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A Friend in Need

Chapter 6.

All three lay that way for some minuets, as their panting gasps eased to a more regular breathing. At last Dolly moved, languidly, and sat up.

"Oooh! That was delightful!" She smiled, as she moved her hands over her full breasts and kneaded the heavy globes, voluptuously. She then dropped her hands to George's shoulders and shook him, insistently. "Come on, Mr Cane. You don't want to crush the poor girl, do you? And there are such a lot of things I still want to do to her, this session."

George rolled off June's back, with a laugh.

"Don't be so impatient, Miss Stern." He grinned. "We've got all the time in the world. Years, in fact."

Dolly watched as he pulled the long, slack, greasy length of his prick out of the younger woman's sopping cunt, with a 'slurp', to let it dangle, heavily, between his thighs.

"Oh, I know." The beautiful brunette leered, lasciviously. "But I feel so lewd and I have such a 'letch' for her."

Giggling, she leapt from the bed and helped her lover to his feet.

"Oh, come on, George. Quickly. Let me get at her." She laughed. "I know she's ready for more. Did you see how well she fucks?"

She took hold of the younger woman's shoulders and pulled her upright. The young wife turned her lovely face to them, her big, blue eyes filled with the tears of shame.

"Oh, please! No more!" June wept, looking up at them, beseechingly.

"No more?" Dolly screeched. "No more? Oh, yes, Mrs Bending. There is going to be more! Lots and lots and lots more, before we finish with you!"

The young woman burst out crying, bitterly.

"Oh, come on, Mrs Bending." George grinned, holding his fat, slack cock in his big hand and kneading its oily length, firmly. "We could see you loved every minuet of it."

"Oh, God! No! No I didn't. It was awful. I hated it!" June cried, shrilly, looking up with a horrified expression on her lovely face and a red blush of shame, spreading from her cheeks, down her neck and flooding across the soft, swollen globes of her big, shuddering breasts.

"No, Mrs Bending." Dolly leered down at the sobbing blonde. "We saw you. You should have seen yourself. The way you fucked. The way you moved your big bum, once Mr Cane had his cock up your cunt. Oooo, and you even sucked my bald cunt for me, didn't you? And spurt your cream when I 'CUM' right in your mouth. You sucked it so hard. You must have loved my flavour. You dirty Slut!"

"I do hope you are on the Pill, Mrs Bending." George laughingly joined in. "For I surly filled your belly with spunk. Pints of it."

They both laughed cruelly as the young mother hid her face in her hands and cried, bitterly.

"Come on." Said Dolly, taking the naked blonde by her arms and pulling her to her feet. "You seem to be cooling off. We'll have to warm you up again, before we do anything else to you."

George sat on the edge of the bed, watching, while his lecherous Mistress lead the sobbing, humiliated young wife to the centre of the room. Turning the buxom blonde to face her, Dolly stood so that both naked women stood 'belly to belly'.

"Now, Do I have to smack your fat arse again or are you going to get more friendly?" Asked the luscious brunette.

June looked quickly up into the older woman's eyes and bit at her full lower lip.

"Well, let's see then, shall we?" Dolly smiled and putting her arms around the girl, she gripped June's big, fleshy buttocks in her hands, pulled her belly close to her own and, leering into the blonde's lovely face, began to rub her fat, bald cunt against that of the younger woman.

"Come on, now." She laughed, "Start humping that cunt of yours or Mummy spank."

Blushing red with shame, the buxom blonde placed her arms around Dolly's waist and, gripping one of the older woman's heavy arsecheeks in each hand, started to rub her swollen cunt back against the brunette's bald twat.

Soon both women were shaking with lust as they scrubbed and ground their gaping cuntcracks together, with swiftly mounting excitement.

"Ooooo! Mrs Bending!" Dolly squealed. "That's lovely. You learn so quickly, my dear."

Leaning her face towards her gasping partner's the lustful brunette offered her full, succulent, red mouth to the younger woman's desire swollen lips.

"Kiss me." She groaned, feeling the sobbing blonde's fingers tighten their grip on her swiftly bounding buttocks. "Give me your sweet tongue."

With a choked cry, June opened her soft lips and, crushing them wetly against the moaning brunette's, she plunged her tongue deep into the older woman's eager, sucking mouth.

Sitting on the bed, pumping his quickly reviving prick into a renewed erection, George leaned forward, excitedly watching the two beautiful, naked women, writhing before his burning eyes.

Both women's voluptuous, sweat soaked bodies, trembled and shook as they groaningly plunged their tongues deep into each other's sucking mouths and, each clinging tightly to the other's fat arse, furiously rubbed the enflamed and gaping gashes of their wet and swollen cunts, vigorously together.

Snorting with lust, they pulled their crushed lips apart and, with smouldering, heavy lidded, half-closed eyes, each watched the other's lovely lust contorted face as, their spasming cunts gushing hot cream against each other, the lecherous women lewdly fucked each other to an exquisite and noisy climax.

"AAAAAH! Ohhhh! FUCK! George! Ooooh! Look at her!" Dolly shrieked. "She's CUMMING! Look at her hump. Ooooo! George! I can feel her Cum. I can feel her cream spurting over my cunt. She's gushing! AAaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

The two stark naked women, tit to tit, belly to belly, cunt to cunt, their hands holding their big arses as they rubbed their wet and swollen cracks, furiously, against each other, their full thighs aquiver as their plump, pale bodies juddered and shook with orgasmic pleasure. As their hysterical squeals lowered to whimpering and their frenzied grinding slowed to a lewd writhing, Dolly mouthed gross obscenities into the ear of the sobbing blonde. Still gripping each other's bums, they tottered and George thought, for a moment, that they would fall. But they regained their balance and, lifting their arms to each other's plump, round shoulders, they kissed, soft and lovingly.

"Oh! Mrs Bending!" Laughed Dolly, when she, at last, broke the warm embrace. "That was delicious."

The older woman thrust her hand between June's wet thighs and had a good feel of the panting young blonde's soaked and throbbing cunt. She then held her sopping fingers up before the girl's red, flushed face and leered, gleefully.

"What a creamy cunt you have, my dear." The lecherous brunette giggled while lewdly sniffing at her dripping hand. "I think I'll give you a good sucking to finish you off."

Holding the blushing girl by her arm, the brunette turned to the man furiously masturbating on the bed.

"Mr Cane." She smiled. "Would you bring that chair from the dressing table to us, please?"

Jumping to his feet, George quickly obliged.

"Thank you, Mr Cane." Said Dolly, with a sly wink. "Now, Mrs Bending." She smiled, sweetly at the subjugated young wife. "Just sit your pretty bum down there."

The chair had slim arms, padded, like its cushioned seat, with smooth satin. When June had sat down in it, Dolly lifted both of the young woman's legs and hung them over the chair's arms. Pulling the girl's bare arse foreword, right off the seat, she arranged her in a lewd pose, with cunt and arsehole obscenely exposed to her and George's lustful gaze.

"Take those big udders of yours, one in each hand, and lift them up and away from you, as if you are offering them to us." The dark girl instructed the flushed faced blonde with a leer. "That's it. Now squeeze them, good and hard. Yes, like that. Make them bulge out. Ooooo! Lovely!

Moving quickly to the bed, she picked up a pillow and, hurrying back, placed it on the floor just beneath the jutting overhang of the blonde's full and rounded arse.

"Now, this is what we are going to do." The shapely, naked brunette continued. "I'm going to kneel here on this pillow in front of you."

Dolly dropped to her knees on the pillow before June's wet and gaping cunt, while the young Mother began, once more, to weep with shame at her obscene exposure and also at the, now quite obvious, high arousal that her degrading humiliation forced through her voluptuous body.

"Then." Went on Dolly, ignoring the blonde's tears. "I'm going to lick out this luscious, creamy cunt of yours."

The older woman stuck out her tongue and wiggled it lewdly at the blushing young Juno.

"Then I'm going to suck it until you cum in my mouth. Just as I cum in yours." The brunette giggled. "And when you do spurt your cream." She continued, shaking her finger at the girl. "And this is very important mind. When you do gush, you must turn your pretty face to your right, where Mr Cane will be waiting."

June glanced to her right and saw that George was already standing there, pumping his fist up and down the bloated shaft of his prick and pointing his throbbing, livid red knob, with it's open, gaping pisshole, right at her trembling lips.

"Yes, that's right, Mrs Bending." Dolly laughed. "Turn your head, just like that. Then you must open your lovely mouth wide and put out your tongue and cup it, just like this."

The depraved lady opened her mouth wide and put out her own tongue, to demonstrate just how she wanted it done. June watched her with apprehension and then copied her, with precision.

"That's the way." Laughed Dolly. "Then when you cum, Mr Cane will spunk right into your sweet mouth. Oh, you're going to love it."

She flashed a smile at George and then looked back at the tearful blonde.

"Right, then." She chuckled. "Let's begin, shall we?"

Sitting back on her heels, the lascivious lady gently ran her fingertips down over the soft insides of June's full, wide splayed thighs, until both her hands stopped on the swollen lips of the young housewife's shamefully exhibited cunt.

Disregarding the girl's snivelling cries of shame, Dolly gripped her fat inner lips with her fingers and thumbs and, pulling them wide open, she spread the creamy cuntcrack until all its raw, red, spunk filled interior was cruelly exposed to her lust enflamed eyes.

"Oh, Mr Cane!" The lecherous brunette giggled, as she gloated over the weeping young Mother's gaping gash. "Just look at Mrs Bending's spunky twat! Isn't it pretty? Oh! And look at that big, red clitty of her's, sticking right out, so stiff and swollen. Why, I can even see it throbbing."

And putting her mouth close to the crying young woman's open sex, she blew her hot breath, gently over the fat, pulsing, stalk of the blushing June's splendid big tickler.

"Waaaah!" Cried out June, her full white thighs and heavy arse-cheeks, suddenly shaking with suppressed sexual excitement. "Oh, no! Oh God! Please, no! Please, no! Please don't do this to me!"

"Oh, come on, Mrs Bending." Dolly laughed. "Who are you trying to kid? We all know you are longing for it. And you know you love it. Look at this big tickler of yours. It's so stiff and swollen it looks ready to burst, you dirty slut. Oh! And look at your lovely arsehole! It's all puckered and pouting out, as if it wants a kiss, too."

And darting her head forward, Dolly thrust her pointed tongue into the younger woman's wrinkled pink anus and plunged it in deep.

"AAAAAGH!" June cried out, kneading her own big breasts, mercilessly, as the hot blush of shame spread from her lovely face, down her neck and over her soft, round, milk globes, in response to the boiling wave of pure pleasure, that flowed like fire through her veins from the delicious probing of her arsehole.

"Ah ah!" The dark woman laughed, lifting her lovely face from between the young wife's big, quivering, bumcheeks. "Yes. It's nice, isn't it? Now, let me get to work on this big, juicy cunt, of yours. And don't forget what I told you to do when you spurt your cream. Or else!"

Keeping her eyes on the weeping blonde's lovely face, Dolly lowered her head to the young wife's sex and, plunging her eager tongue, deep into the girl's gaping, wet cuntcrack, she voraciously sucked the whole of June's fat, lust-swollen twat, completely, into her gluttonous red mouth.

"AAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAH! Oooooh! Oh, God!" June cried out, drowned in sensation and horrified by the fact that her hips were jerking her spasming cunt, vigorously, at Dolly's sucking mouth and that she had neither the will nor the power to stop the movement.

"AAAAAAH! AAAAAAAH! OH! OH, NO! OH, GOD! OH, GOD HELP ME! AAAAAAAAH! OOOOOOOOOOH! AAAAAAAAH!" The shamed but highly aroused young Mother cried out, hoarsely, as she felt her swollen cunt engulfed in the older woman's greedily, sucking lips and her crack ravished by her skilful tongue.

Crushing and squeezing her melon-like breasts and pulling and stretching her lust hardened nipples, the squealing, sweat dripping blonde, vigorously fucked her oozing twat into the delighted brunette's hungry mouth. Her beautiful face, contorted with lecherous desire, turned, convulsively to her right and her burning, heavy-lidded eyes, fell on the lascivious naked form of George Cane. His sweat coated, red jowled face leered down at her, his fist swiftly pumping his rigid cock, who's bloated, livid knob was pointed, menacingly at her sweet, trembling mouth.

She could feel Dolly's tongue plunging deep into her frothing cunt. So deep it felt as though it was probing the mouth of her womb.

"OOOOOOH, GOD! YES! YES! YES! DO IT! DO IT! MAKE ME CUM! AAAAAAAAAGH!" The girl groaned, eagerly fucking Dolly's mouth.

Suddenly the kneeling brunette pulled back her head, lifting her dripping mouth from the writhing blonde's sopping sex.

"AAAAAAAGH! NO!" June cried out in frustrated anguish. OH, GOD! DON'T STOP! NOT NOW!"

"Oh, Mrs Bending!" Dolly laughed, the buxom girl's love juice thickly coating her lovely face. "You dirty slut! Well, it won't be long now!"

She looked up at George and grinned.

"And are you ready, Mr Cane?" She asked. "Are you ready to spurt your spunk into nice, respectable Mrs Bending's sweet mouth?"

"Fuck! Yes!" George snarled through clenched teeth. "I've been holding it back for the last five minuets. Quick! Make her CUM!"

"Right, then." Dolly leered. "Now, Mrs Bending. If you'll just open your mouth and put out your tongue as I showed you."

Sobbing with hot shame and humiliation, the degraded young wife turned her lovely, tear streaked face towards the sweating, naked man and, opening her mouth wide, she put out her tongue and cupped it, ready for the gross act they were about to commit. She looked up at his leering face and quickly dropped her eyes, only to focus them on the angrily throbbing, bloated red knob of his greatly swollen cock. Her nostrils flared, as she breathed in the heady, musky stench of a man in full rut, and watched in horror as his steaming cock-cream bubbled out of his gaping pisshole and dribbled over the red, enflamed knob.

He put his left hand around the back of her neck and pulled her head more upright and her gaping mouth closer to the pulsing head of his prick.

"Right. We're ready!" He snarled, excitedly.

Dolly, gleefully, looked down at June's twitching cunt. She chuckled at the sight of the thick, milky white cunt juice that was dribbling out of the buxom blonde's red raw cuntcrack and running down between the girls's plump, trembling arsecheeks. She rubbed the tip of her right hand's middle finger around the puckered rosette of the young housewife's greasy arsehole and giggled, slyly.

"Yes. We are ready now." She leered, and thrusting the thumb of her left hand deep into the wet crack of the shuddering young wife's fat and peach-like quim, she lowered her head and wrapped her full, red lips around the stiffly standing, swollen stalk of the girl's large and sensitive clitoris.

A distorted yell burst from the curvaceous blonde's gaping jaws and extended tongue, as she felt Dolly's hot, wet mouth cover her throbbing tickler. Her choked cries quickened and grew high pitched as, while her smouldering eyes gazed in awe at the turgid, pulsing knob of George's menacing prick, she felt the depraved brunette's sucking lips skilfully draw her big clitty right out of it's fleshy hood and tongue lash it, mercilessly.

Dolly felt June's shuddering body stiffen and saw the buxom girl's shapely legs rise straight up in the air, her pretty pink feet flex and her big toes curl up, amusingly.

"I think she's going to BLOW!" Called George as, shaking with excitement and pumping, vigorously, on the iron-hard column of his prick, he eagerly pulled the squealing blonde's gaping mouth closer to his smoking knob.

June's full, white thighs trembled and her heavy arsecheeks juddered, violently, as her cunt convulsed in the kneeling brunette's sucking mouth.

Feeling the spasm, Dolly thrust foreword with her hand and plunged her stiffened middle finger right in, to the last knuckle, up the squealing blonde's greasy arsehole.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHH!" June shrieked through her wide, open mouth, her legs went rigid and her big toes curled towards the ceiling as, with Dolly furiously fingering her tight, puckered anus, the girl's swollen cunt spurted out a copious jet of thick, delicious love cream, right into the older woman's greedily sucking mouth.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Groaned Dolly, as she gluttonously swallowed down the sweet nectar that gushed from the climaxing young Mother's spurting twat, while her flashing finger was tightly clenched in the girl's spasming turdtube.

"YYAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHH!" George bellowed as, holding the orgasming blonde's head steady with his left hand and pointing his exploding knob at her gaping mouth with his right, he discharged a great gout of thick spunk across her fully extended tongue and right into the back of her throat.

June's shrieks of delight became choked and gurgling as her mouth was quickly filled with the grunting man's thick, gluttonous bollock-juice. She snorted and gulped as the boiling spunk splashed across her slack, swollen lips and spattered over her flushed face.

As the girl's eyes rolled back in her head, George pulled her face towards him and thrust his erupting knob right into her cream filled mouth. She closed her full lips around it and sucked, strongly on the spouting gland.

George pulled the young woman more towards him so that her neck was more lined up with his shaft. Releasing his prick to the hot, wet confines of her mouth, with one big hand he gripped her around the throat and with the other, gripped her hair. Then, gazing down at her lovely face, with a snarling bellow he rammed his rigid cock into the back of her throat.

June's big, blue eyes, shot open wide and she made a choking, gagging noise. George pulled his big prick half out of her stretched open mouth and then rammed it back in, hard, again. He pushed foreword deeper, forcing his huge knob down her throat. Holding her head, tight, he pulled her pretty face, firmly to his groin. Panicking, June dropped her breasts and tried, franticly to push him away, but the big man was much too strong for her.

Dolly, giggling with glee, lifted her face from the girl's cunt, to get a better view of the action. Her stiff finger, still pistoning in and out of the struggling blonde's boiling bowels, the lecherous lady gripped the girl's big, greatly swollen clitoris tightly, with finger and thumb and shook it, vigorously.

"Go on, George!" She laughed, shrilly. "Choke the Slut!"

Franticly struggling to breathe and scream at the same time, June succeeded only in making inarticulate gagging and choking noises as George continued forcing his thick cock down her swelling throat.

To her delight, Dolly could plainly see that only an inch or so of that cock's great root was now protruding from the girl's widely stretched lips and, to the older woman's great amusement, the young blonde's vibrating tongue protruded beneath it to an alarming length and as the girl choked and gagged, her tongue lapped George's balls, delightfully.

Fired by the cruelty of the act, the big man's orgasm seemed to go on for ever. Thick spunk now bubbled and spurted from around June's stretched, lipstick smeared lips and two great gouts of thick cream had shot down her nostrils and were drawn up and down with the in and out thrusts of his pulsing prick.

"GluckK! GluckK! GuckK! GuckK!" Gagged the choking blonde at each lunge of George's big cock, which was now well past her gullet and right down her throat, her nose pressed into his pubic hair.

"Oh, George!" Squealed Dolly, gleefully. "Look how her throat has swollen to accommodate your great Raja. How does it feel?"

"Fucking wonderful!" Groaned the big man, in ecstasy. "It's so tight and hot and lovely and slimy at the moment. OH! FUCK! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!"

And bellowing in delight, he shot another great salvo of hot spunk down the choking girl's swollen throat.

The gleeful Dolly heard June give a choked groan and to her delight saw the blonde's cunt gape, pucker and spurt out a stream of thick white cuntcream while the young woman appeared to be having a sexual fit.

"What a dirty Slut you are, Mrs Bending." Dolly chuckled.

For some long moments the bedroom was filled with the exciting sounds of the choked and inarticulate cries and groans of the two ecstatic libertines and their lust frenzied victim. George, his heavy body shaking with exploding desire, once more thrust his bloated cock right down the struggling blonde's alarmingly expanded throat. Gripping her by the throat and the back of her head, he again pulled her face hard against his pubic mound, cutting off her air and stopping her breathing.

"Gerckkkk! Gerckkkk! Gerckkkk!" June gagged, amusingly, as she franticly tried to draw in air to her lungs.

"Fucking Hell!" The big man groaned, as he held the girl tight to his groin. "Her throat does wonderful things to my prick when she's choking."

"How lovely." Laughed Dolly. "Keep choking her George. Let's see how it feels when I get her to shriek."

And dropping her face to the frantic girl's big, stiff clitoris, she curled back her red lips and bit the bloated stork, hard, with her sharp white teeth.

"GGGUUUUUURRRRRRCCCCCCKKKKKK!" June gave a long high-pitched gagging squawk. And then..... "GlluugggGGG! GGrrrrrruuUUUGGGHH! GUuuuullLLGG." More frantic squawks as Dolly cruelly gnawed and chewed on the girl's tortured tickler.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!" George, his lips pulled back from his teeth in a twisted snarl, threw back his head and gave a great bellow of delight, as he shot thick gouts of spunk down the girl's convulsing throat and into her belly. While to Dolly's delight, she felt a hot gush of cunt custard spurt from the younger woman's gash and splash over her tits.

Giving a last spiteful nip to June's badly swollen clitty, Dolly lifted her juice coated face from the still gagging young Mother's wet and twitching quim and gave a triumphant laugh of pure glee.

George gave a last grunt of pleasure and pulled his slackening cock from the girl's abused throat and out of her lose lipped, spunk filled mouth, as she gasped and drew great gulps of air into her near bursting lungs.

"Fucking hell!" He gasped, squeezing the fat length in his fist and directing the last weak spurts of creamy spunk to spatter over the slumped young housewife's heaving jugs. "She's sucked me dry!"

Giggling with delight, Dolly sat back on her heels and gazed, gloatingly at the younger woman's voluptuous body, sprawled immodestly in the chair before her and so doing exposing her naked charms to her two ravishers. The abused young Mother was slumped right down in the chair breathing hard, her plump arms dangling to the floor on each side, her full thighs splayed wide over the padded arms, her big, quivering breasts and belly spattered with spunk, her lovely head hung to one side and resting on her soft, round shoulder, her eyes glazed and staring, under heavy half-closed lids. Her tongue lolled out from the corner of her mouth and her full, slack lips still drooled the thick spunk she had not managed to swallow. Her fat, swollen cuntlips winked lewdly and her pouting pink arsehole still held the older woman's embedded finger in its tight, rubbery grip.

"Just look at her!" Dolly laughed spitefully. "There's a bawdy, fucked out slut, if ever I saw one! And she loved every minuet of it. Did you see her CUM? Even when you were choking her! I must have drunk pints of it! It tasted like milk and honey! Just like milk and honey!"

The dark woman slowly withdrew her hand from between the blonde's big buttocks and was amused to see that the wrinkled, puckered ring of the fair girl's arsehole clung tightly to her finger, as if reluctant to relinquish the stimulating probe. Dolly pulled the trapped finger free with a wet 'plop' and giggled when the pouting anus gaped open, winked, farted once and snapped shut.

The beautiful brunette got to her feet and smiled down at the lovely violated blonde.

"That will be all for now, Mrs Bending." She said. "As soon as we get our breath back, Mr Cane and I will be leaving."

Without moving, June looked up tearfully at the older woman and whimpered with disappointment.

"Oh! Miss Stern!" The dishevelled young wife whined. "Must you go so soon?

"Now don't you fret, my dear." Dolly laughed. "All your troubles are over. Financially and otherwise. And each week, as many times as we can manage it, Mr Cane and I will see to it that you are punished and pay your debts."

Shortly after, respectably dressed and all trace of their orgy cleaned away, George and Dolly prepared to leave the house. June, who on Dolly's orders was still stark naked, was nervously seeing them out. In the hall, Dolly stopped.

"Now, Mrs Bending." Said the business woman, formally. "I'll phone you tomorrow to arrange the time and place of your next chastisement. I'll phone about tea-time. Alright? Good! Oh, yes. And I want you to continue masturbating yourself regularly, too. We must keep that lovely, big fat tickler of yours in trim, mustn't we?"

They moved closer to the door. Dolly turned to the younger woman, again.

"Oh, and to show that there are no ill feelings. Get down on your knees, Mrs Bending." The sweetly smiling brunette said with a chuckle.

The buxom young mother, with a look of apprehension, obediently dropped to her knees.

Dolly turned her back on her and, lifting up her summer dress, thrust her bare arse at the housewife's blushing face. Gripping a pale buttock in each hand, the leering brunette pulled the plump, round arsecheeks, wide apart.

"Now, Mrs Bending." She laughed. "Give my arsehole a nice, big French kiss, to thank me for all we've done for you today."

Submissively, the lovely young blonde gripped the brunette's full fleshed thighs and, pushing her face between the widespread cheeks, she plunged her tongue right into the older woman's anus, closed her lips around it and sucked the pouting, wrinkled ring into her mouth.

After some minuets of sucking and gasping from the two women, with George eagerly bending foreword to watch the point of contact, Dolly pulled away. Still spreading her buttocks, she half turned to the kneeling girl and, smiling down at her pretty, upturned face she said.

"That was lovely, my dear." She chuckled, evilly. "Now I'm going to fart in your mouth a few times. Just to show who's boss."

A look of disgust flashed across June's beautiful face and she pulled her head back.

"You'll do as you are told, or I'll crush your nipples." The older woman laughed. "Put your face foreword, now and open your pretty mouth."

Tears running down her cheeks and blushing with shame, the young mother placed herself as she was instructed.

"That's the way." Dolly leered at her. "Now stick your tongue out, nicely."

She turned to George, who was eager to help.

"See to it that she doesn't move her head or close her mouth, George." She grinned.

The big man moved closer. Taking a big pair of pliers out of his pocket, he threateningly took one of the weeping girl's big nipples in its jaws.

"Be good, now." He leered.

The sobbing girl held her mouth open wide and pushed out her tongue.

Turning her back on the girl once more, Dolly bent foreword, rounded her arse even more and pulled her buttocks open wide.

"Get her mouth about two inches from my arsehole, George." She instructed.

Stooping on the girl's right side, George gripped her nipple with the pliers and with his left, pushed her open mouth closer to his Mistress's big, pouting anus.

"Are you ready, Mrs Bending?" The dark woman asked sweetly.

"Oh, she's ready, Miss Stern." Chuckled George.

"Right, then. Here it comes." Dolly giggled and, with a grunt, her arsehole bulged right out and blew a great, rasping fart, right into June's open mouth.

The strength of the hot blast was such as to gust around the girl's shocked face and blow her blonde hair back from her head. Her gaping mouth and flaring nostrils were filled with a foul baked beans stench, which filled her every cavity, as the shocked young wife, helplessly sucked down a great breath into her lungs.

"YuuulllkkkK!" June dry urged, as if she were about to vomit. The young blonde's mouth gaped even wider, her lips drew back from her white teeth and her tongue stretched even farther from her throat as she coughed and spluttered, retching loudly. "YyyyucK! YyyyuuulkK! YyyyyeeeeuuuullkkK.!"

"Dolly turned quickly, eager to see the effect the gross act had had on the young woman. She was delighted to see that, despite the coughing, retching and tearful weeping, a look of complete self disgust and total degradation could be seen on the blonde's lovely face.

June tried to turn away but George held her firmly in position.

"Aa, aa! Not yet." Dolly giggled. "We'll do a few more, I think!" And she again turned her back to the kneeling June and presented her arsehole to the girl's mouth.

"No! No! Please don't. It's sick." The naked young mother sobbed, still trying to turn away.

"You stay down and open your mouth like you were told" George chuckled, tightening the jaws of his pliers on the blonde's bruised nipple. "Come on. Push your tongue right out there and see if you can catch one on it."

With a gasp of pain the sobbing girl complied.

"That's a good girl." The big man continued and looking at Dolly he leered, wickedly. "She's ready now, Miss Stern." He said, moving the blonde's mouth closer to the brunette's pouting anus.

Dolly strained a little and. "BRrrrrrraaaaPP." Again she farted right into the girl's mouth. This time it was different. This time it was wet and it splattered all over June's extended tongue.

"YaaarrrrrrKK!" June dry retched again and again, refusing to retract her tongue and taste the older woman's little gift. "O Gog! O Gog!" She groaned, with tongue fully extended. "Hease! Ho hore!"

Dolly, her dress falling down to cover her bare bum, turned to face the younger woman, once more.

"Let's take a look at her, Mr Cane." She giggled, putting her hand under the gagging girl's chin and tilting her pretty face up so she could take a close look.

"Ooooo, yes! I see!" She cooed at the blonde, sweetly. "There's a sort of wet, brown stain, coating your tongue and the inside of your mouth, Mrs Bending.

The Brunette leered down into the young mother's tearful face.

"Here's what you are going to do, my dear." She said. "First you are going to continue frigging yourself and when you are in a sweat and your cunt is frothing, you'll pull in your tongue and roll it around your mouth. Then, when you cum, my flavour will be flooding your taste buds. So come on. Start milking that big tickler of yours."

"Oh, go! Go!" June gargled, shaking her head and trying to pull away.

"George." Dolly sighed, slyly. "Her nipples, if you please."

"Certainly, Miss Stern." George grinned and squeezing the handles of the pliers firmly together, he cruelly crushed the young blonde's big, rubbery nipple in its jaws.

"EEEEEEAAAAAAAAAGGHH!" June's shriek burst from her gaping mouth, her extended tongue vibrating amusingly.

"Aw'ight. Aw'ight. I goo it. I goo it." She cried, her brown slimed tongue still extended and her hands gripping George's strong wrists. "Gon'k herk hy gresks, hease."

"Oh, no, Mrs Bending. To late. You disobeyed me." Dolly smiled down at the young wife. "You must be punished. And I said both nipples. Now put your hand down and let Mr Cane continue."

Crying bitterly, June dropped her hands to her thighs and waited while George released her swollen right nipple and taking her big left tit in his left fist he squeezed its base tightly, making the great udder bulge out. Taking the stalk of its thick nipple in the jaws of his pliers, he applied a firm grip. Then he turned to his victim.

"Ready, Mrs Bending.?" He grinned. Then....... "CRUNCH"

"EEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHH!" June's shriek filled the house.

Sitting back on her heels, the girl wept and sobbed as George released her second swollen nipple. She screamed again as Dolly, giggling cruelly, leaned foreword and, gripping the abused stalks between her fingers and thumbs, rolled them like Radio Knobs.

"Next time you disobey an order, Mr Cane will crush your big clitty." The brunette giggled. "Now, are you ready to continue?"

Sobbing, June nodded in defeat.

"Right, then. Up on your knees." The business woman instructed. "And start frigging yourself, vigorously. You know the way. Get strumming that big tickler of yours. I want to see your cunt-cream dribbling in seconds. Do you hear? Seconds!"

Fearfully, the sobbing blonde obeyed. Kneeling up on spread knees, she gripped the plump peach of her twat in her left hand and, spreading the lips with her fingers, she peeled her stiff clitoris and started to milk the big tickler between the fingers and thumb of her right. Thrusting her sex foreword, June began to gasp, as the sensitive stalk responded, immediately.

"Fuck! Look at her, George!" Laughed Dolly, gleefully. "What a Pain Slut! A little torture and she's ready to spurt!"

The young mother started to gasp hard.

"I think the Slut's going to cum, already." Cried the older woman. "Hold her, George."

Dolly turned again, lifted her frock and once more thrust her plump, round arse into the girl's face.

A look of horror filled June's eyes, but her orgasm was on her and she was too far gone to stop.

George pulled the blonde's face closer to his lover's rounded bum and held her gaping mouth and tongue an inch away from the brunette's pouting arsehole.

Trying to look over her shoulder, Dolly let go a wet rasper, right into June's gaping mouth. Hearing the girl begin to gag as the stench hit her; the brunette gave her another big, wet one that sprayed her tongue anew.

Letting her frock fall, the older woman quickly turned and watched the girl's humiliation with cruel glee. She could see that shame and climax racked the young mother to equal effect and that even while she gagged, cream spurted, copiously, from her cunt-crack.

"Right, now." Dolly leered, eagerly watching the blonde's lovely face. "Take in that tongue and taste my fart."

Racked by multiple orgasms, the shaking young wife pulled in her tongue and closed her lovely lips over it.

"Go on." Dolly encouraged. "Roll it around your mouth. Taste the flavour."

June did as she was ordered and rolled her slimy tongue around her mouth. As the strong flavour flooded her taste buds the thrill of self disgust washed over her in a red blush of shame. Franticly, she strummed her frothing cunt into a frenzy of spurting cream as her buxom young body thrilled to the hot glow of her first pain and humiliation fired cum. Her healthy young body shook with the mind blowing power of it. Her fingers flashing on her swelling, bloated clit, she started to squeal with delight.

Laughing, Dolly straightened up and opened the front door. "Come on George." She grinned. "She'll be at it for some time, yet. We'll go now and leave her to it."

The man and woman came out of the house and closed the door after them. As they walked down the Drive, Dolly took George's arm and squeezed it affectionately.

"Oh, George." She sighed. "I have such dirty plans for that hot bitch. I'll contact Bill and Celia Pain first thing in the morning. They are going to love her."