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Ages and Stages - A Continuation

Ages and Stages - Part 17

Ages & Stages - Part 17


Karen considered settling in for a relaxing evening in her own garden tub in the Master Bath, but it was getting late, so that thought would be put off for another evening. Karen went back to the main bath to clean up. She wiped down the tile and put the bath toys away in the bottom cupboard below the sink. She started the hot water and placed John's dirty clothes and towel into the hamper. She picked up the soiled diaper from the basin and carried it to the laundry room, where she dropped it into the utility sink. After removing her clothing, she dropped her items into the washing machine, along with her hamper full of her own clothing, and started a wash cycle.

Karen grabbed a full sippy cup from the fridge, strode through the house naked, and stopped for a second at the living room to hand it to John, and to let him know that she'd be soaking in the tub for a few minutes. John looked at his mother towering over him as he sat playing with his Legos. He had not seen his mother walk around naked since his father had died, though unusual, it didn't bother him in the least. Up until Jack's death, the whole family had been quite casual about wearing (or not wearing) clothing in the house. Perhaps this step backward for John was helping Karen to relax and enjoy life once again.

Karen arrived in the bath just as the water had reached the perfect level in the tub, and had attained the perfect temperature for a good, although be it short, relaxing soak. As Karen slid into the water, she thought about the events that had led up to this time. Karen reminisced about the "old days" when she and Jack were young and free. And then came the baby, and the care and responsibility, along with the joy, of having a little one. Karen remembered caring for John, changing him and nursing him. She remembered how Jack had playfully suggested that he might nurse at her breast whenever John had finished up. The lovemaking sessions when Jack would latch on to Karen's breast, and then nurse from her, just like their baby did! What started as spontaneous play, turned into a nightly ritual for the couple. Karen would nurse the baby and put him down in his crib. All the while Jack would prepare the bedroom for their coupling sessions. Karen had an ample supply of milk, so there was always plenty for Jack, as well as John. When Karen had reacted to Barb at the restaurant, she never let on that she knew all about extended breast-feeding. Karen had waited until well past John's fifth birthday to wean him from her nipple. Weaning John was not a problem for Karen, she still had Jack emptying her breast each evening as part of their fore-play and after-play. Many nights Jack fell asleep at her breast, and many a morning had come when Karen would awaken John by placing her dripping nipple against his lips, and he would immediately latch on.

As Karen pondered the past, she became aware that she was becoming aroused. Without even thinking about it, she found herself rolling her nipples between her fingertips. Karen again considered the breast pump in the attic; would this still bring her as much pleasure as it once did? Would she be satisfied with manually expressing her milk for John's sippy cup? On the other hand, would she find herself drawn to the desire of having his lips stimulating her nipples? Karen wasn't sure how this would play out, but she did know that the pump was not going to stay in the attic! Tonight, after she put John to bed, she would retrieve it, and start the process of stimulating her breasts into producing the white nectar. Karen did wonder how long it would take to start her milk flowing once again... after-all, she had nursed Jack right up until the morning of the accident, just slightly less than two years ago. There were also the nights following his death, up to the night of the funeral, when she allowed a ten-year-old John to comfort himself at her breast, but that was the one and only short span she had allowed it, since the time he had been fully weaned.

Karen finished her bath and toweled off. Pulling on a pair of panties and slipping into her loose fitting fluffy white robe, she pulled the bath plug and headed to the living room to join John. On the way to the living room, Karen stopped and retrieved the last sippy cup of baby formula from the fridge. "Here you go, Baby," she said as she handed him the childish mug. John had already finished the previous cups of formula, and was a bit slow in taking this one. "Don't worry," she said, "If it makes you pee, you are well protected." Then, with a pat to his backside, she reassured him, "Those diapers won't leak!" While John sat upon his padded bottom in the living room, Karen returned to the kitchen to finish cleaning up from dinner. As she loaded the dishwasher, she noted that she was about to run out of space, and should probably run the load through. Some of the plates had been there for three days and were a bit crusty; she would have to run an extended wash. Suddenly she got an idea!

Returning to the living room, Karen asked John if he had finished his sippy cup. As he handed it to his mommy she noted a little bit left in the bottom of the cup, maybe about an ounce of so. "Here, finish this up so I can start the dish washer," she instructed John. Tilting the cup back, he sucked every drop from the vessel, and once again handed it to his mommy. Karen managed to squeeze this last container into the machine and started the longest heavy-duty cycle. Karen noted that the display read 155 minutes, and being it was now nearly eight o'clock, this would mean that John would be well off to bed before any of his sippy cups would be available.

Karen went over to the fridge and removed all three pre-mixed baby bottles that she had placed in there earlier. After removing each top, she spooned in a half teaspoon of MiraLAX­­® into each bottle. Replacing the tops, she shook each one quite thoroughly, ensuring that the powder was mixed well into the liquid, and should not be easily detected. After placing the baby bottles back into the fridge, Karen returned to the living room to join John for some TV and cuddle time.

"Before we watch TV, let's say our prayers," Karen suggested. John followed her example and got down on his knees in front of the couch, next to his mommy. Karen started, "Thank you, Father, for our family and friends. Please put a special blessing on our leaders, that they would follow Your Word. Please help those that can't help themselves. Thank you for all You've given us. Thank you for our nice home. Thank you for my baby, because I know that You have heard my prayers, and answered them. Amen" Turning to John she said, "Your turn."

"Thank you, Jesus, for watching over my mommy and me," he bagan. Karen couldn't stop glancing at his well padded bottom. "Thank you for my friends and the nice people at church. Please bless Mommy, and Grandma, and Grandpa, and my cousins, and bless Pastor Mike, and Mrs. Mike. Amen." At that, Karen sat herself on the couch and pulled John up next to her to cuddle, as she grabbed the remote to turn on a family program.

During the 8:30 commercial breaks, Karen asked John if he would like his drink now, and he nodded the affirmative. Karen went to the kitchen and retrieved the first baby bottle. As she entered the living room she announced, "I'm sorry, Baby, but I forgot, and all of your sippy cups are in the dish washer."

"Can't I just use a glass?" John asked.

"Honey, you know the rule: no cups or glasses on the furniture or near the carpet, with-out a top." Karen then added, "You know what? That sample box had some formula in it. Do you remember drinking Mommy's milk?"

"Yes..." John answered suspiciously, wondering if his mother was going to offer him a breast.

"There's three different kinds of formula in the box, and a questionnaire. They all claim to be just like mother's milk, and the questionnaire wants us to rate them. Would you like to try them? Maybe you can remember what my milk tasted like." Karen explained, "It's the only way you are going to get your bedtime drink tonight."

"I remember, Mommy." John answered, "I used to really like your milk. Does it really taste like it?"

"Well, that's up to you to decide. How about it? Are you willing to give it a go?" she asked.

"If that's the only way I get my bedtime drink, I guess I will have to try it." John answered.

With that answer, Karen sat on the couch and placed John across her lap, like so many nights before. As soon as he was settled down, she grabbed the first bottle, Enfamil® Enspire™, and stuck the nipple to his lips. John started to suck gently on the nipple, and once he got a taste of the formula, he smiled. "You like this?" Karen asked. John nodded and smiled as he continued to suck the nipple of the baby bottle.

John pulled away from the nipple just long enough to say, "It's pretty good, almost as good as your milk, Mommy!"

"He remembers!" Karen thought to herself, "It's wonderful! He really remembers drinking my milk. Pretty soon he'll be drinking it again, once I can pump enough to fill a few bottles." Karen continued to hold the baby bottle until John had nursed it dry. She picked him up, turned him toward her, and placed him over her shoulder, and after patting his padded bottom for a few seconds, he let out a resounding burp! Karen slid John back down into her arms and grabbed a second bottle; this one was Plum Organics Grow Well™ formula. Once again, John latched onto the nipple and started sucking. He stopped just long enough to tell his mommy, "I like this one better. It tastes even more like your milk." In minutes, John's eyelids started drooping, and his sucking slowed. As she held John, the top of Karen's robe slipped open, ever so slightly. Was it an intentional move, or just caused by John's movements? Even Karen wasn't sure, but she did know that she was delighted in the fact that John's cheek was laying against her bare breast, as he breathed slowly and drifted off to Baby's Dreamland.

Of course, Karen did not know, or was there any way she could have known, that as John nursed slowly on the nipple of the baby bottle, his mind was forming pictures of him suckling at his mother's breast. John felt so content; this is where a baby belonged, even a baby as large as John. Karen was having thoughts of her own, how she longed to have John so dependent upon her once again, how much she missed nursing him. If society could over-look a mother nursing her twelve-year-old baby, then she would be thrilled to return him to her breast. Karen pictured her daily routine, of changing diapers, bathing, feeding, and nursing her big baby. She remembered the days that John would sit upon her lap and suddenly latch onto her breasts for a quick snack.

Suddenly, Karen opened her eyes, and glancing at the clock on the living room wall, noted that it was nearly midnight. John was still perched in her arms, his cheek against her bare breast, the nipple of the empty bottle laying cockeyed in his mouth, as he drooled down his chin, and breathed slowly the pace of sleep. Karen got up and carried John to his bed, and went to her room to dream of her baby and herself in a loving embrace.

Two in the morning and Karen awoke with a start. Her alarm buzzing from the bureau reminding her that it was time to check on her baby. Karen didn't bother with a robe, just walked to the kitchen to get the third and last sample bottle, this one with a German formula called "HiPP" that was claimed to be the closest thing to mother's milk. She picked John off his bed and carried him to the changing table in her room. "This would be much easier if it was in John's room, or if he could sleep in here with me," she thought to herself. John barely stirred as Karen removed his sodden garment. Karen quickly changed John into a fresh set of cloth diapers and baby pants, and then sat with him in the chair in her room and she slipped the nipple to his lips. John sucked aggressively at first, and then slowed into a sleepy pace of nursing his bottle, as he settled back into slumber.

Karen gently placed John back into his bed, and returned to her own room for some much needed sleep.

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