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A Society in Diapers

A Society In Diapers

“In a world, where diapers are a part of everyday life, how would that world reflect differently than the one we know so well today…?”

There are those of us that ponder the universe in search of questions and solutions that have yet to be thought of or conceived. Those of us willing to put everything on the line in order to come up with Earth’s next great inventions that will forever change the course of history. I am not one of those people.

My name is Emily, I’m 19 years old and my life is pretty ordinary if anything. I didn’t come from money, though there was always food on the table, I knew we weren’t very well off. I knew we did the best we could. Even so, I continued in the family trend of picking up after others. I’m sorry, let me explain. With the entirety of the world entirely incontinent and completely dependent on diapers, there were obviously several companies that had grown to serve the public on the go, like the better known fast food industry. In short, people rarely, outside of the comfort of their own homes, had to change their own diapers themselves.

This meant that pretty much all the time, there would be people waiting at specified buildings and areas to have their diapers changed on the go. With the sheer number of facilities willing to participate in this service, waiting was kept minimal at all times. At first these facilities were completely automated, and for the most part still were, but it was quickly found that the majority of the population detested having lifeless mechanical arms change their diapers. This made no sense since society had become rather complacent on their phones and avoided social interaction as much as the next person did. Still, with that as fact, the 10% of the facility that actually “interacted” with people, or changed the actual diapers were taken down in lue of having actual humans do the changing.

And this was where I come back into the picture. Such jobs, as changing diapers for the population was considered the lowest of lows in terms of employment, despite its total requirement in our society. So it was my job from 9-5, rest in peace the people who came in for the night shift at the facilities, to change diapers. We did get several breaks a day, so we could relax, eat and change our own diapers.

Other than that, it was just diaper after diaper, day in and day out. Something to note as well, there was a relationship between how poor you were and which facility you would be chosen to work at. And it was not what you think. The poorer you were the “nicer the facility” you worked at, but don’t let that fool you for one second. All the “nicer” part meant, was the type of people you would see come in to get their diapers changed. Higher end facilities saw corporate and important business personnel come in, and let me tell you I would have rathered work at the places on street corners with more down to earth folk, who were said to be more kind and polite. These corporate folk despised us, and only tolerated us as we changed their messy diapers on a daily basis. They never talked to us, always on their phones, they never tipped us (We were basically treated like a waiters or waitresses in restaurants, some of us got hourly but that all depended on the facility one worked at and the type of management or bosses you had over your head while you worked) and they were usually just plain rude, complaining we were going too slow or some such nonsense. The facilities that took care of corporate America did have nicer features for the “changees.” Things like padded tables, T.V.s, and drinks should they want something in the 30 seconds it took to change their disgusting diapers. Lest we forget, the corporates made sure their diapers were completely full and messy before coming in for a change. The corner and more basic changing facilities were filled with people who would usually come in asap before their diapers were too bad. Sure you’d get bad ones, but they were mostly considerate and the changes were never too bad. At the higher end places, the diapers were always full to the brim and no consideration was given to those of us who had to change them.

And that was my life for the most part. Mondays happened to be my one day a week off, usually spent shopping and doing chores I couldn’t really do whilst I was busily running around changing diapers. All workers of the facility got one day a week at random off. It was just what you would be assigned. Monday was just my day., and some days I’d sit and just wish to have one of the snobbish corporates have to change my shitty diaper one of the days.

And that was how the world worked for the most part. Wonderfully isn’t it?

On Tuesday morning, after my day off, I dressed in my uniform, which had a smiling diaper on the front of it, and our slogan on the back “Don’t be dirty, be flirty.” It actually made zero sense, as my boss was little cuckoo in the head, but he was nice enough and treated us well, giving us the most he could, so I ignored it and went on my way to work. I guess it's a good time to note that because I worked at one of the better changing places, on my way to work I was relegated to the slow moving sidewalks, the stairs going up, and always the last to order food, get on the buses, find a taxi, or pretty much anything of that sort. If I was to work outside of the city, or in one of the “slumier” districts it wouldn’t be so bad. But in the corporate districts we were treated pretty poorly. And little did I know that today was not going to be a good day. After the usually insults, spanks on the back of my own diaper, squelching my own mess everywhere for the next 6 hours till I could clean up, I made my way in the facility, scanned my badge and found my workstation. It was still early so the crowds wouldn’t start arriving for about another hour, when everyone was out getting coffee or thinking about taking half days.

My first customer of the day was a lady in her late 30s, still trying to look as if she was 22. She dumped her purse on the ground next to the padded table and laid herself down, still talking on her headset, something about ordering more stock for the upcoming work week. Without looking at me she hastily hefted a card at me. It was colored red. There were three color coded cards that I regularly saw at work. Each color was a different level of changing, like a car wash with different levels of washing. Red was medium, so I pressed the red button on the table and two arms came from the table one holding a fresh diaper and the other holding lotion and powder. I peeled the nasty diaper off of the woman and threw it away and she went on gabbing, telling whomever she was just receiving a change and she was free to keep talking. All the disposable diapers we changed were thrown away and dumped into landfills or burned. We had yet to figure out how to recycle diapers and no one wanted to use cloth. So waste piled up pretty fast. Diaper after diaper all made disposable for the big dumps people put in them and where they ended up after theyre single use. Anyway, whatever this woman had eaten was literally everywhere on her ass, and it took three wipes to get the mess off. With that done, I took the power and lotion from arm and waited as it retracted, and proceeded to lotion up the woman's bottom and private area. I finally took the diaper from the other hand and tabbed it up snugly on her bottom. With that finished the arm pulled the woman's shirt back down and slipped her black skirt back up. The table then slide forward and the woman slipped off and grabbed her purse before exiting. Red cards weren’t so bad, it was over quick. Green cards were the worst though as it required the most work from me, and most of it was rather unpleasant.

After a few hours of changes it was time for my break. I grabbed a sub from the counter, which my boss was kind enough to have bought for us. Most companies had vending machines for the employees who changed diapers, but my boss being the sweetheart had gotten us a sub bar with 2 full time employees during the day and then one at night for our convenience. It made this job tolerable to say the least,and I made sure to thank him whenever I remembered. He also had a pretty nice break room for us, with chairs and couches, all leather of course in case of any accidents. While I sat and ate I contemplated the normality of the oncoming shift ahead of me. Little did I know that this shift would be anything but normal.

As I exited the break room and said bye to my fellow coworkers still eating, I ran into my boss. “Hi, Emily, you’ve been doing such exemplary work recently, I’ve decided to promote you to our newest level of corporate luxury. Are you ready for that…?” I beamed at him and hugged him tightly, my diaper bulging as I bent over slightly. “Absolutely, thank you so much!” A smile returned and a pat on my shoulder sent me on my way to HR to fill out paperwork.

I walked out of HR happier than I’d been in a while, with extra money added to my hourly and a nicer “office” to operate out of it would make the snobbier customers tolerable.

I was sent upstairs to a level I’d never been permitted to before, and I recognized other coworkers whom I ate with frequently. Friendly waving I was swiftly congratulated on my promotion and shown to my new work space. Much bigger than my old one, and with 2 windows seeing outside, compared to the previous smaller ones I had this was going to be great! I checked my hours, and sighed a little bit as I realised they were the same, but quickly put that from my mind and began looking through the orientation materials left on my desk. It was pretty much what I had expected, all the color card were still the same, yellow, red, and green. However, there was a new card color I’d never seen before, and it was light blue. I was about to start reading about what these cards did when a bell rang in my office, alerting me I had a customer waiting for me. Swiftly I placed the materials in my desk and strode to the table as another lady strode in. She handed me a green card. Despite the green color I hated so much, I smiled because of my new office and promotion it encapsulated. The lady smiled timidly at me and actually was polite. She talked to me the whole time I was prepping the table. I finally pressed the green button to begin her change. She was the CEO of Blinders, or the company that focused on creating new solutions for the visually impaired, so I wasn’t too surprised she was kind and polite to me. Unlike the red card where the 2 mechanical arms came to assist me, this was completely unassisted. Green cards were completely for human interaction only with no mechanical assistance at all. Usually the higher ups at the corporation shad them to make our lives harder and messier so we had to do all the disgusting work ourselves. This woman however, just actually wanted my attention, to have a nice conversation, and proving my point, when I finished tabbing up her new diaper, she tipped me a generous ten dollar bill. I blushed slightly and took the bill and thanked her profusely and she smiled before leaving my office.

This day was shaping up to be a good day, that was for sure. If only I’d know was coming shortly. Another customer was at the door and this time it was a young man, maybe in his early 20s. He came in and handed me his card, and it was a light blue one, one I’d never seen before or had time to know what it did. But being there was a blue button on the change table I figured it couldn’t be too bad to figure out. Something caught my attention immediately on the back of the card, and it was a time signature, which usually indicated how long each of the activities the card should take. Like yellow changes, took usually under 2 minutes, whereas, red and green changes could take 5 to 6 minutes to finish. This blue card had half an hour stamped on it. That had to be a mistake, what could one possibly do to drag out a diaper change for 30 minutes…? I flipped the card onto my desk and had the client lay down on the table. I pressed the button on the table and waited.

Whirring noises began to sound as a few mechanical arms rousted themselves from under the soft padding. The mans pants were removed to reveal his extremely full and dirty diaper. His smile took me by surprise. Sure there were those who certainly didn’t mind diaper changes, but his smile was borderline creepy, as if he was expecting to enjoy this… and it was then I felt one of the metal arms wrap around my middle.

I yelped in surprise as I was lifted off my feet and moved over the table above my client. This was but anything I could have ever expected. I noticed the table had also shifted and added accouterments I’d never seen before, like a pillow behind the customers head for extra comfort and arm and leg straps. The straps puzzled me as I was lowered until I realized whom they were intended for. Once I was about a foot and a half from the table, I was maneuvered with my head directly over the center of the man’s crotch and diaper. For a moment nothing happened, and then the arm around my middle opened and I fell head first onto the soiled diaper. The leg and arm straps secured themselves tightly around me and held me in my fallen position on top of the man on the table. However, I was just ever so slightly suspended above him, so if need be so the man could move about.

With the vile smile still upon his face, I felt my head being forced down and I was head down into the man’s dirty diaper. He began to shift and throb his crotch into my face, his erection pulsating under the few centimeters of soggy plastic and cloth. The smell was putrid and the humping motions were pulsing on my face. The motions grew faster and I felt my body being pressed even harder down onto the dirty diaper. I could almost taste the piss through the material on my face. Finally I was lifted up a bit, and a mechanical arm drew back the front of the man’s diaper. His erect penis stood up and almost immediately I was lowered again. More hands forcefully pried my clenched mouth open and then it was all over as the warm leathery dick was stuck in my mouth. The machine lifted me up and down quickly, forcefully simulating the sucking motions of a blowjob. The smell of the disgusting diaper, the force and speed of the machines and the terrible sounds and mess my own diaper was making were too much and tears began to fall from my eyes.

The man seemed to be turned on by this even more and I suddenly felt a massive throb and the blowing of cum into my mouth. Speedily, I was flipped over as the dick was removed and my mouth was held shut, giving me no choice but to swallow the horrid liquid invading my mouth. The mechanical arms then placed me back on the table, an extended part had just appeared from under where our feet had been and I was laid down there and the man sat on my face, his messy diaper filling every ounce of space on my face and he moved up and down quickly. The squelching sounds and vile smelling solids inside the diaper made me gag and I choked for breath and the man finally removed his putrid diaper from my face. Still held down by the arms and on the table he laid on top of me, as my skirt and shirt were pulled up, revealing my own diaper. He began to rub and squeeze my dirty diaper, that hadn’t been changed since lunch, 4 hours ago. It was awful and full to the brim. He kissed me and fondled my breasts as he pleased while throbbing his once again erect penis on my dirty diaper. Finally I was let up and returned to my feet as the arms pulled my uniform back on. The man resumed the lying position on the table. I was still tear stricken and speechless from what had just occurred. Now I was actually going to change his diaper with the remaining 2 minutes on the clock. The diaper was of course exceptionally messy and it took the full time to finally clean it up. The man got up from the table smiled vilely at me, and gave me a firm spank on my behind as he exited my office. The rest of the day was filled with awful diaper changes, blowjobs, diaper sitting, and other awful activities involving dirty diapers. My final client for the day came in and handed me the card. And I regretfully pressed the blue button. When I was lifted up, he turned around and had an arm open the back of his diaper and I gagged as my face was lowered inside the back of the diaper. Firm logs of waste and other such nasty solids lined the back of the diaper as the diaper closed on my head and he began to throb back and forth. After my head was finally released from the entrapment of the nasty confines, I was of course expected to give another messy blowjob and this one was no different, and ended with me swallowing another massive mouthful of cum. My stomach was full of nothing but my fleeting lunch and cum from all three blowjobs that afternoon. I still had yet to change my own diaper, and it was starting to burn at this point. I was cried out at this point and just took what came. However, the final activity from my last client was too much. The mechanical arms had cut a hole over the man’s crotch letting his still erect penis show. I blew him again through the dirty diaper, getting poop and piss all over my face in the process, and then to finish my head was returned to the back of the man’s diaper. I felt him clench and he ripped a massive shart into the diaper, blowing waste onto my face. I closed my eyes and waited for the 2 minute bell to ring so I could finish changing his diaper and be done for the day. It finally rang and my head was moved for the 2nd time from the dirty diaper and I changed the man’s diaper. He too once arisen from the table grabbed me again and spanked my ass and fondled my boobs. He pushed the mess in my own diaper everywhere and then proceeded to bend me over and spank me for the last 30 seconds of his time. He left me on the floor violated and crying again. The final bell rang and I was trapped within the contract I’d signed at H.R., and knew I’d made a grave mistake.