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Ages and Stages - A Continuation

Ages and Stages - Part 20

Ages & Stages - Part 20


As John slept, he dreamed of a time so much more inviting. As he laid in his mommy's arms, he could feel the bulk of the cloth diaper between his legs. He had his lips firmly pressed against his mother's breast, the nipple entering his mouth, and he was filling his belly with her delicious milk. As he nursed, Mommy leaned forward slightly and kissed the top of his head. He was once again the baby he was meant to be and life was good.

"What's wrong with you?" a familiar voice screeched out. He tilted his head slightly to see who was yelling, but kept his mommy's nipple in his mouth. Mrs. Clark was pointing her finger at him, "What is wrong with you, Child? This is seventh grade math, and you are acting like a baby!" John felt his diaper becoming heavier as the deranged woman continued to berate him. "You are not twelve-years-old! You are just a baby! A diaper wearing, panty pooping, unweaned, baby!" She continued, "Look at all of your friends, they don't piss their pants! They are big boys and big girls, and you are a panty pissing baby. You lay there, sucking your mommie's titties and shitting your diaper. You are worthless!"

John dreamt that standing behind Mrs. Clark were all of his schoolmates. Mike and Bob, and over to the side were Janet and Heather! They were pointing at him and laughing! Mrs. Clark grabbed for the boy, and Mommy's nipple fell from his mouth. Her milk was leaking on the floor and he tried to scoop it up. Mrs. Clark was grabbing for him and he took off running down the hall. All of the other students were lining the hallway, pointing and laughing as he ran past. He wanted to get out of there! Now he could no longer see his mommy. "Mommy! Mommy!" he cried out, "Help me, Mommy!" Mrs. Clark grabbed the boy, carrying him back to his classroom, where he saw his mommy, now tied to a chair. Milk was spilling out of her boobs, and he was so thirsty! He reached out to be held. He needed her milk so badly, but Mrs. Clark would have none of that. "Mommy! Mommy!" he cried out, then he awakened in the dark, scared and wet, and needing his mommy more than ever. "Mommy! Mommy!" he whimpered.

Karen slowly became aware of the sound. Coming down the hall was a soft whimpering, and did she hear him calling out her name? She slipped from beneath her covers and tossed on her robe while glancing at the clock on her dresser. "2:02" it practically screeched. "Why would he be awake at this hour?" she pondered. Entering John's room, she turned the lamp on his desk to "low." Karen sat on the side of John's bed, and whispered gently, "What's the matter, Baby?"

"I had a bad dream," John answered. Karen pulled him closer and rested his head on her half-naked breast, as he explained, "It woke me up and I can't get back to sleep!"

As Karen consoled the child, she slipped her fingers into his PJ's, and under the leg band of his plastic pants. "You are soaked!" she stated, "Let's get you changed." She easily picked up the little boy and carried him to his changing table, where she performed the task at hand. Karen removed the soaked garment and quickly replaced it with a nice, soft, dry diaper, but not until she had thoroughly coated her baby's diaper area with Desitin™, and powdered his bottom. Since his pajama bottoms were wet, and the room was warm, Karen decided to forego the pajama pants. She lifted him from the table and set him in her big chair.

Karen walked briskly to the kitchen and retrieved a baby bottle from the fridge. After warming it in the microwave oven, she returned to her bedroom, picked the boy up and set herself comfortably into her chair. After adjusting her robe, and resting him against her naked breast, she placed the baby bottle's nipple to his lips and let him nurse himself back to a sound slumber. As John laid there, Karen closed her eyes. As he sucked the baby bottle, his jaw moved rhythmically against her breast, just millimeters from the nipple. In her mind, she could see John with his mouth latched onto her breast, her nipple grasped firmly between his lips, as he was nourished from her body. After several minutes Karen caught herself dozing off with John still on her lap. His cheek resting against her breast, his breathing now slowed with the calm of sleep. The nipple of the bottle sat loosely in his mouth, and he would take an occasional sip of formula as he slept.

As Karen picked John up to carry him back to his room, she noticed the time. She was pleased that she was now so well planted back into her "Mommy Routine" that she had carried out this whole scenario in just about thirty minutes. Karen tucked John back into his bed with his half-filled bottle of formula ever present at his lips. After a quick trip to the potty for herself, Karen returned to her bed for some much needed rest. She settled back in, and dreamt of her baby.

"Beep! Beep! Beep!" The sound startled Karen. Looking at the clock she saw "4:30" on the display. "What?!" Karen uttered, then remembering what day it was, she composed herself. She had purposely set the alarm for an hour early, because today was the MRI. Karen rubbed the sleep from her eyes, and got up to pee. Upon returning to her bed she grabbed her Bible, the cocoa nut oil, and her breast pump suction cup. Sitting up against the headboard, Karen started the machine and placed the cup onto her left breast. As she read her Bible she could feel the constant rhythm of the pump, working on the minute supply that had formed with-in her. After fifteen minutes she switched to her right breast. As she moved the cup over, she noticed about a half-teaspoon of liquid in the reservoir. Oh, how she smiled at this discovery! After another fifteen minutes, she switched the machine off, and took stock of the liquid that she had captured; it appeared to be a full teaspoon of mother's milk in the container!

Karen closed her Bible and grabbed a generous gob of cocoanut oil. She worked both breasts vigorously, until her hands tired of the task at hand, whereupon she stopped. She wiped the excess oil from her chest and threw on her robe. Seeing that it was now 5:20, and she would have to leave by 6:30 to make the hour drive to Children's Hospital, she got to work. After making her bed, she did a quick wipe and a promise over her counters and a fast picking up of the living room. As Karen ate two slices of toast with butter and honey, she prepared a cooler for the day. She packed up four bottles of spring water, two Diet Dr. Peppers, and four baby bottles of formula (each with a half-teaspoon of MiraLAX™), and took it to the car.

She went to her room and packed up a diaper bag with a half-dozen Pampers© Size 7 Cruisers, 10 diaper doublers, baby wipes, and two pairs of nursery print baby pants. She picked out two of his snap crotch short-alls and three long sleeved tee-shirts. She grabbed John's coat, and as she walked through the kitchen she tossed two baby bibs and a pacifier into the bag. The bag, the clothing, and the coat went into the back seat next to his baby seat.

After returning to her room and getting dressed for the long day ahead, Karen retrieved another baby bottle. This one was filled with chocolate Ensure©, mixed with formula, and popped into the microwave. Once warmed she waited until 6:20 and went into John's room. Karen removed the empty bottle from John's pillow and set it aside on the end stand. With the nipple placed against his lips, John instinctively started nursing.

"Sorry, Baby, but we're running late," Karen explained, "there's no time for breakfast, we overslept. I'll take you out for lunch after your MRI." As he grasped the bottle, Karen wrapped him in a baby blanket and carried him to the car. Once John was buckled into his car seat, she pulled out of the garage and headed out for the hospital. The weather man on the radio was talking about it being a beautiful autumn day, with highs in the upper 40's. "Doesn't that sound nice, Baby? Just think of the storm we had last week," Karen said.

As John sat nursing his baby bottle, he thought back to last week, and shuddered at the embarrassment he had felt when he peed his pants at school. He remembered how Mrs. Clark had pointed out his accident in front of the whole class. She was so mean! "Besides," he thought, "My Mommy is a way better teacher than any of them at school!" It dawned on him that he was now using the term "Mommy" even in his thoughts of his mother, and couldn't fathom using a term like "Mom" or "Mother" to address her. In fact, the closest he could come in his mind to either of those titles was the term "Mama" and it didn't feel so wrong, now that he was a baby again. "Yes," he thought, "I am a baby. I am a happy baby. My Mommy makes me happy." John finished his bottle and settled back into the comfort of his baby seat, slowly drifting off to sleep at the hum of the motor and the soft music on the radio.

"C'mon, Baby, gotta go inside," Karen said softly as she picked the child out of his baby seat. "The traffic was bad, so we're late. I'll dress you inside." She grabbed the diaper bag and one shirt and short-all, and headed to the desk marked "MRI." "Hi," she said, introducing herself, "I'm Mrs. Mathews, and this is John. We have an eight-o'clock appointment."

The receptionist pointed to the clock on the wall, "You may have an eight-o'clock MRI, but your instructions said to be here a half-hour early, so we could do paperwork. You are fourteen minutes late! At fifteen minutes late, you would forfeit your appointment."

"I'm so sorry. The traffic was horrible! I rushed to make it here, I didn't even have time to change the baby's diaper!" she explained.

"Ma'am, there must be a mistake," the receptionist responded, "This MRI is for a twelve-year-old child, not a baby. Apparently somebody has made a typo. I'll see what I can do to fix this... How old is your baby, four? Maybe five?"

"Miss, there's no mistake. He is twelve. Twelve by birthdays, but physically he is only about four," Karen explained.

"Oh, I see... I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions," she apologized, "Take this clipboard and fill out these forms. I also need your insurance card to scan."

Karen handed her the card and sat down with John on a couch across from the reception desk. John was still sleepy, so she laid him down next to her, and popped a pacifier into his mouth, while she filled in the blanks. Anyone walking by would easily see his baby pants as the blanket had fallen partially open revealing his diapered state. John was still too sleepy to notice, as he laid there slowly sucking his paci, returning to his slumber. To any bystander, he certainly looked the part of a four-year-old unpotty-trained toddler.

Ages & Stages - Part 20



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