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If You've seen One, You've Seen 'em All!

"If You've seen One, You've Seen 'em All!

I was scheduled for a vasectomy since my wife's R-negative blood meant we shouldn't have more children. I was very nervous as I put on the hospital gown and had trouble tying the strings that more or less kept me covered. I was, of course, instructed to remove everything and put the gown on backward so that it opened in front instead back.

A male nurse knocked and walked in pushing a cart that had a basin of soapy water, some towels, and a razor. He smiled and told me to get on the gurney, and think of my favorite place to be.

"What are you going to do?" I asked with a softer voice than I usually use.

"I'm going to shave you for the surgery," he explained as he opened the gown and tucked it under me. "You have a nice trim body," he said with a smile and dipped a wash cloth in the sudsy water, squeezed it out and wrapped it around my penis, covering all the hair. "I'm softening the hair so it will be easier to shave and the razor will slide better." He held my penis up out of the way and wrapped another soapy cloth around it. "Hmm, softening the hair but not the penis I see," he said as I realized that I was growing in his hand.

"I'm sorry," I started to say but was immediately interrupted.

"If the man is healthy, his penis reacts to warm soapy hands holding it. Nothing to be ashamed of."

"Do you shave a lot of men?" I asked to get my mind off my semi-hardon.

"I see penises all the time. If you've seen one, you've seen 'em all," he said as if he had quoted that trite statement more times than he would want to. His soapy hand slid down my shaft and back up again and I had a sudden intake of breath.

"Sorry," he explained. "It almost slipped out of my fingers."

He proceeded to hold my penis with one hand and began to shave my pubic area with the other. Then he stopped and examined my penis closely. By then I had a full erection and his soapy hand holding it didn't help at all.

"It's not true is it?" he said. "I've seen hundreds and none are the same. Each one has its own unique size, length, and color."

"Mine is on the small size," I ventured.

"Naw - it's very average. I've seen bigger and I've seen smaller. It's the best size for many things," he said as he continued to shave me.

"I thought bigger was better," I wondered out loud.

"Bigger is good for showing but they aren't as good for oral sex, or - - - -" he didn't finish but tapped between my legs to indicate my butt.

I noticed that his hand holding my dick kept sliding and re-grasping it causing sexual feelings to flood over me. Then he let it go and began the same process on my testicles. He stretched the skin to get rid of the wrinkly skin and deftly shaved them to smooth perfection.

"You seem very nervous," he said when he had finished the shaving. "Vasectomies are nothing to bother about. A little cut, a little snip and tie off and a couple of stitches and you're ready to go."

"I'm not actually dreading the process. I don't know why I'm so tense," I explained.

"You need to take in a few breaths, let them out slowly and relax," he said as he dipped his hands in the soapy water and took my erection in his hand. He proceeded to wash it with care and grasp it in his hand and slowly wash up and down.

I felt a sudden shudder of pleasure sweep over me and I let out a moan I'd been trying to keep quiet.

"Yes, a soapy hand on one's penis is very sensual isn't it?" he said, matter of factly. "Just relax and let it happen."

"But I'm about to - - - " I muttered with a shaky breath.

"That's good, sir. It will have you relaxed for the treatment."

And as if he had given me an order, I exploded, shooting hot cum all over my body, the gown, and the gurney. He continued to stroke me until my body quit shaking and the last drop was shot out. Then he cleaned me with the warm wet cloth and gave me a clean gown to wear.

"You'd be surprised how many gowns get used during this process," he mused as he rolled the cart toward the door.

"Thanks", I managed, and he was gone.

The rest of the visit went as expected and I'll always be grateful to the nurse who understood men's sexuality better than anyone I've ever known.


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