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Ages and Stages - A Continuation

Ages and Stages - Part 21


Ages & Stages - Part 21

POSTED 06/02/2019

As Karen sat, filling out the forms, John cuddled his baby blanket and rolled over facing the back of the waiting room couch. As his did, he pulled the blanket up around his middle, fully exposing his baby pants and bulky wet diaper. Over the next few minutes, the waiting room was getting fairly filled up. Karen was busy writing and didn't notice that her baby was exposing his diapers to everyone in the room. And there was nobody that didn't notice the plastic covered babyish attire he wore. A little girl, probably about seven, finally broke the silence of the room, "Mommy, I can see that baby's diapers, over there," as she pointed directly across the room. Karen had just finished the forms, and took note of John's situation. She pulled the blanket down, past his waist, to cover his infantile clothing. Apparently the Benedryl she had given John this morning was having the desired effect on him, as he continued to sleep, undisturbed by all of the activity around him.

Karen got up and handed the receptionist the clipboard, and asked, "Is there a diaper changing table nearby?"

The receptionist pointed toward a door to the left, "That restroom has a changing table on the wall. You can use that."

Karen gathered up John's diaper bag, and his clothes. She then gently jostled John to wake him. "Come with me, Baby," she instructed. John got up and held his blanket in one hand, in the same manner you would think of the Peanut's character, Linus. He grasped his mother's hand with his free hand and walked with her to the restroom, all the while keeping his pacifier in his mouth. A few people were slightly bothered by the sight of this boy of four or five still in diapers and sucking a binky, and a couple at the other side of the room looked at each other, whispered, and shook their heads. Nobody spoke up to say anything against it, and others just thought he was a bit late at potty training, and didn't judge him.

Karen closed the door and pulled down the changing table. Just as she was about to lift him onto the table, she stopped. Karen noticed the warning label on the table, "45 pound limit." Taking John by the hand, the went back to the reception desk. While John stood there in just his pajama top and diaper and baby pants, Karen told the receptionist, "Your changing table is only rated for 45 pounds, and he weighs nearly sixty pounds. Is there another one elsewhere?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. There is one down the hall that's rated to eighty pounds, but that restroom is closed for repair work." The receptionist looked out across the waiting room. "The couch over in the corner is a little more private, perhaps you could change him there?"

As Karen turned to carry John to the small couch, a nurse poked her head out of the Imaging Center entry door, "Johnny Matthews?"

"Right here," Karen answered.

The nurse did a bit of a double-take, as she was expecting a healthy twelve-year-old boy, not a diapered baby. "Follow me." She led them down the hall to a small exam room. She motioned John toward an exam table, and as Karen helped him up, she noticed that his diapers were cloth. "Ma'am, we can't have him wearing those in the MRI." Then, pointing to a sign on the wall, forbidding metal objects, she said, "His diaper pins are metal, and the MRI has very stong magnets. He could get hurt."

"Yes, I understand. That's why I brought Pampers," Karen answered, as she pointed toward John's diaper bag. "Should I change him now?"

"We'll be ready for him in about ten minutes. Go ahead and change him. If you want to change his shirt, that's fine. I noticed that the short-all you have contain metal snaps on them, so please leave them off," She instructed.

Karen pulled John's plastic baby pants pulled down to his ankles. "Wow, Baby, you are relaly wet!" she exclaimed. Karen reached into the diaper bag, retrieving a Zip-Lock bag for his wet diaper and a Pampers size 7, along with two doublers. She grabbed a baby bottle, and sticking it into his open mouth, she told him to drink it down, for it would be quite a while before he could have any liquids again. Once his cloth diaper was removed, the nurse poked the needle into his bottom and injected the calming liquid. After administering the drug, the nurse left the room to prepare for the procedure. While Karen diapered her baby in disposables, John drank down the special formula his mommy had provided. Although it was satisfying his thirst, he had no way of knowing that it also contained more MiraLAX™ laxative powder.

In just under fifteen minutes the nurse returned to the exam room and directed the two toward a hallway marked "Imaging." As Karen carried John pass several doorways, John sleepinly noticed signs labeling the rooms "CAT Scan" and "X-Ray." A little further down the hall they came upon aroom marked "MRI" and were directed to enter. Karen was told to leave her diaper bag on the chair outside of the room, and under the nurse's direction, she placed John on the table of the machine. The nurse did a little typing into a console and then asked Karen to remove John's baby bottle.

John was guided to lay flat, and a plastic cage was placed over his head. The nurse placed foam blocks around his head to hold him still, and strapped the child down. John didn't balk or cry, as he was once again slipping off to slumber land. As Karen left for the waiting room, the nurse told her it would take about 90 minutes to two hours, but she would need her back in about an hour. The nurse directed her toward the concession area, and Karen left to get a much-needed cup of java as the testing began.

Ages & Stages - Part 21

POSTED 06/02/2019


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