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Agent Scully Story

Part Six

The ordeal of night bubbled in her. "Shut up!" she replied childishly.

"Or what? Little girl." He challenged.

The words stung. Her emotions boiled over and in a blind rage she charged at the boy and struck him with her fists.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" She cried through tear stained eyes.

Two other boys and a girl pried her from her assault.

"Hey! Hold on. Stop it." They shouted as they pulled her back onto the bench.

"I'm fine. Get the hell off me!"

The emotion in Scully's voice silenced the group. Scully held on the bench with both hands. It pitched a few times but she did not fall. Instead she slid into the blonde teenage girl that grabbed her earlier.

"Sorry." Scully muttered.

"It's okay. Wow you're a mess. Let me help you."

The girl reached deep into her oversized bag and produced two wet wipes. Scully took them and cleaned her face and hands.

"Thank you."

The girl held out a hairbrush. The blonde teen motioned for Scully to turn around.

"That's not necessary." Scully insisted.

"Come on, you've like had a bad night, right?"

Embarrassed by her earlier outburst Scully dutifully spun on the bench while the blonde girl brushed her hair. The girl freed her matted hair from the ponytail and brushed Scully's red locks. She pulled Scully's red hair into two ponytails and winked at the boy Scully had attacked. Scully hardly noticed and frankly did not care. The van rolled to a stop and the back doors opened. A booming voice addressed the chattering occupants.

"Okay. Okay. Calm down! No one's being arrested. Just follow the officer inside and he'll take your statements and check your IDs."

The group shuffled out of the paddy wagon. The blonde girl pushed past the other teenagers and leaned over to the officer. She whispered to him. He glanced at Scully and nodded. When Scully stepped onto the pavement another uniformed officer took her arm.

"Hey! Officer, I'm Agent Scully of the FBI. I was heading up this operation. It is imperative that I speak to Detective Ronson immediately."

She was amazed in her diluted state she was able to muster a convincing command to her voice. However, the policeman's expression did not change. His eyes moved over her then he pulled Scully inside past the chuckling blonde girl and her cohorts. His grip was tight. He dragged Scully to the elevators. The doors closed but he did not release her. She twisted.

"Let go. I'm fine." Scully demanded.

It was the the kind of hold used on a suspect. A grip of control. Scully had been handled like this in the past by men in black suits but this was different. Apart from his hold on her upper arm he did not seem to notice her. Normally a young officer would have paid close attention to her. She was a FBI agent and although she did not think of herself as glamorous she was an attractive woman. Now this man did not to regard her at all. He looked at her with disinterest, like she was a real child.

She sighed as the doors opened to the hallway which lead to the Detectives Squad room. The officer yanked her out of the elevator. In a moment she would be vindicated and "Officer Roberts" would apologize profusely. Unaware Scully nervously bit her lower lip. A long abandoned habit from childhood. Once again the pendulum of her emotions swung wide. She was about to be paraded in front of everyone dressed as a little girl. Days earlier she had confidently strode through this same squad room attired in her business suit armed with her badge and respect.

The officer approached the door and continued past it down the hallway.

"Wait! I have to see Detective Ronson. I have to see him now!" She cried.

Scully's emotions ripped apart and she twisted against his fingers. She tried to increase her leverage and bent her knees. She dug her feet into the floor but her tiny shoes provided little traction on the cheap vinyl. Instead she skated down the hallway with her knees bent. Officer Roberts kept walking. Scully began to panic. She was being hauled to the Principal's office for some unknown punishment. Tears welled up in her eyes. Officer Roberts gave her arm a yank and she stumbled forward. He continued and Scully quickened her pace to catch up. He opened a door and wheeled her into an interrogation room.

"Wait here." He commanded.

Officer Roberts stepped outside and lowered the blinds to the room. Scully froze. In the reflection of the window stood a stranger from her past. Her beautiful red hair was now in pigtails and the frilly pink and white dress obliterated her curves. Her chest was flat. Open mouthed she stepped back from the mirror. Aghast she lifted the hem of her dress and viewed her pale smooth privates. The only deep pigment she possessed radiated from her bare bottom. She craned her head over her shoulder and examined the clown's handiwork. She stepped back further. Her eyes transfixed by the transformation. Agent Scully had been reduced to little Dana. In the mirror she even looked smaller, shorter and innocent.

Scully's hormones exploded and tears formed again through her mental rambling. The low hushed tones of conversation outside the door fueled her panic.

"Without her ID, badge or gun who would believe that she was anything other than a young girl? Would her pubic hair ever grow back or was she doomed to forever be childlike and hairless? She wasn't a woman now. She was flat and without curves. What boy would ever like her now? What about Mulder? What would happen to her? Who would listen to her? She couldn't even convince a lowly beat cop. If they didn't believe her story she could never get back to her old life. The FBI would assume that she died in the fire. She would be carted off to social services then adopted. Oh my God! She would be forced to go back to school. She had a medical degree! She would be back in her hated Catholic school uniform at the mercy of the nuns and their punishments. I have to be good. I'm an adult. I have to get some clothes so they will listen!" She charged the door. Officer Jayne Herrick blocked her path.

"Just stay in here, sweetie. Your older sister told us all about you. Let's take a look at you and make sure you're okay."

Her words did not register and Dana backed away. Officer Herrick gauged the young girl. The dress was an obvious costume but her age was undeterminable. The wall pushed against Dana's back and she lowered her head submissively to the exaggerated woman. Unaware she turned one foot inward. Officer Herrick noted her dimensions and scribbled on her clipboard. Dana's eyes grew wide. It had started. The priority to find adult clothes hammered relentlessly as her only salvation. Dana judged her position then lashed out. She landed a solid kick of her hard black shoes into Herrick's right shin. She bolted wildly through the door and raced down the hall. Herrick followed. The imagined jeers of her fellow officers banged against her ego. She would never live it down. Officer Herrick cut through the office and Dana plowed directly into her. Herrick grabbed her wrist and Dana lashed out again. This time the kick was harder.

"I'm not a child! Let me go you brute! I work here!" Dana stomped her foot and rambled further but her words were ill chosen fragments.

If Officer Herrick had any doubts as to Dana's maturity they were shattered by her current outburst. Dana flew into a rage and assaulted the woman. Herrick had had enough. She was tired and did not care if this child was related to the mayor. The third kick landed.