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Agent Scully Story

Part Five

The reflection cackled back with a horrifying image. The clowns' right arm had moved upward. Scully peered past the fog and watched as the comical white glove descended toward her bare bottom!


Scully's cry was more a release than an expression of pain. The clown's hand was heavy but the impact was mild. The action of the hydraulics in his arm did not generate a tremendous force. However the oversized gloved hand was made of padded leather and stung as it repeated it's movement. The hydraulics hissed again.


"Owwwww!" Scully cried. Unavoidably she looked into the mirror. The lights swept over the nightmarish scene. The giant grimacing clown laughed and hissed as it spanked Agent Dana Scully.


The fact Scully was dressed as a little girl only enhanced the illusion when viewed in the reflections. The clown appeared quite normal in size while Dana seemed small and girlish. It was as if the clown knew she had been naughty. He had waited by the window and pulled her over his spacious lap for a well deserved spanking. His large white gloved hand almost completely covered Scully's bare bottom. The leather padding crashed again and elicited a loud yelp from Special Agent Dana Scully.



Scully wriggled forward to escape her spanking but this action only offered a fresh target for the clown's glove.


The spankings were more frequent as the hydraulics geared up to their full speed. She searched the room for the absent actors.


In reality she knew the clown was merely clapping his hands. Her leap had broken his left arm and pinned her while the right arm had been bent downward.


The clown laughed and Dana felt herself shrink. The spankings stung.


On the far side of the room additional lights swirled to attention. Laughter traveled across to Scully and in the mirror she saw people. Fifteen feet from her was the path for the guests. There was a small railing that separated them as it guided them through the room. They would walk right by her. Relief washed over her but was interrupted by another blow.


Scully twisted and watched as they approached. Then an awful sight bombarded her. In the previously darkened mirror she could now see her own reflection quite clearly. She wasn't wearing any panties! She was completely exposed! Her dress had ridden up even further. This gave anyone behind her a generous view of her reddening ass and smooth bare lips.


"Aaaaawww!" Scully cried. She could not help herself. The spanking hurt. Her humiliation compounded by the fully lit room. The dancing lights had stilled and the pounding rock beat had faded dramatically to give way to a lyrical minor key nursery song. It was a haunting melody. The change in lighting gave Dana an unobstructed view of herself over the clown's lap. She looked like she was twelve. Her red locks pulled into a ponytail and fresh face devoid of any makeup only enhanced her new younger role. The dress even seemed smaller which in turn made Dana appear smaller. Normally, when bent over, her breasts would have been bountiful but under the prison of her dress she was flat chested. The dress had somehow contained and decreased her curves.


"Aaaaaoooowwww!" That one was hard and Dana stifled back a sob. In the mirror she could see her bottom had taken on a reddish hue that matched her hair color.


Dana cried out again and felt a tiny tear run down her cheek. Unable to turn away Dana witnessed the worse part of all. Her bare pussy shaved and smooth as it wiggled over the clown's lap. Each spank on her taut backside caused her to writhe and kick. She was actually kicking her legs like a little girl! She could not shake the picture. The mirrors mocked her. They seemed to undo all that she had accomplished. Her steady rise through college, her choice to forego medical practice and join the FBI faded. Each spank from the laughing clown stripped away her identity. Through his laughter she heard him.

"You are not an adult. Look at yourself. Your hair is in a ponytail. You are dressed as a little girl."

Dana focused on the approaching crowd. Her emotions swirled. She was desperate to be saved yet mortified by her current state.


"Aaaauuuggghhh!" Scully was close to tears.

"Where are your panties little Dana? You must deserve this spanking. You have no panties."


Uncontrollably Dana Scully cried out. "I'm not a little girl! Let me go!"

"Yes you are."


"I'll be good! Oooooowwwwww! No more! You can't do this!"

The laughter from the group of teens was deafening but did little to console Dana as to a possible rescue.

She cried out to them but they only pointed and cheered.

"Hey Colin, check this out!"

"Man, look at her she's got no underwear."

"I guess she's been really bad." One girl cracked.

Oblivious they exited. The sensors clicked and the clown froze. Dana slumped, her body drained.

Two more parades of visitors chuckled past her as the clown spanked and mocked her.

Unable to combat the visions in her mind she argued with the clown.

"I'm an adult!" She cried.


"Not any more! Look at yourself, why you're getting younger."

Another pad landed squarely on her red bare bottom. Dana's gaze remained transfixed on her reflection. Amazed she watched her form shrink on the clown's lap.

"No! No! NO!" She kicked her legs.


The third group was a disinterested collection of college students. As they exited a girl tossed his cigarette onto the floor. It rolled in front of Dana. The click of the sensors sent the room back into darkness. The clown motionless continued to speak.

"Cigarettes are bad. If you touch that you will get another spanking."

She ignored him. The end of the cigarette still glowed. Dana blew and watched the burning tobacco brighten and roll toward the fog machine. It was a desperate choice. She huffed again. It made contact with the exposed heated wire of the fog machine and ignited. The flames increased and overtook the curtained passage.

Chaos erupted in minutes as security men rushed through the rooms with extinguishers. Crowds yelled and actors fled. Nervously Dana waited. She was still trapped and the flames were migrating toward her. Finally two men rescued her and in a flurry of activity she was escorted outside. The few police that remained at the attraction had ensured a quick response from the fire department. They were already on the scene battling the engulfed warehouse. The entire street was mayhem. Scully had to find Detective Ronson but in the frenzy of the departing crowds she was lost.

Police were ordered to immediately detain all suspects. The fire was arson. They had captured the killer miles away but perhaps an accomplice was among the throngs of guests. Scully was caught in a group of teenagers and herded into a paddy wagon. She tried to reason with the officer that pushed her into the van but was only met with a blank stare. Dressed as she was, minus her ID and badge, it was difficult to take her seriously. It was short ride to the station. There she would assert her authority, relate her story and reclaim her adult clothes. The killer was still alive and trapped in the burning building or he was nearby and could make his escape. Time was a factor.

Scully eased her hot bare bottom onto the smooth cool metal bench of the van. She tried not to react but let out a quiet sigh. A few of her fellow passengers squinted at her. As they whirled onto Franklin street the van pitched and Scully slipped from the bench and toppled face forward onto the floor. The van exploded in laughter. She had just given this group of teenagers a generous view of her paddled behind. Eyes down she regained her place on the bench.

"Someone's been bad." a teenager at the end commented. The van exploded again.