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Candy's Need - Prequel Part 1

Candy's Need - Prequel Part 3

Candy's Need - Prequel Part 3

Original by Gee

As she became aware of her surroundings, she felt cold glass mashed against her breasts and face. She had caught her balance against the mirror in her near unconscious orgasmic response. She grabbed the towel and wiped up her legs and her wet slit. She lingered with the

towel pressed against her naked lips and squirted a small stream into the wadded up fabric.

Tossing the towel into the washer she turned it on. If she was going to bypass use of the company bathroom she had to use the adult disposable diapers. There were a few left in the trunk. These had to be tighter

then her night time bulk, so she taped the medium sized Attends closely to her bottom. The pamper-like plastic backed product would do the job on her bladder control project.

She stuffed an extra diaper in her oversized bag to allow her to change

at her lunch break. For disposal of the wet one, she threw in a plastic bag. Even though the plastic coating of the Attends was supposed to be water proof, she still slipped on a pair of tight baby blue rubber pants over the diapers. The baby blues would help catch leakage and muffled the crackle of the plastic coating. She pulled the diaper and rubber pants away from her waist and squirted baby oil down onto her exposed naked cunt lips. Squirting some on her palm, she reached her hand into her diaper and messaged it in.

She finished by powdering down the inside front of her diaper with baby powder. The snap of her elastic puffed out a billow of white as she released her adult baby pants against her stomach. She pulled on her panty hose to further compress the diaper to her skin.

She decided that the pleated skirt would hide any noticeable lumps. As she turned slowly in front of the mirror, she smiled to think that no one would know that she was wearing a diaper right under their unsuspecting noses.

When Candy arrived home that night, she felt her stomach begin to cramp. She quickly backed the car into the garage and activated the automatic door closer. She stayed in the car and pulled up her skirt to see if the diaper had done its job on the heavy wetting she had done while in traffic on the way home. Her pantyhose was damp to the touch but didn't appear to have soaked through to her skirt. She pulled her skirt up over her hips and worked the pantyhose down and then off her legs.

She stretched her legs to relish the cool freedom of naked dampness. She pulled off her top and unsnapped her bra adding them to the clothes she gathered in a pile on the seat. Her breasts tingled erect to the cool garage air. She cupped each breast in turn tonguing the warm bud of her


She spread her legs and strained her bowels against the tight wetness of her diaper. She could feel the hot mass squeeze into the crack of her ass. She gritted her teeth and strained again adding bulk to her growing pillow. She could feel her bowels ache to be emptied. She needed more room to completely evacuate her bowels. So she got out of the car and quickly stripped herself of the tight pantyhose. Candy leaned over the hood pressing her breasts to the cold metal. Standing with her naked legs spread she was able to splatter her aching bowels into the soaked and messy Attends.

As she fully relaxed her bowels, she could hear the wet popping of the heavy load releasing from between her spreading ass checks. Her bladder emptied through the overfull warm diaper and distended rubber pants and leaked down her legs to splash at her feet. She dumped her clothes in the basket by the entry door. As she reached for the plastic bag in her purse, her bowels spasmed and again released a hot stream into her compressed diaper. Her rubber pants were more than full. Some of it began to run down her legs.

She let her bowels empty carefully letting the overflow run onto the floor of the garage next to the drain. She stacked her discarded clothes on a shelf and turned the hose onto the floor washing the brown river down the drain. She then turned the hose on her legs. She tugged the wet mass down her legs with one hand as she turned the hose on her ass cheeks. Separating the rubber pants from the Attends, she gathered the day's diapers into the bag and tossed the lot into the garbage. To clear off the mess down the drain and to the sewer she ran the hose for several minutes.

The cooling breeze of her movement sent a shiver through her body as she walked to the shower. She adjusted the water temperature and focused the nozzle so that it aimed its spray onto her sensitive bud. She gasped and found herself humping her hips in time to her climactic release. Her legs began to quiver and collapse letting her slide slowly into the bottom of the shower. She let the pulsing shower message her into a drowsy stupor.

When she got out of the shower, she thought to herself: My boss didn't even notice that I wasn't using the bathroom. Oh, well, I had my fun. She stood naked in the middle of the bedroom drying herself.

All day long she had drunk coffee and tea maintaining an almost continuous dribbling of urine in her diaper. Now that she was home she went to the kitchen and quickly downed a glass of water. She opened a beer and sipped on it as she rummaged through her fridge. The thought of a warmed bottle of milk for dinner appealed to her, but she was out of milk. So she filled one with beer.

While nursing her cold beer, she lazily brushed her fingers over her erect nipples with one hand and tantalized her clit with the other. She snuggled into the pile of pillows imagining herself at the bottom of an oversized playpen. She sucked at the beer and lazily stretched. She cuddled the baby bottle against her cheek. She closed her eyes and dozed contentedly in her crib.

She awoke sometime later and found the rubber nippled bottle against her mouth. She opened her lips and pulled the nipple into her mouth. She let the tepid fluid trickle down her throat.

She was aware that her bladder began to shrink in sympathy to the trickle of beer washing into her stomach. She hesitated in her sucking to concentrate on holding her bladder closed. She wanted to wet in her diapers but was completely naked on her bed. I'll have to hurry, she thought, or I'll soak my pillows. She quickly grabbed a pair of frosty clear plastic pants, this time, and pulled them on over her naked bottom.

I'll just release enough to stay comfortably full, she thought. She relaxed and her pee flooded into the plastic pants. It hissed against the plastic until she could control her bladder muscles and make it stop. Even then her pee came out in little squirts until she was able to clamp her bladder sphincter shut.

She stood up and was appalled at how much she had peed. The plastic pants were sagging with her warm flood. As she walked, the wave action of her amber issue tickled her bottom. She cupped her hand under her crotch and washed the river of pee up her crack and over her buttocks. The warm sensuality of her golden liquid made her quiver in anticipation of another cum. She rubbed her clit through the plastic as she paced. The sensation of hot pee washing over her cunt lips caused her to stop and concentrate on her finger play.

As she diddled herself, the plastic pulled slightly away from her thigh and crotch allowing a stream of hot pee to track down her leg. She stepped up onto the open toilet and pulled the elastic away from her pussy. A stream of yellow gold jetted from her plastic pants and

splashed into the bottom of the bowl. She reached inside the wet plastic and slipped her finger to her pulsing bud. Her vagina was weeping hot lubricating fluid onto her fingers to further her slipping activity through her slit. The aroma of the plastic wet with her pungent urine sent her over the edge. She sagged against the toilet as she jolted to her climax.

Her bladder opened and emptied into her plastic pants in response to her pulsing cum. I'll never need a normal sex life, she thought. I come so hard with my baby pants and diapers on that I don't seem to be able to control my bladder. I can’t imagine wanting to give up my diaper needs. Unless I can find someone who will diaper me, I will have to take care of myself.

Later she used a damp wash cloth to clean herself up. The gush of urine that issued in response to the hot wash cloth against her cunt sent a quiver through her still quaking vaginal muscles. I didn't even try to pee, she thought. Oh, well, I'll just have to use diaper protection where ever I go. She smiled to herself. There could be worse lots in life.

She gathered her diapering paraphernalia and carried the bundle into the

bedroom. She lay back and gently massaged a warm coating of baby oil over her naked baby bottom. She followed the oil with a generous powdering and pinned three fluffy diapers snugly to her pussy and buttocks. I'll wait to put on the plastic pants a little later, she thought. The dry diaper was a treat. The sweaty dampness of the enclosed rubber had its own appeal, but now the feel of comfortable dryness was a pleasant change. Candy relished her freedom to release her liquid gold into diapers. However, soaked blankets were a pain to clean, and so she reluctantly slipped her plastic pants off of the dresser and under the covers.

She squirmed around under the blankets pulling her crinkly plastic pants over her diapers. Sighing contentedly, she stuck her thumb in her mouth. As she drifted off to sleep, she palmed her puffy labia through the soft fabric and thought, I'll be wet in the morning. She smiled to herself. Every morning, and I'll enjoy every damp drop.