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A fantas-tick hot day at Camp Tempashota

Part 2

Jason cringed. His butt clenched involuntarily, causing the embedded thermometer to push out about an inch. Dr. Suzy was one thing- sure she was attractive, but she was also married and was a doctor and she was old enough to be his mom. Sarah on the other hand was an entirely different matter. In a camp filled with attractive college coed counselors, she was probably the hottest. He had wondered if it was worth the effort to pursue her for a summer fling. However, she was so attractive it was almost intimidating, even to him. Plus she was kinda ditzy. Now though, he was in a room naked with her. Kinda embarrassing to be sure, he thought, especially with something stuck up his ass. On the other hand, if he wanted to get with her... Well at least he was naked and they sure had a chance to talk and break the ice! Halfway there? Maybe not quite, but he figured it couldn't hurt his chances.

Meanwhile, Sarah was a bit intimidated herself. The last time she'd even seen a rectal thermometer was when her mom took hers like that when she was a little girl. And now Dr. Suzy wanted her to administer it?! So while she collected her thoughts she busied herself getting a wet towel to drape over his back ("his pale butt did look pretty cute!" She thought) and then a water bottle. She stepped outside for a second and found a bendy straw, proud of herself for thinking of a way that he could get water without having to sit up. She went back into the exam room and bent over to offer him the water.

"So much for breaking the ice" thought Jason as he greedily sucked down the cold water. He was feeling better, but even if his mouth hadn't have been otherwise occupied, he'd have been speechless at the sight of that beautiful face and the ample cleavage just inches from his face.

Sarah set the now empty water bottle down on the counter and then sat herself down on the exam table next to Jason. Not really knowing what to do, she mimicked what her mother had done years ago, gently patting and rubbing his butt and telling him that he was doing very well and that it was almost over. She took the thermometer in her fingers and slowly twirled it around.

Grandma... Baseball... Cleaning out the horse stalls... Jason tried to think of anything to help prevent his growing arousal. Between the vision of her before and the electric touch of her hand on his naked butt, and the sensations as she manipulated the thermometer... Preventing his arousal was, well... hard.

All the twirling around had resulted in just the tip of the thermometer being inside him, Sarah saw, and so she slid it back in almost all the way. This caused a sharp intake of breath from Jason. "Hmm... I wonder if he likes that?" She thought to herself. Gradually she started to piston the thermometer in and out. His reactions seemed to confirm that he did indeed like it, and she was quite pleased. Not only had she conducted a successful experiment to test and confirm her hypothesis, but now that she knew he liked it, she thought it would be fun to tease him. So she continued playing with it and rubbing his butt.

Her fun (and his) was interrupted by a sudden thought. Sarah looked at her watch. Woops. It had been well past time to take it out, and so she did-slowly. She wiped off the thermometer and tried to make out the silvery reading- holding it up to the light, turning it... How did folks figure out how to read these back in the day? She wondered? She had absolutely no idea what his temperature was! But Dr. Suzy had given her an assignment and she would not let her down.

"I'm sorry, Jason, but the procedure didn't take. I'm going to attempt to utilize some additional affecacies to ensure proper compliance protocols." She thought that sounded very official and doctor-like and smiled to herself.

Jason was confused. He felt her pry open his butt cheeks and apply more Vaseline to his bottom-hole. She was a little more aggressive in the application than Dr. Suzy had been. "Whoa! That was a finger!" He thought.

She inserted the thermometer again almost all the way in. This time she just held it in, her hand resting on his backside for just a moment, when...

Knock-knock and the door opened just slightly as Dr. Susan Garrett slipped in. She tried to be careful because she knew Jason was undressed and there was a hallway full of hot sweaty kiddos and the office assistant trying to get them in and out.

"What? It been well past the time for a temperature to register," She said brushing past Sarah and quickly pulling the thermometer out. She held it up and said, "Well you're going to live." And made a note in her chart. She then started getting some things out of the cabinet. "Jason how long has it been since your last tetanus shot?"

"Uh... Not sure ma'am, to tell you the truth." Dangit! He thought. He really hated shots- shoulda made something up.

"Sarah, will you reach down there and get the cotton balls out of the bottom cabinet over there for me?"

Sarah reached down alright, but intentionally bent over at the waist right in front of Jason to do so, a fact not lost on either the doctor or the patient. Jason certainly was appreciative; Susan was not.

"Sit up for me Jason"

He hesitated, "uhm, ma'am can you just give it to me in mah rear? I'm kinda already in position and all."

"I'm afraid not Jason - we'll need to spread these out. Contrary to popular misconception, dog's mouths are not actually cleaner than human mouths. I'm going to give you a couple of antibiotics as we-"

It was Susan's turn to be speechless, if just for a moment. While she was talking Jason had sat up on the table, and he was sporting a massive erection.

"-uh particularly in bites on the hand skin infections are quite common and you didn't wash it until you got here awhile later." Susan was a little miffed at herself for a momentary lapse of professionalism, but wow that was one specimen. Horseback? Horse front? Stop it! Ride 'em cowgirl! She drowned out those thoughts by focusing on rubbing his shoulder with the alcohol-soaked cotton ball. His amazingly well-muscled shoulder...stop it!

Susan looked over at Sarah who was covering her mouth and almost giggling. She looked at Jason and saw that his cheeks were rosy and not from sun induced heat. Ordinarily shed just pretend to ignore it but she felt bad that Sarah was even here and thought in this case it was best to address it.

"Jason I don't want you to worry about it one bit. I'm a doctor and have pretty much seen it all. An erection in the exam room is no big deal, trust me. Just means that everything is fully functional. No biggie." She jabbed the needle into his shoulder.

"No biggie? Uhm...?" Sarah blurted out. The two camp counselors chucked. Dr. Garret smiled but was not amused.

"Be still, I'm almost done." And she quickly finished the injection. No blood. "Jason while I'm a doctor and Sarah is not a medical professional she hopefully will be before too long. Rest assured she will NOT say anything to anyone about this outside this room."

"It's okay I guess- sorry if I embarrassed y'all. Thanks Dr. Suzy."

You've got absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or about. Your shoulder will probably be a bit sore for the next few days but it hopefully won't be too big of a deal," Susan smiled,"now if you'll excuse us, I'll be right back."

They slid out the door and Dr. Garrett ushered Sarah into the supply closet where she read her the riot act about being sensitive to patient nudity and keeping a professional demeanor, keeping her thoughts to herself in front of patients, and even how she hoped Sarah could some day experience the embarrassment and it would give her some empathy. Fortunately Susan was pretty sure no lasting harm was done and it could have been much worse. She was glad she had an assistant on days like today.

Dr. Garrett went and checked on the kid who fell and dismissed him, told Sarah and the office assistant they could use the other exam room to check on the still steady stream of kids who were hot but mainly just wanted a note to get out of activities, and finally went back to the supply closet to prepare two anti biotic shots for Jason. Dangit she wished they had lidocaine to mix it- this was not exactly a well equipped clinic.

Ps more to come and promise I'll get to the tick part soon!