Warm and Soapy
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Kitten (a story from my imagination)..

Kitten in my dream

Hi Kitten,

I'm glad you wanted to hear about the dream I had. It was about you and I and the kinky things we did, actually arouse me now as I'm telling you about them.

In my dream, you and I were living together. We were very much in love and attended to each other's wants and needs very closely. It was like something sacred to us. I loved being intimate with you and kissing you all over your body. You did the same for me.

In the dream, we were in the over sized bathtub together on a very chilly winter night. It was warm inside the house but we thought it would be cozy to be in the tub together with a nice, chilled bottle of wine. Since we were obviously naked, we teased each other and rubbed parts of our body against one another. The more wine we drank, the less inhibited we were (Course, we were both pretty uninhibited naturaly)!!

All of a sudden, you got out of the bathtub and put your terrycloth robe on and told me you'd be right back. I didn't think much of it but when you returned, you had our 4 quart red enema bag and proceeded to fill it with soapy, very warm water.

Then you climbed back into the tub with me and presented your sweet little toshe to me and spread your butt cheeks open, giving me a full view of "daddy's" favorite target. I lubricated my finger with some of the body wash we had and slid it in and out of your sweet little pucker hole. Then I slid the special dochue nozzle into your butthole very slowly and worked it around a little, and then part way back out and then in for your enema.

You were already moaning and I could see you reaching between your legs and playing with your tasty little clit. I clicked the clamp open and started your enema rushing into your bowels. The enema bag drained into you very fast and soon it was time for you to go to the toilet. Then, I woke up. Wish I could have stayed in that dream!!!

After I awakened, my peter was bobbing up and down just as it is now. I couldn't resist stroking it with my eyes closed, thinking about how much giving you that enema turned me on!! Before I could stop, I was squirting my cum all over myself!! Then I just layed there for awhile thinking about how good it felt.

That's what you do to me Kitten