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Ages and Stages - A Continuation

Age and Stages - Part 18

Ages & Stages - Part 18


The alarm went off at 5:00 AM, just as Karen had planned it. Her usual morning routine was to sleep until 5:30, and then sit in bed reading her Bible for a half hour before getting up for the day; but today would be different! Karen crept quietly to the attic door and entered. Here it was: the breast pump that she needed so badly in order to induce lactation. She slipped back out of the attic and carried the machine to the kitchen. After a thorough washing and drying she returned to her bedroom, where she placed the pump into the cubby in her headboard. Karen went into her bathroom and picked up a jar of coconut oil, and slathered a gob onto her breasts, paying close attention to her nipples and areola. Once satisfied that she was well lubricated and slightly stimulated, she settled back into her bed, propped up by two pillows. Karen reached for the business end of the breast pump and held it to her right breast, as she started reading from scripture.

Karen happened to open her King James Bible to Luke 11:27 which read, "And it came to pass, as he spake these things, a certain woman of the company lifted up her voice, and said unto him, Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou hast sucked." She smiled at this, and reaching behind her she grabbed her New American Standard Edition. Opening to the same verse she read, "And it came about while He said these things, one of the women in the crowd raised her voice, and said to Him, 'Blessed is the womb that bore You, and the breasts at which You nursed.'”

"Wow!" she thought, "God blesses women who breast feed their children!" Here was affirmation of her deepest desires, to return to the days of John's infancy, to once again hold him to her breast and nuture him! She grabbed her iPad and started searching for more scriptures about breastfeeding, and was not disappointed. Breastfeeding and suckling runs throughout both the Old and New testaments. Karen was convinced that this was God's plan, that she return to being the mother that John so badly needed.

After being lost in the Word, Karen looked at the clock, and seeing that it was after six, removed the pump and got up. She slipped her robe over her shoulders and headed to the kitchen. Karen spied the dishwasher, and suddenly got a new idea. She put the machine on rinse, "just to be sure that there was no soap residue," she reasoned, and reached into the cupboard for a large 8 ounce baby bottle.

Karen filled the baby bottle with formula, and then added a half teaspoon of MiraLAX­­®. She warmed the bottom for a few seconds in the microwave and carried it to John's room. Gently rubbing his head, and placing the nipple against his lips, she said, "Wake up, Baby. It's a brand new day. Here, Baby, I brought you a drink." Then she explained, "Your sippy cups still had soap in them, so I had to rinse them. They won't be ready for at least an hour, and I don't want you to go without a drink. Such a good boy for Mommy! Drink your baabaa, Baby."

John wasn't sure how to accept all of this, but it closely mirrored his dream from last night. He had dreamt that he was laying in his crib, in his wet diapers, and his mommy fed him. In his dream he had seen himself nursing at her breasts, but this was so similar that he couldn't complain. John now reasoned to himself that he really had become a baby once again, and this is how babies live: laying in a crib, wetting their diapers, and getting fed by their mommies. After a few minutes, when he had downed about a third of his formula, Karen picked him up and carried him to her room.

Instead of laying him on his changing table, she sat in her big chair and held him in her arms. Once again, her robe fell open; and once again, John rested his cheek against his mother's bare breast, the nipple only millimeters from the nipple of his bottle. John closed his eyes and imagined that it was his mother's nipple that was in his mouth; instead of the rubber teat of the baby bottle. After a few minutes both Karen and John became aware that he was sucking air from the bottle, he had already downed the whole supply of formula. Karen placed a cloth diaper over her shoulder, turned John over her shoulder and patted his back and his bottom, waiting for the inevitable burp. With-in seconds, it came. Loud and forceful! John was shocked that he managed to spit up a little, all be it only a few drops, of formula onto the waiting cloth. When Karen saw the small amount that John had spit-up, she giggled to herself, "He really is regressing."

"Mommy, I gotta go potty," John announced.

"I'll change you after breakfast," Karen answered. She suspected that he had to poop, with all the mild laxatives she had been mixing into his formula; she reasoned that it wouldn't be long before they had a repeat of the grocery store. Perhaps tricking him into messing his diapers might not be right, but he really didn't seem that upset after he had settled down into the mess in the seat of his diaper last night. After all, once they had returned home, he didn't seem to fuss at all about waiting in a poopy diaper for nearly an hour before being changed. John was definitely becoming acclimated to his infantile state, and Karen could barely wait to be changing dirty diapers once again, as she had for John's first five years of life.

John was sitting in his highchair, being spoon fed his baby cereal when he again felt the pressing need to move his bowels. He wasn't sure if his mother would accept another accident so soon, for it had only been about a dozen hours since he had filled his diaper in the store. At least, at the market, there was no public restroom, so he had no choice but to fill his diaper with the mess he could no longer contain. Here, he was at home, and his potty chair was only steps away. He would fight to hold it in!

As soon as the last spoonful of oatmeal went into his mouth and he swallowed, John announced, "Mommy, I gotta go poop! Please, take me to my potty."

"Are you sure you want to use your potty? You can use your diaper if you can't wait," she suggested. And as much as Karen wanted to force another "accident" to reinforce his infantile status, as her shook his head to indicate the negative, she gave in. Karen lifted John from his highchair and carried him to the living room. Karen removed his sleeper, then laying him down on a changing pad, she removed his baby pants and the sopping wet diaper from his groin. John practically jumped onto the potty chair, and even before he sat down, his poop fell into the waiting bowl. "I need to take a little longer next time," Karen mused to herself. She knew that if she had delayed only a few seconds longer, she would be cleaning his poop from his diaper, instead of dumping from the potty chair. Karen wiped his hiney, and then carried John to the bathroom. She ran a little warm water into the tub, removed his tee shirt, and set John down in it. After a quick wipe or two with a washcloth, she toweled him dry and carried him to the changing table in her room.

"We're staying home today, so I guess we'll use cloth diapers," She told John. Then she asked, "Does my baby like the cloth diapers?"

"Yes, Mommy. They are soft, and I like them." John answered.

"Settled," she said, "We will continue to use cloth diapers at home and disposables when we go out." With that she placed a Toddler Cloth Diaper under John, with a Gerber cloth diaper inside for added absorbency, and a diaper liner on top: "Just in case." "Now, we had some work to do today." Karen took John to the dining room, and sat him at the table. In front of him were several of his schoolbooks, and a sippy cup of formula. "I don't want you to get behind, so we are going to 'play school' today." Over the next four hours John drank two more sippy cups of formula as they went through his lessons, and John seemed more eager that usual to learn. Was it his new status as the "Baby" or was it having his Mommy as his "Teacher" that encouraged him to work so hard on his studies? Nobody could know for sure, but he nearly devoured his lessons, like one of the starving children on TV would take to a bowl of rice.

As mid-day approached, Karen left John on his own at the table while she prepared lunch. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese was one of John's favorites, and he deserved a treat for working so hard to catch up on his studies. As Karen filled a baby bowl with the Mac and Cheese, John wandered into the kitchen. "All done!" he announced.

"Everything?" Karen asked.

"Everything!" John assured her.

"Then come over here, lunch is ready," Karen instructed. She lifted John into his high chair, tied on a bib, and managed to get two and a half bowls of mac and cheese down him. John drank from his sippy cup between bites. When he was done Karen carried him to her room and placed him on the changing table. "My, you are really wet!" she pointed out as she changed him into a fresh set of cloth diapers, this time with two Gerber cloth diapers inside. "Nap time," she said.

Karen carried John to his room and laid him in his bed. After drawing the blinds, and switching off the light, John spoke up, "Mommy, can I have a baabaa for my nap?"

This request really took Karen by surprise! "Of course, Honey. I'll get my baby a baabaa if he wants one." Karen rushed to the kitchen and quickly filled an eight ounce baby bottle with formula and added a three quarters of a teaspoon of MiraLAX©. She heated it for a few seconds in the microwave and brought it in to John, who happily grabbed the infantile vessel, and started suckling at the rubber teat. As Karen closed the door, John closed his eyes, and pictured himself suckling at his mommy's breast.

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