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A Friend in Need

Chapter 8.

"AAH! Oh, please Mrs Pain!" June cried, her lower lip quivering, her knees pressed tightly together and her fingers squeezing the plump lips of her cunt. "May I use you loo now?"

"Certainly not." Celia Pain laughed at the girl's distress. "You have to be subjected to a thorough sexual examination first. Miss Stern, turn the slut around so she can present her fat arse to me in the correct manner."

Dolly was delighted with the way the lovely redhead was conducting the proceedings. The way the Authoress was handling the young wife was really a masterpiece of subjugation. Some times it was hard to realize that Celia was only thirty. Ten years younger than Bill and only eight years older than the buxom naked girl, wriggling so amusingly before them.

With a grin, the brunette took June's arm and turned her around so her lovely back was towards their Hostess.

"Now, just stop that dancing around." The accountant snapped at the dismayed young woman. "Spread your legs, bend your knees and stick your big bum out, as you have been shown. And don't forget to look back over your shoulder so that Mrs Pain can see your face."

With an anguished sob, June once again took up the obscene pose. Giving Celia a splendid view of both, her superbly rounded bum and her expressions of shame and humiliation.

"Ah! What an arse!" Celia exclaimed with lecherous delight. "You are quite right, Bill. It is 'Gorgeous'! And......Ooooooo! Just look at her lovely fat cunt, peeping out beneath it. I do believe it's dripping!"

"If what she says about using the loo is correct, she'll be more than dripping in a minute." Bill Pain chuckled.

"Yes." His wife agreed, with a giggle. "We'd better get on."

She moved closer to the naked blonde and dropped to her knees behind her. With her full lips twisted into a lecherous pout, the redhead placed her hands on the snivelling girl's backwards thrusting buttocks and smoothed them over the fleshy, rounded globes, with mounting excitement.

"Aaaah! How full and smooth they are!" Celia smiled, weighing the reddened bumcheeks in her hands. "Oh! And how hot they still are from the paddling you gave her as you walked her up the drive, Dolly."

The two men had now moved behind the kneeling woman and were watching the humiliating inspection with eager, shining eyes.

Celia's fingers crooked and dug cruelly into the bruised and quivering buttocks as she gripped a firm arsecheek in each hand. A gasp came from the young blonde's lips as the sore flesh of her shapely bum was squeezed with relish.

Chuckling at the helpless young wife's discomfort, the redhead looked up at the lovely face that was gazing down, tearfully at her from over the weeping girl's plump shoulder. As their eyes met, the young woman blushed an even deeper shade of red, as she realized what the lascivious lady was about to do.

"Yes, Mrs Bending. You've guessed it." Celia laughed, delighted at the young mother's shame. "I'm going to take a good look at your arsehole. Miss Stern assures me that you are a 'virgin' back here. But I can hardly believe that a bum as big and beautiful as this one, has never been thoroughly buggered."

Turning her attention back to the delightful job at hand, the beautiful

Novelist again tightened her grip on the hot, soft flesh and, with a little snarl of glee, she pulled open the humiliated girl's big, rounded arsecheeks. With June now weeping loudly with shame, Celia spread the meaty globes wide apart and fully exposed, to all their lecherous eyes, the big, wrinkled, puckered rosette, of the girl's rosy pink arsehole.

"Ah! How lovely it is." The redhead exclaimed. "And I can see what you mean about its size. A five pound coin wouldn't cover it. I think you were right, Dolly. She's just what we need for our little experiment."

"You don't think she'll be too tight, do you Celia?" Asked George, leaning foreword and eyeing June's anus.

"Oh, no. I don't think so, George." The kneeling woman answered, lightly. "Her flesh has such a lovely elastic quality. I'm sure she'll stretch well."

She looked up into the tearful blonde's face and released the girl's trembling buttocks.

"Mrs Bending." She leered. "Grip your arsecheeks and pull them wide open. I'm going to 'Goose' you."

The naked, sobbing, young wife and mother, obediently reached back and, gripping a plump buttock in each hand, she spread them wide.

Her eyes flashing with lecherous delight, the Authoress plunged two fingers of her right hand deep into June's wet cunt and scooping out the thickly flowing juice, she carefully coated the naked girl's exposed arsehole with the rich, slippery love cream.

"There." Celia smiled. "I think that should do it."

And carefully, she thrust her greasy middle fingertip into the centre of the groaning girl's puckered, pink anus.

Screwing her finger around, left and right, the lascivious redhead quickly thrust its full length, to the last knuckle, deep into the hot depths of the crying girl's bowels.

When she was at last satisfied that she had thrust her finger as far up June's arsehole as she could get it, the lewd lady giggled with cruel delight. For June, though still correctly posed, was lifted right up on her toes.

"How funny you look, Mrs Bending." Laughed Celia, looking up at the screwed up face of the wincing young woman. Then turning to her three collaborators she said. "Yes. She is very tight, but I'm sure that she will loosen-up before we're through with her. Eh Mrs Bending?"

And with a leer, she began pistoning her stiff finger, swiftly, in and out of the girl's tightly clenching turd-tube.

As soon as she had the naked young 'Juno' grunting loudly under the onslaught of her swiftly flashing finger, the redhead pulled it from the girl's bowels, with a 'plop'. Jumping to her feet, she turned to the grinning brunette.

"Quickly, Dolly." She cried. "Get her up on the table. I want to look at her cunt."

Dolly moved the gasping June to the table, smacking the tearful young girl's bruised and juddering arsecheeks as they went. Bill Pain placed his big hands around the girl's waist and lifted her, easily, onto the table top.

"Now come here, facing the light." Celia instructed.

June obeyed, moving to the edge of the table.

"Now, up on your toes and squat down on the backs of your heels." The lady of the house continued. "That's right. Now, place your arms behind you and lean back, supporting yourself on your arms."

The weeping blonde did has she was bidden.

"Yes, that's it." The redhead nodded. "Now spread your knees and open your thighs wide."

Once more beginning to weep with shame, June submissively obeyed the beautiful woman's vile demands and obscenely exposed her fat lipped cunt to the lecherous gaze of the four bright eyed libertines

"Beautiful." Bill Pain grinned, licking his sensuous lips.

"Yes." George Cane agreed. "And it grips as beautifully, too."

"That may well be, boys." Celia laughed. "But first things first. I want to see this 'great big tickler' Dolly's been telling me about."

She moved foreword, stooping before the full, plump, thighs and, ignoring the naked girl's sobs of shame, placed her fingers on the fat cuntlips on each side of the gaping red gash.

The firm pressure of the redhead's finger tips on the plump, white lips of June's peach like cunt, caused the girl's swollen, pink inner lips to bulge out, wetly, from her gaping crack. At the top of the raw red gash, the glittering folds of her fleshy hood, protruded haughtily.

Moving her fingers to the hood, Celia firmly pushed back the fleshy folds until, with a quick flick, out sprang the fat, swollen stalk of the shapely blonde's big clitoris.

Bill and Celia gasped with surprise.

"Fuck! What a whopper!" Cried Bill.

"Oh! Yes!" Agreed his wife. "Oooo, Dolly. You were so right. It is a beaute."

And she pushed back the hood past the root of the throbbing gland, exposing the full, swollen length of the girl's big, turgid tickler to the lustful gaze of the four lechers.

"AAH! See how stiff it is." Crooned the drooling redhead, her full lips twisting into a pout of lust. "You can see it throb and quiver. Let's see how naturally sensitive it is first, shall we? We'll see how it reacts to some carefully applied stimulation. Dolly, darling, get me that long thin feather off the sideboard, there's a love."

The brunette hurried to the sideboard and, picking up a long, stiff feather off its top, she handed it to her leering ladyfriend.

Celia took the evil implement in her right hand and, prising open June's cuntcrack with the fingers of her left, she carefully applied the pointed tip of the feather to the swollen top of the squatting girl's bloated clit.

At the first touch of the feather on the throbbing gland, June gave a loud cry.

"AAAAH! OH, DEAR GOD! DEAR GOD!" The buxom blonde shrieked. "NO! NO! PLEASE! NO! I CAN'T STAND IT!"

Celia, laughing gleefully, looked up at the lovely face of the weeping young wife. Who, squatting back on her heels as she was, was gazing, wild eyed, down between her huge jutting breasts, to where the feather tip was poised, menacingly, over her pulsing tickler.

"Now, now, Mrs Bending." Celia cautioned the snivelling blonde. "You don't want to be tied down, do you?"

"Oh, no, Mrs Pain." June sobbed, shaking her head and blinking away her tears.

"Well then, just be a good girl and don't interfere." The authoress warned, turning her attention back to the squatting young woman's stiffly protruding clitty.

Licking her lips lasciviously, Celia once more applied the wicked feather tip to the shapely girl's quivering clitoris.

"AAAAAAGH! NNNNNNGG! AAAH! OOOOO! NNAAAARH! OOOOOOOOO! AAAAAAAAAGH!" June's loud cries, gasps and grunts, filled the room as the skilful redhead brushed the feather lightly over the bloated and engorged stem of he naked girl's love-bud.

Up and down the sides, over and across the pulsating, swollen tip, around and around its congested base, Celia stroked the maddening feather point over the throbbing stalk of highly sensitive flesh.

Much to the delighted amusement of the four libertines, this exciting treatment of her big clitoris, caused the squatting , naked girl, supported only on the palms of her hands and the balls of her pretty feet, to throw back her lovely head and squeal, snort and shriek.

"Oh! Look! Look at her go!" The lecherous novelist laughed with glee. "Look how her tits wobble and her belly, thighs and bumcheeks judder. See how she winks her cunt at us and pouts her arsehole for a kiss.

It was indeed plain to see that under the cruel stimulation of the dancing feather, June had become terribly aroused.

Laughing with delight at the lewd masturbation of their helpless victim, Dolly and George quickly stripped off their clothes until they were as naked as she.

Suddenly, just as the young woman on the table was about to exquisitely climax, Celia pulled away the feather and stepped back to watch the girl's reaction.

June gave a loud shriek of anguish.

"AAAAAAAAAH! NO! NO! OH, GOD! NO! PLEASE! PLEASE! NO!" She screamed, jerking her spasming cunt at the empty air.

Celia's laughter filled the room.

"Oh, how funny!" She cried with delight. "What a dirty, randy slut she is!"

Leaving the young blonde crying with frustration, the redhead went to the sideboard and took a large glass bowl from the top. Carrying it back to June, she placed it, carefully, on the table between the sobbing young mother's pretty feet and directly beneath her agitated twat.

The tearful girl stared down at the bowl with a puzzled look on her lovely face, but the four libertines standing watching her, leered, knowingly.

"There you are, Mrs Bending." Celia smiled, sweetly. "Go ahead."

"I....I....I'm s...sorry, M...Mrs P...Pain." June sobbed. "I....I...don't un....understand."

"Well, Mrs Bending." The redhead explained. "You said you wanted to 'spend a penny'. So go ahead."

"What!" The squatting beauty cried out with an incredulous gasp. "You can't be serious!"

"Oh! I'm absolutely serious, Mrs Bending!" Celia snapped, her voice hardening. "You will now piss in that bowl and be quick about it."

"Oh, please, please, Mrs Pain." June begged, hot tears of shame running down her cheeks and dripping on to her big, wobbling breasts. "I couldn't! I just couldn't! Not like this! Not in front of.....the men!"

"Well, let's just see, shall we?" The Authoress smiled, wickedly.

Picking up the feather again, the lovely redhead leaned foreword and prised open the squatting girl's cuntcrack with the fingers and thumb of her left hand. She then called her three accomplices to come closer.

"There." She chuckled. "See her pisshole? See how it gapes open. Her bladder must be bursting. Now watch this."

Carefully, Celia applied the pointy tip of the feather to the buxom girl's gaping pisshole and firmly thrust an inch of the maddening plume right into June's urethra.

The girl gave a loud gasp as, with her lovely blue eyes bulging from her head, she gazed, aghast, down at her defenceless cunt.

Celia began to twirl the feather's tip around and around in the young woman's piss tube, furiously agitating her sensitive vent.

June squealed. A small spurt of fluid gushed from her quim.

Swiftly pulling the evil feather out of the girl's sex, Celia and her accomplices watched avidly, as their beautiful victim's cuntcrack winked and bulged out between its fat lips. They saw her enflamed pisshole pucker and pout and, suddenly, as the squatting, naked young woman squealed with horrified humiliation, they gazed with delight as a great, amber jet, spurted out of her distended pisstube and gushed, ferociously, into the glass bowl.

While the others laughed, cruelly, at her humiliating display, June found that as her aching bladder relaxed, she could in no way stop the fierce flow. The great jet of piss spurted, hot and steaming, from her gaping cunt, and gushed, hissing and splashing loudly, into the bowl.

"Fucking hell! She pisses like a mare!" Laughed George, his eyes glittering.

"God! What a sight!" Added Bill, with a whistle.

"Yes. The dirty bitch." Dolly giggled. "See how it gushes out."

"Yes. It's quite an exhibition you're giving us, Mrs Bending." Celia laughed, delighted at seeing the deep shame in the eyes of the young Wife and Mother. "We are all watching you, my dear. The men, too. Oooooh! Mrs Bending. Men are watching you piss. Oooo, how lewd you are, Mrs Bending. The boys can see the piss spurting out of that fat cunt of yours. You dirty slut! I'll have to punish you for this obscene display. Look at what you have done to Mr Cane's Cock. It's gone all stiff and hard and sticking out like a poker. You'll have to pay for that, you naughty girl.

"My God!" Cried Dolly. "It's still spurting out, hot and strong! She must have done a gallon."

It was true. The fierce golden jet still gushed out of the young blonde's bulging cunt and rattled, noisily, into a bowl that was now a good three quarters full of hot steaming piss. Then, just as they thought she'd overflow the bowl, the jet slowed to a trickle and stopped.

The spectators saw her cunt wink and gape. Her pisshole, pucker and pout. It gave two more spurts and a gush and it was over.

June remained squatting and weeping quietly, her wet cunt dripping.

"Here George." Celia directed. "Put her piss on the sideboard. Don't spill any. We might make her drink some of it later."

June's red rimmed eyes shot open and she looked up with alarm.

"Ah! I thought that would make you sit up and take notice." The redhead chuckled. "But you never know. I just might. If you give me any trouble."

Then she waved her finger at the blonde, with menace.

"And should you give me any real trouble..." She moved closer to the frightened young woman, her green eyes shining brightly. "Well then, Mrs Bending, I'll see to it that you go to the Stake! Oh, yes! That's quite a sight, Mrs Bending. It's we all love to see. A woman on the stake."

June didn't have the faintest idea what the woman was talking about, but the words sent a shudder through her lovely body.

Dolly laughed.

"You'd better behave yourself, hadn't you?" The older woman leered, as she tenderly wiped the tears from the girl's cheeks with a tissue and then dabbed dry her dripping quim.

"That's right. You stay like that for a moment longer." The red-haired woman said to the sobbing girl, who had obediently remained squatting, lewdly, on the table.

Celia walked to the sideboard, opened a draw and removed from it a small glass vial. With a wicked smile on her lovely face, she moved back to the table.

Unscrewing the cap off the little bottle, the Authoress carefully withdrew a glass 'eye-dropper' filled with a light coloured liquid and handed the vial to Dolly to hold.

"Yes, Dolly, I agree that she gets extremely aroused, quite naturally." Said the redhead to the brunette. "But, I think I'll just put a dab of this on that big tickler, of her's." She smiled, evilly. "That will really get her on the boil and keep her that way for days."

And, giggling like schoolgirls, the two lustful ladies leaned towards the naked blonde's defenceless cunt.

Putting both her hands on the fat lips of June's twat, Dolly pushed back the fleshy folds of the hood with her fingers and thumbs, until the fat stalk of the girl's splendid clitoris was fully exposed, sticking out stiff and swollen.

"How's that?" Asked the brunette.

"Lovely." Celia answered. "Just hold it like that for a sec."

And she carefully applied the end of the 'dropper' to swollen tip of June's big clit.

"My! It's quite a size, isn't it?" Mused Dolly, as she watched the operation with interest. "It must be an inch and a half long."

"Nearer two inches, I'd say." Remarked Celia, as she squeezed the little rubber bulb in her fingers and covered the throbbing stem with the mysterious fluid.. Taking great care, the redhead made sure that the young blonde's big tickler was thoroughly soaked all over by the liquid, even at its base and in the folds of its hood.

"There now." Said the Authoress, standing up straight and replacing the 'dropper' into the vial that George was now holding. "Put it back in the draw, love. And while we are waiting for results, I'll get 'stripped ready for action'."

Stepping back a little, Celia was aware that, with her own, all eyes were on the buxom, naked blonde, squatting on the table, lewdly exposing her cunt to the room. But, she was amused to see that June's smouldering eyes were fixed on her, as she casually loosened her shoulder-straps and allowed the green satin dress to fall, dramatically, to the floor.

The beautiful redhead stood proudly before the girl. With her hands on her hips, she brazenly flaunted her voluptuous body, now as naked as the girl herself. Stepping out of the green pool of her gown, she moved nearer the table. Her smooth fair skin, where it was not covered with pretty freckles, was almost white and the faint, blue lines of her veins could just be seen under it at her soft breasts. Her breasts, though not as big as the blonde's, were high, round and firm. Her thighs were full and her smooth, round arse jutted, arrogantly

June blinked her eyes and began to breathe heavily. Four pair of eyes watched her, intently. A frown creased her brow and she caught her full lower lip between her teeth and shook her lovely head from side to side.

The four lechers watching her, grinned at each other, excitedly and Celia nodded with cruel satisfaction. Opening her eyes, the young woman looked at her tormentors, pitifully. But saw only a gloating gaze looking back. Suddenly, she gasped.

"AAAH! AAAAAH! OH! OH, GOD!" She cried out.

Still squatting and supporting her self only on her fingers and toes, her thighs, belly and arsecheeks began to judder and twitch and her great tits, wobble and bounce. In a second her winking cunt was dancing a furious jig, which brought delighted laughter from her audience.

"What ever is the matter, Mrs Bending?" Bill Pain grinned. "You seem to be most agitated."


"What's itching, Mrs Bending?" chuckled George, with a leer. "Tell us exactly what it is."

"Yes, Mrs Bending." Laughed Dolly. "You must be specific. Tell us now. What exactly is itching?"

"Oh, you know! You know!" Squealed the wriggling blonde.

"Tell us." Snapped Celia. "Or you'll go to the Stake!"

"Oh, God." Cried June, shaking her head from side to side. "God help me."

"TELL US!" The naked redhead shouted.

"Oh. Oh." The buxom blonde blubbered like a child. "My cunny. My cunny is itching."

"You mean your CUNT!" Snapped Celia.

"Yes. Yes, my cunt. My cunt." Sobbed June, tears splashing every where. "MY CUNT IS ITCHING!"

"Well, why didn't you say so?" Laughed the Novelist. "And where exactly is it itching?"

"AAAH!" Gasped the girl, madly wriggling her loins. "It's my clitty. My clitty is itching."

"In future you will refer to them as your Cunt and Tickler." Instructed the redhead. "Do you understand, Mrs Bending?"

"Yes." Sobbed the young woman, nodding her head, desperately.

"And your Arsehole and your Udders." Celia went on.

The weeping girl nodded, biting her lip.

"Say it, then." The redhead insisted. "Say the words."

"NAAAAA-AAA-AAAAH!" Sobbed June, crying like a baby. "My CUNT. My TICKLER. My ARSEHOLE. My UDDERS.

"Good! Be sure you remember." Celia smiled, salaciously. "Now, let's have a look."

She and Dolly leaned foreword to examine the young mother's enflamed cunt and clitoris.

"There. You see, Dolly?" The Authoress smiled to her friend. "The fluid has been completely absorbed into her tender flesh. The irritation lasts for days and is guaranteed to keep the subject at the peak of the highest sexual arousal for all of that time."

"Oh, yes. I can see." Giggled Dolly. "Look at her big tickler throbbing and just see how wet she is."

"Yes, she's sopping," Leered Celia, who moved her hands the blonde's twitching cunt and with her thumbs, prised the fat lips apart. In the exposed red depths of the girl's pulsing sex, could be seen collecting, an abundance of thick, creamy cuntjuice, which dribbled out of her crack and oozed down between the juddering cheeks of her fat arse.

"Just look at her cuntcream flowing!" The redhead laughed. "And it's just as well. Because she's going to need it."

Straightening up, she licked her fingers with relish."

"Lift her down, Bill." She called to her husband. "It's time she started to entertain us."