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My Cousin Jack

My Cousin Jack - Part 12 - The Casual meeting Continues over Dinner

In the next 30 minutes, as Jack and Joe conversed in the living room about art and a number of other subjects, Sue completed her preparation of dinner. She started to bring out the food she prepared to the dining room table, listening as best she could on the conversation going on between the two men.

"So Joe," asked Jack, "Do you miss your military days?

"Not really, " he responded with a nod of the head, "I liked the field duty, but the post hospital duty was boring. You never knew what you would see or where you might work. Some things I liked, and others I could pass up, if asked. Of course, I was never asked." He laughed a bit.

"I see," responded Jack, "Like the enema you gave me last week?"

Joe's expression changed, and then he answered, "Yeah, like those. Not the best way to spend your day, but sometimes that is what you are assigned."

"I certainly understand, Joe. Not everything is what we would like it to be. We just have to live with what we have, and hope for the best sometimes."

"Agreed, Jack," Joe responded, "Overall, I guess the Army wasn't so bad. A bit limiting sometimes, but no so bad. Glad to be out though."

"Are you guys about ready for dinner?" asked Sue from the Kitchen. "If so, then wash your hands, or whatever, because dinner will be ready in a couple of minutes."

The two guys looked at each other, the jack rose to go into the bathroom to wash his hands. As he entered, he saw Sue's enema bag hanging from the shower head. Going over to touch it, he realized it was wet.

Returning, Jack stopped briefly in the kitchen and went over to Sue, patting her on the back, and then the ass, saying, "Saw the big red one in the bath Sue. Sure you want a big dinner?"

Sue turned and answered, "Stop the trash talk Jack, of I'll use it on you with such massive soap you will feel for a week. Now, go back in the other room, and leave me to finish here," then she added, "And if you grab my ass again, you will get the strapping or your life as well, maybe even this evening for that infraction. You know my rules." Jack turned beet red and returned to the living room where Joe waited.

"It seems you riled up Sue," offered Joe. "Would not do that. You probably know her better than I, but I do know when she gets riled, and angry, she reacts."

"Touche, cousin," answered jack. "That she does, and with a vengeance sometimes. By the way, cousin, she has a strapon dildo that will make you cry if you do get on her wrong side. Split you in two, if you are not careful."

"Understand," answered Joe, looking toward the kitchen to see if dinner was ready. He did not have to wait long. Moments later, Sue emerged with two dishes, which she placed on the table, then returned to the kitchen for more food.

"C'mon to the table, you two, if you want to eat," she said before disappearing back into the kitchen, then returning with a giant plate of sliced ham and what looked like chicken or turkey, and another plate with bread.

Bringing in the last of the food, they sat as Sue said, "OK, so everything is here. Make a sandwich of simply take what you want. Dinner is informal here," Sue announced, then adding, "Eat up Jack, you have some punishment time coming after dinner." Jack's face dropped, and he looked down toward his plate. Joe wondered what her 'punishment' meant, but had an idea.

[Continuing Story]


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