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My Cousin Jack

My Cousin Jack - Part 8 - Soapy Water

Sue returned, seeing Joe still in the corner, rubbing his ass from the spanking she gave him a few minutes earlier. Hanging the bag from a light beside the bed, Sue sat on the side and looked over at Joe.

"Come over here, NOW," She said sternly. Joe turned, saw the bag and hose and hurried over to where his aunt sat waiting.

"Over my lap," she continued. Joe thrust himself over her lap and waited. Sue moved him a bit, then reached for his dick and put it between her legs, having again lifted her dress out of the way. This time, Joe could feel the thigh-high stockings, and the silk fibers rubbed against his dick, causing it to quickly rise.

"Aunt Sue, do we really have to do this?" asked Joe.

"We certainly do, Joe. You need to learn respect for your elders, and I am about the only one around to help you do that. Now stay still so we can get started." Sue reached for some lubricant by her beside table, reached in a grabbed scoop on her index finger and took one hand to separate Joe's ass cheeks. In seconds, she had her finger buried up Joe's ass, and not too gently either.

"Ow, that hurts," yelled Joe, "It really does."

"Quiet down," answered Sue, "You've had bigger than that up there. I still remember as a kid how you got in trouble over playing with Jack. Even then he was a little gay boy. Took you up the ass, didn't he?"

Joe remained quiet until his aunt slapped him on the ass. "Well, didn't he?" she asked again.

"Yes, he, he did," answered Joe quietly.

"And what happened then, Joe? What was your punishment then?"

"Mom gave me a real strapping. I hurt for days."

"What else?"

"She gave me a bunch of hot soapy enemas. They hurt worse than the spanking."

"Is that what she did?"

"Yes, she gave me a bunch of enemas."

"Well Joe, that is what is going to happen to you today as well. She liked to use Ivory Soap. Personally, I prefer dish detergent. It really stings."

"Why are you doing this Aunt Sue," asked Joe plaintively.

"Because at heart you are a bad boy, Joe. You need correction, and I am going to provide that correction."Slapping his ass cheeks a couple of times, she added, "Yes, Joe, I'm going to give you some correction. Long overdue." Continuing to rub the cheeks, she reached over for the enema hose, quickly shoving the pipe up his asshole, and pressed the shutoff clip to start the flow. Joe felt it immediately.

"Wow, that is hot," said Joe squirming on her lap. Every time he moved, his dick rubbed more along her thigh-high stockings, and grew.

"What else do you like to do, Joe? What did all that medical training in the Army teach you?" she asked, leaning down to whisper in his ear. "Bet you gave a lot of enemas then, didn't you?"

"Yes," Joe replied weakly.

"Did you enjoy giving them, Joe? Did you enjoy seeing that tube going up someone else's ass? Well, did you?"

"Yes," Joe answered again.

"Tell me about it Joe. What did you like about giving other people enemas? Did you have a hardon every time? I'll bet you did, because you have loved enemas for years, haven't you?" She looked down at his ass, and whacked it a couple more times.

"Well, tell me Joe. I'm waiting. Do do love enemas, don't you? Have since your mother got you going on them as a kid. I'll just bet you snuck them when she wasn't home. Did you?"

"Sometimes I did," he responded.

"Did they feel good? Did you whack off after them or during them?"

"Sometimes," came the response, with his moving around even more on her lap as the enema bag emptied, and he filled with the very soapy water.

"Well then, what else did you do? Did you stick things up your ass? You and Jack must have had a great time. I seem to remember back now that you got a lot of enemas after that first one from your mom. How did that happen?"

"She gave them to me because I got constipated."

"Really, were you constipated, or simply telling her a story? I'll bet most of the time, you simply wanted her to give you an enema so you made up a tale, and she believed you. That was it, wasn't it?"

"Sometimes," said Joe.

"And I'll bet as well, she gave you big enemas, didn't she? Like this one?" Sue began to notice that every time she said the word 'enema' Joe moved.

"Joe," Sue said, moving the tube around a big in his ass, "I think I know something else as well. I think you like to hear the word 'enema', don't you? It turns you on even more, doesn't it?" Joe could hear the final gurgle of the water leaving the enema bag, and hoped his ordeal would soon be over.

"Well Joe, it's all in for this bag. How does it feel, the ENEMA, how does the ENEMA feel inside you," saying the word with extra inflection. Tell me how the ENEMA feels, Joe."

"I really have to go to the bathroom, Aunt Sue. Please let me go to the bathroom.

"Not quite yet, Joe. The enema has to work inside first. We'll just give it a few minutes. Perhaps you need another spanking while you wait. No, I tell you what I want to hear," she responded.

"How did you feel when you went over to Jacks' and found out he wanted you to give him an enema?"

"I was surprised," came the response.

"But how did you feel, Joe? Did it make your dick rise as it is now? Was giving him that enema good you too? How did it feel Joe?"

"Well...'" Joe's voice trailed off.

"Well what, Joe? Did it make you feel good or not?"

"It did Aunt Sue, it felt really good giving him that enema."

"As good as him sticking his dick up your ass, Joe? How did that feel after so many years?"

"That felt good too," Joe answered.


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