. You passed although I had a scare when you gagged. But you helped me clean up my big poop that first time.”

Bill leaned over and kissed the side of her cheek. He brushed across her budded nipples and cupped one orb from under the T-shirt. “If we don’t get home soon, I’m going to have another accident in my pants.” His erect penis was visible under the fabric of his dress pants.

“I’ve been saving this for you.” Ann lifted one cheek off the car seat. She strained and turned red as a familiar popping sound came from her pants. The elastic darkened around her legs. She settled down on her bottom and wiggled comfortably into her pillow. She sighed as she gazed down the road. “Now I’ll be worth changing.”

In the entryway Bill unsnapped Ann’s skirt and watched it flutter to the floor. The T-shirt flipped easily over her head fanning her blond hair over her face. He parted the curtain and kissed each fluttering blue eye in turn. She pressed her breasts against him as she pulled out his shirt to expose his chest. She rubbed her hard nubbins against him. He reached to her bottom and pressed the bulge into the crack of her ass. She met his fondling with a fresh bubble of poop. He molded the lump and gently pushed it into the crease as well.

He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. He threw a towel down on the bed and placed Ann in the middle of it. She dipped a hand down her diaper to flick her clit. Bill pulled the plastic pants from around her hips as she allowed him to ease them down her legs. He held them to his nose while Ann watched intently. Bill pressed his hand against the soaked bundle of diapers to feel the heat of Ann’s urine. He undid the velcro flaps and turned down the edge exposing Ann’s steamy naked labia. The lips were puckered and swollen revealing their pink innards. The poop was tucked against her cheeks coming up to her vaginal crease. Ann tightened her tummy muscles and arched a fountain of pee into the air.

Bill tucked the diaper over her spray and let the heat of it

caress his hand. The hissing of her release lasted a few seconds. He moved the diaper down and watched as the dribbles from her shinny cunt subsided. He reached under her grabbing the back of the diaper and pulled the wet cotton through her ass cheeks catching most of the brown mass in the diaper. He folded the wet diaper and wiped at her stained bottom as Ann lifted herself up from the towel.

He folded the diaper again and wiped down through her spread lips

making sure to keep any feces out of her vagina. He held the wadded diaper up and raised his eyebrows.

“In the diaper pail, silly. It’s right here by the bed.”

Bill opened the lid and winced as a cloud of ammonia hit him in the face. The pail was half full of very used diapers and stained plastic pants. He had only been gone a couple of days. She must have diapered herself the minute he walked out the door. He added the used one to the pile and closed the lid.

The stack of clean diapers was in plain sight on the dresser. An open drawer was filled with fresh plastic pants. He grabbed one of the diapers and a blue pair of plastic panties. Ann raised her hips as he placed the hourglass shaped diaper under her bottom. Ann absently fingered the material as Bill pulled it into place under her. “Wait, there is one more thing.”

She leaned over and pulled a baby wipe out of the container on the bed stand. Bill took it from her and bathed her wetting and pooping area with it. He worked it over her puckered ass and came away with a stained wipe.

Bill dropped his pants and underwear in one piece. His cock was at full

attention. As he unbuttoned his shirt, Ann glided her hand up and down the

pulsing shaft. He bent to kiss first one breast then the other.

He painted a stripe of saliva over her belly button and down to her puffy lips. They parted with a slippery ease. Ann sucked in a gasp of breath as he passed his tongue over her clit. He dipped to her vagina and then back to her clit. He circled the nubbin and then flattened his tongue to lave the expanse of her dripping flower.

She cried out as she grabbed his head and pressed his mouth to her sex. She bucked her hips against his mouth and tongue as she came. He tasted a trickle of urine as Ann calmed. A putt of gas escaped her anus as a bubble of poop plopped onto the diaper. Bill picked it up with the used wipe and cleaned her bud in one motion.

Bill spread her lips with one hand and guided himself to the quivering opening of her sex. She pressed her hips to his driving his member to the hilt in her velvet scabbard. His long strokes squished out copious amounts of her lubrication.

The sound and smell of wet sex permeated the room. Bill crushed into Ann as he spasmed his release. Ann came again as she felt his hot seed scald into her. Bill brushed the hair out of her face and formed his lips to hers. She met his tongue thrust with her own.

The tangle of tongues echoed the tangle of sex. Ann felt a hardness begin to spread within her. Bill was erecting without ever having completely softened. He began to glide forward and back rippling over her clit.

Ann let her mind fog with her constant cumming. My husband is fucking my

diapered bottom, she thought to herself. And he loves me using my diapers.

Why did I wait so long to let him know I liked to wear and use diapers? Her eyes rolled back in her head as she once again succumbed to the pleasure of his wanton need. Have I got a story for Candy, she thought as she felt herself losing consciousness.

The End!