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A Friend in Need

Chapter 9.

Quickly, Bill swept the trembling blonde off the table and lifted her to the floor, where she stood weeping and vigorously rubbing her swollen clit with her fingers.

"Stop that." Dolly shouted, smacking the girl's hands away from her agitated cunt. "You are not to frig yourself until you are told to."

"Yes." Agreed Celia, giving the matter some thought. "Place your hands on your udders, Mrs Bending. And mind you don't move them until I tell you to. You can tweak your nipples if you want to." She added with a grin.

"What are we going to do to her first, Ceel.?" Asked George, eagerly, his fist firmly kneading his thick, bloated cock.

"You just be careful you don't loose your spunk, George." The lovely lady retorted with a grin. "I'll be needing that prick of yours, hard and stiff, in a few minutes. But first, I think, a little more punishment is called for."

Going to the draw, she took out a number of implements, which she brought back and placed on the table. Taking one in her hand, Celia turned and held it up so that June could get a good look at it.

The sobbing blonde, who was standing with her hands clasped to her big breasts, gave a gasp and her tearful eyes opened wide with dismay.

What the redhead was holding, was a small, black whip, equipped with nine, long leather thongs.

"Do you like my little 'cat', Mrs Bending?" Celia asked, sweetly. "I'm told it stings like the very Devil. Especially when it claws a big 'Pussy'."

The lustful lady laughed, her wide hips thrust foreword, proudly exhibiting the flame-red bush on the bottom of her round belly.

"Get down on to your hands and knees, Mrs Bending." The redhead commanded the snivelling, wriggling young woman. "I'm going to 'tickle up' that big arse of yours."

"Oh! Please! Please, don't hurt me!" The girl begged, pitifully. "Please don't!"

But, smiling sweetly, Dolly Stern moved foreword and helped the trembling girl to her knees, where she posed her, lewdly.

"Now, hollow your back as you've been shown, Mrs Bending." The older woman ordered. "That's the way. Stick your big bum right up and round it nicely. We want to see your cunt peeping out from the back. That's it. That's lovely."

The brunette turned to the redhead.

"How's that, Ceel? She asked.

"Just open her legs wider and she'll be fine." Answered the Authoress, running the thongs of the 'cat' through her fingers.

"You heard Mrs Pain." Dolly said to the sobbing June. "Spread your knees wider apart."

Submissively, the naked blonde obeyed.

"Just the way I like them." Celia laughed, taking up her position behind and a little to the left of the crouching girl.

Holding the 'cat' in her right hand, the redhead raised her arm high in the air and brought the whip slashing down, hard, on the girl's big defenceless arse.


The 'cat's nine thongs spread out like a fan, covering the whole broad expanse of June's bum and bit, wickedly, into the young wife's rounded buttocks.


June's shrill scream, once again filled the big room. It felt to her as if a red hot steel plate had been pressed against her buttocks.

Behind her, the four libertines, with eager eyes aglow, watched with mounting excitement, as the squealing girl's burning bumcheeks clenched and twisted in a desperate effort to allay the pain.

"Did you like that one, Mrs Bending?" The redhead giggled cruelly.

"Oh! No! No! No! It hurts so!" The fair girl sobbed. "No more! No more! Please, Mrs Pain! No more!"

"No more?" Laughed Celia, again raising the 'cat' high. "Why, Mrs Bending, we're only just beginning."


Down came the whip once more.

"NNNAAAAAARHH!" Shrieked the buxom blonde, the thongs biting into her welted buttocks.



Again and again the wicked whip slashed down and cruelly cut across the girl's writhing arsecheeks. June, her lovely head thrown right back, shrieked and sobbed, while her splendid, big voluptuous arse danced in frenzy.

"Look at her go!" Laughed Bill, gazing in delight at the young woman's striped and writhing bum.

"Yes." Agreed Dolly, "She can certainly move her fat arse when she wants to."

"I'll make it jump." Laughed Celia, her lovely naked body beginning to sweat with her effort.

This time the wicked lady brought the nine thongs slashing down low between the shrieking girl's legs, so that they fanned out and cut her across the soft, fleshy swell of her full inner thigh.


June yelled in reply.

"OOOH! Lovely one!" Snarled George. "Go on, Ceel! Give her another one like that!"

Obligingly, Celia crossed to the girl's other side and treated the soft inner flesh of her other thigh with the same skilful cut.


Came the girl's full throated response.

Now Celia began aiming her cuts at different parts of the girl's lovely, plump back, spreading the bright red stripes at every stroke. Although most cuts fell across her full, bruised buttocks, a few she stroked down around the girl's ribs, just below her arms. When the redhead delivered this cut, the thongs curled around under June's body, fanned out and slashed around the full, hanging globes of the blonde's big, dangling breasts. This caused the girl to shriek even louder than before, as her big, soft tits were particularly sensitive.

After treating her buxom victim's swinging jugs a dozen good swipes, the beautiful Novelist gave the screaming girl's bounding bum a dozen more. Then, winking, lecherously at her accomplices, the sweating lady moved to stand before the crouching girl's head. From there, she skilfully stroked the nine thongs down into June's wide spread arse groove, around between her thighs and over the shrieking blonde's abused and gaping cunt.

The burning thongs cut over the girl's pouting anus, across her fat cuntlips, stung inside her gaping wet crack and slashed across her swollen clitoris.

June's hair stood straight up on her head. Her eyes bulged from her head. High in pitch, her shriek drowned out the laughter of her four tormentors.


Viciously, Celia used the stroke, again and again, cruelly beating the writhing blonde's tortured twat.

June felt as if her arse was on fire. The accumulated strokes from the stinging thongs made her feel as if the tender flesh of her thighs, breasts and swollen cunt, was being attacked by a thousand angry wasps. All the heat seemed to concentrate deep in the engorged stalk of her congested tickler. The waves of pain now flushed over her sweat dripping body, like a delicious, exquisite pleasure. She started to round and spread her writhing buttocks back for the blows. Exposing the wet, swollen flesh of her open, boiling cunt, to the stinging thongs.

June's lush body began to tremble all over, as if she were having a sexual fit. Throwing back her head, she bellowed.


"Look! Look! The slut's cumming!" Cried Dolly, gloating over the young blonde's lust agony.

Both the men leered, gleefully.

"Yes! Yes, she is!" Agreed Celia, breathing quite heavily with the exertion of the whipping and giving the squealing girl a last few vicious cuts across her boiling arse. "That will be enough for now. See how her cunt is, Dolly."

As the Junoesque young wife and mother crouched on hands and knees and sobbed in anguished humiliation, Dolly Stern squatted behind her and, with eager delight, subjected the girl's enflamed and burning cunt, to a thorough examination.

"Fuck! It's so hot!" The excited brunette squealed, thrusting her fingers, deep, into the highly aroused blonde's pulsing sex. "And the lips are so swollen and red. Her big tickler feels as if it's about to burst and....Ooooo! See how she bucks her arse when I flick it. And her cuntcream is absolutely gushing from her."

"Good!" Said the redhead, replacing the 'cat' on the table. "Kneel her upright and finger her for a while. I've got something to show her."

Dolly made June straighten up and kneel with her knees wide apart. Then, while the girl was once again made to grip her own big breasts, the older woman slipped her right hand down under her plump, red glowing arsecheeks, between her full, soft thighs and began vigorously fingering her. As the girl began to groan, the lecherous brunette slid her left hand down over her round belly and, gripping the swollen stalk of her big clitoris between finger and thumb, began pulling and stretching it.

June, the radiating heat from her whipped flesh flooding in hot waves to her cunt, grunted and snorted as the naked brunette's clever, pumping fingers, quickly got her humping her fat arse in response to the cruel milking of her of her swollen tickler.

Aroused now to fever pitch, the gasping blonde saw through her tears, a dark figure standing before her. Blinking her blue eyes, she saw that it was Bill Pain's tall frame. Even through the lust filled turmoil of her mind, she thought it strange that the handsome Sculptor's lean and powerful body was still covered by his black silk robe.

Raising her eyes to his face, she saw his own bright eyes burning down on her lush body with ferocious desire. His sensual lips pulled back from his perfect white teeth in an animal like snarl, he clutched at the silk covering of his stomach with both hands, as if he had a pain in his guts. Suddenly, his wife dropped to her knees beside him and smiled, lasciviously, at the gasping young woman.

"Now, Mrs Bending," The redhead leered. "I want you to watch, carefully."

Putting her arms around her husband's hips, she slowly pulled up the hem of his robe.

As the black silk opened like the curtains of a stage, so the Sculpture's sinewy legs came into view, his thin, muscular thighs spread. When the hem had reached the junction of his thighs, June's eyes opened even wider with wonder. There, hanging down between the man's lean and powerful legs were a pair of huge, dangling balls.

With her big, blue eyes popping from her head, the groaning blonde stared with mounting excitement at what the red haired woman had revealed to her. Bill Pain's great bollocks, each as big as a Snooker ball, hung down some six inches below his groin, suspended in their wrinkled, leathery scrotum and swung, pendulously, back and fore.

"There, Mrs Bending." The beautiful Authoress chuckled, delighted with the younger woman's reaction. "Have you ever seen a pair of Cods as big as these before?"

June, her arse jerking in time with Dolly's vigorous fingering of her cunt, shook her lovely head, her tongue darting over her dry and swollen lips.

"Go on. Touch them." Celia urged. "Feel how heavy they are."

Slowly June released one breast and, moving her right hand out, she gently cupped the tall man's big, pendulous balls in her soft, warm palm and lifting them, weighed them, tentatively.

"Oh, God!" She groaned. "They're huge!"

She heard Dolly Stern and George Cane, snigger behind her and saw Celia nodding her agreement.

"Yes, Mrs Bending. They are." The lovely redhead laughed. "And what's more, they are filled with lovely, thick, rich, creamy spunk. Just for you."

June's mouth opened and closed, but only gasps came out. She just knelt there staring, with her left hand kneading her left breast and her right hand holding the tall Sculptor's big balls.

"And that's not all, Mrs Bending." The excited Authoress continued, her smouldering green eyes dancing as she watched the trembling blonde. "This is all for you, too."

Just then, as her Husband released the silken belt that held his robe closed, Celia pulled back the black material so that all the front of his lean, sinewy body was revealed. The belt had also been used to strap the rampant column of the tall man's penis up against his hard muscled stomach. Now freed, his prick sprang out, throbbing powerfully, and stood straight up, stiffly, against his hard belly.

June, dropping the man's bollocks so that they swung and dangled between his long, lean thighs, gave a loud cry of alarm and would have leapt back if Dolly had not held her firmly in position. The buxom young blonde's mouth hung open wide and her big, blue eyes bulged with disbelief, as she gazed with shocked amazement at the Sculptor's great, awesome yard.

It was immense!

Celia laughed with delight at the awed look on the lovely face of the fair haired girl, trembling, on her knees before her. She had seen that look many times before. And on the faces of women with a lot more sexual experience than this innocent young wife and mother. She understood the absolute astonishment with witch her Husband's splendid cock was beheld. She knew its every superb dimension.

"Look at it! Isn't it a beauty?" She cooed to the blonde. "How big do you think it is?"

June, still bug-eyed with wonder, shook her lovely head.

"Well." Celia began; moving her hand to the massive shaft and making it leap at the touch of her warm fingertips. "It is exactly twelve and a half inches long and so handsome, too, don't you think? Its girth measures eight and a half inches in circumference at the base, eight inches at half its length and eight and a half inches at its shoulders."

She fondled the mighty weapon lovingly, as she spoke and brushed her fingers lightly over its great, circumcised knob.

"And this beautiful domed helmet." She continued, drooling as she gazed admiringly, the pulsing, turgid head. "It is an amazing nine inches in circumference at the flange."

The redhead looked at the awed face of the shapely, shuddering young wife and giggled with delight.

"Oh, Mrs Bending." She leered. "Have you ever seen anything like it in your life?"

Wide eyed, June groaned aloud. Dolly had worked four fingers up into the girl's flooding cunt and as her big, blue eyes, gazed at the massive cock before her, lust swept through her veins like liquid fire.

"Go on." Celia urged the terribly aroused girl. "Hold it. Take it in your hands."

With a sob, the trembling blonde put out her hands and, while the left gently cupped the dangling cods, her right gripped the great cock by its thick, pulsing shaft and began pumping the soft, satin smooth skin, up and down the hard, rigid column beneath.

While George and the women laughed to see the girl's desire and Bill Pain, snorting and grunting lecherously, thrust out his hips to display his splendid prick to June's smouldering eyes, the buxom blonde, sobbing with lust, rubbed her soft cheek against the engorged and throbbing knob.

"Yes! Go on! Kiss it!" Encouraged Celia, her green eyes shining. "A lovely big wet one."

June pouted her full, swollen lips and gently pressed a soft kiss on the tip of the great, purple plum.

A large globule of clear cock juice, oozed out of it's gaping pisshole and hung, suspended like a due drop, on the end.

"Oh, quickly, Mrs Bending." The redhead cried. "Catch it on your tongue."

Obediently, the girl put out her tongue and, licking the globule off the knob, she rolled the salty pre-cum around her mouth.

"Nice, isn't it?" The Authoress grinned, as the young wife licked her lips, appreciatively. "Now give it a good sucking, for him. Mr Pain loves a good gobble, so make it a good one. Plenty of tongue and saliva."

With shame and humiliation washing over her in beautiful, exciting waves, the lovely young wife opened her pretty mouth as wide as she could and tried to encompass the huge, swollen knob with her sweet, red lips. With her lips and tongue encircling only half of the pulsing plum, she began to suck, greedily, wriggling the tip of her tongue into the gaping, oozing pisshole, at the top.

While her husband mouthed gross obscenities to the young blonde sucking on his throbbing cock, the redhead glanced at Dolly, who was still furiously fingering the slobbering girl.

"How is her cunt, Dolly?" Celia asked. "Is it ready?"

"Fuck, yes!" Dolly answered. "I've got four fingers up her and her cream is just gushing out. She's absolutely sopping."

"Good! Then it's time they fucked." The beautiful Authoress cried, excitedly. "I think it would be nice if he gave it to her, hard, on the floor. Lay her down, Dolly. Watching Bill slip that great cuntbuster of his into her belly for the first time should prove quite amusing."

"Right." Said Dolly to the sucking blonde. "That's enough of that."

And, pulling the girl away from the mighty prick, the older woman lowered her, whining with frustration, to the carpet. There she sprawled, thighs spread wide and arms stretched out beseechingly, to the lean and powerful, big boned (?), naked body of the tall, dark and handsome Sculptor.

Quickly, Bill stepped foreword and dropped to his knees between the terribly aroused young wife's full, trembling thighs. Eagerly, he crouched over her heaving, naked body and gripping the soft, rounded flesh of her shoulders in his big, strong hands, he rested his weight on his forearms and gazed, intently, at her beautiful, lust contorted face.

June, in turn, feeling the fire of desire from her abused cunt, spread through her body and consume her, raised her dimpled knees and eagerly wrapped her shapely legs around his waist. Running her fingers down over her rider's sinewy, muscular back and around his lean flanks, she gripped his hard, round buttocks in her hands and tried to pull his prick towards her throbbing groin.

"Please! Please, Mr Pain." She begged, burning with shame. "My cunt is itching so. I must have it! I must! Ooooh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, please."

"Just one moment, Mrs Bending." Bill leered down at the sweating young housewife. "Let my wife put my knob into your crack and I'll fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

At that moment, the two older women were both crouched down behind the Sculptor's rearing arse.

"My God! Look at that!" Exclaimed Celia, gazing in delight at the buxom young mother's palpitating twat. "What a delicious cunt she has, to be sure. Those fat, white cuntlips, welted with angry blue stripes and split by that beautiful rosy red gash. And look how the inner-lips are all swollen and hanging out of the crack. Oooooo! Look at all that lovely, rich, creamy cuntjuice that's gushing from her. What a sight."

"Oooooo! Yes!" Agreed Dolly, eyeing the girl's fat, bruised twat, with glee. "I do believe it's winking at us. Ooooo! And look at her big clit. I think it's about to burst."

And, giggling like schoolgirls, the women set to work between the thin legs of the sculptor.

"Here, Dolly." The Authoress instructed. "You get hold of her cunt's inner lips and pull her crack open wide. That's it. Now, don't be afraid, really stretch her open."

Giggling, the brunette gripped the blonde's swollen cuntlips in her fingers and stretched them wide, causing the girl's crack to gape open.


"Take no notice." Laughed the redhead. "She's going to be stretched open a lot more than that, in a few moments. Now, hold her open, like that, while I fit Bills knob into her hole."

Taking hold of the column of her Husband's huge cock, Celia pulled the shaft down and carefully placed the tip of its swollen gland into the girl's gaping gash.

Dolly watched, avidly, as her friend firmly pressed the pulsing plum down into June's sopping wet crack. The young mother gasped when she felt the hot knob press against her sensitive flesh and the two older women giggled spitefully, as they saw her abused and swollen cuntlips, well out and stretch open around the dome of the turgid tip. As Bill slowly thrust foreword with his hips and began to force his congested warhead inwards, Dolly released the girl's inner lips, which quickly disappeared, along with the rest of her wet inner flesh, as her fat, bald, slippery outerlips, bulged out, alarmingly, around the big, burnished knob.

"Nooooooooooo!" Screamed the sweating blonde, trying to push the tall Sculptor away. "Oh, no! No! It's too big!"

"Do you think she can take it, Ceel?" Dolly, excitedly asked the bright eyed redhead.

"Of course she can." Laughed Celia. "She managed to get two babes down it, didn't she?"

Slapping her Husband's straining buttocks, hard, with her hand, she shouted. "Come on, Bill. Ram it right up her!"

Bill, redoubling his efforts, thrust foreword, even harder.

"AAAAAAAAAAAGH! Oh, God! Oh, God!" June shrieked, clasping her hands to his shoulders and digging her fingernails into his back, until George grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms to the floor above her head.

Slowly the bulbous helmet sank from view, engulfed in the stretched lips of the shrieking blonde's alarmingly expanding cunt.

"AAAAAAAAAAH! NOOOOOOOO! Ho, God! Stop! Stop! It's killing me! NAAAAAAAAAGH!" She screamed.

"Oooooo!" Crooned Dolly, moving her hand to her own flooding gash and frigging herself, furiously. "Look at her cunt stretching! Fuck! He's really opening her up!"

"Well, I told you she'd stretch well, didn't I?" Giggled the freckled lady, her flashing green eyes eagerly drinking in the sight of the young blonde's grossly expanded twat. "Look, darling. Its shoulders are going in now. Her lovetube will be reamed opened to more than three inches inner diameter. We'll have no trouble fisting her, after this."

June, shrieking at every thrust, gave a loud groan as Bill stopped and, readjusting her position, placed her shapely legs over his shoulders. Shuffling foreword, he pulled the girl's big bruised arse, right up off the floor and began smoothly pistoning his great shaft, straight down into her well oiled and elevated cunt.

"NOOOOOOOO!" The young mother screamed again as the big man resumed her rape.

"Go on, Bill. Shaft her harder! Faster!" Squealed Celia to her rutting Husband.

To the delight of his audience, Bill increased the strength and speed of his thrusts and began plunging his mighty prick in and out of the girl's violently pounded guts. Raping a young woman like June was 'Fucking Bliss", but he doubled his pleasure when he made an exhibition of her rape for his friend's lecherous amusement.

"Do you remember when you first took it, Dolly?" Asked the novelist, with out taking her eyes from the rape. "My! How you groaned."

"Fuck, yes!" Replied the brunette, avidly watching the delightful scene while lewdly masturbating herself. "And, unlike this Slut, I had been well shafted many times before. But I soon got to love it, as will she."

Getting to their feet, both ladies gleefully looked down on the girl's lovely face, which was now creased with pain.

"Ha, ha!" Laughed Dolly, spitefully. "Look at her wincing. She's feeling it now."

"Fuck, yes!" Agreed Celia, glancing from the weeping girl's face to her pounded cunt. "I bet she thinks she's giving birth again."

Giggling like wicked schoolgirls and without taking their eyes from the rape, the naked women each put her arm around the other's shoulders and, dropping their hands to the other's cunt, they began skilfully fingering each other. Positioned in the most advantageous way to see both the stretching of June's cunt and the lecherous and humiliated expressions that crossed, in turn, her lovely pain contorted face, the two women gloated in delight over the squealing girl's rape.

George, now that all the fight had been pounded out of the girl, released her arms and got to his feet. Taking one of the straight backed chairs from the wall and, having placed it in a position that gave him a good, close view of the rape, he sat down and began pumping vigorously on his stiffly, standing prick.

Bill had by now, forced seven bloated inches of his great prick, deep into the tight, slippery depths of the screaming, young woman's hot, wet cunt. Plunging its ridged length, in and out of her belly, at each thrust he forced it in a little deeper.

At each deep thrust June gave a loud grunt, as the great length sank inside her and jolted her soft body down on the carpet.

"AAAAAAAAGH!" She groaned. "Please, Mr Pain. It's too big. You are busting my......."

"Say it!" Snarled Celia. "Busting....what?"

"AAAAGH! OOH! Mr Pain! NUUGH!" June grunted at each stroke. "NYAAGH! NUUGH! Mr Pain! Y...Y...Your...NUUGH! ....Big....NUUGH!..Big...COCK!.....It's...."

"SAY IT!" Snarled Celia, again."


Looking down at the blonde's beautiful face, beaded with sweat, Bill laughed with delight. His lean, powerful buttocks, plunged violently, up and down as he relentlessly drove his rigid length deeper and deeper in to her yielding sex.

"AH! Mrs Bending." He grinned. "I can feel your lovely cunt clenching around my prick. I know that you are loving every throbbing inch of it."

And he flexed his great girth within her and thrust in again.

"NAAAAAARGH!" Screamed the Junoesque young blonde, as two more inches of pulsing muscle disappeared into her bulging twat.

"Oh, Fuck!" Celia squealed, her blazing, green eyes drinking in the voluptuous sight, as she and her naked girlfriend, fingered each other, vigorously. "Just look at her cunt stretching around his thick cock!"

"Oooo, yes!" Cried Dolly, her lips pouting, lecherously. "It won't be long now! He's only got an inch or two left, to stuff inside."

And she called. "Go on, Bill! Nearly there!"

Pausing in his task, the tall Sculptor withdrew his shaft until he could feel the grip of the girl's cunt clutching, tightly, just below his bloated knob. Watching her lovely face, he took a big breath, then thrust down, hard, his muscular buttocks, clenching.

"AAAAAAAAAAARRGH!" Cried out June, in painful satisfaction.

Bill Pain's great prick was completely engulfed in the buxom blonde's fat cunt. It's pulsing length clenched tightly inside her hot, wet, expanded sheath, it's bulbous, swollen knob, throbbing, deep inside her rounded belly and, to his delight, he could feel her stretched cuntlips clutch, tightly, around it's massive root.

"AAAAAAH!" He gasped, as he leered down at her lovely, sweat soaked face. "There you are, Mrs Bending. You've taken the lot, you greedy Slut. How dose it feel?"

And he flexed his great length a few times, expanding its girth inside her swollen cunt and making the young Mother groan, with each contraction.

"NAAAAAGH! Oh, God! AAAH! NOooo!" The young woman cried out in alarm. "Ohhhh! No! AAAGH! Please! No! It's too big! Don't make it jump! Please!"

"Right, then." Bill laughed. "I'll just try ramming it in and out and see how you like that." And, pulling back on his hips, he began withdrawing his big cock.

"WAAAH!" June gasped and she gripped his shoulders, tightly in her hands, she felt as though her womb was being drawn out of her distended sex.

The tall Sculptor withdrew his steaming prick until only it's bulbous knob remained inside the blonde's swollen cunt. Then, he violently, plunged his ridged shaft, to the hilt, into her raw, red gash and began, once more, to pound his pistoning prick in and out of her boiling belly. At every stroke, as the bloated length sank in then withdrew, each wrinkle along its gnarled and veiny shaft, drubbed, forcefully against the gasping girl's engorged and enflamed clitoris and sent flashes of exquisite delight through her ravished body.

"Oooooooooohh!" She crooned with joy.

"Look." Giggled Dolly. "She's starting to enjoy it."

"Yes, the dirty Slut!" Celia laughed, her fingers tweaking the throbbing nub of her friend's stiff clitty. "She'll soon be screaming for more."

June was squealing and grunting now, as she felt Bill's great, hot pillar of muscle plunge, swiftly, in and out of her tender flesh, pistoning smoothly now, its rapid strokes well lubricated with her thick, abundant cuntcream.

Without slowing his thrusts, Bill gazed down at the girl's beautiful, lust contorted face and leered at her with relish.

"How do you like that, Mrs Bending?" He asked, jabbing her vigorously. "And that! And that! And that! And that!"

"YAAAAAAAAGH! AAAAGH! OOOOH! AAAAAAAAGH! UUNG! OOOGH!" The naked young wife and mother cried out at every lunge

"Do you feel it, Mrs Bending?" The tall man grunted as he thrust. "Do you? Do you? Do you?"

"UUNGH! OOOOH! Yes! Yes! AAAAGH! Yes! Yes! YES!"

"Shall I stop?" He asked. "Shall I? Shall I? Shall I?"

"EEEEEEEEEAAAAAAGH!" The young woman screamed. "Oh, God! No! No! NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOH!"

"Then, tell me!" Bill snarled, still punctuating each phrase with a vicious, pounding thrust. "Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!"

"AAAAAAH! FUCK.........ME!" The writhing blonde screamed, bucking her swollen cunt up to meet his every lunge. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEEEE!"

"AAGH! LIKE THIS?" He laughed down at her. "AND THIS! AND THIS! AND THIS! AND THIS!"

Furiously, the tall sculptor pumped his turgid, bloated shaft, down into June's bouncing belly, reaming her cunt and forcing great spurts of hot cuntcream out of her crack, to splash over his swinging balls.

"OH, GOD! YES! YESSSS!" The blonde yelled, joyfully, as the huge, slippery cock, pistonned, powerfully, in and out of her blood engorged cunt. "YES! YES! FUCK HARDER! FUCK HARDER! FUCK HARDER!"

As the handsome couple on the floor fucked, vigorously before them, George, Dolly and the vivacious Celia, masturbated excitedly, as they gazed with delight at the lewd exhibition, performed so shamefully, for their entertainment.

"Gee Zus!" Grinned George, his fist flying up and down the swollen column of his cock. "Look at that, Slut, fuck!"

"Fuck, yes!" His depraved Mistress agreed, gloating over their arouse victim's eager participation in the lascivious act. "See how she grips him and pulls on his arse, at every thrust."

"God! She's loving it!" Their Hostess laughed with cruel glee. "See how she thrusts her cunt foreword to meet his every lunge! Look at her fat arse, bouncing! She bucks well under him! Go on Bill, darling! Fuck her! Faster! Harder! Harder!"

The big boned Sculptor, snorting and grunting with every thrust, moved his big hands down over his mount's hot, heaving, sweat soaked sides, down around the soft swell of her writhing hips and around under the heavy, rounded globes of her big arse. Gripping one fleshy buttock in each hand, he delighted in the way both meaty cheeks, juddered and shook, each time he embedded his stiff shaft, to the hilt, in her cunt.

"UUGH! UUGH! UUGH! UUGH!" The buxom young Wife grunted at each thrust. Bill had now lifted her bucking bum, right up off the floor and, squatting over her, had gripped her hips with his bent legs, while bracing himself on his toes. As he raised his muscular trunk, upright, June stiffened her shapely legs and, straitening them out, raised them right up, so that her pretty feet pointed to the ceiling. The exquisite sensations that flashed through her beautiful body from her deliciously, violated cunt, made her flex her pretty toes, with delight.

"UGH! AAAAAAGH! Ooooooooh! Yes! Oh, Mr Pain! Yes! Yes!" June yelled, her lovely mouth twisting into a lecherous pout. "I'M GOING TO CUM! Oooooooooh! YES! YES! Faster! FASTER!"

Gripping the distraught girl's big arse, tightly in his hands, the powerful Sculptor reared up and lifted her right off the floor. In that shameful and amusing position, with June clinging on to him, franticly, Bill Pain began pounding his great prick, furiously, in and out of the ecstatic girl's spasming cunt.


Feeling the stretched lips of the shrieking girl's spasming cunt, clutching and clenching on his long, pulsing shaft, the tall man lifted his handsome head and bellowed, loudly.


And, feeling as if his swollen, throbbing knob had exploded within her, he powerfully discharged great jets of thick spunk, deep into June's boiling belly.

Even though she was wracked in the throes of orgasm, the shrieking blonde was aware that, along with the violent convulsions of his great cock, she could plainly feel the hot jets of his spunk as they gushed into her guts, hosing her innards, flooding her womb and filling her round belly to its limit.

"AAAAGH! YES! I FEEL IT! I FEEL IT!" She groaned.

"Look! Look!" Cried Dolly, gleefully.

And, to the watcher's delight, they saw Bill's excess spunk, spurt, abundantly, from between the sides of his fat prick and the girl's swollen cuntlips, at each inward thrust.

"Good job she's on the pill!" Celia laughed. "He's certainly pumping it into her!"

Bill groaned. Ramming his prick in, to the hilt, he held the bucking girl's convulsing cunt, hard against his groin and allowed her clenching, squeezing sheath to milk the last hot spurts of cream from his slackening shaft. Then, his shoulders slumping, he lowered the writhing young woman's head and shoulders, gently, to the floor.

June's arms fell loosely to her sides, her eyes rolled back in her lovely head, her full, red lips hung slackly open and her tongue lolled out from the side of her mouth. Her spasming twat still milked, convulsively, at his drooping length, but to no avail.


But the young Wife and Mother was not allowed to rest. As Bill toppled over backwards and the fat, soft length of his big cock, pulled, with a loud slurping 'plop', out of her enflamed cuntcrack, so the two older women jumped to their feet.

"Come on, George," Celia cried, the flaming red hairs on her bulging pubic mound, wet with her gushing cuntjuice, "Get her onto the table. We want to see how her cunt is looking, after a fuck like that one"

Quickly, George, his turgid prick standing out at right angles before him, lifted the moaning young woman up from the carpet and laid her, gently, across the cool tabletop.

Pulling her plump buttocks to the edge, the redhead and the brunette, soon had the girl's full, white thighs spread wide, while they gazed, avidly, at her abused quim.

"Well, it looks fine, considering what a good stretching it's just had." Celia chuckled. "There's such a lovely elasticity to her flesh. I'm sure she'll be able to take all that we can give her."

"Well, we'll soon find out, anyway." Laughed Dolly.

And the two women giggled like cruel schoolgirls.

"Fuck! Look how swollen her cuntlips are!" Exclaimed Dolly. "And her big tickler is still as stiff as a bullet."

"Hmm." Smiled the Authoress, her green eyes shining. "Get hold of its lips, Dolly. Pull the crack open wide. Let's have a good look inside."

The older woman took June's fat cuntlips between her fingers and thumbs and pulled the swollen flesh apart. The raw red gash opened up and the brunette squealed with delight, for the gaping depths of the girl's cunt was filled with thick, rich creamy spunk.

"Oh, lovely!" Laughed Celia, and leaning foreword, the lecherous lady began licking at the girl's turgid, bloated clitoris, with the tip of her tongue.

"Oh, oh! She likes that, alright!" Chuckled Dolly. "See how she's moving that big bum of hers? Look at it bounce!"

Celia pulled back her lovely head from the gasping, blonde's crack and straightened up. Lifting the girl to a sitting position, she called to the pot-bellied businessman who was standing to one side, watching them.

"Sit back down on your chair, George." She leered at him. "Mrs Bending is going to fuck you."

Eagerly, George sat down on the hard, high-backed chair and leaned back, legs out stretched, his stiff, throbbing prick standing straight up from his hairy groin.

Helping June down off the table, the two older women lead her to the fat man's side. The buxom girl looked down, excitedly, at his club-like cock and licked her full, red lips, lustfully. Although not as big as Bill Pain's, it was still a good thick nine-incher and it made her mouth water to see it throb so strongly.

"Right, Mrs Bending." Laughed Celia, gleefully. "Mount up. You're going for a gallop."

As the Junoesque blonde's flushed, naked body moved close to him, George lifted his large hands and gripping the mellonous globes of her breasts, he pulled her over him.

She, placing her hands on his shoulders to support herself, lifted her shapely leg over his knees and, with a foot firmly on the floor on each side of the chair; she straddled her full, white thighs over his lap.

George leered at her, lasciviously, as his big, powerful hands kneaded and squeezed the big, fleshy globes of her tits, the balls of his thumbs rubbing over the thick, rubbery stalks of her big nipples and making the sensitive, swollen teats stick out like walnuts.

Her smouldering blue eyes gazed at him from under heavy half closed lids and when he mouthed her for a kiss she responded, passionately, covering his open, sensual lips with her own and eagerly thrusting her tongue into his sucking mouth.

The two other women squatted down between George's out-flung legs and Dolly gripped the pulsing base of his stiffly standing cock and held it upright.

"Come on, Mrs Bending." Celia grinned, giving the younger woman a stinging slap on her fat arse. "Sit on Mr Cain's big knob."

June lifted herself up on her toes and moved her cunt foreword until it was poised just above the bloated red, plum-like helmet of George's prick.

Celia, placing her hands on the blonde's big, rounded bum, pulled apart the plump, bruised arsecheeks and, spreading open her fat cuntlips, with her thumbs, she carefully lowered the girl onto the throbbing head of George's rigid, waiting cock.

As the hot, wet, pulpy flesh of June's fat, bald twat engulfed his engorged knob, the thickset man sucked in his breath through his teeth and twisted his sensual lips into a lecherous pout.

"Fuck! That feels delicious!" He grunted, with a leer. "Now sit down on it, Mrs Bending."

Lowering her heels back to the floor and bending her knees, the buxom young wife sat down on top of the man's sturdy prick and settled her full weight upon it.

As June slowly impaled herself on George's upright shaft, the two women behind her sat back on their heels and watched, happily, as the girl's oily, swollen cuntlips greedily engulfed the fat, gnarled and knotted column of the man's prick.

"Ooooo! Look, Dolly." Celia crooned, her lovely face contorted with lust. "Look how her fat cunt bulges out around the shaft as she slides down over it."

Dolly, nodding enthusiastically, called up to her lover.

"Are you enjoying this, George?" She laughed.

"Fuck, yes!" George groaned. "Her cunt's so hot and wet! I think she's boiling my 'Rajah' in there!"

Very soon, June felt the thick base of George's cock, pulsing between the soft, plump lips of her twat and her big turgid clitoris rubbing against his wiry pubic hair. He was embedded to the hilt."

"Well, you are in to your bollocks, George!" Laughed Dolly, as she and Celia jumped to their feet.

"Yes!" Celia agreed, giggling. "You'd better get a good grip on her, love. She'll be bouncing on you like hell in a moment."

Moving to the table, the beautiful redhead looked, critically over the assortment of implements she had placed there. After careful consideration, she chose a long, whippy cane, which she carried back to where June sat impaled on George's stiff cock.

"Look, Mrs Bending." The Authoress smiled, cruelly. "Meet my 'Stinger'. I'm sure it will make you bounce, prettily, on Mr Cane's big prick."

And she swished the cane through the air a few times, as if to get the swing of the strokes.

"Now, this is what we are going to do, Mrs Bending." Celia giggled, spitefully, at the apprehensive young woman. "I want you to start fucking Mr Cane on that chair. And I want you to keep bouncing your big bum as fast as you can, because I'm going to be thrashing your fat arse as you are fucking him. And the sooner you make him spunk, the sooner I'll stop caning your arse. Understand?"

"Yes, Mrs Pain." June nodded, submissively. Tears welling up in her eyes as she looked at the wicked cane.

The girl caught her trembling lower lip in her teeth. She felt so strange. Her body seamed to burn and prickle all over. She'd never been so aroused in her life and, dear God, she was loving it! Even the shame and humiliation! Oh, Christ! Even the pain!

She felt George squeezing and twisting her big, soft breasts and felt the thick shaft that impaled her jump and flex in her belly. Pressing her madly itching cuntcrack down, hard on the cock's root, she ground her engorged tickler, impatiently, against the fat man's wiry pubic hair.

"Just look at her!" Sneered Dolly. "See how she wriggles! She can hardly wait."

Bill Pain, having picked himself up from the floor, moved in behind the giggling brunette and enfolded her in his arms. Cupping her big tits in his hands, he rubbed the huge, fat shaft of his already stiffening prick between the plump, round cheeks of her arse.

"Go on, Ceel!" he urged his lovely wife. "Start the fuck before George's bollocks explode!"

"Right. Come on then, Mrs Bending." The redhead laughed, raising the vicious cane, high above her head. "You can start fucking........NOW!"

And she brought the cane down, hard, across the fleshy cheeks of the blonde's fat arse.

Swissssssshhh. CRACK!

Went the cane.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAH!" June shrieked. She felt as if a red-hot iron had been pressed against her big, round buttocks.

The cruel stroke lifted her right up on her toes, straightened her legs and drew her swollen cunt up the knotty column of George's prick to the knob. From where she slumped back down along the gnarled and greasy shaft, until her cuntlips, mashed again, against his balls.

"AAAAAAGH! That's fucking lovely!" George shouted, a smile of joy on his red, sweaty face.

"What's the matter, love?" Grinned Celia, her eyes bright with lust.

"When you whip her arse with that, Ceel." The big man cried. "I feel her cunt contracting around my cock. It's fucking delicious."

"Well, I'm happy for you, darling." The lovely authoress smiled. "But try not to cum too quickly, won't you. I want to give her big bum a real good roasting before you are finished. Get a good, tight, grip of those udders of her's, George! Her we go!"

"Oh, no! No! Pleeeease!" Squealed the writhing blonde.

But the laughing redhead raised her arm high and brought the cane whipping down across the centre of the straddled girl's bruised and quivering buttocks, so that it bit, cruelly, into the soft flesh of both full, rounded arse-cheeks, simultaneously.


"NEEEEEEAAAAGH!" Came June's anguished cry as, throwing back her lovely head, she again leapt to her toes and drew her clenching cunt up along the knotted, throbbing length of George's prick and then, thrusting down with her arse, once more impaled herself to the hilt.



Again the cane flashed down and again the shrieking girl rode, up and down, on the rutting business man's fat cock. She was crying loudly now and once more tears were running down her flushed cheeks. But this only added to the fat man's lecherous enjoyment and to the cruel amusement of the watching couple and the woman who held the cane.



The terribly aroused young mother, sobbing and weeping, cried out in anguish at each stroke of the 'Stinger' and her big, burning bum rode up and down at an ever increasing speed until, with her welted buttocks bouncing madly, she fucked the groaning George in time with the strokes.

"Oooooo! Look at her fucking him!" Dolly laughed as she writhed in Bill's arms. "Look at her fat arse moving! Go on, Ceel! Thrash it harder! Faster! Faster!"


Went the cruel cane.


Yelled the bounding young fuckstress, her big, burning arse, bouncing up and down on the sweating fat man's throbbing cock, at a maddening pace, as the speed of the cane's cuts, quickened.

"AAAAAGGH!" George groaned, as his large hands crushed and mangled the shrieking blonde's big udders and his pulsing prick stabbed upwards into the hot, slippery depths of the girl's boiling cunt. "I can't hold it any longer! I'm going to cum!"

Laughing triumphantly, the sweating, naked, redhead rained cuts down across the rounded, jutting globes of the bucking blonde's bouncing buttocks.

"Go on then, George!" She yelled. "Shoot it up her! Fill her belly with spunk!"

Under this onslaught, June threw back her lovely head and groaned.


Feeling the terribly aroused young housewife's spasming cunt, clench and milk the throbbing column of his cock, George gave a loud shout and forcefully discharged a great jet of thick, boiling spunk into her churning guts.

"NAAAGH!" He bellowed, through clenched teeth. "FUCK! I'M CUMMING! CUMINNNNNNNG!"

For some hectic minuets the big room was filled with the sounds of shrieks and groans, the swish of the cane and its CRACK against soft, burning flesh, the slurpy wet squelch of fucking and the slap, slap of sweating flesh against sweating flesh.

Dolly and Bill watched with wide eyed glee, as they groped each other, lewdly.

At last, George, his legs thrust, stiffly out before him, gave a loud gasp and, with his head falling back over the chair, his body sprawled loosely in his seat.

June, feeling her spasming cunt suck the last hot spurts of thick spunk from the big man's pulsing prick, fell foreword and collapsed, limply, over his heavy, thickly haired chest and pot-belly. But she was not allowed to rest for long.

Celia, breathing heavily, threw down the 'stinger' with the rest of her implements and called to her dark haired friend.

"Quickly, Dolly." She cried. "Help me get the Slut back up on the table."

Within seconds, the two older women had pulled the shapely blonde off the hairy fat man's drooping cock and, once more, laid her on her back on the table, her legs in the air and her plump, hot buttocks jutting out over the edge.

Swiftly, Dolly took hold of the sobbing girl's swollen, inner cuntlips with her fingers and pulled her enflamed crack open wide.

"Oh! Fucking hell!" The brunette cried with glee. "Celia! Look at that!"

"How lovely!" Leered the redhead, gazing with delight into the boiling red depths of the girl's belly. "So much rich spunk! What a feast!"

"Oooooh! Celia!" Squealed Dolly, her eyes bright. "Can I have it? Can I suck it out of her? Pleeeeease?"

"Not this time, Dolly." The Authoress giggled, cruelly. "I've just had a lovely idea."

And with a grin, she turned to her Husband.

"Bill, Pet." She asked with a coaxing pout. "Be a Sweetie and bring me a few things, will you? I need the Speculum, a silver dessertspoon and a large Brandy glass."

"Certainly, darling." The tall Sculptor answered and turning to George, who was just pulling himself, shakily to his feet, he called. "You get the glass and spoon, old boy. The cutlery is in that draw, there and you'll find the end cupboard is a drinks cabinet. Large Brandy glasses at the back."

So saying, he hurried from the room, to return, moments later, carrying a shining chrome Speculum. Moving quickly back to the group at the table, he saw that George had already supplied his wife with the other two implements, which were now being held by Dolly.

"Here you are, Ceel." The tall man grinned as he handed his Wife the gleaming instrument. "Watch it! It's bloody cold."

"It'll soon warm up." The lovely redhead chuckled. "Now, you and George hold her legs wide open, so that Dolly and I can get at her."

The men each took hold of one of the sobbing blonde's shapely legs and, pushing her back onto her elbows, they rudely forced apart her full, white thighs.

"That's it! Get them open!" The Authoress laughed as she saw June's big, tearful blue eyes watch her, apprehensively, from over the wobbling globes of her bruised breasts. "Push her knees back to her breasts and lift her feet up in the air. Yes. That's just lovely."

Having contemplated the girl's lewd position for some moments, the redhead lifted the speculum so that the young blonde, propped up, as she was, on her elbows, could clearly see it.

"Do you know what this is, Mrs Bending?" She asked and, seeing recognition flash in the girl's tearful eyes, she chuckled, cruelly. "Of course you do. Having born two children, you must have had one of these stuck up you on a number of occasions. So just hold still while I slip it in."

Bending foreword over the sobbing young Wife, Celia slid the cold, metal tongues between her swollen cuntlips and deep into her raw, red crack. When it was pushed, fully home, the redhead quickly began turning the little butterfly nut. This immediately began expanding the instrument and opening out the groaning blonde's cunt until her innards and womb were fully exposed to their evil gaze.

"What a sight!" laughed Dolly, ogglig the red depths of the young woman's spunk filled belly. "You boys certainly filled her up."

"It was a please, I assure you." George grinned.

"Mind you, there's a lot of cuntcream in there too." Celia added, looking intently into the blonde's gaping twat. "That thick, white, jellylike stuff, is spunk, but all that milky cream is her own fuckjuice. The dirty bitch!"

The beautiful novelist took the glass and spoon from Dolly and, holding the rim of the Brandy glass pressed firmly between the spread open cheeks of June's rounded bum, she pushed the big, silver spoon deep into the sobbing girl's gaping cunt and began, carefully, scraping out all the creamy love liquor.

The redhead worked quickly and skilfully and the rich, creamy juices, oozed out of the blushing blonde's widespread sex, flowed thickly down between her plump arsecheeks and into the waiting Brandy glass.

After a few minuets, Celia straitened up and held up the glass for them all to see. The clear crystal globe was filled to a good third of its measure.

"You know Dolly" Said Celia, as they all admired the glass's contents. "I think we girls should spurt a dose of our 'custard' into the glass, as well. Not only will it add to the flavour, but it will add to the quantity of the cocktail, too."

Removing the Speculum from June's cunt, the redhead directed the men to lift the naked girl to the floor and, quickly, Dolly had taken the younger woman's place on the table.

"Now, Mrs Bending." Celia smiled, sweetly. "Let's see how quickly that pretty mouth of yours can make Miss Stern spurt her 'custard'. I know you have sucked her off before, so don't pretend to be shy. On your knees, now and start licking her clit."

Dropping to her knees before the older woman's cunt, the blushing, tearful young blonde spread the fat bald lips of the brunette's twat with her fingers and started to lick at her stiffly swollen clitty with her soft, warm, wet tongue.

"AAAAAH! Ooooooh!" Dolly squealed, as the girl's hot tongue flicked around her throbbing tickler. "She really is getting good at this, Ceel." She gasped.

And the lovely matron began flexing her plump, bare buttocks and jerking her fat, bald cunt into the young woman's sweet, soft mouth.

"She can personally show me how good she is, just as soon as she makes you cum." Answered Celia, as she pressed the Brandy glass between Dolly's plump, round arsecheeks. "So, hurry up and spurt your cunt custard into this glass."

"Oooo! Yes! Oh! I won't be long, now! AAAAAAH!" Gasped the writhing lady, pulling the blonde's head, hard, against her groin. "I can feel it starting, already!"

"That's it!" Giggled the redhead, watching her friend's cunt, wink and pout, under the girl's skilful tonguing. "You are nearly there, Dolly! Just think about........You know! What we are going to do to her, later!"

Dolly had been biting at her lower lip, but on hearing Celia's leering words, her lovely mouth twisted into a lustful pout.


"That's it, Dolly! That's the way!" Celia laughed, as she pushed the blonde's head away and carefully caught the fruits of the squealing brunette's gushing climax in the glass. "Oooooooh! You're doing such a lot, Dolly! You're spurting it straight into the glass, you clever girl, you!"

With one last cry, Dolly's legs slumped back down and dangled over the edge of the table.

June, her lovely face wet with cuntjuice, sat back on her heels and watched with apprehension as the Authoress held up the glass and inspected it with glee.

"My God!" The redhead cried. "It's nearly half full! Good work, Dolly."

Dolly got down from the table on shaky legs and grinned weakly, at her friend. Celia passed the older woman the glass.

"My turn now, Dolly." Said the beautiful redhead, leering down at the highly flushed blonde, kneeling submissively at her feet. "You milk my cunt, darling. While pretty Mrs Bending here, sucks me off."

Stepping close to the girl, she thrust her flame red mot at the young woman's lovely shame flushed face and gripped her corn blonde hair with her left hand.

"I'm ready, Mrs Bending." She leered'

Lower than her flame red pubic bush, Celia's fat, peach-like cunt bulged out, as smooth and bald as Dolly's and the big, blue, tearful eyes of the young housewife, fixed on it in awed fascination.

"Like it?" The redhead asked the kneeling young woman, as she looked down at the pretty, flushed face.

The girl blushed with shame and her nostrils flared and the leering Authoress knew that the hot, clean smell of her flooding sex was wafting through the trembling young woman's excited senses.

Celia moved her right hand to her throbbing quim and with her fingers, spread open her plump cuntlips and exposed to the girl's gaze, the fat, swollen stalk of her own amazing clitoris.

June's eyes widened in awed surprise at the sight of the redhead's tickler. She had always been very embarrassed that her own clitty was so exceptionally large. Dolly's, she had been told, was thought to be big, but it was little more than half the size of hers. The tickler she was gazing at now was as long as Dolly's, but it was much thicker. Just like a big, fat, red cherry, she thought.

Looking up at the woman's beautiful face, she saw the redhead blow her a kiss and wiggle her tongue at her, obscenely.

"Come on, Mrs Bending." Celia leered down at her, while pulling the girl's blushing face towards her sopping crack. "And if you don't make me cum in two minutes, you'll go to the stake."

Thrusting her arms between the older woman's full, white thighs and, gripping her soft, round buttocks in her hands, June drew the redhead's bloated clit into her soft, hot mouth and began sucking at it, greedily.

"AAAAAGH! Yes! Lovely!" Celia screamed and, gripping the young Mother's corn blonde hair in both hands, she began vigorously, fucking the girl's lovely face.

"UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH!" The redhead grunted, as she humped her cunt at the girl's sweet mouth.

Giggling, Dolly dropped to her knees behind the writhing novelist and, looking under her lady-friend's rhythmically clenching arsecheeks, which were gripped so tightly in the hands of the greedily sucking blonde, the brunette's dark eyes fell on Celia's gaping cuntlips and her pouting Anus.

"Go on, Ceel!" Dolly urged the randy redhead as the grunting lady worked her bloated clitty, hard, against the girl's lapping tongue. "Give it to her! I'll catch your custard when it spurts."

And she pressed the rim of the brandy glass up against the humping woman's fat, pink cuntlips.

"UNGH! UNGH! NGHHHH! OHHHH! It's cumming! IT'S CUMMING!" Celia grunted as, looking down at June's red, flushed face, she fucked harder at the young woman's franticly sucking mouth. "AAAGH! So pretty! Ooooh! Suck! SUCK! SUCK! NGGHHHH! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMMMMIIINNNNNGGG!"

Watching, intently, under Celia's juddering buttocks, Dolly saw the groaning, standing redhead, pull June's sweating face towards her convulsing cunt and mash her swollen tickler into the girl's sweet mouth. Holding the Brandy glass firmly in place with her left hand, the dark haired woman gave a grin and, stiffening two fingers on her right hand, she thrust them deep, up the climaxing woman's twitching, pouting arsehole.

Celia's shrieks of delight, rose in pitch and while the rubbery ring of her anus clenched, spasmodically, around Dolly's last knuckles, the dark haired woman skilfully caught the thick spurts of creamy nectar that gushed from her crack, inside the well filled Brandy glass.

After a few moments, the gasping Authoress's shoulders slumped and her sweat soaked body relaxed. Holding June's head between her hands, she pushed the blonde's greedy mouth away from her wet and pouting quim and gazed down at the girl's pretty, flushed face.

The naked young wife rolled her big, blue eyes, upwards and gazed, shyly back at the panting redhead. Her chin, cheeks and mouth, thickly coated with the older woman's clear cuntjuice, she slowly put out her soft, pink tongue and sensually licked her full red lips.

Smiling cruelly, Celia placed her bare foot between the girl's big breasts and pushed her to the floor, so she sprawled on her back on the carpet.

"You know, Dolly, I do think she's acquiring a taste for it." Their voluptuous Hostess laughed, as she watched the shapely young Wife and Mother, raise herself to her knees and wait, submissively for her next command.

"Well, I hope she is, if this lot's intended for her!" Bill Pain laughed back at his Wife as, with George and Dolly, he inspected the contents of the Brandy glass.

"How are we doing there, Dolly?" The redhead grinned.

"More than half full." Leered the gleeful brunette, as she held the crystal globe up so her friend could see it.

"Well, we'll have a lot more before long." Celia giggled. "Be a sweetie and pop it in the fridge in the kitchen, will you? I've laid out a meal in the next room. We'll eat know, to get our strength back, I think. This way."

Helping June to her feet, Celia put her arm around the naked girl and, while leading her before the others into the dining room, placing her hand on her fat arse, she wormed her middle finger between the blonde's round buttocks and probed her puckered bumhole. Feeling the rubbery ring of the girl's anus, twitch and nip at her fingertip, the lovely libertine thrust her stiffened finger right up June's arse. The force of the thrust, lifted the squealing blonde right up on to her toes and, keeping her up on her toes, the chuckling redhead walked the blushing young woman through the door.

"Fucking hell!" Exclaimed George, his smouldering eyes following the mincing, squirming walk of the bare assed girl ahead of him. "Celia is certainly making the Slut wriggle."

"God, yes!" Agreed Bill, his eyes too, on the blonde's big, squirming buttocks. "What an arse she has! I just can't get over it!"

"Well, don't worry about that, boys." Dolly laughed, as she walked behind them, carrying the glass in her hand. "I know Celia intends that you'll both get 'over her arse' before the day is out."

And laughing, gleefully, they followed Celia and her victim, out of the room.


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