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A Friend in Need

Chapter 7.

The car had been travelling for more than two hours. The day was beautiful and June had found that she was really enjoying the trip. It wasn't just that it was a nice change, although it was true that she never went anywhere, especially without the children, but she always looked foreword to these sinful meetings with Miss Stern and Mr Cane, even though she would not admit it, even to herself. Besides, this was a very special occasion and her blood seemed to boil in her veins as she thought of what was to come.

Since that fateful day just two weeks ago, when Miss Stern had brought Mr Cane to her home and she had signed the contract, her life seemed to contain so much excitement. The humdrum, boring existence that had been her lot for so long, was now compensated for by these exciting, and so shameful, escapades. It had surprised her that during her 'normal' life, the children, the housework, etc., she was no longer miserable. She no longer had those bouts of deep melancholy that she was so prone to over the last couple of years.

Her Sister had noticed it too.

"Got yourself a boyfriend or something?" Beth had joked.

Certainly not!" June had gasped, blushing at the nearness of the remark. "I'm just going out a few times with Miss Stern, that's all."

"Well, I wouldn't blame you if you had got yourself a lover." Her sister had laughed. "A woman needs a bit more than a nice house and a couple of kids you know. Anyhow." Beth had given her a loving kiss on her cheek. "As long as you're happy, that's all that matters."

Beth had had the kids four times over the last two weeks. June 'had taken her punishment' at her home on Saturday afternoons and had been picked up by Miss Stern in her car each Wednesday evening and taken to the woman's own house. There, with no worry of interruptions, the business woman and her lover had 'given it to her' hot and strong.

The thought of it, made her blush again.

Her sister had looked at her with a quiet smile, when she had asked her to look after them for the whole weekend.

"Don't be silly, Beth." June had laughed. "It's just that Miss Stern has a holiday cottage up on the Yorkshire moors and she's been kind enough to invite me to spend the weekend with her up there."

"I'll believe you, though thousands wouldn't." Beth had grinned, impishly. Then she had added more tenderly. "Go on you, love, and have a damn good time."

It had been as easy as that.

And now, here they were, on their way. Probably nearly there.

Oh, God! How her guts churned at the thought of it. What was it they had told her? Oh, yes. Her mind went over it, once again.

She was being taken, Miss Stern had told her, to the home of their two closest friends and collaborators, Bill and Celia Pain. The Pains, it would seem, were very, very wealthy people, millionaires in fact. They had bought and renovated a big old farmhouse, way out on a remote and desolate part of the moors.

"Well, they love the loneliness of the place, you see, my dear." Miss Stern had explained as they travelled. "They need it for the seclusion. Need it for their work. Bill is a fine Sculptor, quite well known in the 'Art World', as a matter of fact. And you must have heard of Celia Pain the famous novelist." June's eyes had opened wide in surprise. Yes she did know the name. Some of the woman's books had been made into films.

"Well, my dear, that's her." Dolly had continued. "Mind you, it is a beautiful house. Way out in the wilds. Built like a fortress, it is. Well, Bill's so handy. He's built and made such a lot of exciting things. Just you wait until you see their cellar. The walls are four foot thick. You'll be able to shriek as loud as you like there." The woman had laughed, spitefully. "No one will hear you."

They had been travelling along a lonely road over the moor for some time when George slowed the car down and turned onto what was little more than a track.

"Won't be long now." She heard Mr Cane say. We're almost there."

At the sound of the man's words, June's tensed bowels contracted violently. Her stomach churned and for one awful moment she thought she would pee herself.

Dolly noticed the young wife's reaction and giggled, knowingly.

"Yes. It won't be long now." She repeated, winking at the girl, with whom she was sharing the back seat, in a most suggestive manner. "I just know you are going to love the Pains. Celia is so imaginative. She'll think of some really amusing things to do to you, my dear, I'm sure. And Bill! Well, you're just not going to believe your eyes when you see what Bill as got for you." She giggled again. "Ho, no, Mrs Bending. You won't believe your eyes."

June listened to the lovely, leering brunette with rising apprehension. Wriggling in her seat, she became aware that she really did feel the need to answer a rather urgent call of nature. She had known that she should not have had those two cans of larger, earlier on, but Miss Stern had been so insistent. Now she felt that her bladder was about to burst.

Mentioning that fact to Mr Cane, the squirming blonde looked out of the window to see if there was anywhere they could stop for her. A high wall was crossing the moor ahead and a big wrought-iron gate spanned the track and barred their way.

June saw that there was a TV camera mounted on top of one of the high stone gateposts and that the thing moved, sinisterly, as if it were watching them. This, in fact, was the case as, within a moment, the big gate had swung open, as if to invite them to enter.

George drove through and stopped the car a little way past the gate, where a small metal box on a post, stood at the side of the road. As he got out of the car, the big gate closed, tightly, behind them.

Inside the gate the track had been widened and neatly surfaced with smooth tarmac. The road then continued across the moor to where, June could see, stood a large old stone farmhouse, flanked by some out-buildings, about a quarter of a mile away.

The sound of George's voice made the blonde turn towards him. He had taken a telephone out of the box and, while conversing with the person on the other end of the line, seemed to be eyeing her, in a knowing, gloating way.

A cold shiver of fear ran down her spine, despite the heat of the mid-day sun, as she listened, in trepidation, to his words.

"Yes, we did make good time." He said. "Yes, we're fine. Well, except that Mrs Bending needs to 'spend a penny' rather badly."

He laughed at what ever remark had been made by the person on the other end of the line.

"Oh, I'm sure she'll love that." He chuckled, wickedly. Then, after a short pause, he called to the two women in the car. "Come on, ladies. Time for you to get out and stretch your lovely legs."

June opened her door and got out of the car, while Dolly, chuckling to herself, got out of the other side.

It really was a beautiful day and both women, dressed in light summer frocks, could feel the sun's warmth beating down on their voluptuously curved bodies. . June flexed her cramped limbs and looked, apprehensively, towards the distant farmhouse, while Dolly took the phone from George and spoke, merrily, into the instrument.

"Hello, darlings." She laughed. "Oh, it's going to be marvellous to see you both again. Oh, isn't this exciting?"

Listening intently, the vivacious brunette turned to face June and, her eyes dancing mischievously, nodded in agreement to some remark.

"Yes, she is." She answered. "Very beautiful."

June suddenly realised she was being watched and turning around saw that the TV camera was pointing straight at her. Flushing red with embarrassment, she turned quickly back to where Dolly was still talking on the phone.

"Yes, alright." The dark haired woman said into the speaker. "We'll do that."

With the phone still to her ear, Dolly addressed the trembling blonde.

"Mrs Bending." She called, with an evil grin on her sensuous red lips. "Take all your clothes off and put them in the car."

June's eyes grew wide with alarm.

"W W What?" She stammered. "My clothes? B...But. I...I don't....."

"It's quite simple, Mrs Bending." Dolly laughed. "You are going to strip stark naked, here and go the rest of the way...Bare Arsed, I think the term is. Quickly now. Get naked."

The young blonde felt a hot flush of moistness in her sex and a sickly sweet thrill of shame as, biting her lower lip to keep back her tears; she dropped her hands to the hem of her dress and pulled it up around her full, white thighs. Trying not to look at the leering faces of the man and woman standing before her, she tugged the light garment up around her waist, hotly aware that the frock was her only covering.

George and Dolly's eyes followed, eagerly, the ascent of the tight material, up around the blushing girl's buxom body. First her smooth, bare legs with their plump white thighs came into clear view. Then, as she tugged the hem up over her full hips, her bulging, bald cunt, its prominent plump mound now totally cleaned of pubic hair, was exposed to their burning gaze.

"Just like peeling a ripe fruit, isn't it?" Snarled George, his lips twisted with lust.

June had got her frock up to her big breasts and her smooth, round belly, with its deep and lovely belly button, was fully displayed to them. Then, with a quick flourish, she pulled the garment right over her head and threw it into the car.

She stood before them naked but for her shoes and tried, hopelessly, to cover her bulging bald pubes and ballooning breasts, with her hands.

"Now stop that, this minute, or you'll pay for it later." Dolly snapped. "And take off your shoes as well. I did say you were to be 'STARK' naked, didn't I?"

Fighting back her tears, June kicked off her shoes and stood up straight, her hands hanging to her sides.

The man and woman nodded their approval and Dolly listened intently to what was being said over the phone. Laughing, she looked at the naked young woman standing meekly before her.

"Mr Pain says you have a gorgeous arse, Mrs Bending." The older woman leered.

Blushing with hot shame, the buxom, naked blonde, flashed a quick look over her plump, round shoulder and saw that the ominous camera still had its lens focused, menacingly, on her beautiful backside.

Chuckling to himself, George came around the car, picked up her shoes and, throwing them into the car before him, sat in the driving seat. With a wink to June, he slammed the car door and drove off towards the house, leaving the two women standing in the open road.

"Oh! Oh, my God! Where's he going?" Screamed the naked blonde, in a panic and once more trying to hide her generous curves under her hands. "He can't leave me here like this!"

"It looks like he has." Laughed Dolly. "But don't worry. It's not far to walk."

"But what if somebody sees me like this?" The shocked young woman whined.

"Unfortunately, I don't think there's much chance of that. Out side ourselves and the Pains, that is." The brunette chuckled. "And they'll be watching as I walk you up to the house. The TV camera here and the one at the house are both fitted with powerful zoom lens, so they'll see everything."

Once more the older woman listened, carefully, to something that was said to her over the phone. Looking behind the small phone box post, she gave a squeal of delight.

"Oh, yes! I've found it!" She cried and reaching down behind the post, she picked up from the ground a polished wooden paddle, about the same size and shape as a Squash racket, but with a round blade of thin, highly polished wood.

"It's lovely." Dolly laughed into the receiver, wickedly. "I'm sure Mrs Bending will be delighted with it. I'll bring her up. We'll see you in a few minutes."

Replacing the phone in the box and closing the door, she turned back to June.

Smacking the blade of the paddle against the palm of her left hand with a loud 'crack', the dark haired woman walked towards the fidgeting blonde, who was still trying, unsuccessfully, to cover her ample charms with her all too inadequate hands.

"Wasn't that nice of Mrs Pain to send this little gift for you?" Dolly leered, holding the evil instrument out so that June could have a good look at it. "You do know what it's for, don't you?"

The buxom young woman trembled before her, fearfully nodding her pretty head.

"Well, then. Let's get started!" Dolly shouted at the girl. "You stand up straight to start with."

Jumping with fright, June did as she was bid.

"That's better." The older woman said, firmly. "Now, take one of those great tits of yours in each hand and lift them up. I want you to carry them before you as if they are on offer. As, of course, they are. Do you under stand?"

Whimpering now, the big blonde took her large breasts in her hands and lifted them, one heavy, fleshy globe on each palm, where they wobbled and shook like pale pink blancmanges topped with big, red strawberries.

"Good." Snapped Dolly. "Now assume the correct position. You know how."

Her lower lip trembling and her soft mouth in a luscious pout, June bent her body foreword and, hollowing her back, thrust out her big, voluptuous arse, spread her shapely thighs apart and bent her dimpled knees.

"Mmmph." The business woman grunted, as she walked around the naked blonde to see if the pose was lewd enough. "Not bad. Spread your knees wider. That's it. Now hollow your back more and lift your arse higher. Stick it out more. I want to see a lot more of those chubby cuntlips of yours peeping out at the back. Yes, that's it. That's much better."

As the woman circled around her, June once more felt her bare and buxom body flush with shame. What made it worse was that she was being watched by total strangers. At least, the road she had to walk along seemed smooth to her bare feet. And, too, the uncomfortable pressure on her full and bloated bladder had receded, just a little, since she had left the cramped confines of the car.

Suddenly, she was aware that Miss Stern had stepped up close behind her. She gave a sharp intake of breath as she felt the beautiful woman's hand cup one of her heavy buttocks and then smooth, sensuously, over her big, firm, rounded bumcheeks that were so indecently displayed.

"Mr Pain was quite right." The brunette whispered in her ear. "Your arse is gorgeous."

The hand was removed and the apprehensive young blonde could sense the older woman moving behind her.

"Right. We are ready." Said Dolly. "Now then, Mrs Bending. You will hold that pose, to the best of your ability, while you are walking to the house. What is more, you will maintain it, unless otherwise instructed, at all times. Understand?"

"Yes, Miss Stern." June answered, nodding her lovely head, submissively.

"Good." Dolly replied. "Now, on the count of three, you will start walking to the house. One. Two... THREE!"


As she had called out, three, Dolly had brought the polished blade of the paddle down, with a terrific loud 'SPLAT', across both rounded cheeks of the naked young woman's big, vulnerable, thrust out bum.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEK!" June shrieked loudly as she leaped foreword. The blazing pain in her fat arse felt like fire as, with tears filling her lovely blue eyes, she began to waddle, in a most lewd and amusing way, along the road to the house.

"That's it. Come along. Hurry up." Laughed Dolly, following swiftly behind the sobbing girl. "And has we go, I can 'tenderise' this big arse of yours, ready for when we get you inside the house. Oh, this is really delightful."

And her face glowing with cruel joy, the wicked lady brought the vicious paddle down with another loud 'splat' on one of the blubbering young mother's wobbling arsecheeks.


Went the paddle.


Screamed June, hurrying desperately along the road. At every few yards she was 'treated' to another 'smack' of the paddle. Some times on one cheek. Some times on the other. And occasionally Dolly would give her a big one across both big luscious buttocks at the same time. This really did make here yell.

After the women had covered, what seamed to June like the longest piece of road she had ever walked, they arrived, at last, at the house.

Almost without knowing it, the blubbering blonde had waddled right up to the foot of the steps that lead to the front door.

The sound of a low, masculine laugh brought her to a sudden stop. Maintaining her lewd pose, the snivelling young woman blinked up through her tears and focused her big blue eyes on the tall figure of a man standing on the top step and framed in the wide doorway.

For a moment June forgot the burning heat in her glowing red arse. The man was quite an imposing figure. Tall, at least six foot two, his wavy black hair silvering at the sides, he was, she thought, quite handsome, in a lean sort of way. He was dressed in an expensive whine-red satin brocade dressing gown, which came down to his bare knees and his feet were shod in red leather slippers. At the sight of his bare legs she knew, instinctively, that under his gown he was as naked as she.

This thought brought her mind back to her present predicament. A boiling flush of shame and humiliation swept over her as she thought of how he was seeing her, posed and exhibited so lewd and indecently before him.

Looking up into his thin, handsome face, she saw his dark eyes flash with desire as he gazed down on her voluptuous nakedness with open, unconcealed lust. He laughed again and she felt a wicked thrill of excitement course through her veins. She was aware that the red blush of shame had spread down her neck and was now flooding, hotly, over the great, milky white gourds of her breasts that she still held, wobbling like jellies, in her hands.

"Hello Dolly." The rich voice addressed the older woman, but the sharp eyes never left the blonde. "The 'Duchess' sent me to greet you. So ladies, a warm welcome to you both."

"Hello, Bill, darling." Dolly answered, as the tall sculptor moved down the steps and walked around June, eying her, lecherously. "Let me introduce you both." She rolled her eyes suggestively as she spoke. "And then you'll be able to get her inside and give her a really warm welcome."

"We've decided to keep this very formal, Bill." The brunette chuckled. "So.....Mr Pain, this is Mrs Bending and Mrs Bending, I'd like you to meet Mr Pain."

The man was now standing just behind the trembling blonde. Thrusting his big hand under her bruised and blazing buttocks and between her plump thighs, he plunged his two middle fingers, deep, into her sopping cuntcrack.

"Pleased to meet you, Mrs Bending." He grinned, fingering her vigorously.

June, shocked by the unusual greeting, began to gasp, hard.

"Well? Answer the Gentleman." Sneered Dolly, to the gasping young woman. "Where are your manners?"

"Oh...Oh...It..It..It' you, Mr P...Pain." June grunted, her big arse and tits bouncing in time with his furious frigging.

"Well, then, you had better come in and meet the wife." Bill laughed, withdrawing his hand from the buxom girl's fluttering cunt and examining his slippery fingers.

"My! She's really juicy, isn't she?" He leered and, having sniffed his cream coated fingers with appreciation, he greedily licked them clean, while leading the women up the steps.

Through the door, straight across the wide hallway they filed and into a large airy room, thickly carpeted and high walled, with long picture windows on ether side. The windows overlooked the moors on both sides of the house and with the long curtains fully opened, as they were now, June had the strong impression that they were standing out in the open. The sun streamed in and bounced off the white walls, brightly lighting everything in the room.

There was a long oak table in the centre of the room, with its twelve matching chairs placed back around the walls for convenience. Four deeply padded armchairs and two sofas were also against the walls. These, with two long sideboards, comprised the furniture.

June was in awe of the room. It was so big and its great windows made her feel that she was on public display.

Bill Pain stood to one side and she saw that George Cane was lounging against one of the sideboards, a sardonic grin on his jowlly face.

By the far wall, before an huge old stone fireplace, stood a beautiful woman, who eyed the naked blonde with obvious amusement. A flaming red head, the woman was dressed in a satin dressing gown of emerald green, which rapped about her lovely body and accentuated the voluptuous naked curves beneath. Her lovely face had clear, natural colour that had little need of make- up and her pale skin was sprinkled with light freckles.

Dolly took June by the arm and lead the lewdly postured young woman to stand before their regal hostess.

With a leer that heightened the blush of shame on the blonde's pretty face, the red head's burning green eyes moved slowly and lustfully over the buxom girl's obscenely displayed naked charms, from head to toes and back again. Making June feel, yet again, the hot flush of humiliation wash over her lush young body.

"So Dolly." The red haired woman smiled, her smouldering green eyes still moving intently over the naked young mother's lush curves. "This is the wicked young penitent who presents her self here for punishment, is it?"

"It is." Dolly chuckled, stepping to stand besides the trembling June. "Allow me to present her to you."

The lovely red head nodded.

"Mrs Celia Pain." Dolly called out in a loud and clear voice. "I present before you, today, the person of Mrs June Bending, Debtor and Adulteress, Who humbly submits herself to you for punishment."

"Well, I must say, she's certainly a looker." Said Celia. "And a Debtor and Adulteress too, you say? Well, Mrs Bending, do you admit the charges?"

Burning with shame, tears welling in her eyes, June nodded her lovely head, miserably.

"Yes, Mrs Pain." She answered in a choked voice.

"Well, then," Celia laughed with delight. "I pronounce her guilty. We will proceed with her punishment forthwith."

With the obvious exception of June, all in the room laughed with amused approval.

"Oh! Before we start." Went on Celia. "Bill, my sweet. Give our guests a drink, there's a dear. You boys please your selves, Dolly and I will have some wine and give Mrs Bending a nice big glass of cold lager."

"Oh! Please! No! Not for me, thank you!" June cried, timorously. "Y...You see, Mrs Pain. I...I..I really do need to use your loo. I need to spend a penny, quite urgently."

"Nonsense." Cried the redhead. "You'll have your drink first and I will allow you to have a pee after. Now, drop those tits of yours and get that down you. Or else."

And taking the large glass of cold beer from her husband, she handed it to the snivelling girl, with a cruel smile.

"I'll make a toast." The redhead continued. "And after it every one must drain their glasses."

Following her lead, they all lifted their glasses high, including the trembling June.

"Ladies and Gentlemen." Celia laughed with cruel delight. "To Junes screams. May they be loud and long."

Laughing, the four older men and women made the toast and drained their glasses. Then all four turned towards the shaking blonde.

"Drink." Celia snapped.

Lifting her glass to her lips, June closed her eyes tight and gulped down the drink until the glass was empty. Gasping with the effort, the young woman lowered her glass and handed it to Dolly, who placed it, with her own, back on the sideboard.

All eyes were on the naked blonde. In a moment she gave a loud gasp and pressed her hand to her quip.

"AAH!" she cried her lower lip aquiver. "Oh, please, please, Mrs Pain. May I use the loo now?